Chapter 171: Wu Ling from the Realm of Unbounded Desolation

As soon as the black-robed young man spoke, Nie Tian looked over at him.

“Are you talking about me?” Nie Tian grinned and asked.

The four of them were the only ones in the Lesser Heaven stage area, and all the ancient symbols of the first part of the Fragmentary Star Incantation were now stored in their Heaven Sparks.

If they wanted to collect all the magical symbols and complete the first part of the incantation, the only way would be to snatch magical symbols from the other three.

Actually, when Nie Tian realized that the four of them had all been collecting magical symbols of the same incantation, he had expected there to be a fierce fight between them eventually.

In the others’ eyes, he had the lowest cultivation base, and thus was the weakest.

However, due to his superior psychic power recovering ability, he had obtained the most magical symbols.

Therefore, it didn’t surprise him that the black-robed young man targeted him. He had actually made preparations for such an occasion.

“Hahaha!” The young man in black laughed wildly as he pointed his long saber towards Nie Tian and said, “I made you my target soon after I got here. I assume you’re smart enough to see that.”

Nie Tian nodded. “You’re right. I did.”

“My name is Wu Ling, and I’m from the Realm of Unbounded Desolation.” The black-robed man took the initiative to state his own name. The smile on his face didn’t fade even in the slightest, while the bizarrely shaped saber in his hand started to emanate gray-brown colored, shimmering light.

The eyelids of the seven closed eyes on the blade were twitching, as if they were going to snap open in the next moment.

The long, dreadful saber sent out a strong killing intent into the surroundings. The gray-brown light that had flown out of the blade gradually condensed and morphed into a sinister, ferocious tiger.


The shimmering tiger let out an ear-piercing howl.

Nie Tian immediately experienced a stabbing pain in his head, as if the howl was already so powerful that it actually defied the space and obstruction of Nie Tian’s body, and reached the deepest part of his soul, giving him a violent shudder.

His pupils shrunk as he hurriedly used his psychic power to form layers of shields to prevent the roars of the tiger from piercing into his soul.


More strands of grayish brown light shot out of the long saber like slithering lightning bolts.

The ferocious tiger bared its fangs and brandished its claws as it swooped towards Nie Tian in the middle of a rain of slithering lightning bolts.

Wu Ling, on the other hand, took his time and walked towards Nie Tian after them.


It was at that time that the seven-colored bubble around Wu Ling suddenly burst.

The tall Wu Ling landed heavily on the floor of the palace hall. His eyes were brimming with a thirst for blood and the aura that he released into the surroundings was filled with a killing intent.


Nie Tian, Su Lin, and the white-robed young man from the Realm of Endless Ice also dropped to the ground from midair.

It was as if the moment killing intent was born in Wu Ling’s heart, the area that they were in changed.

The seven-colored bubbles that had shuttled the four of them to the palace burst at the same time.

Now the four of them were standing in the four corners of the hard, ice-cold stone floor, separated from each other by about a hundred meters, with the rich, misty spiritual Qi of heaven and earth filling the space between them.

Seeing that Wu Ling could no longer suppress the urge to fight Nie Tian, Su Lin from the Heaven Palace sect of the Realm of Mystic Heaven frowned, as if she was hesitating.

She seemed to be trying to decide if she should attack the white-robed young man from the Realm of Endless Ice.

By that time, every one of them had realized that in order to complete the first part of the Fragmentary Star Incantation and take the legacy back to the Domain of the Falling Stars, they would have to snatch Heaven Sparks from the other three.

After all, only by obtaining all the Heaven Sparks from the other three would they be able to get all the symbols that constituted the incantation.

The reason why Su Lin didn’t make a move immediately after Wu Ling was that she originally considered Wu Ling to be her first target.

However, apparently Wu Ling knew about her strength and didn’t want to meet her on battlefield so soon, so he chose to fight Nie Tian instead.

She soon saw through Wu Ling’s plans.

There were two reasons why Wu Ling picked Nie Tian. For one thing, by attacking Nie Tian, he would naturally leave the white-robed young man to Su Lin, who he believed would wear out some of her strength.

For another, in Wu Ling’s eyes, Nie Tian was so much weaker that any of them that he wouldn’t need to spend much energy to kill him.

By the time he killed Nie Tian and looted his fifteen Heaven Sparks, Su Lin and the young man in white would probably still be locked in battle.

At that time, he would have two options. One, join hands with the white-robed young man and fight Su Lin together. Two, sit out the fight and deal with the winner of the two.

