Chapter 181: You Win!

Enveloped by his magnetic field, Nie Tian continued to dodge the piercing light as quickly as he could. Even still, more and more wounds appeared on his body.

Dong Baijie’s caution made him suffer a great deal and realize that even though his chaotic magnetic field had helped him win during his previous fights, it wasn’t invincible.

Its influence on spiritual tools was far weaker than fleshy bodies and psychic power.

It had effortlessly eliminated the psychic power blast wave shot out of the giant wolf’s mouth, keeping Nie Tian unscathed, which convinced him that the magnetic field would be able to influence and restrain the Heaven stage Dong Baijie to a great extent, as long as he dared to enter!

Unfortunately, Dong Baijie was too smart to do that. The moment he sensed the bizarre nature of the chaotic magnetic field, he intentionally evaded it and put a sizable distance between it and himself.

He only used his long, iron-gray spear to unleash countless light rays that resembled sharp arrows to attack Nie Tian, who was hiding within the strange magnetic field.


At that moment, the long spear was still emanating pale-gray, incomparably sharp light rays, which would cut into any part of Nie Tian’s flesh upon contact.

Even though the twisting power was doing it utmost to avert the light from the long spear, it was only influencing a small portion of the light.

“This won’t work.” Nie Tian realized that if this went on and he couldn’t find a way to restrain the long spear, he would sustain even more injuries and eventually lose the fight.

Dong Baijie, on the other hand, was standing ten meters away, staring at him, as if he was waiting for the time when he could no longer put up a fight.


With a fierce look on his face, Nie Tian suddenly took out his last Ice Blast Pearl and threw it towards Dong Baijie.

Since Dong Baijie was standing quite close to him, the moment the Ice Blast Pearl left Nie Tian’s hand, he detected the terrifying frost power it contained.

He wanted to jump backwards at the first possible moment. However, because he was standing too close to Nie Tian, he failed to get out of the range of the Ice Blast Pearl before it violently exploded!


Countless ice shards and rays of icy light that were as deadly as sharp darts shot out of the fist-size Ice Blast Pearl and spread out in every direction.

In a split second, all the ice shards and icy light started rotating at a fast speed, forming a devastating ice storm.

Dong Baijie, who was still fleeing at the fastest speed possible, was immediately engulfed.

With a raging fighting spirit, he let out heaven-shaking roars as he once again used his secret magic to condense his power into a giant, gray wolf over his head.

Afterwards, he staggered, as if he even found it hard to maintain a steady foothold.

As a matter of fact, after a series of brutal fights with the Heaven stage experts, he only had about ten percent of his strength left in him. Even though he had spent some time to recuperate when Nie Tian crossed the light river, he had no more than twenty percent of his strength back at that time.

In order to kill Nie Tian as quickly as possible, he had condensed a giant wolf, which ended up being eliminated by Nie Tian’s energy balls.

Then he had infused massive amounts of his power into the long spear that he had sent into the chaotic magnetic field. Furthermore, he was actually consuming his strength as the spear continued to unleash violent light rays.

This time, in order to protect himself from the ice storm, he had to condense another giant wolf.

By doing this, he had actually pushed his strength to the limit!


The giant, gray wolf roared as it strove to block the power of the ice storm with its enormous body.

However, the Ice Blast Pearl that Wu Ji had bestowed upon Nie Tian was a weapon that was meant to kill.

Therefore, the ice storm that it created was by no means something that the giant wolf could withstand.

Under the ruthless attacks of the countless ice shards and icy light rays, the giant, howling wolf’s body shrunk rapidly.

In the meantime, Dong Baijie’s face was extremely grim. Seeing the wolf shrinking in size, he also realized that he was in an unfavorable situation. He hastily took out a few low-ranked spiritual tools and tried to hold off the ice storm with them.

A banner embroidered with an image of an outsider war god flew out of his bracelet of holding.

As soon as it appeared, a war god of an unknown race floated out of it and started to contend with the violent ice storm.

However, it was only seconds before the war god with an outsider’s appearance was ripped into pieces.

“Dammit! It’s not useful.”

Dong Baijie muttered to himself as he took out a green shield, as if he didn’t pity the spiritual tool that he had just lost at all.

The moment the shield appeared, it blossomed with bright light and turned into a dark-green light shield, enveloping the constantly shrinking gray wolf.

However, it also only took about ten seconds for the ice storm to tear the newly-formed protective shield into shreds.

After that, Dong Baijie took out a few more different spiritual tools from his bracelet of holding and used them one by one to contend with the ravaging ice storm.

Each and every one of them had been looted from the Lesser Heaven stage trial takers after he entered the Heaven Gate trial.

