Chapter 176: Superb Observation Skills

Su Lin was too fast.

Before Nie Tian had the time to react, she had already passed through the cluster of spiritual energy balls, and was closing in on him.


One after another, numerous crescent moon-shaped blades that were created by Su Lin’s pure spiritual power slashed towards Nie Tian.


Each and every one of them cut into Nie Tian’s flesh as he subconsciously jumped backwards. Blood immediately soaked Nie Tian’s garments.

As soon as he got a steady foothold, he saw even more curved blades flying towards him like raindrops.

Su Lin, on the other hand, traveled towards Nie Tian like a ray of blue light as she constantly shifted her position in the space between those blades.

She was so fast that both Nie Tian’s sight and psychic power failed to lock onto her. He could only watch as the sky-filling, crescent moon-shaped blades flooded towards him.

Wracked by excruciating pain, Nie Tian ran backwards as fast as he could to put a safe distance between himself and Su Lin.

It wasn’t until then did he realize that Su Lin was a much stronger opponent than Wu Ling, and she probably didn’t go all out when she fought Xuan Ke earlier.

By merely using a superior moving technique, she had managed to travel through Nie Tian’s spiritual energy balls like a ghost and invalidate all the effort that he had spent.

According to Nie Tian’s original plan, he would first use the numerous spiritual energy balls to bombard Su Lin, the same way he had Wu Ling, so as to drain Su Lin’s strength.

Then, when Su Lin was exhausted, he would bring out the chaotic magnetic field and envelop her with it before he launched the fatal attack.

Unfortunately, his entire plan went down the drain the moment Su Lin made a move.

Su Lin stopped her ghostly moves when she was ten meters away from Nie Tian. With numerous shiny, silver blades that resembled crescent moons hovering around her, she said, “I’ll give you another chance.”

At the same time, the blades suddenly sped up and turned into a tempest, unleashing an aura so fierce that it seemed to be capable of annihilating all things.

From the look of it, as soon as it enveloped Nie Tian, he would be instantly reduced to nothing but chunks of flesh and bones.

“Do as Xuan Ke did and cut off the flesh on the back of your hand and I’ll allow you to leave the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace in one piece.” Robe fluctuating against the wind, Su Lin said with an indifferent face, “but, if you refuse to come to your senses, don’t blame me for what I’ll do to you.”

While she talked, a dazzling moonlight that carried strong energy shone out of the raging blade storm.

“This doesn’t make sense,” Nie Tian muttered to himself.

He didn’t believe that Su Lin was a merciful person. Furthermore, they didn’t know each other before the trial, and from what he knew, the Cloudsoaring sect never had any relationship with the Heaven Palace sect.

According to the power that Su Lin had displayed, she would very easily break Nie Tian’s defense as long as she kept going.

However, instead of continuing to rain blades on him, she stopped to threaten and urge him again.

Nie Tian didn’t think Su Lin did that out of respect. If she was indeed as powerful as she said, she wouldn’t need to waste her breath talking.

Nie Tian had a feeling that perhaps Su Lin was hiding something.

“Could it be that she actually sustained serious injuries from her fight with Xuan Ke? Or the power that she has consumed is actually more than what she expected?

“She hastily took three medicinal pills as soon as she finished her fight with Xuan Ke. She probably still needs time to refine and absorb those pills.

“Did she intentionally pose a threatening manner to cover her weakness?”

Eyes fixed on Su Lin, Nie Tian thoroughly thought for a moment and suddenly came to a realization.

Su Lin didn’t cast any psychic power spells to attack him.

When he fought Wu Ling, Wu Ling had almost immediately gained the upper hand with the evil psychic power that shot out of the demonic eyes on his saber.

It was the talisman that Nie Tian’s master had bestowed upon him that shielded off the deadly attack and saved his life.

Su Lin and Xuan Ke both saw it.

Therefore, Su Lin must have long since realized that even though Nie Tian possessed strong psychic power, he hadn’t mastered any profound magics to put it to proper use.

As wise as Su Lin was, she probably knew that psychic attacks were the way to go if she wanted to end Nie Tian as quickly as possible.

What’s more, Nie Tian witnessed how powerful her psychic attacks were when she fought Xuan Ke, and he was absolutely certain that her mastery of psychic power even surpassed Wu Ling.

In this situation, Su Lin didn’t use psychic power against him, which had already been proved to be fast and effective, but instead, she resorted to the crescent moon-shaped blades...

“She must have over-consumed her psychic power during her fight with Xuan Ke. Her soul may have even sustained serious injuries!

“Only that would explain why she choose spiritual power magics over the direct and simple psychic power magics.

“Those three medicinal pills were probably for the injuries to her soul, and the reason why she repeatedly urged me to surrender must be that she needs time to absorb them and recover from her injuries!”

A series of ideas flashed across Nie Tian’s mind before he finally came to a surprising conclusion.

Nie Tian laughed out loudly as he suddenly concentrated all his psychic power and stared into Su Lin’s eyes. “Do me a favor and kill me! Please!”

In a flash, his condensed psychic power effortlessly entered Su Lin’s soul.

The process was so easy and smooth that he found it hard to believe.

Normally speaking, any cultivator who knew a few psychic power magics would keep their guard up against psychic attacks at all times.

Even for him, a beginner with psychic magics, he could condense his psychic power into multiple defensive shields, preventing the enemy’s psychic power from invading his mind.

Therefore, Su Lin, a chosen one from the Realm of Mystic Heaven who had just proven her outstanding power during her fight with Xuan Ke, shouldn’t have so easily allowed his psychic power to enter her mind.

After realizing what Nie Tian had done, a subtle, frightened look appeared in Su Lin’s bright eyes.

Even though she considered Nie Tian’s psychic power to be ridiculously puny, apparently Nie Tian launching psychic power attacks was the least she wanted to see.

The moment Nie Tian’s psychic awareness entered Su Lin’s mind he grew excited. “I knew it!”

Within Su Lin’s mind, he found himself standing in front of three giant, floating glaciers!

The three of them must have been created and put there by Xuan Ke’s psychic power. Until this point, they were still drifting around and ravaging Su Lin’s soul while unleashing a bone-piercingly cold aura.

Nie Tian looked up and saw a bright crescent moon hanging high above the three glaciers.

Numerous rays of moonlight constantly shot out of the moon, morphed into silver blades, and chopped towards the three glaciers, slowly reducing the size of the glaciers.

“She might have inflicted even more severe damage on Xuan Ke’s soul, which resulted in his surrender.

“However, some of his psychic power that carried an ice-cold aura was left in Su Lin’s soul and took the form of three gigantic glaciers. Considering Su Lin’s strength, given a little more time to dissolve the three medicinal pills, she would soon eliminate all three enormous glaciers and recover from her injuries.

“She knew that I had pretty much recovered all my strength, but she herself wasn’t in a favorable condition to start a fight. After all, since the three giant glaciers are still weighing down on her mind, she won’t be able to use many of her exquisite techniques and spells. She actually desperately needs time to smash the glaciers and replenish her psychic power.

“All the threatening, urging, and imposing manners were actually ways to buy more time for her recovery!”

Nie Tian literally saw through Su Lin’s mind.

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