Chapter 165: Heaven Spark

Li Fan from the Cloudsoaring sect fiercely glared at Zou Yi and shouted, “He doesn’t owe you a damn thing! If you dare to make a move, don’t blame me for being rude!”

Liu Yan also had a serious expression on his face. Even though Zou Yi had expressed that he wouldn’t think of killing Nie Tian again, he still couldn’t let his guard down for fear that Zou Yi wouldn’t keep true to his words.

When they entered the city gate tunnel, they all felt the resistance and realized that the more scarlet light spots one had obtained, the easier it was to enter the city.

It meant that by madly killing disciples from the seven sects, the cultivators from the other realms were actually wanting to enter that city.

Nie Tian was five meters ahead of Zou Yi. His cultivation base was puny, yet his luck was unbelievably good, allowing him to obtain fifteen scarlet light spots. By killing Nie Tian, Zou Yi would easily strip away everything that belonged to Nie Tian.

Moreover, the Ghost sect and the Cloudsoaring sect hadn’t been friendly in the slightest, and as a matter of fact, they had only temporarily joined forces because of the calamity that was about to strike the Realm of Flame Heaven.

He wasn’t certain that Zou Yi could resist the devil in his heart.

Not only were Li Fan and Liu Yan carefully guarding against Zou Yi, they were also secretly vigilant towards Feng Luo from the Blood sect.

They didn’t know that after Feng Luo and Nie Tian had fought Zhao Mo side by side, their tension had already eased up.

In their eyes, Feng Luo and Zou Yi fell into the same category: their former enemies.

They even suspected that Feng Luo favouring Nie Tian was in fact because he had ulterior motives and was purposely concealing the greediness in his heart so that he could suddenly make a move at a crucial moment.

“What are you looking at me for? I have no desire for that boy’s fortune.”  Feng Luo sounded a bit unpleased.

Li Fan gave a loud harrumph. “I’m not you. Only you know what you are thinking.”


It was also at this moment that two figures flashed towards where everyone was from afar.

“Zhao Mo! Tang Yang!” Feng Luo turned his head around and a strange look appeared in his eyes. From what he could tell, things were not looking good.

The moment Tang Yang, who had a tall and sturdy frame and numerous blazing patterns tattooed on his arms, arrived in front of the city, he asked Zhao Mo, who was by his side, “Where is he?!”

The truth was Zhao Mo, who was also from the Realm of Dark Underworld, had led Tang Yang as they trailed behind Nie Tian. Now they finally arrived caught up to them.

Standing not far from the city gate where everyone was, Zhao Mo narrowed his eyes, pointed at Nie Tian, and said, “That’s the boy I was talking about.”

Upon a closer look at Nie Tian, Tang Yang couldn’t help but exclaim, “What?! He’s got fifteen Heaven Sparks!  How on earth did he obtain fifteen?” Tang Yang had an disbelieving expression on his face.

By Heaven Spark, he was referring to the fifteen scarlet light spots in the Heaven Gate pattern on the back of Nie Tian’s hand.

Apparently, he knew the meaning behind them and what they represented.

“Heaven Sparks?” Zou Yi from the Ghost sect softly whispered, finally learning the name of those red light spots.

“Heaven Sparks…” Nie Tian also heard Tang Yang’s words. He looked down at the red spots on the back of his hand, which had become incomparably hot, and muttered to himself, “So these things are called Heaven Sparks.  From the look of it, the seven sects from the Realm of Flame Heaven know nothing about them, but those from the other realms seems to know the secrets behind them.”

“That kid is mine!” Tang Yang violently shouted as clusters of flames suddenly emerged from within him, as if he had become a person who had been engulfed in violently surging flames .

Releasing blazing flames, he blurred into action. Like a flaming meteorite, he plummeted towards the city gate where Nie Tian stood.

“Damn!” Zou Yi, Feng Luo, Li Fan, and Liu Yan, who were gathered in the city gate tunnel, had their faces turn pale with terror.

Zou Yi and Feng Luo were from the Ghost sect and Blood sect respectively. Before they entered, they had went through many channels to find out about the two strongest Qi warriors amongst all the foreign cultivators.

