Chapter 163: I’ll Remember You, Kid!

“Little bastard!” Kan Xingming yelled viciously as numerous thick, long vines that resembled sharp swords stabbed madly towards towards Nie Tian. “You did this! Go to hell!”

Obviously, he hated Nie Tian more than the other three!

From his point of view, if it weren’t for the fact that Nie Tian had messed up his inner Qi by absorbing the wood power within those three leaves of his, causing him to fall into a Qi deviation, those three people definitely would not have been able to take advantage of the situation and inflict serious injuries on him.

He was in a terrible condition right now, and had already lost the confidence to kill the three experts from the Ghost sect and Grayvale sect.

At that moment, the only one he had the confidence to kill was Nie Tian!

Other than his hatred towards Nie Tian, there was still another reason for his strong desire to kill him.

Since Nie Tian had the lowest cultivation base, Kan Xingming was very certain that he could easily kill him and and snatch the exceptionally pure flesh power inside of Nie Tian’s body.

By taking and refining all that power, he would be able to recover his injuries within a short time.

He planned to increase his battle prowess by killing Nie Tian, thus again obtaining the strength to kill his three opponents!


The numerous thick vines shone with fresh, green light as they whizzed towards Nie Tian.

It was also in this moment that Nie Tian, whose palms were opposite each other, successfully established the chaotic magnetic field.

Actually the coverage of the magnetic field was still limited and only reached a two-meter range with Nie Tian being the center.

Kan Xingming’s deadly vines aimed for none other than Nie Tian’s forehead and neck.

Since the vines would have to pierce into Nie Tian to kill him, they would inevitably have to enter the twisted magnetic field!

Just as Nie Tian had expected, the numerous vines penetrated into the magnetic field in the next moment.

The vines immediately lost their fierce momentum after falling into the magnetic field.

The vines that were originally as sharp as swords turned into soft and powerless snakes in an instant!

In a split second, the wood power within the numerous vines became violent and distorted as they were cut off from Kan Xingming’s control.

The psychic power that Kan Xingming had attached to the vines had also been cut off from his commands, which caused his mind to be thrown into disordered state and a terrified look to appear in his eyes.

“Wood power!” Nie Tian grinned. After the chaotic magnetic field was successfully completed, his hands had been freed. He used them to continuously reach towards the vines that were floating inside the chaotic magnetic field.

Whenever he touched a vine, strands of emerald-green light would suddenly flow out of them.

The numerous light strands seemed as though they were influenced by the abnormal fluctuations in Nie Tian’s heart. In an instant, they were pulled into his body, entered his veins, and were directed to his heart through the flow of his blood.

An excitement, accompanied by an even stronger yearning, was born in Nie Tian’s heart as though his demand for the wood power had become endless.

Following the exhaustion of the wood power within the vines, every single one of them was distorted by the magnetic field, and then abruptly exploded into pieces.

Nie Tian’s Qi and power had become increasingly exuberant after taking in the wood power.

He could feel perfectly clearly that the bloodline power hidden within him seemed to have made another step on its road to full awakening!

Fear stretched across Kan Xingming’s face as he appraoched Nie Tian at a fast speed.

A deep fear suddenly rose in his heart as he now realized that if he dared to continue to attack Nie Tian with his wood power, then it would be completely useless and lost to him, like throwing a piece of meat at a dog to drive it away.

Having suffered greatly, Kan Xingming gave a muffled groan, his eyes filled with a pained look.

Cultivating wood power himself, Kan Xingming was fairly convinced that he had encountered an even higher leveled and more profound kind of power.

That magical power must be more sophisticated and formidable than the wood power, which enabled Nie Tian, who had such a low cultivation base, to overtake him so easily.

He no longer dared to attack Nie Tian or even approach the magnetic field that enveloped him.

He was already preparing to escape.

However, it was at that moment that mad attacks from the Ghost sect and Grayvale sect experts once again rained towards him.

One after another, malevolent devils roared as they suddenly grabbed his arm and wrapped around his waist.

Nie Tian looked up with rapt attention, and saw that the devils were holding the falling Kan Xingming still in the air, and preventing him from moving an inch.

The two Grayvale sect experts continuously bombarded the middle of Kan Xingming’s back with a silver-colored shield and a pearl glittering with azure light.

After one last heavy bombardment of the shield and pearl, Kan Xingming, who had been grabbed and fixed in the air by the devils, dove uncontrollably into Nie Tian’s chaotic magnetic field.

As soon as he fell into the magnetic field, Kan Xingming’s face, which was already covered in bloodstains, turned pale, and the light in his eyes started to fade.

In the chaotic magnetic field, Kan Xingming’s psychic power, which was now the only remaining power that he had left, instantly escaped his control.

He completely lost the ability to resist!

“Hurry!” Seeing that Kan Xingming was about to die, the Ghost sect expert immediately shouted loudly and prompted his devils to rip Kan Xingming into shreds.

He did it because he wanted to seize the Heaven Gate pattern on the back of Kan Xingming’s hand, where he saw eight scarlet light spots!

By obtaining those eight scarlet light spots, he would take everything that Kan Xingming had obtained from his hunt into his own possession!

