Chapter 154: Fleeing

Because of Feng Luo’s reminder, Nie Tian paid a lot more attention to the incoming blood-colored ice shards, and tried his best to avoid absorbing them into his chaotic magnetic field.

However, Zhao Mo didn’t plan to let him off so easily.

From where he was standing, a distance away from Nie Tian, he once again operated his spiritual incantation to stimulate the frost power within the remaining flying ice shards.


The whizzing, scarlet ice shards instantly sped up, turning into red meteors as they plummeted towards him.

Meanwhile, Zhao Mo snorted coldly. “Freeze!” Then, the thick frost mist that had wreathed him also abruptly rushed towards Nie Tian.


An unusual noise came through from the sky when the thick and cold mist whizzed through the air, as if even the air were freezing up.

The cold mist stopped right between Nie Tian and Zhao Mo, creating an enormous shield.

Nie Tian, on the other hand, didn’t have even the slightest intention of avoiding it.

He instantly entered the cold mist together with the chaotic and distorted magnetic field.


As soon as the cold mist entered the chaotic magnetic field, it instantly turned into small fragments of ice, which were assimilated by the chaotic magnetic field.

Subsequently, Zhao Mo lost contact with the very frost power he himself had unleashed.

“What the hell?!” Zhao Mo stood aghast.

As of this moment, the grimness in his gaze when he looked at Nie Tian started to fade away, gradually replaced by panic.

He noticed that he had no good way to deal with the strange magnetic field that was surrounding Nie Tian. As soon as his attacks fell into it, they would immediately be distorted and assimilated, becoming fuel for the magnetic field.

Even the psychic power that he had unleashed was completely obliterated once it penetrated into the magnetic field.

Zhao Mo finally lost his composure.

He continuously moved backward and completely gave up on trying to get closer to Nie Tian. Simultaneously, he fixed his attention on the bizarre magnetic field, searching in his head for a way to break it.


It wasn’t long before Zhao Mo noticed something. His expression flickered slightly as a faint smile appeared at the corner of his mouth.

He had just noticed that the magnetic field wrapping around Nie Tian appeared to be slowly shrinking as time passed!


Zhao Mo started to grin complacently and said from afar, ”As it turns out, the magnetic field that you have formed can’t persist for long.  Things have just become much simpler. All I need to do is wait for the magnetic field to disappear, and then kill you effortlessly. I absolutely don’t need to waste anymore energy on you.”

As soon as these words came out, the thick frost mist, along with the scarlet ice shards that had been pursuing Nie Tian, all changed their direction.

They all turned around in the air, and swooped down towards Feng Luo and Zheng Bin.

Yu Tong was the only one who hadn’t been targeted. Obviously, he had other plans for her.

“Oh, damn!” Nie Tian softly cried out as he saw that Zhao Mo only moved backwards to avoid him, refusing to confront him directly.

At this moment, he had also finally come to realize the most significant weakness of the chaotic magnetic field: it would fade away as time passed!

If his cultivation base and his strength were profound and powerful enough, he would have caught up to Zhao Mo before the chaotic magnetic field faded away.

In that way, he would be able to inflict serious damage on Zhao Mo by relying on the chaotic magnetic field.

Unfortunately, he only had the cultivation base of Lesser Heaven, while Zhao Mo was in middle Greater Heaven stage. The huge gap in their cultivation bases made it impossible for him to get close to Zhao Mo, even if he went all out.

Zhao Mo’s wise move made him understand that it was by luck that he had been able to inflict serious damage on Jia Peng with the chaotic magnetic field, after which Zheng Bin had taken the opportunity to kill him from behind.

If Jia Peng hadn’t fallen into the chaotic magnetic field, but instead jumped back to avoid Nie Tian like Zhao Mo did, he and Zheng Bin would have had only a very slim chance of winning.

With these thoughts, a bitter smile appeared at the corner of Nie Tian’s mouth. He finally realized how big of an influence a poor cultivation base could be.

Zheng Bin and Feng Luo were both busy dealing with the ice shards and the cold mist, and after hearing what Zhao Mo said, their hearts sank.

The two of them had also realized that the magnetic field that Nie Tian formed around him couldn’t last permanently.

The magnetic field was shrinking by the second.

The moment the magnetic field disappeared completely would be the time when Zhao Mo heartlessly murdered Nie Tian.

“What should we do?”

The same question rose in everyone’s mind, everyone except Zhao Mo. Each and every one of them racked their brains for a way to defeat Zhao Mo.

As of that moment, the magnetic field that had wreathed Nie Tian had already shrunk to the point where it could only cover a one-meter range.