One was Miao Chen, who had already arrived here. He was the one from the Realm of Black Marsh, and his spiritual power was tainted with deadly toxicity and through mere contact, would rot away a man’s flesh.

The other one was Tang Yang, who everyone was looking at. He was from the Realm of Dark Underworld, and had a late Greater Heaven stage cultivation base. He was proficient in the arts of the flame.

When the three foreign cultivators, including Miao Chen, saw that Tang Yang had come, they were also secretly surprised. “Tang Yang!”

Miao Chen had a grim expression on his face, clearly quite fearful of Tang Yang. “This guy found this place too quickly. Dammit!”

Only Miao Chen knew how many plots he had secretly concocted in order to prevent Tang Yang from finding this place.

After stepping through the Heaven Gate, he confirmed through some mysterious means that the floating city would appear on this enormous meteorite.

In order to prevent Tang Yang from finding this place, he secretly carried out a crafty scheme to make sure that the area that Tang Yang was responsible for was the furthest away from this meteorite.

He did so to make sure that Tang Yang wouldn’t be able to perceive the energy fluctuations when the floating city appeared.

Even if Tang Yang realized that the area that he was allotted was extremely remote when the floating city appeared, Miao Chen was confident that he would probably have seized the most of the fortune by the time Tang Yang came for him.

As a matter of fact, if it weren’t for Nie Tian, Tang Yang would indeed still be at his allotted region, hunting down disciples from the seven sects one after the other and accumulating Heaven Sparks.

As far as Tang Yang was concerned, the more Heaven Sparks one obtained, the stronger one’s connection would be to that dilapidated city. Therefore, his plan was to determine the accurate location of the floating city through obtaining the most Heaven Sparks.

However, Zhao Mo had found him and told him about the appearance of the Flame Dragon Armor and the fact that the Flame Dragon Armor had integrated with the Blood Core.

The Flame Dragon Armor was from Tang Yang’s sect. Now that it not only had become complete again, but it had even fallen into the hands of a Lesser Heaven stage junior from the Realm of Flame Heaven, he naturally wanted to snatch it without any delay.

That was why Tang Yang immediate put an end to his plan of hunting and killing the disciples from the seven sects of the Realm of Flame Heaven.

Under Zhao Mo’s lead, they had raced in Nie Tian’s direction. Moreover, when that floating city had first appeared and released energy fluctuations, Tang Yang instantly perceived them.

Therefore, Nie Tian actually contributed greatly to the fact that Tang Yang had rushed over in time.

Tang Yang roared before diving forcefully towards the city gate where Feng Luo and Li Fan were at, like a fierce, burning beast. “Get the hell out of my way, all of you! I’m not interested in you. As long as you stay where you are and don’t try to stop me, I’ll consider sparing your lives!”

“It’s Tang Yang!!” Zou Yi and Feng Luo’s expressions flickered. They subconsciously dodged to the side, clearing out a path that led straight into the city.

Even though Feng Luo had already developed an admiration towards Nie Tian, he knew how powerful Tang Yang was and was not willing to put his life on the line for Nie Tian. By that time, he had also spotted the ten bright spots on the back of Tang Yang’s hand, which indicated that ten powerful experts from the seven sects had already died by his hands.

Li Fan and Liu Yan were both in the early Greater Heaven stage. After sensing Tang Yang’s unstoppable momentum and that Tang Yang’s eyes were were ablaze with frenzied flames as he stared unwaveringly at Nie Tian, they couldn’t help but feel secretly frightened.

They were now certain that Tang Yang’s target was Nie Tian!

They weren’t clear as to how Nie Tian had offended Tang Yang, yet they knew that once Tang Yang got close to Nie Tian, Nie Tian would most likely be killed in a flash.

They exchanged a glance and saw the bitter and helpless look in each other’s eyes.

If Zou Yi and Feng Luo were willing to join hands with them to stop Tang Yang, perhaps they could stall Tang Yang for a while.

However, by stepping away and clearing a path for Tang Yang, Zou Yi and Feng Luo had already made their stance clear.

