Chapter 166: Another Breakthrough!

The city gate tunnel was several dozen meters deep.

Tang Yang caught up from behind while unleashing monstrous flame power. In merely a split second, he sped past Li Fan and Feng Luo and continued to proceed forward.

He didn’t even take one glance at Liu Yan’s corpse as he flashed past.

He rapidly gained on Nie Tian, and it wasn’t long before he was only fifteen meters away.


While the seven-colored light within the gate tunnel constantly bashed the burning flames that wreathed Tang Yang, they repeatedly neutralized each other.

“Yee!?” Tang Yang suddenly came to a stop, as if he was also astonished by the strong resistant force that had been crushing him and pushing him back.

Separated by a distance of fifteen meters, he coldly looked at Nie Tian as he secretly examined the resistant force that seemed to stem from the seven-colored light. He seemed to be pondering something.

“Nie Tian! Get away from him! Go as far as you can!” Seeing from behind that Tang Yang was getting closer and closer to Nie Tian, Li Fan hurriedly reminded him with a loud voice, hoping that Nie Tian would continue to move forward and keep a distance between him and Tang Yang.

While calling out, Li Fan’s face was full of grief and indignation. As he looked at Liu Yan’s corpse, his heart was brimming with hatred.

However, he also understood perfectly that with his cultivation base, it was impossible for him to avenge Liu Yan by killing Tang Yang in the city gate tunnel.

He only wished that Nie Tian wouldn’t follow in Liu Yan’s footsteps.

“Hand over the Flame Dragon Armor and I will honor you with a complete-corpse death!” Tang Yang never even looked at Li Fan. Instead, he stared at Nie Tian and threatened him again.

Red-hot, bright lights rapidly condensed one after another in front of Tang Yang as he spoke.

The bright, fiery lights continuously changed their form, before they once again converged and morphed into a thick and long flaming light beam, inside of which were hidden the profound truths of the flame power.

As soon as the fiery light beam was formed, the seven-colored light in the gate tunnel suddenly flooded toward Tang Yang.


Countless dazzling sparks were sent out into the surroundings when the two types of light met, making the energy in the area between Tang Yang and Nie Tian extremely turbulent.

“Uncle Liu...” Turning back to look at Liu Yan’s cold body, Nie Tian’s eyes were filled with rage.

However, he knew that with his current cultivation base, it was absolutely impossible for him to kill Tang Yang.

After all, Tang Yang was much more powerful than Jia Peng and Du Huang.

Tang Yang shook his head and called out, “Hey!”

It seemed that he couldn’t wait any longer and decided to not give Nie Tian another chance.


Under his command, the thick, flaming light beam, carrying a terrifying flame energy, abruptly charged towards Nie Tian.


The seven-colored light, which was originally scattered everywhere within the city gate, gathered together from all directions and condensed into multiple seven-colored light shields, rippling forward to resist the light beam.

The clashing momentum of the light beam made it advance forward with extreme difficulty due to the resistance of the seven-colored light shields.

One inch at a time, the thick, flaming light beam broke through the multiple layers of light. However, it was gradually neutralized by the power of the seven-colored light shields and became smaller and smaller. The flame energy that it carried was also rapidly dissipating.

The seven-colored light rays that were everywhere in the city gate tunnel seemed to prohibit fights of any kind.

Upon detecting any sort of violent power, the seven-colored light rays would immediately interfere and obliterate the attack, regardless of whoever launched it.

However, the might of the late Greater Heaven stage Tang Yang’s attack was by no means insignificant.

Even though there were layers of obstructions from the seven-colored light rays, which had caused the flame light pillar to slow down, it was still, bit by bit, rumbling towards Nie Tian.

When the flame light pillar was only two meters away from Nie Tian’s chest, Nie Tian was already dripping with sweat.

“Get out of here! Now!!” Feng Luo couldn’t help but call out to Nie Tian.

Nie Tian, who had stood in place for a while, snapped back to his senses. He temporarily cast aside his emotions and stepped out again towards the inside of the city.

As he took his first step, he immediately felt the strength of the pushing force increase dramatically. He couldn’t tell if the power that originated from the seven-colored light rays was preventing everyone from entering or testing them.

He had no choice but to madly draw power from his spiritual sea and stimulate his vortex of spiritual power, vortex of flame power, and vortex of wood power to the peak.

The high speed revolution of the three vortexes not only provided him with rich energy, but it seemed to also be very efficiently purifying his spiritual sea.

Within his spiritual sea, the refining process of the different kinds of power seemed to have sped up by several fold with the frantic revolution of the three vortexes.


