Chapter 180: Dong Baijie

Accompanied by Dong Baijie's thunderous roar, the giant gray wolf swooped towards Nie Tian from over his head.

The wolf was condensed by Dong Baijie’s psychic power and spiritual power. Not only was it very lifelike, it even seemed to have its own consciousness.

In Dong Baijie’s eyes, as long as Nie Tian was decisive enough, he still had the time to cut off his Heaven Gate pattern bearing hand and get out of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace alive, before the giant wolf got to him.

His cold eyes were fixed on Nie Tian as he waited to see what Nie Tian would choose; die fighting or retreat and live.

Upon seeing the giant gray wolf swooping towards him, Nie Tian’s expression flickered as he wanted to immediately set off the spiritual talisman from Wu Ji to protect him from it.

As far as he knew, the talisman would form seven light shields around him, which would be suffice to shield off his enemy’s psychic attack.

Just as he was about to stimulate the talisman, he suddenly sensed that something was different. He examined the chaotic magnetic field and found that three dots of starlight had appeared in it.

Each of them was minute, far smaller than the fragmentary stars in his soul.

However, he detected the aura of those fragmentary stars within them!

He immediately came to realize that the three starlight dots in the chaotic magnetic field originated from the three fragmentary stars in his soul.

As he thought about it now, he must have drawn some pure and advanced psychic power from the three fragmentary stars in his soul when he channeled his power to form the magnetic field.

The existence of the starlight dots made the magnetic field even more violent and chaotic.

Unprecedentedly strong energy fluctuations that seemed capable of distorting any psychic power that dared to enter were now surging about within the magnetic field.


At that moment, the giant gray wolf, which was still some distance away from Nie Tian, suddenly opened its mouth.

In the next second, a gray psychic power blast shot out of the wolf’s mouth and pierced towards Nie Tian’s chaotic magnetic field with a speed that was many times faster than the wolf’s.


Before Nie Tian realized it, the blast wave had already entered the magnetic field. As soon as it did, the three starlight dots within it began to shine with dazzling light.

The twisting psychic fluctuations within the magnetic field turned the magnetic field into a giant meat grinder as it unceasingly twisted and ground up the invading psychic power.

Before long, Nie Tian saw the blast wave torn into pieces and reduced to small, shimmering gray dots, which continued to be distorted and dismantled by the power within the magnetic field and soon vanished into thin air.

“It worked! It held off his psychic attack!” Nie Tian’s spirit was greatly roused, and his talisman-holding hand was now more steady than ever.

The surprising performance of the chaotic magnetic field made him less nervous, and he was no longer eager to use the last remaining talisman from his master. Instead, he commanded the ten spiritual energy balls to bombard the giant wolf without any hesitation.


One by one, numerous balls filled with semi-liquidized spiritual energy rammed hard into the wolf before exploding and sputtering millions of bright sparks into the surroundings.

The area between him and Dong Baijie was soon filled with clashing light and energy. The giant gray wolf let out mad howls as it waved its claws towards the row of energy balls.

Gradually, the giant wolf was inundated by the fragmentary light sparks that shot out of the energy balls, and its enormous frame shrunk at a speed that was visible to the naked eye.

At the same time, the originally strong fluctuations of psychic power and spiritual power were rapidly weakening.

Dong Baijie’s ill-looking face grew even paler. His face twitched as his expression started to appear somewhat sinister and distorted. “What?! With his Lesser Heaven stage strength, he actually managed to withstand my Heavenly Wolf’s attack!”

Dong Baijie found it hard to believe. As a matter of fact, he had sensed that something was wrong when he saw the wolf’s psychic power blast wave eliminated as soon as it entered the area around Nie Tian.

He became increasingly shocked and uneasy when he saw the numerous energy balls wearing down the power of his Heavenly Wolf.

With his psychic power, he examined the mysterious energy balls and realized that they weren’t Nie Tian’s spiritual tools. The tiny sparks that had shot out of them were actually a concretion of the rich spiritual energy in the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace.

He found it incredible that Nie Tian had managed to refine and condense the spiritual energy in the air to the point where it became semi-liquid.

After a moment of shock, he forced himself to calm down. When he looked at Nie Tian again, his eyes were filled with seriousness.


One energy ball after another exploded and sent out countless tiny sparks, which eventually drowned and destroyed the giant, gray wolf.

Seeing that the area between Nie Tian and himself was filled with sputtering sparks, even the Heaven stage Dong Baijie was hesitant to step into that area as he didn’t want to waste his power dealing with it.

Therefore, he blurred into action and flashed towards Nie Tian like a zigzag bolt of lightning, easily evading the area between them.

Dong Baijie originally didn’t have anything in his hand, but as he approached, Nie Tian discovered that he had already drawn out a long spear.

The long spear was engraved with detailed patterns that looked like some sort of mysterious spell formation or seal.

The iron-gray spear suddenly started to thrum with a heaven-shaking, earth-shattering fighting spirit before it turned into a beam of light and disappeared from in front of Dong Baijie.

In the next moment, it appeared inside of Nie Tian’s magnetic field, catching him completely off guard, as if the spear had ignored space and teleported directly in front of his face.


The moment the spear appeared in the chaotic magnetic field, it unleashed an even fiercer fighting spirit.

In the next moment, pale-gray light blossomed out of the long spear, turning it into a long, luminous tube, continuously releasing light and energy.

On the other hand, the twisting power within the magnetic field was like thousands of hands that grabbed onto each and every ray of the light and doing their utmost to bend them.

However, the ever-victorious magnetic field failed to stop the piercing, sharp light from the long spear, given everything had happened so fast.


A ray of pale-gray light pierced into Nie Tian’s right arm.

A messy hole immediately appeared in that arm and blood came spraying out!

Fortunately, the ray of light missed his bones. Otherwise, they would have instantly broken into pieces.

Nie Tian was flabbergasted.

He had encountered Greater Heaven stage experts before, opponents even more powerful than Dong Baijie. However, they had either attacked him with psychic power or lost control of themselves and fallen into the chaotic magnetic field.

They all had their mind distorted by the magnetic field when they sent their psychic power into it or entered it themselves.

Dong Baijie was different. He seemed to have discovered the secrets of the magnetic field through his previous attack with the giant wolf.

That was the reason why he didn’t enter or send his psychic awareness, but rather tested the water with his powerful spiritual tool.


At that time, even more light rays shot out of the long spear. Nie Tian, who had suffered greatly from merely one light ray, had no choice but to shift his position as quickly as he could to dodge the light.


Even still, some of the light rays found his legs and abdomen, one after another. Fortunately, none of the wounds were fatal.

He could only try his best to prevent the light from piercing into his vital parts, since he obviously wouldn’t possibly be able to dodge all the light rays.

Standing about ten meters away from him, Dong Baijie from the Realm of a Hundred Battles looked on as the long spear raged within Nie Tian’s magnetic field, the expression in his eyes somewhat grim.

“He managed to survive till now with his middle Lesser Heaven stage cultivation base. It seems that it was no coincidence that he collected the first part of the Fragmentary Star Incantation from Su Lin, Xuan Ke, and Wu Ling’s hands.” Nie Tian’s outstanding performance came as a great shock to Dong Baijie, the only survivor of the brutal fights within the Heaven stage area.

He inwardly acknowledged Nie Tian’s strength.

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