Chapter 156: Heavy Casualties

Nie Tian slowly awoke from his cultivation.

After this round of cultivation, the vortex of flame power within his spiritual sea had expanded to three times as large as it had been before.

Not only that, thanks to the Earthflame Crystal String, he obtained a much deeper understanding of the flame power.

As for the difficult points that he had run into while practicing the Flame Spirit Incantation, he also found the answer to each and every one of them, which caused him to acquire new enlightenment regarding this specific fire incantation.

He had a feeling that it wouldn’t be long before he could make a breakthrough in his cultivation base and step into the middle Lesser Heaven stage.

“Flame Dragon Armor, Earthflame Crystal Strings...”

With a serious face, he unleashed a wisp of his psychic awareness into his bracelet of holding, and saw that the Flame Dragon Armor was now wreathed by placid flames.

Therefore, he was certain that the Flame Dragon Armor’s soul was still digesting the profound mysteries within the Earthflame Crystal Strings in a way that he couldn’t comprehend at the moment.

The Flame Dragon Armor and its soul would only fully awaken when they completely refined all the Earthflame Crystal Strings collected from the Scarlet Flame Mountain Range.

By that time, it would be a lot easier for Nie Tian to communicate with the Flame Dragon Armor’s soul.

Feng Luo looked over at Nie Tian as soon as he opened his eyes. “You’re finally awake.”

Nie Tian nodded. “How are you doing?”

Feng Luo smiled bitterly. “I’m afraid it’ll be hard for me to fully recover within the Heaven Gate. I suffered major injuries and lost vital energy from both fights against Zhao Mo. Nie Tian, I think we should get out of this place as soon as possible. I fear that Zhao Mo will return soon. When he does, I bet he’ll return with methods to deal with that Spirit Channeling grade treasure of yours.”

“You’re right.” Nie Tian agreed with him. “We can’t stay here for long.”

“Little Tong! Zheng Bin!” Feng Luo softly called out to them, waking them from their cultivation. “We need to evacuate this place now so that Zhao Mo won’t be able to find us easily. We’ll spend as much time as we want to recuperate once we find a location that’s safe enough.”

After hearing these words, Yu Tong and Zheng Bin both rose to their feet.

“Which direction did you come from?” Feng Luo asked Nie Tian.

Nie Tian pointed in the direction that he and Zheng Bing had come from and said, “There.”

“What’s the situation over there?” Feng Luo asked.

“Nothing special,” Nie Tian replied. “We didn’t find anything there. We spent a long time wandering around, but didn’t run into any powerful foreign expert other than Jia Peng. That was the reason why we left that area and came to this area to explore.”

“It wasn’t that nothing went on over there.” Feng Luo shook his head and told him the truth. “The reason why you found nothing going on over there was that you settled it by killing Jia Peng.”

“What do you mean?” Zheng Bin asked, puzzled and surprised.

Feng Luo went on to explain, “According to Zhao Mo, all the cultivators from the other realms reached an agreement before entering the Heaven Gate. When they stepped into the Heaven Gate, each of them would take charge of a certain area. All the cultivators from the Realm of Flame Heaven within that area would become their prey.

“The area that you came from was allotted to Jia Peng. He was responsible for all the cultivators from the Realm of Flame Heaven in that area.

“However, the area we are in is Zhao Mo’s territory. Zhao Mo told me during our first fight that if we go further in this direction, we’ll enter the area that belongs to another Realm of Dark Underworld cultivator, Tang Yang.

“All of those foreign cultivators view us as nothing more than animals waiting to be slaughtered.”

Zheng Bin gave a cold snort and said, “Well, did they? I beg to differ. The two of us killed Jia Peng, didn’t we?

Feng Luo looked off into the distance, as if he was trying to get a hold of his bearings. “Only the result will tell us who is the hunter and who is the prey.”

After awhile, he said, “Let’s go in that direction. Hopefully, we’ll be lucky enough to come across some powerful experts from the seven sects. Only by joining hands with cultivators from the seven sects, will we have a chance of surviving the fights against those people from the other realms.”

“That sounds good.” Nie Tian and Zheng Bin both gave their assent.

Immediately afterwards, they left the meteor under Feng Luo’s leadership, and marched in the direction that he had indicated.

In the meantime, Feng Luo constantly sent his psychic awareness into their surroundings, carefully scanning for signs of life, in case they might run into foreign cultivators who were as powerful as Zhao Mo.

Lucky for them, they didn’t discover any signs of life or abnormal movements near them along their way.

After passing eight gigantic meteors in succession, the four of them arrived on an oval-shaped meteor that was just as enormous as the ones that they had passed.

“There’s a dead body over there!” Having a superior sight, Feng Luo spotted a corpse that had been dead for an unknown period of time.

From the way the man dressed, Feng Luo could tell with certainty that he was a trial taker from the Ghost sect. The cold air in the starry sky had already frozen the corpse. It seemed that the man had been penetrated by a sharp tool and died.

The Heaven Gate pattern on the back of his hand had already been plundered, along with the bracelet of holding on his wrist.

Upon a closer look, Feng Luo immediately recognized the man. “That’s Wang Luo. He was in late Heaven stage.”

Zheng Bin walked up to the corpse and squatted down. After a brief examination, he said, “From the look of it, he’s been dead for a long time. It seems that there are foreign trial takers in this area.”

Looking a bit distracted, Yu Tong asked, “Should we keep going?”

