Chapter 153: Losing Total Control!

“Uncle Feng! I’ve completely lost control of my Earth Web!”

Panic could be seen on Yu Tong’s face as numerous strands of scarlet blood strings whizzed out of her palm before pouring into the ground.

She was doing her utmost to manipulate the blood strings back into a defensive field in the area around them.

Unfortunately, every single one of the blood strings underground had been frozen by the frost power and turned into a net of ice strings, which could no longer follow her commands.


Feng Luo stood by a small crater that he had filled with blood. As soon as the cold gale blew past, the pond of blood was frozen.

Originally, Feng Luo planned to use the blood as a source of energy, with which he could strengthen the Earth Web and cast all kinds of Blood sect secret magics.

However, now that the blood had been turned into a giant piece of semi-translucent and sparkling ice, it also fell out of Feng Luo’s control.

In the blink of an eye, the defensive system and all the preparations that Yu Tong and Feng Luo had made were breached and ended up in vain.

Meanwhile, the man from the Realm of Dark Underworld rode the bitingly cold wind as he got nearer and nearer.

The slim man’s name was Zhao Mo, a powerful Qi warrior from an extremely cold part of the Realm of Dark Underworld.

A suffocating, bleak light shot out of his narrowed eyes as he gave a grin that was as fierce as the wind.

From Yu Tong and Feng Luo’s expressions, he could tell that as the cold wind grew increasingly strong, the defenses that they had condensed with blood already lost their effect.

Their mysterious, unpredictable blood magic and sophisticated layout was exactly the reason why Zhao Mo had retreated from his last battle against them.

With the experience from their last fight, he cast his frost magics before the actual fight to manipulate the flow of the cold wind in the vicinity.

Feng Luo’s speculations were correct. The sudden gust of wind was indeed Zhao Mo’s doing.


Zhao Mo suddenly accelerated and like a flash of icy light, he descended towards the meteor that Nie Tian and his group was on.

At the same time, Nie Tian didn’t say a word. He placed his hands opposite to each other as he started summoning each and every kind of power within him.

In a split second, a chaotic, twisting magnetic field was born in between his hands, rapidly spreading in every direction.

“One meter, two meters, three meters…”

The chaotic magnetic field expanded at an amazing speed.

During the process, Nie Tian gave Feng Luo a meaningful look, urging him to stall Zhao Mo temporarily, in case he lay his murderous hands on him before the magnetic field was fully formed.

Feng Luo nodded vigorously and immediately stepped toward Zhao Mo.

A strong, bloody aura was released from within every one of Feng Luo’s pores, and moments later, he was wreathed in a thick blood mist.

Within the murky blood mist, numerous blood-colored lights constantly flashed past, forming a terrifying storm of blood.


With a sneer, Zhao Mo from the Realm of Dark Underworld shook his head; he wasn’t in a hurry to attack.

Meanwhile, he shifted his gaze from Feng Luo to the anxious Yu Tong, who was now sitting off to the side.

An overtly obscene look could be seen in his cold eyes as his gaze constantly shifted back and forth between Yu Tong’s delicate face, slender, jade neck, and curvy physique.

The sneer on his face gradually filled with lust.

Yu Tong, on the other hand, experienced a sudden rush of coldness all over her body, as if an ice-cold serpent had stealthily wrapped around on her bare skin.

Yu Tong unnaturally wiggled her body in an attempt to get rid of the uncomfortable feeling as she averted her sight.

“Interesting!” Zhao Mo gave a low laugh. With a complacent face, he shifted his gaze back to Feng Luo.

As soon as he did, the lust in his eyes vanished, replaced by a bone-piercing coldness.

“You won’t escape death this time.”

With these words, Zhao Mo waved his hands through the air, casting a mysterious frost power incantation.

As he formed the hand seal, the wind that had been blowing randomly suddenly seemed to come together and started moving as a whole.

It was as if the scattered cold currents had simultaneously received a common order and thus madly rushed towards Feng Luo.

Ear-piercing howls rang out from within the strong wind.

In the meantime, Zhao Mo let out a cold harrumph and said, “Get the hell out of there!”


Upon his command, the icy ground cracked open and numerous blood strings that had been frozen by Zhao Mo’s frost power shot out from the earth!

Hundreds of blood-colored ice shards followed Zhao Mo’s command and flew into the air one after another.

Off to the side, Nie Tian, who was focused on casting his spell, spared the battlefield a glance, and was immediately flabbergasted by the numerous blood-colored ice shards that were floating in the air.

