Chapter 174: Bloody Fights

After Wu Ling’s left hand exploded, leaving not even a single bone behind, the eighteen Heaven Sparks that originally belonged to him instantly flew out and entered the Heaven Gate pattern on Nie Tian’s hand.

Nie Tian examined the Heaven Sparks the moment they flew into his Heaven Gate pattern and found that there were numerous ancient symbols in them.

“Wu Ling...” Nie Tian glanced around and couldn’t find even a trace of Wu Ling, and his psychic awareness also failed to sense his existence.

“He’s gone?” Nie Tian thought to himself, confused.

After a thorough search, Nie Tian was convinced that Wu Ling had indeed disappeared from the palace.

From the look of it, Wu Ling knew the secrets of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace. When he was certain that he wouldn’t be able to survive Nie Tian’s rage punch, he decided to sever his own hand.

The moment his hand was separated from his arm, he seemed to be dragged out of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace by an unknown force.

After coming to an understanding about what had happened, Nie Tian felt a bit respectful toward Wu Ling. “He’s quite a character!”

After all, there weren’t many people who were willing to cut off their own hand with such decisiveness, even when they were facing death.

Most would rather leave things to chance than do such a brutal thing to themselves.

From such an act, Nie Tian could see the brutality and fierceness in Wu Ling’s character. He even grew convinced that Wu Ling would make outstanding achievements on his cultivation path if he could keep himself safe.

Even now that he had lost a hand, Nie Tian considered him to be a major enemy of his in the future. Meanwhile, Nie Tian reminded himself to go all out to kill him if he ran into him again. Leaving him alive could cost him greatly in the future.


Nie Tian forced all the disturbing thoughts out of his mind and took a deep breath before sitting down where he was.

Throwing the rage punch had cost him too much power, so he had to recuperate as soon as possible.

He understood perfectly clearly that Wu Ling was extremely dangerous, and that was also true of the long saber in his hand and the spiritual armor that he wore. Therefore, the only technique that he had anticipated to be powerful enough to kill him was the rage punch, even though he knew that the technique would drain his psychic power, flesh power, and spiritual power.

If he had been in other places he probably wouldn’t have dared to use it. However, it was another story since he was in the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace.

The spiritual energy here was far richer than anywhere he had ever been, so he would be able to rapidly recover his spiritual power via condensing more energy balls.

Furthermore, the special energy within would nourish his soul and help him restore psychic power.

That was why he had dared to use the rage punch.

After descending to the ground, the chaotic magnetic field around him still persisted.

He took out pieces of spirit beast meat from his bracelet of holding and started wolfing them down.

Within only a short period of time, he stuffed several dozen kilograms worth of meat down his throat. Without any hesitation, he started to condense energy balls and absorb the spiritual energy and faint special energy within them.

By the time the magnetic field surrounding him shrunk to a one-meter radius, he had already recovered most of his spiritual power.

He didn’t pay attention to the fight between Su Lin and the white-robed young man, but rather concentrated on condensing more energy balls and restoring his strength as soon as possible.

Time passed quickly without him noticing it.

Nie Tian found his spiritual sea filled to the brim with pure spiritual power that he had absorbed from the semi-liquidized spiritual energy balls.

Afterwards, he created nine more energy balls, and recovered most of his psychic power with the special energy inside of them.

Simultaneously, a warm current was born in his stomach, replenishing the flesh power that he had consumed.

All the different types of power that he had consumed by casting the rage punch were soon to be completely restored.

Only then did Nie Tian spare his attention to observe the fight between Su Lin and the white-robed young man.

The young man was a master of frost incantations, so wherever he was, snow fell, filling the area around him.

Upon closer observation, the things that fell from the sky were translucent and sparkling, and were more like tiny crystals than snowflakes.

Each and every one of them carried bone-piercing coldness. Even the spiritual Qi of heaven and earth in that area seemed to be frozen and cracking sounds could be heard.

Underneath the young man’s feet was impenetrable ice that was almost a meter thick. With every swing of the simple, unsophisticated-looking sword in his hand, which resembled a sharp blade made of ice, dozens of cold, piercing beams of light would shoot out of it.


In the area between Su Lin and the young man, numerous crystal-like snowflakes constantly exploded, and the area seemed to be filled with strange and powerful energy fluctuations.

Quite confused, Nie Tian couldn’t see what caused the explosions. When he used his psychic power to examine that area, his expression immediately flickered.

First of all, as soon as a wisp of his psychic power entered the area between them, it was pierced by the extreme coldness. He even felt a freezing sensation, as if the coldness had traced his psychic power back and reached his soul.

While he was still amazed by it, another force that was as desolate as the silver moonlight suddenly appeared.