By that point, Nie Tian and Zheng Bin had already replenished their strength. Even though Yu Tong and Feng Luo hadn’t recovered to their peak state, they were ready for another fight if it came down to it.

If they kept marching forward, it would be extremely likely that they would run into another powerful expert from the other realms.

By that time, they would be forced to fight, whether they wanted to or not.

“Being scared of them won’t do us any good.” Not even the slightest fear could be seen on Nie Tian’s face. “I’ve long since readied myself for the fierceness of the Heaven Gate trial. Plus, isn’t the purpose of us being here to kill those bastards from the other realms and let them know that the Realm of Flame Heaven will never be blithely trampled upon by anyone, right? Now that their seniors and masters want a piece of the Realm of Flame Heaven, let’s show them what we are made of and kill them all in the Heaven Gate!”

Feng Luo nodded vigorously, looking at Nie Tian with undisguised admiration. “I’ll never doubt Senior Wu Ji’s eye for talent again! Although you’re only in Lesser Heaven stage, you’ve proven yourself to be resourceful, and more importantly, you understand the greater good. I only thought you were ballsy when it came to girls. Now I know that you’re also quite daring while facing major issues!”

After hearing the part where Feng Luo said Nie Tian was ballsy when it came to girls, Yu Tong’s face instantly flushed.

She cast Feng Luo a cold glare first, and then turned to stare viciously at Nie Tian. “Nie Tian! You and I are far from over! There’ll be a battle between the two of us after we finish the Heaven Gate trial!”

Nie Tian gave a forced chuckle and then said, “You should know that for every time that you’ve lost to me, you had...”

Upon hearing these words, Yu Tong exploded with rage as she charged towards Nie Tian, threatening to kill him right away.

“Alright, alright!” Feng Luo hurriedly stopped them. “Can you two pick another time to do this? Do you really want to bicker while powerful killers are lurking around?”

Fearing that the bickering would escalate into a fight, Feng Luo instantly pointed in a direction and marched on, indicating for everyone else to follow him.

Zheng Bin’s gaze switched between Nie Tian and Yu Tong for a while, and with a soft chuckle, he sped towards Feng Luo.

“Nie Tian! You just wait and see!” Yu Tong threatened with a cold tone.

Nie Tian seemed indifferent as he said, “You think I’m scared of you? I can tell you right now that when I beat you next time, I’ll...” Eyes glittering with a strange light, Nie Tian openly laid his gaze on Yu Tong’s ample chest before immediately leaping forward with a broad laugh.

“Nie Tian! I'm gonna kill you!!” Screaming, Yu Tong chased after Nie Tian.

After chasing for a while, Yu Tong seemed to have truly been provoked by Nie Tian, and her body was once again wreathed in a faint blood aura.

Her eyes turned red and devilish. However, it didn’t make her look sinister, but instead gave her a dangerously charming look.

“Stop it, you two!”

Traveling at the forefront of the group, Feng Luo let out a stern shout as he suddenly came to a stop.

On a huge stone in front of him lay the corpse of a Qi warrior from the Blood sect. The head had been separated from the body, and the blood around his neck had already been frozen.

Utterly discomfited, Yu Tong couldn’t help but let out a screech as soon as she saw the corpse. “Uncle Han!”

She was no longer in the mood to settle her grudge with Nie Tian.

A pained expression could be seen in Feng Luo’s eyes. “Just like me, Han He was also in the early Greater Heaven stage. I didn’t expect him to die like this.” He stepped forward and reattached the man’s severed head to the body, so as to honor him with a “full-body death”. Face grim, he looked off into the distance and said, “It seems that we don’t have a choice now. Whoever is awaiting ahead of us, I’ll have their head!”

“Damn them! They killed Uncle Han!” Yu Tong’s eyes glittered with blood-colored light.


Feng Luo no longer attempted to hide his whereabouts as he bounced high into the air, traveling forward at a high speed.

Nie Tian and the others followed him closely.

They saw many more dead bodies along their way, all of which belonged to Qi warriors from the Ghost sect, Blood sect, Mystic Mist sect, and Grayvale sect.

The most powerful one among the dead was a middle Greater Heaven stage expert from the Grayvale sect.

Even Nie Tian, who had claimed that he had no fears, felt as if a shadow had been cast over his heart after seeing the numerous corpses of powerful experts scattered around on the ice-cold ground.

Every one of the dead had a cultivation base higher than his, but none of them had escaped death.

Therefore, he was convinced that the foreign Qi warrior who was in charge of this area must be very powerful, maybe even more powerful than Jia Peng and Zhao Mo.

It was very likely that the man was in the late Greater Heaven stage.

He didn’t have the confidence that the four of them combined could match up to a late Greater Heaven stage expert.

However, he knew for sure that after seeing their butchered fellow sect members, Feng Luo and Yu Tong were already determined to avenge them, no matter how great the consequences would be.

From Feng Luo and Yu Tong’s eyes, Nie Tian could tell that whoever that man was, and however strong he was, they would still find him and fight him.

“That man must be on that meteor!” Face filled with shock, Feng Luo exclaimed as he looked into the distance and saw a meteor that was almost five times the size of the nearby ones.

Having a sight superior to his peers, Nie Tian was the second one to get a clear sight of the enormous meteor.

Astonishment immediately stretched across his face.

Upon a closer look, he saw that there seemed to be a dilapidated city on that shockingly gigantic meteor.

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