Chapter 183: Seven Fragmentary Stars!

Four fragmentary stars were shining with bright light within Nie Tian’s soul.

Since no more starlight was streaming out of the ceiling of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace, Nie Tian could receive no more power.

He gradually woke up from his cultivation of the Fragmentary Star Incantation.

Separated by a seven-colored light river, he looked at Ning Yang from the Heaven Palace sect and found that he was looking right back at him.

Due to the separation of the seven-colored light river, the two of them didn’t say anything, but only looked each other in the eye.

After a short while, Nie Tian stopped looking at Ning Yang, but rather started cultivating again with the incomparably pure spiritual Qi of heaven and earth in the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace.

As one energy ball after another was created, Nie Tian absorbed the spiritual energy and the special type of energy within them to restore his spiritual power and psychic power at the same time.

After an unknown period of time, his spiritual sea in his dantian brimmed with spiritual power.

His psychic power was also replenished to its peak state after being nourished by the special energy for some time.

Moreover, he sensed that a mysterious change had taken place in his soul due to the existence of the four fragmentary stars.

It was just that since he hadn’t had the time to study the first and middle part of the Fragmentary Star Incantation, and so he didn’t know the true profundity of those four fragmentary stars yet.

By that time, the piercing injuries that Dong Baijie had inflicted on him had also healed to a great extent. They even formed scabs in such a short time.

He could no longer sense any pain from the wounds, and he had faith that it wouldn’t be long before all the wounds were completely healed.

Only then did he rise to his feet and begin strolling around the Heaven stage area to see if he could find something useful.

After all, those who had been killed by Dong Baijie might have some valuable items with them.

However, after a thorough search, he didn’t find any valuable spiritual tools on the mangled bodies.

He immediately realized that Dong Baijie must have long since looted their bracelets of holding when he had killed them.

Nie Tian continued to walk about within the Heaven stage area, hoping to run into some windfall.

Ning Yang, who was in the adjacent area, saw Nie Tian’s behavior. With a frown, he instantly reached a conclusion that Nie Tian wasn’t high-born. Otherwise, he would never seek to loot items from those dead Heaven stage experts.

Obviously, if Su Lin had been the last person standing in the Heaven stage area, she would not have wasted any of her time on searching for items. All of her energy would be concentrated on cultivation.

After all, it was almost impossible to find a place more suitable for Qi warriors to cultivate in than the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace.

Ning Yang was determined to find out about Nie Tian’s identity the first moment he left the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace.

He assumed that, considering the Heaven Palace sect’s power, it wouldn’t be difficult to find Nie Tian and snatch the first and middle part of the Fragmentary Star Incantation.

With these thoughts, he stopped looking at Nie Tian. Instead, he started recuperating with the especially rich spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth.

Before long, Nie Tian, who failed to find anything, dropped the idea of looting items and also began taking in the pure spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth to temper his spiritual sea.

At that time, his spiritual sea was already brimming with spiritual power. Vortexes of different types of power were also rotating non-stop.

Two vortexes of spiritual power, one vortex of flame power, and one vortex of wood power were all rotating at a high speed within the misty, white spiritual sea.

His spiritual sea, which was twice the size it had been when he was in the early Lesser Heaven stage, was refining the spiritual power within it round after round.

However, no matter how fast the four vortexes rotated, it seemed that they could no longer refine more spiritual energy into the spiritual sea.

At that moment, Nie Tian had the feeling that he had reached another bottleneck.

He immediately realized that as long as he could make another step forward, he would be able to break through from the middle Lesser Heaven stage into the late Lesser Heaven stage!

Bearing that thought in mind, he wasn’t in a hurry to upgrade his spiritual sea. Instead, he calmed himself and started recollecting the details of the numerous dangerous fights he had survived since he had entered the Heaven Gate.

As he did, numerous scenes of those fights flashed across in his eyes; the precise and measured attack techniques of the Greater Heaven stage experts, the oppressing sensation Tang Yang had forced on him, Wu Ling’s evil psychic power, Su Lin’s mind games, Xuan Ke’s secret help, and the twists and turns in his fight against Dong Baijie...

He sorted through all those battle scenes in his heart and recollected all the enlightenment and lessons that he had come to in those fights.

He realized that the Heaven Gate trial was much more dangerous and complicated than the Green Illusion dimension trial.

Among the numerous things he had learned from this trial, he learned how powerful the young chosen ones from the other realms could be and that there were complicated relations between the numerous forces in the Domain of the Falling Stars...

After a while, he stopped thinking about the experience he had gained, but rather concentrated his attention on himself.

With Wu Ji’s former instruction in mind, he started to meticulously ponder the profundity of the spiritual power, psychic power, and flesh power.

Perhaps it was because of the existence the seven-colored light river, or the fact that he was in the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace, but he was able to maintain a very clear mind when he pondered the profound mysteries of the different types of power.

He seemed to be suddenly enlightened when he reached the points that he found deep and hard to understand.

Just as he felt that he was about to make another breakthrough and step into the late Lesser Heaven stage, more starlight started streaming down from the ceiling of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace again.

Without any hesitation, he averted his focus from understanding of the different types of powers to attracting the starlight.

The new round of starlight fell from the starry river and was divided and absorbed by him and Ning Yang.

Soon, another fragmentary star took shape in Nie Tian’s soul when the starlight stopped. He once again submerged himself in self-tempering and enlightenment.

Then awhile later, more starlight poured out of the ceiling of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace again...

The process repeated several times.

By the time a seventh fragmentary star took shape in Nie Tian’s soul, the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace suddenly started trembling.

The two seven-colored light rivers that had been separating the areas rose up into the air, before they flew towards Nie Tian and Ning Yang respectively, like two rainbows.

As soon as they infused into Nie Tian and Ning Yang’s bodies, they seemed to turn into two seven-colored snakes that slithered into their spiritual seas.

It was when Nie Tian discovered that a seven-colored light river, which was hundreds of times smaller than the actual one, appeared within his soul that he was suddenly seized by a force and dragged out of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace.

As he was dragged downwards, he saw the magnificent palace gradually rising before flying into the depths of the boundless starry river.

While plummeting uncontrollably downwards, Nie Tian caught sight of Ning Yang and saw that he seemed to be attempting to approach him.

However, no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t get an inch closer to Nie Tian.

It appeared that even though the two of them had left the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace, a mysterious force was preventing them from approaching each other.

Perhaps it was a law and balance created by the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace.

It was as if according to the law, it was deemed unfair to place Nie Tian and Ning Yang, two cultivators with cultivation bases so different, together.

It was because of the mysterious force that as Nie Tian and Ning Yang plummeted downwards like falling stars, they grew further and further apart.

Nie Tian had a vague feeling that the place where he was going to land was going to be the dilapidated city that he had come from.

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