Chapter 175: I Want to Try!

The Realm of Mystic Heaven ranked first among the nine realms of the Domain of the Falling Stars.

The Heaven Palace sect was the most powerful Qi warrior sect in the Realm of Mystic Heaven, and thus held a lofty position among the numerous powerful sects in the entire domain.

Su Lin from the Heaven Palace sect was undoubtedly the strongest in the Lesser Heaven stage area, while in the Greater Heaven stage area, her martial uncle was skillfully handling three Greater Heaven stage experts at the same time.

Nie Tian was secretly amazed at how powerful the Heaven Palace sect was.

Compared to the fights that had taken place in the Lesser Heaven stage area, the fights in the Heaven stage area and Greater Heaven area were even more ferocious and bloody.

After observing for a while, Nie Tian withdrew his gaze from those two areas and refocused on Su Lin and the white-robed young man.

At that time, he had already recovered all the spiritual power and psychic power that he had consumed during his fight with Wu Ling.

Moreover, he had a feeling that after such drastic consumption, both his spiritual power and psychic power had gained some level of growth.

Only his flesh power hadn’t reached its peak state.

Therefore, he took out several sizable pieces of spirit beast meat from his bracelet of holding and started munching.

While he ate, thirteen table-sized spiritual energy balls floated around him.

All of them had been drained of the special energy that could help Nie Tian recover his psychic power, but each and every one of them was still full of condensed spiritual energy.

One after another, wisps of psychic power silently flew out of Nie Tian and entered the thirteen spiritual energy balls around him.

With a thought, he commanded the spiritual energy balls to slowly float to the area between him and Su Lin.

Afterwards, he kept an eye on the fight between Su Lin and the white-robed young man as he continued to create more energy balls.

Nie Tian learned from his fight with Wu Ling that the incomparably pure and rich spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth in the palace could be turned into powerful weapons after being condensed into spiritual energy balls.

By doing that, he would be able to use them against the winner when the fight between Su Lin and the white-robed young man was over.

He planned to use the spiritual energy balls to wear out whatever was left of the winner’s strength, and then launch the killing strike when he or she was exhausted.

He pondered his plans while unceasingly creating spiritual energy balls with the spiritual energy in the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace.

Time passed quickly, and it wasn’t very long before there were twenty-one spiritual energy balls floating not far away from him.

At that time, he saw that the cold eyes of the young man from the Realm of Endless Ice were already filled with fatigue.

Although he was still swinging his simple and unsophisticated sword, the light that it emanated was already not as bright as it had been, and the energy fluctuations within him had also grown weak.


As Su Lin weaved her fingers in the air, numerous crescent moon-shaped blades immediately took shape.

The hundreds of curved blades formed a special formation as they pushed towards the white-robed young man, slicing the frozen ground under his feet into small fragments.

At that moment, Su Lin’s eyes suddenly took on a silver color, making them look as cold as the winter moon.

In the area between her and the white-robed young man, countless crystal-like snowflakes continued to explode and scatter tiny ice shards into the surroundings.

The white-robed young man seemed to have sustained a heavy blow and suddenly coughed up a mouthful of blood. His face immediately turned as pale as a piece of paper.

With a calm expression on her face, Su Lin said indifferently, “Xuan Ke, since your sect and mine have a good relationship, I don’t intend to kill you. Give me the Heaven Gate pattern on your hand and I’ll spare your life.”

At that time, Xuan Ke from the Realm of Endless Ice came to the realization that he didn’t have any other choice.

He lowered his head and pondered the matter for a while. Without saying a word, he frowned and cut a piece of flesh off of the back of his hand with his sword.

Within it sixteen Heaven Sparks were still glittering with bright light.

Compared to what Wu Ling had done to himself, what he did was much less brutal.

He only lost a piece of flesh that would grow back through time.

However, unlike him, Wu Ling did what he had to do in a moment of life or death. He didn’t have the time to so carefully cut off only the skin and flesh that carried the Heaven Sparks.

Facing Nie Tian’s fatal rage punch, he could only severe his whole hand as quickly as possible.

Just as Xuan Ke was about to hand the piece of his own flesh to Su Lin, he turned his head and caught sight of Nie Tian. “What!?”

Su Lin followed his gaze and also looked towards Nie Tian.