They did not dare to hamper Tang Yang!

Without Zou Yi and Feng Luo, there was no possibility whatsoever that they could block Tang Yang with just the two of them.

Just as they were hesitating, Zhao Mo from the Realm of Dark Underworld also dashed towards them after Tang Yang.

Zhao Mo was in the middle Greater Heaven stage, and thus could also overtake any of them. Apparently, he bore the intention of assisting Tang Yang by dashing after him.

Tang Yang by himself was already terrifying. Now that Zhao Mo was also in the picture, how were they going to contend against them?

When Zou Yi and Feng Luo realized that Zhao Mo had also rushed towards this city gate, they grew increasingly uneasy. Without any delay, they quickly stepped back to make an even larger space for them, fearing that Tang Yang and Zhao Mo would kill them for being in their way. However, Li Fan and Liu Yan didn’t move a bit.

“Screw off!” An enormous, flaming light beam suddenly shot out from Tang Yang’s chest. Inside of the light beam, there were many specks of flaming light flickering about, interweaving into a marvelous flame pattern.

A mysterious flame incantation that carried the intent to burn everything to ashes seemed to be branded within that mysterious blazing pattern!


One after the other, Liu Yan and Li Fan summoned their spiritual tools in an attempt to block the flaming light beam. However, in the moment that the flaming light beam made contact with their spiritual weapons, they were blasted so heavily to the point where they coughed up blood.

Their Medium grade spiritual tools were sent flying to the side while still sputtering with fragmented flames.


With another attack, the flaming light beam viciously struck Liu Yan in the chest. Liu Yan was sent flying backwards and heavily fell to the ground behind Nie Tian.

Nie Tian had long since quietly turned around to observe their movements since Tang Yang and Zhao Mo appeared. He witnessed Liu Yan sail through the air in a perfect arc and fall to the ground with a loud crash.

“Uncle Liu!!!” Nie Tian’s wide eyes grew so bloodshot that they seemed as if were about to bleed.

By the time Liu Yan fell to the ground, the vigor in his eyes had already dispersed and he was completely devoid of life force.


The fearful, flaming light beam madly sped along for another several meters inside the city gate tunnel that shone with multi-colored light before it finally dissipated, as if it had also been affected by the pushing force inside the tunnel.

Li Fan’s eyes also immediately reddened. Watching Liu Yan be killed right before his eyes, he immediately planned to fight Tang Yang to the death.

At that moment, Feng Luo, who was the closest to him, grabbed him and held him back with all his strength, despite Li Fan’s struggling, so as to stop him from going on a suicide mission.

Feng Luo was certain that Nie Tian was Tang Yang’s one and only target!

As long as the other people didn’t try to stop him from getting close to Nie Tian, he wouldn’t bother to kill them.

Liu Yan was only annihilated by Tang Yang because he recklessly stood between him and Nie Tian.

Tang Yang did not even spare Li Fan a glance as he stepped forward. It was obvious that he did not attach any importance to someone who only had an early Greater Heaven cultivation base.

Seeing that Liu Yan had been killed by Tang Yang with one strike, Zou Yi stood still, flabbergasted. “He’s so strong!

His expression flickered as he stealthily took another step back, making even more room for the god-like Tang Yang.

Tang Yang’s whole body was ablaze with flames as he strode forwards. Coupled with his tall and sturdy frame, he was like a burning, moving mountain. His eyes were fixed on Nie Tian as he shouted, “Boy! Hand over the Flame Dragon Armor and I will honor you a complete-corpse death!  If you dare to disobey me, I will burn you to ashes, not leaving a single bone!”

By the time the words left his mouth, he had already walked past Feng Luo, Li Fan, and Zou Yi. Step by step, he approached Nie Tian.

The clusters of blazing flames that had been hovering around him seemed to fight with the multi-colored light within the gate tunnel, creating crackling and rattling sounds.

Tang Yang, who had long hair trailing over his shoulders, gradually built up his imposing manner. Now he was like a flaming, demonic god, unceasingly unleashing deadly, tyrannical flames.

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