Wu Ling thought his plan was impeccable, and making Nie Tian his first opponent was undoubtedly the optimum choice.

However, both Su Lin and the white-robed young man saw through his plans.

They didn’t instantly start fighting, since they both feared that if they did and Wu Ling managed to finish off Nie Tian very quickly, he would gain the upper hand and take advantage of their fight.

Therefore, the two of them exchanged a glance and remained in their own places.

From the look of it, they had reached a mutual understanding without saying a word.


One after another, the strands of shimmering light morphed into numerous wiggling lightning snakes, and bit towards Nie Tian.

In the middle of the flood of snakes, a roaring tiger lunged towards Nie Tian, emanating a strong thirst for blood.


Heaven-shaking, earth-shattering roars came out of the ferocious tiger’s mouth and went straight towards Nie Tian’s mind.

In face of the constant roars, the shields that Nie Tian had condensed with his psychic power repeatedly shattered and reformed.

By doing that, Nie Tian consumed his psychic power at an astonishingly fast speed.

Nie Tian’s expression flickered. “He’s really hard to deal with!”

Just as he was about to summon strength to contend with the tiger that was roaring towards him, an idea suddenly occurred to him.

He glanced at the about thirty spiritual energy balls that were floating around him and noticed that one of them was floating right in between him and the incoming tiger.

Although he had discarded those spiritual energy balls after sucking them dried of the special energy, since it was him who created them, there were still mysterious connections between him and every single one of them.

He made an experiment by sending a wisp of psychic awareness into that spiritual energy ball.

He instantly got the feeling that the spiritual energy ball had become a part of him, an extension of his limbs, as he could keenly sense the unceasing energy fluctuations within it.

“Go!” With a wisp of his psychic power, Nie Tian commanded the spiritual energy ball to fly towards the roaring, incoming tiger.


The spiritual energy ball that had been floating in midair followed his command and rammed forcefully into the ferocious tiger.

Upon collision, the ball that contained immense spiritual power instantly exploded.


Dazzling light shot out of the shattered ball. Like a small sun, its explosion gave rise to a blast wave that contained destructive power.

The roaring tiger, along with the hissing snakes flying by its side, was instantly engulfed by the blinding light.


Under Nie Tian’s gaze, they were all torn into shreds by the light and blast wave created by the explosion of the spiritual energy ball!

The explosion of the spiritual energy ball completely eliminated Wu Ling’s attack!

Wu Ling felt a strong shock to his tall and well built body. Eyes filled with surprise, he looked at the place where the spiritual energy ball exploded.

From his grim face, Nie Tian could tell that Wu Ling never expected the spiritual energy balls that he had condensed and cast aside to be put back to use at that moment.

While he was standing there aghast, Nie Tian, who had savored the sweet taste of victory, gave a smile and unleashed several wisps of psychic power.

They simultaneously entered six spiritual energy balls, and strong connections were instantly created between them and Nie Tian.

Nie Tian felt as if he had control over them so accurate that they had become his arms and fists.


Under the command of his psychic awareness, the six spiritual energy balls rapidly floated towards Wu Ling.

Upon seeing the six spiritual energy balls whizzing towards him, Wu Ling’s face turned so grim that it was as if he had kicked his bare foot into a steel plate.


With a cold harrumph and a swing of his long saber, numerous ten-meter long light blades flew out of his saber.

Three of the six closed eyes on the blade also violently snapped open.

All of a sudden, not only did the energy fluctuations that emerged from Wu Ling double, but the aura around him also became turbulent and bloodthirsty.


One light blade after another shot through the air in perfect arcs before slashing down on the six spiritual energy balls.

Upon contact, the energy balls immediately exploded, sputtering out countless sparks into every direction.

The sparks fell like stars from the starry river, filling the region where Wu Ling was standing.

Standing in a sea of fragmented sparks, Wu Ling’s face distorted as he reached out with one hand and tore off his black robe with one quick motion.

A greenish-brown spiritual armor that clung tightly to his body suddenly appeared.

Numerous strands of bright light that were as sharp as arrows extended into the surroundings from within the spiritual armor.

At first glance, Wu Ling seemed to have become a giant hedgehog. The sharp, bright lights that had protruded out of his armor killed off the sparks around him in a split second.

Staring at Wu Ling, who was now holding a long saber and covered in a bizarre armor, Nie Tian muttered to himself, “He must be one of the chosen ones that my master warned me about.”

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