When he took the tenth step, he suddenly experienced a violent shudder in his mind. It felt like he had broken out of a tight cage.

“Middle Lesser Heaven stage!” Even though he didn’t have an idea as to what exactly had happened within himself, he was certain that he had just broke through from the early Lesser Heaven stage into the middle Lesser Heaven stage.

He never expected that he would make a breakthrough in his cultivation base while he was in the middle of painstakingly stepping forward within the gate tunnel.

Not having the time to ponder the profundity of the middle Lesser Heaven stage, he once again concentrated on moving forward as fast as possible.

At that moment, even though the fiery light beam had already shrunk to one tenth of its original size, it was still closing in on him.

It was now only one meter away from the middle of Nie Tian’s back.

The flame energy that the flaming light beam unleashed caused the area that he was in to become incomparably hot.

Numerous seven-colored light rays were still gathering and rushing towards towards Nie Tian, as they still wanted to obstruct the flaming light beam.

Nie Tian abruptly turned around. He glared at the flaming light beam that had become as thin as an arm and ferociously swung his fist at it.

Splendid and dazzling light blossomed from within his fist.


At the moment his fist struck the flaming light beam, sparks sputtered all over the place and numerous threads of fiery light shot out in all directions.

“You must have a death wish!” A sinister grin appeared on Tang Yang’s face as he seemed to suddenly infuse a new surge of power into the fiery light beam, causing it to rapidly expand in size.

A violent flame energy suddenly burst forth from the light beam.

Nie Tian’s face turned pale upon the scene.

Without pausing to think, he immediately summoned a life-saving spiritual talisman that Wu Ji had bestowed upon him from within his bracelet of holding.

As soon as the talisman landed in his palm, he sent out a wisp of thought to trigger it. Within a split second, it turned into light shields of spiritual power, enveloping Nie Tian.

There were as many as seven layers of light shields that constantly released a jade-like glow. There was a thin separation between the layers.

Numerous threads of spiritual power appeared within the seven light shields. They interwove with each other and evolved into numerous detailed, spiritual patterns.


The fiery sparks that had sputtered out from the fiery light beam disappeared into thin air as soon as they fell onto the outermost light shield.

Then, the expanded light beam rammed into the light shield with great force.

All of a sudden, the seven layers of light shields shone with endless precious light. The numerous complicated spiritual patterns within started to flow back and forth as if they had their own life and soul.

The violent thrusting force, along with the resistant force of the light shields, burst out from the point of contact.

Upon the strong impact from the gigantic light beam, Nie Tian, who originally trudged forward with great difficulty, was instantly sent forward by more than ten steps.

A gentle, formidable force was emanating from within the seven layers of spiritual power shields, secretly protecting him from any injuries.

At that moment, the four outermost light shields flew out from the sphere, wrapped around the flaming light beam, and  immediately started to battle at close quarters with the flame power within the light beam.

The mysterious strength that had come from Wu Ji, bit by bit, ripped apart and crushed the flame essence that had been imprinted by Tang Yang.

Under the frenzied biting and tearing of the numerous mysterious spiritual patterns on the light shields, the flaming light beam once again rapidly shrunk until it disappeared completely.


The four layers of spiritual power shields morphed into a bright light ball, and flew back to Nie Tian.

As soon as it made contact with the remaining three layers of light shields, it began to fluctuate and soon spread out to form two layers of light shields.

Therefore, there were still five layers of light shields wreathing Nie Tian.

Not only was Nie Tian unscathed, he even took advantage of the impact force that came from Tang Yang’s attack and got closer to the inside of the city.

Seeing that his flaming light beam had completely disappeared, Tang Yang gave a muffled snort as his expression slightly changed. “A life-saving spiritual talisman from a Profound realm expert!”

For some unknown reason, the surging flames that were surrounding him seemed to have grown smaller by a large extent.

His arrogant attacks seemed to have triggered the counter-attack of the seven-colored light rays that filled every corner of the gate tunnel, as they diverted their attention from the others, and madly surged towards him.

The pushing and squeezing force that he suffered was suddenly multiplied by several times.

Nie Tian, who was at the forefront, originally found it hard to take even one step. However, at this moment, he felt that the resistance had suddenly grown weaker.

With the five light shields protecting him, he continued to summon strength to speed up his footsteps. Without any delay, he rapidly charged towards the inner city.

He gradually put space between himself and the city gate, which was several dozen meters high. Before long, he and Miao Chen, who had entered through another gate, became the first ones to step into the city.

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