The two Grayvale sect experts’ expressions changed drastically, as they also wanted that the last person to kill Kan Xingming to be themselves, since only the person who laid the final, life-ending strike on Kan Xingming would be able to obtain those eight scarlet light spots.

They were all indescribably excited.


Devils whizzed over one after the other. However, just as they were about to make contact with Kan Xingming, they were instantly affected by the chaotic magnetic field.

The devils suddenly became distorted and twisted, and under the violent influence of the chaotic magnetic field, they began to show signs of disintegration.

That Ghost sect expert’s expression suddenly flickered, and as he urgently swooped down from midair, he forcefully stopped himself midway.

He looked at Nie Tian, eyes filled with shock and confusion, as though he couldn’t fathom what was going on, and why the devils, which he had condensed with his psychic power and spiritual power, suddenly showed signs of disintegrating as soon as they were submerged in the odd fluctuations around Nie Tian.

The two Grayvale sect experts saw that he suddenly stopped and also noticed the strange changes to his devils.

The two of them also came to a stop, and floating in midair, they quietly unleashed their psychic awareness in an attempt to pry into the mysterious magnetic field.

However, the moment their psychic awareness entered the field, it immediately became chaotic and uncontrollable and their minds were bombarded with unbearable stabbing pains.

The throbbing pain made them realize how terrifying and formidable the magnetic field around Nie Tian was.

Having seen through their mind, Nie Tian laughed in a low voice and raised his hand, before violently slapping Kan Xingming’s skull.


The terrifying sound of bones breaking into pieces came from Kan Xingming’s skull. The only remaining life force in Kan Xingming’s eyes finally dispersed completely.


As Nie Tian had expected, after Kan Xingming stopped breathing, the eight scarlet light spots flew out and merged into the Heaven Gate pattern on the back of Nie Tian’s hand.

Meanwhile, the pattern on Kan Xingming’s hand started to fade away little by little, and before long, completely disappeared.

Soon the fluctuations of life force in Kan Xingming’s corpse also vanished. However, the rich wood power within his spiritual armor persisted.

Eyes narrowed, Nie Tian stared at Kan Xingming for awhile before he suddenly took off Kan Xingming’s bracelet of holding and threw it into midair.

“If it weren’t for you, we wouldn’t have been able to kill him. I only happened to be in the right place at the right time. Most of his possessions are in that bracelet of holding. You should have it.”

With these words, Nie Tian stretched out his hand and pressed it against chest area of Kan Xingming’s spiritual armor.

When his palm made contact with the miraculous spiritual armor, concentrated wood power suddenly surged out of it. Without wasting a smidgen of it, Nie Tian absorbed and channeled it into his heart little by little.

He could keenly feel the joy in his heart, and became more convinced that his heart needed the nourishment from plentiful wood power to gradually awaken his bloodline power.

He was also more certain by this point that the most important spiritual item in Kan Xingming’s possession was the spiritual armor on him.

He had the feeling that it was a bit immoral for him to obtain Kan Xingming’s eight scarlet light spots, together with the man’s most valuable item.

However, that spiritual armor was extremely helpful to the complete awakening of his bloodline power. Therefore, although he knew that it was slightly inappropriate to do so, he couldn’t afford to pass on the opportunity.

In midair.

The expert from the Ghost sect held out his hand and grabbed Kan Xingming’s bracelet of holding that had flown to his chest. As soon as he used his psychic awareness to examine the items inside, his face dropped.

Indeed, there were numerous spiritual materials and medicinal pills of many kinds inside, but the majority of them had been looted from trial takers from the seven sects.

Most of the people who Kan Xingming had killed were low in their cultivation base and as such, the spiritual materials and medicinal pills that he had plundered from their possession were merely ordinary items.

None of them caught the Ghost sect expert’s eyes.

Even still, Nie Tian wanted him to share those valueless items with the two experts from the Grayvale sect. This made him very discontent.

“What’s inside?” One of the Grayvale sect experts asked.

“Nothing of value.” The Ghost sect expert had a grim expression on his face. Annoyed by Nie Tian’s behavior, he contemplated as to whether he should demand an explanation from Nie Tian.

However, at that time, the devils that he had released to kill Kan Xingming were on the verge of disintegrating in Nie Tian’s chaotic magnetic field.

Keh! Keh!

Nie Tian noticed that the chaotic magnetic field had already distorted those devils beyond recognition.

He grabbed Kan Xingming’s corpse with one hand and slightly shifted his position.

As soon as he changed his position, that magnetic field also followed him. Only then did those devils escape the influence of the chaotic magnetic field and once again solidify from their state of being nearly ripped apart.

“Gentlemen, these people from the other realms are our common enemies. I realize that I’ve taken a bit more than I should. I apologize for it.

“But I promise that I’ll try my best to make it up to you in the future.

“Even if that still isn’t enough to settle your discontent with me, we’ll work it out after we kill all those foreign cultivators, shall we?”

Nie Tian looked up at the three experts and said with an embarrassed smile.

“Nie Tian, Wu Ji’s disciple, I’ll remember you, kid!” The expert from the Ghost sect glared viciously at him and decided to drop it for the time being.

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