The two of them had been completely concentrated on their fight and didn’t have the time to check on the fight between Nie Tian and Wu Ling.

They both anticipated that the fight between Nie Tian and Wu Ling would be still going on.

However, now that they looked over, they discovered that Wu Ling was already nowhere to be found and eighteen glittering Heaven Sparks were already added to the Heaven Gate pattern on the back of Nie Tian’s hand.

This meant that Nie Tian had already defeated Wu Ling, even though they didn’t know what exactly happened.

At the same time, they also noticed the twenty-one energy balls that were floating in front of Nie Tian, releasing shockingly strong energy fluctuations.

Xuan Ke and Su Lin both sent out their psychic power to examine Nie Tian, and found that Nie Tian’s current battle prowess was basically the same as before he started fighting Wu Ling.

This indicated that not only had Nie Tian defeated Wu Ling, but he also rapidly recovered his strength after their fight.

Numerous expressions flashed across both of Xuan Ke and Su Lin’s faces. “The Realm of Flame Heaven...”

Neither of them had ever thought that Nie Tian would be the winner of the fight between him and Wu Ling.

They found it hard to believe that a middle Lesser Heaven stage nobody from the Realm of Flame Heaven, the weakest realm of the nine, had actually forced Wu Ling to give up his Heaven Sparks.

Both of them stared blankly at Nie Tian.

However, at that moment, Xuan Ke suddenly felt like he was seized by an unknown force.

In the next moment, he disappeared from the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace under Nie Tian’s gaze.

Only the piece of flesh that he had cut off of his hand was left in midair. As soon as Su Lin reached out and grabbed it, the sixteen Heaven Sparks flew out of it like tiny stars, and merged into Su Lin’s jade hand.

Just like Wu Ling, Xuan Ke was teleported out of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace right after he lost his Heaven Gate pattern.

At this point, Su Lin from the Heaven Palace sect and Nie Tian from the Realm of Flame Heaven were the only ones left in the Lesser Heaven stage area.

They looked each other in the eye.

Nie Tian saw nothing but composure in Su Lin’s eyes as she unhurriedly took out three pills that emanated a strong medicinal aroma from her ring of holding, and swallowed them in front of him.

After a moment of silence, Su Lin said with a sincere tone, “I don’t want to waste my power on you. My real enemy is the winner in the Heaven stage area. I need to be in my peak state when I go fight him in that area.

“So, I’ll spare your life as long as you cut off the Heaven Gate pattern on your hand and give it to me, like what Xuan Ke just did. That way you’ll be able to leave the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace alive.

“I hope you realize that even though you somehow defeated Wu Ling, you won’t stand a chance against me.

“I have to tell you that if you ever decide to fight me instead of taking my offer, I’ll hold nothing back to kill you and take your Heaven Sparks.

“You’d better give it a thorough consideration.”

Apparently, Su Lin hoped that Nie Tian would choose to give up his Heaven Sparks and leave the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace.

After all, she had a bigger ambition and didn’t want to waste her energy on Nie Tian.

However, she sounded so utterly confident that if Nie Tian ever dared to start a fight, she would kill him within seconds.

Nie Tian gave a smile and said, “You’ve consumed a lot of spiritual power and psychic power during your fight with Xuan Ke. From what I can tell, your battle prowess is only sixty to seventy percent of your peak state.

“But I, on the other hand, have already fully recovered my strength, since I finished Wu Ling off much earlier.

“You really have confidence that you can overtake me? Are you sure that I’ll be the one who gets killed if we start fighting?”

With a nod, Su Lin said, “I’m sure.”

Nie Tian’s fighting spirit seemed to be stimulated by her blind confidence. He laughed broadly and said, “I’ll take my chances!”

Without further communication, Nie Tian sent out a wisp of his psychic power and commanded the spiritual energy balls to bombard towards Su Lin.

Su Lin frowned and shook her head. “You should have taken my offer.”


She blurred into a flash of chilly moonlight and rapidly threaded her way through the space between the energy balls, before they were even able to approach her.

Originally she was about a hundred meters away from Nie Tian, which he considered to be a safe distance.

However, she was so fast that it practically took her no time to pass the cluster of spiritual energy balls and shorten the distance between them.

It happened so fast that Nie Tian didn’t even have the time to make them explode.

Neither his eyes or his psychic power could follow Su Lin and locate her as she flashed forward.

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