As soon as it made contact with that wisp of Nie Tian’s psychic power, Nie Tian’s psychic power was snuffed out.

“A battle of psychic power!” Nie Tian was flabbergasted.

He realized what was happening.

The fights of their spiritual power and psychic power were actually taking place at the same time!

With a wave of Su Lin’s hands, numerous blades that resembled crescent moons took form in front of her, before flying out to meet the white-robed young man’s icy light beams.

However, the spiritual power fight between the two of them seemed to be quite regular and they both seemed to be handling it with ease.

The actual fierce fight was the fight between their psychic power.

Both of them sent their psychic power flying out of their minds, which met in fierce combat with each other in the area between them.

The white-robed young man’s psychic power was like invisible ice blades that carried the profound truths of extreme coldness.

Su Lin’s psychic power was as clear and chilly as the moonlight on an autumn night, which seemed even more profound and hard to perceive.

The strong impact created by the collision of their psychic power caused the crystal-like snowflakes in that area to explode one after another.

A bitter expression could be seen at the corner of Nie Tian’s mouth. “A battle of psychic power at the Lesser Heaven stage! Plus, their psychic power is fighting with each other out in the open, instead of entering each other’s mind...”

His understanding regarding Su Lin and the white-robed young man’s strength reached a new level.

According to his master, only cultivators with late Heaven stage or higher cultivation bases would be able to have psychic power profound enough to start battles of psychic power out of the fleshy body.

The psychic power battle between cultivators with low cultivation bases would either be within their own minds or their opponents’ minds.

After all, it was easier for them to cast those kinds of spells when their psychic power was still weak.

However, even though Su Lin and the white-robed young man were both at the peak of the Lesser Heaven stage, they were capable of sending their psychic power to fight out in the open.

“God, they are strong.” Nie Tian shook his head as he secretly paid respect to the two of them. Upon the thought of fighting them himself, he started to grow a bit nervous.

It was also at that moment he realized that if it weren’t for the talisman that his master had bestowed upon him, he probably would have already been killed by Wu Ling’s psychic attack. He probably wouldn’t have survived the first round.

“Even though my psychic power can’t be considered weak, I need to learn some spells and techniques. Otherwise, I won’t even stand a chance fighting alone against those chosen ones from the other realms!” Nie Tian was secretly determined to ask Wu Ji to teach him psychic incantations after finishing this Heaven Gate trial.

From what he could tell, the fight between Su Lin and the white-robed young man would last for a while.

Furthermore, it seemed that the two of them were fighting tooth and nail using both of their spiritual power and psychic power, and didn’t even have the time to look at him.

He even believed that neither of them noticed when he had forced Wu Ling to cut off his own hand.

Nie Tian shifted his gaze away from Su Lin and the white-robed young man and looked towards the area next to where the three of them were standing, where Heaven stage cultivators were also caught in tangled fights. “The first part of the Fragmentary Star Incantation. There are still middle and final parts.”

There were originally six powerful experts in the Heaven stage area, but now only three were left standing.

However, there was only one corpse lying on the ground, which meant that the other two had probably given up their Heaven Sparks right before they were to be killed, just like Wu Ling had done.

From the look of it, the remaining three Heaven stage cultivators were all at the peak of the Heaven stage.

Each of them wielded a high-ranked spiritual tool as they fought in a disorderly manner. The area where they were standing was now filled with lightning, golden light, and flames while the three of them were covered in blood and their faces distorted and sinister, as if they had all gone mad.

After a brief assessment, Nie Tian was convinced that whoever the final winner would be, that one would also be seriously injured.

Then Nie Tian’s gaze passed the area right in front of him and landed on the area where all the Greater Heaven stage cultivators were.

He saw Tang Yang and Miao Chen among the powerful Qi warriors who were currently fighting for the final part of the Fragmentary Star Incantation.

As he recalled it, when he was at the gate of the floating city, Miao Chen had single-handedly dealt with multiple Greater Heaven stage cultivators from the Realm of Flame Heaven, including Liu Yan and Li Fan.

All the cultivators around him had been afraid of his toxin-tainted spiritual power attacks.

However, Nie Tian found him now lying on the ground with a broken sword in his chest and from the look of it, he was already dead.

Tang Yang, on the other hand, was still wreathed by boundless, raging flames, fighting like a mad devil, but from what Nie Tian could tell, he wasn’t in a favorable situation.

The powerful expert from the Heaven Palace sect, the one who Su Lin had referred to as her martial uncle, was currently being besieged by Tang Yang and other two experts, but on his expressionless face, Nie Tian saw nothing but calmness, as if he had utter confidence that he would overtake the three around him.

“Realm of Mystic Heaven, Heaven Palace sect!”

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