Therefore, most of them were of rather low ranks and had limited power. More importantly, none of them agreed with his cultivation attribute, and thus he couldn’t put them to full use.

On the other hand, the ice storm was created by the Ice Blast Pearl, a fine work of Wu Ji, a Profound realm expert. It was originally meant for Greater Heaven stage experts or the young, chosen ones from the other realms.

It was expected that none of those low-ranked spiritual tools could withstand the ravaging, terrifying power unleashed by the Ice Blast Pearl, and broke one by one.

Enveloped by the chaotic magnetic field, Nie Tian had been observing Dong Baijie the whole time as he shifted his position to avoid the light. “He’s barely hanging on!”

He realized that Dong Baijie, who was now barely protected by the shrinking wolf, already couldn’t even maintain a fast foothold, which meant that he was on the verge of breaking down, like a oil lamp that was running out of its oil.

“I’d better kill him while he’s weak!” Nie Tian’s spirit was greatly lifted.

He, who had been cautious and maintained a distance away from Dong Baijie, suddenly started moving towards him.

The magnetic field moved with him as he strode forward.


The iron-gray spear that had been unleashing piercing light remained floating in place when Nie Tian moved away from his original place.

Unconstrained by the chaotic magnetic field, the light that the long spear radiated grew increasingly dazzling.

It was just that since Nie Tian was no longer in the vicinity, it could no longer hurt him.

At that moment, Dong Baijie sensed Nie Tian’s movements and refocused on controlling the long spear. “Go!”

As a result, the spear immediately relocated Nie Tian, pierced into the magnetic field, and started shooting out countless pale-gray light rays to attack him.


Moments later, another bloody hole was pierced open on the side of Nie Tian’s waist. He gave a muffled groan under the great pain, and sped up as he charged towards Dong Baijie.

At that moment, the might of the Ice Blast Pearl was already on the decline.

Apparently, the ice storm that the Ice Blast Pearl had created was gradually being worn down by the gray wolf and the series of spiritual tools that Dong Baijie had brought out.

As he approached Dong Baijie, he knew very well that the ice storm would lose effect before long.

“You are courting death?!” Rage appeared in Dong Baijie’s eyes as he saw Nie Tian dashing towards him.

At that moment, another intense burst of fighting spirit rose in his heart.

He infused almost all of his remaining psychic power and spiritual power into that long spear of his.

After all, that spear was the most powerful and effective tool at his disposal. After receiving more power, the long spear immediately gained a violent surge in its might.


Dozens of thick, pale-gray light beams shot out of it, making it almost impossible for Nie Tian to evade them.

“I’ve prepared for this!” Nie Tian let out a cold harrumph and stimulated the third talisman that his master had bestowed upon him. As soon as he did, seven layers of jade-like light shields were formed around him.

Dong Baijie’s attack, which he had summoned almost all his strength to launch, aimed to kill Nie Tian. However, the several dozen light beams were all blocked by the light shields, none of them making it through.

Meanwhile, only two of the seven light shields broke after withstanding the attack of the piercing light.


Face distorted and sinister, Dong Baijie coughed up a mouthful of blood.

Reluctant to give up, he summoned every last bit of his power and potential, and commanded the long spear to shoot out a dozen more light beams, but they also ended up being blocked by the light shield around Nie Tian.

As the result of Dong Baijie’s final, all-out attack, two of the five remaining light shields were broken.

At that time, Dong Baijie had truly drained all his power. He had even advanced his power at the price of his fleshy body, in order to launch the attack that he deemed fatal.

However, as it turned out, Nie Tian didn’t die from it.

After seeing that Nie Tian was still stepping steadily towards him even though he was covered in blood, mixed expressions flashed across Dong Baijie’s face as he said, “You win!”

With a vigorous motion of his hand, he torn a piece of skin and flesh off of his hand back, along with the Heaven Gate pattern on it.

“I quit! Tell me your name, kid!” Speaking out loudly, Dong Baijie tossed the Heaven Gate pattern to Nie Tian.

At the same time, his long, gray spear flew out of the chaotic magnetic field and found Dong Baijie’s hand with perfect precision.

“My name is Nie Tian, and I’m from the Realm of Flame Heaven.”

“Nie Tian! Okay!” A faint hint of admiration could be seen in his angry eyes as he looked deeply at Nie Tian. “When you have comprehended the first and middle part of the Fragmentary Star Incantation, come and find me in the Realm of a Hundred Battles. My name can be considered well known in the Realm of a Hundred Battles. You can ask people for the address of my residence.”

As soon as he uttered these words, he was sucked out of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace. Nie Tian didn’t even get a chance to respond.

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