Chapter 177: Nie Tian from the Realm of Flame Heaven!

The moment Nie Tian’s psychic awareness entered Su Lin’s soul, she realized that it wasn’t looking good for her.

The three giant glaciers that Xuan Ke had condensed and left within her were still unleashing freezing coldness, causing damage to her soul.

Even though she was certain that she had also inflicted serious damage on Xuan Ke and forced him to drop out of their fight, she also knew very clearly that he had done the same to her. It was just that her injuries weren’t as severe as his.

Obviously, knowing that Su Lin was stronger than him, Xuan Ke had gone all out to fight her so as to get the first part of the Fragmentary Star Incantation.

All the threats and confidence were merely a show that she had put on.

She did all of those things to scare Nie Tian off, so that she would be able to spend the least time and effort to obtain all the magical symbols that Nie Tian had and give her as much time as possible to recuperate.

After all, the first part of the Fragmentary Star Incantation alone wasn’t her goal. Her goal was to get both the first part and the middle part.

For that reason, she could afford to waste her time and energy on Nie Tian. He needed all the time she could get to heal her wounds, replenish her power, and adjust herself to her peak state.

However, she never thought Nie Tian, a young nobody from the Realm of Flame Heaven, would defeat Wu Ling and so shrewdly see through her weakness.

Now she realized that Nie Tian was determined to launch attacks with his psychic power and hit her where it was still sore.

Su Lin’s opinion of Nie Tian was completely overthrown by this point, and she finally decided to give him the credit that he deserved. “It seems that I’ve underestimated you, kid from the Realm of Flame Heaven.”


Inside of Su Lin’s soul, numerous rays of chilly moonlight shot out of the crescent moon in the sky.

Originally, their target had been the three glaciers that Xuan Ke had put there.

However, each of the numerous rays of moonlight suddenly split into dozens of light rays as they pierced towards Nie Tian’s psychic awareness that had invaded Su Lin’s soul.


Nie Tian’s psychic awareness condensed and morphed into a vague figure.

Upon a closer look of the figure, it was none other than Nie Tian himself, only not in fleshly form.

Nie Tian’s psychic awareness constantly shifted its position to dodge the piercingly cold moonlight.

At the same time, the ghost-like Nie Tian secretly approached the three enormous glaciers, from which he sensed nothing but utter coldness.

However, he wasn’t the target of the bone-piercing coldness.

The cold aura that floated out of the glaciers seemed to have caught a whiff of the moonlight’s aura and immediately rushed over, eliminating Su Lin’s psychic attack within seconds.


Xuan Ke, who had lost his Heaven Gate pattern and disappeared from the palace, appeared outside of another dilapidated city.

Around him stood three Greater Heaven stage experts from the Realm of Endless Ice.

The wound on Xuan Ke’s hand had already stopped bleeding. Sitting in the middle of those powerful experts with his eyes narrowed, he was healing the injuries to his soul with a mysterious medicinal pill from the Ice Pavilion sect.

Xuan Ke’s eyes snapped open.

“What’s wrong, Young Lord?” One of the Greater Heaven stage experts asked.

Xuan Ke didn’t answer immediately, but rather squinted his eyes and sensed carefully with his psychic power.

A while passed and his expression flickered. A faint, strange laugh could be seen on his cold and grim face.

“That guy actually perceived the injuries to Su Lin’s soul! And he even had the audacity to fight her! It seems that we’ve underestimated this guy from the Realm of Flame Heaven.

“Actually it’s not bad news for us. Now that we can’t get all three parts of the Fragmentary Star Incantation, the Heaven Palace sect had better not get it either.

“Let me help you, kid!”

Xuan Ke took a deep breath and reached out his hand. “Six Exhaustions Pill!”

“What do you want to do with it, Young Lord?!” a powerful expert from the Ice Pavilion sect asked with shock on his face.

Xuan Ke let out a cold harrumph and said, “Six Exhaustions Pill!!!”

The man didn’t dare to say another word and hastily took out a prism-shaped pill. A bone-piercing cold aura floated out of it as he handed it to Xuan Ke.

Xuan Ke grabbed it and swallowed it without any hesitation. Immediately afterwards, a surge of brand new soul fluctuations rippled out from within him. He seemed to have strengthened the faint link between him and the three floating glaciers in Su Lin’s soul.


Almost simultaneously, the glaciers in Su Lin’s soul seemed to have acquired a new strength, and white, icy mist started to rise from the surface of the glaciers.

The icy mist rapidly spread out into the surroundings with the three glaciers as the center.

Before long, the area within Su Lin’s soul where the glaciers were floating seemed to be frozen and sealed by the bitter coldness!

All of the descending, chilly moonlight and even the crescent moon in the sky, which were embodiment of Su Lin’s psychic power, seemed to be influenced by the cold aura. Both their might and the speed were greatly reduced.