The chaotic and distorted magnetic field was soon going to disappear completely. However, the four of them realized that none of them could figure out a way to turn the situation around.

Fortunately, the cold, strong wind that had been biting their skin slowly vanished while Nie Tian and Zhao Mo were caught in a standoff.

Apparently, Zhao Mo could only change the direction and the speed of the wind but couldn’t create wind out of still air. Therefore, the wind eventually calmed.

Without the fierce and ruthless cold wind, the four of them were slightly relieved. However, that was when the magnetic field around Nie Tian completely wore out.

At that very moment, a ruthless smile abruptly appeared at the corner of Zhao Mo’s mouth.” It’s time to put an end to this!”


Numerous strands of white frost mist were once again unleashed from within Zhao Mo’s body, which kept condensing and taking the shape of ice snakes that feasted on human flesh.

“Frost Snake Shadows!”

One after another, the ice snakes gradually congealed, turning from a bunch of ephemeral shadows into a tangible form.

When the cold mist was on the verge of reaching him, Nie Tian found that all of the ice mist had already condensed and morphed into dozens of extremely lifelike, icy snakes.

Each and every one of the ice snakes were imprinted with Zhao Mo’s psychic consciousness. It was as if they had been infused with wisps of Zhao Mo’s soul.

Feng Luo was on the ground behind Nie Tian. When he saw the dangerous situation, he rushed over roaring, hoping to help Nie Tian block the attack.

However, the moment he moved, a large number of blood-colored ice shards swiftly shifted their positions, blocking his way without leaving the smallest of gaps.

“Run!" Feng Luo cried.

The ice snakes rushed forth, baring their fangs. Face grim and cold, Nie Tian had a sudden moment of enlightenment. His gaze landed on his bracelet of holding as he prepared to take out one of the talismans that his master had bestowed upon him.

However, when his psychic power entered his bracelet of holding and swept through his belongings, he saw that the Flame Dragon Armor was releasing raging flames.

“Flame Dragon Armor…”

A light flashed across Nie Tian’s eyes. After a moment of hesitation, he experimented by sending a request for help to the Flame Dragon Armor.

Even though Zhao Mo’s cultivation base was quite lofty, his cultivation attribute was frost power.

On the other hand, the flame power that the Flame Dragon Armor constantly released was precisely the nemesis of frost power. These two powers were incompatible as light and darkness. Once they ran into each other, they wouldn’t give up until the more valiant and powerful side annihilated the weaker side.

Almost in the same moment that he sent out a thought requesting help, an answer was given.

In the next moment, the Flame Dragon Armor whizzed out from within Nie Tian’s bracelet of holding.

As soon as the Flame Dragon Armor came out, heaven and earth became as hot as a sea of fire. In a flash, the numerous ice snakes that were about to bite Nie Tian’s skin melted into water.

Seconds later, the water vaporized because of the excessive heat and vanished into thin air.

“Flame Dragon Armor!”

Zhao Mo, who was fairly certain that the ice snakes would finish off Nie Tian, suddenly had his expression flicker. Immediately later, strands of blood flowed out of the corner of his eyes.

The numerous ice snakes were formed as a result of the condensation of Zhao Mo’s fully refined frost power and psychic power, and thus could be considered to be the extension of his limbs!

As the result of the ice snakes melting, the spiritual power and psychic power that he had gone great lengths to refine instantly turned to nothing, severely damaging his body!

However, the thing that had truly astonished him was not the injuries on his body but the Flame Dragon Armor!

Zhao Mo came from the Realm of Dark Underworld. Lai Yi, the person who had brought the Flame Dragon Armor to the Realm of Flame Heaven, was also from the Realm of Dark Underworld.

From the way Zhao Mo looked, he obviously knew about the origin of the Flame Dragon Armor, and knew what the Flame Dragon Armor meant and represented.

After seeing that Nie Tian was able to summon the Flame Dragon Armor from his storage bracelet, and that the Flame Dragon Armor also seemed to have healed its damage… Zhao Mo actually no longer dared to stay!

After shooting one last glare toward Nie Tian, he dashed away with the fastest speed possible.

His figure seemed to have turned into a beam of cold light and soon disappeared into the distance.

Meanwhile, the Flame Dragon Armor was still floating in the air and unleashing raging flames, bringing burning summer heat to the ice-cold star river.

Nie Tian, along with Yu Tong, Feng Luo, and Zheng Bin, all stared blankly towards the direction which Zhao Mo escaped into, at a loss for words.

They simply couldn’t believe their own eyes when they saw Zhao Mo running for life after the mere sight of the Flame Dragon Armor.

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