The three glaciers, on the contrary, were expanding at a noticeable speed in the icy mist.

Standing in the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace, Su Lin sensed something had gone wrong and couldn’t help but call out, “Xuan Ke!”

Raging anger filled Su Lin’s eyes. Apparently, she knew perfectly well who was behind the anomaly that was now happening to the glaciers.

After seeing the expansion of the three giant glaciers and the icy mist that had come out of them, Nie Tian’s expression flickered. “It must be Xuan Ke!”

Just like Su Lin, he almost immediately realized what was going on. It must be Xuan Ke who was secretly helping him by relying on the faint psychic connection between him and the glaciers.

He was aware that Xuan Ke wasn’t his friend and he didn’t do it because he wanted to help him.

He just didn’t want to see the Heaven Palace sect from the Realm of Mystic Heaven take all three parts of the Fragmentary Star Incantation.

Nie Tian thanked Xuan Ke in his heart. While Su Lin had no choice but to focus all her power to deal with the three glaciers, his psychic awareness that was originally the shape of Nie Tian suddenly changed.

It turned into a giant pillar and directly charged towards the crescent moon hanging in the sky.

That crescent moon was the embodiment of Su Lin’s psychic awareness and the source of her psychic power.

At that time, the icy mist that the glaciers had unleashed had already enveloped the crescent moon, causing it to have difficulty operating.

Nie Tian saw the opportunity and commanded the enormous pillar to ram into the crescent moon.


After receiving a strong blow to her soul, memories of her life, along with the mysterious magics and incantations she had learned from the Heaven Palace sect, suddenly became blurry and disordered.

In the outside world, standing amongst numerous hovering, curved blades, a pained expression appeared in Su Lin’s eye.

It was at that time Nie Tian finally locked onto the seemingly vulnerable Su Lin.


Without the slightest hesitation, Nie Tian commanded the numerous spiritual energy balls to turn around and once again bombard Su Lin.


As soon as the spiritual energy balls rammed into the crescent moon shaped blades that were hovering around Su Lin, they exploded, and the area where she was standing was filled with blinding light and surging energy fluctuations.

As strong as Su Lin was, after the joint psychic attack from Nie Tian and Xuan Ke, along with the bombardment of the numerous spiritual energy balls, she sustained severe injuries.


Su Lin coughed up a mouthful of blood and the light in her eyes faded to a great extent.

The defensive storm of blades that she had condensed with her spiritual power also broke down after taking the strong blow.

Su Lin created a shield of moonlight around her with her last remaining strength. The countless sparks that had sputtered out of the energy balls and filled the area that Su Lin was standing in continued to hit her protective shield.

After receiving multiple strong blasts, Su Lin was now in an extremely dangerous situation. Not only did the injuries on her soul worsen, but even her fleshy body was now on the verge of destruction.

Su Lin gritted her white teeth as she cast a ferocious glare towards Nie Tian before she pressed her right palm on the back of her left hand and muttered something.

The Heaven Gate pattern that had been tattooed on the back of her left hand suddenly seemed to be detached from her skin, and with a swing of her right hand, the Heaven Gate pattern, together with the Heaven Sparks within it, flew out of her palm.

Su Lin let out a raging shout in the vast Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace. “Xuan Ke! I'm not going to let you get away with this!”

The Heaven Gate pattern and the Heaven Sparks within it rapidly entered Nie Tian’s hand.

“Do you dare tell me your name?” She glowered at Nie Tian.

“Nie Tian.”

Su Lin clenched her jaw and said, “Good. I’ll remember you! Mark my word. We’ll take the first part of the Fragmentary Star Incantation back!

“We’ll collect all three parts of the Fragmentary Star Incantation. No one will be able to stop us!”

As soon as she uttered these words, the light shield that she had created seemed no longer able to withstand the strikes from the countless sparks and was about to collapse.

However, at that moment, she was seized by a mysterious force, and started to emanate a seven-colored light so dazzling that Nie Tian couldn’t even keep his eyes open.

When the light disappeared, Nie Tian looked over and found that Su Lin was gone.

After Wu Ling from the Realm of Unbounded Desolation and Xuan Ke from the Realm of Endless Ice, Su Lin was the third to withdraw from the fight over the first part of the Fragmentary Star Incantation and leave the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace.

After receiving Su Lin’s Heaven Sparks, Nie Tian successfully gathered all the ancient symbols that carried the first part of the incantation into his own Heaven Gate pattern.

The moment Su Lin’s Heaven Sparks fell into Nie Tian’s Heaven Gate pattern, all the magical symbols that had been randomly scattered around immediately started to rearrange themselves!

Before long, the readable first part of the Fragmentary Star Incantation presented itself to him.

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