Every blood string that Yu Tong had used the Blood sect secret magic to refine had been coated with a layer of ice.

The weapon that was originally meant for dealing with Zhao Mo was now being used against its own master.


Yu Tong suddenly coughed up a mouthful of blood, and her glittering, devilish eyes immediately darkened.

Meanwhile, her delicate face seemed to have turned as pale as Feng Luo’s.

It was only in the blink of an eye that she had been severely injured.

Eyes filled with panic, she looked over towards Zhao Mo. When she saw Zhao Mo rapidly weave his fingers in the air, commanding the numerous blood-colored ice shards to pierce towards Feng Luo, she screamed out loudly to Nie Tian and Zheng Bin, “Help my Uncle Feng!”

Since she was currently experiencing a deviation of Qi and blood, she couldn’t even calm the rampage inside of her, much less summon enough strength to attack Zhao Mo.

“Help him?” A sneer appeared on Zhao Mo’s face, as if he found the idea very laughable. Shaking his head, he said indifferently, “You want these two Lesser Heaven stage brats to help him? Have you lost your mind?”


All of a sudden, ten of the blood-colored ice shards that had been floating in the air whizzed in Nie Tian and Zheng Bin’s direction.

Zheng Bin’s face turned pale with fright. He desperately jumped backward.


Several scarlet ice shards nearly hit him and pierced into the frozen ground.

As they stabbed into the ground, their ice coating cracked open, showing the blood strings inside.

However, it was only a moment before the frost power that had been hiding in the earth spread to the blood strings and froze them again.


On the other hand, the few scarlet ice shards that flew towards Nie Tian fell into his magnetic field and instantly shattered.

It seemed that not only the ice coatings, but even the scarlet blood strings that lay inside couldn’t withstand the distorting force of the magnetic field and exploded into fine fragments.


Because of the explosion of the blood strings, Yu Tong once again coughed up a mouthful of blood.

It seemed that there was a unearthly link between her and the numerous scarlet blood strings

As long as the blood strings were damaged, Yu Tong would sustain injuries herself accordingly.


For the first time, Zhao Mo, who was about to use the rest blood-colored ice shards to attack Feng Luo, spared Nie Tian a thorough look.

Only then did he realize that there seemed to be a faint, mysterious aura around the kid who he even didn’t bother to look at.


Just as Zhao Mo was pondering, Nie Tian made a vigorous leap and shot towards Zhao Mo like a bullet.

The moment he moved, the chaotic magnetic field that had been wreathed around him followed him into the air.

By this point, the coverage of the chaotic, twisting magnetic field had already reached an eight meters radius!

Within the magnetic field, psychic power, spiritual power, flesh power, flame power, and a surge of newly joined frost power twisted together and clashed with each other, giving rise to an extremely unstable aura.

The twisting power that rampaged within seemed to have grown even mightier than when he used it against Jia Peng.

“It’s because of the frost power!”

Nie Tian’s expression slightly flickered as he came to that realization while charging towards Zhao Mo.

The cold, whistling wind carried countless threads of frost power that came from Zhao Mo. When he was forming the magnetic field earlier, the frost power was also pulled inside.

Adding power with a new attribute as fuel, the might of the magnetic field was once again boosted.

As he closed in on Zhao Mo, he could keenly sense that the fierce, bitingly cold wind around him seemed to have been affected by the magnetic field.

In the middle of the magnetic field, he could no longer feel the bone-piercing coldness, as all the frost power within the wind had been sucked into the chaotic magnetic field.

Zhao Mo from the Realm of Dark Underworld gave a cold snort, and a faint grim look appeared in his eyes as he looked at Nie Tian

The reason was that just now he tried to use his psychic power to examine the seemingly bizarre magnetic field that had been surrounding Nie Tian, but the moment a wisp of his psychic power flowed into the magnetic field, he lost contact with it!

“Weird little brat.”

Zhao Mo frowned as he obtained a new understanding of Nie Tian’s chaotic magnetic field.

Unlike Jia Peng, he didn’t enter it so quickly.

Instead, he jumped backward as Nie Tian approached, keeping a distance between Nie Tian and himself. He wanted to gain a better knowledge of whatever it was that surrounded Nie Tian.

Standing a safe distance away, he started to weave his hands in front of him while his eyes emanated a fierce, ice-cold light.

Half of the blood-colored ice shards stopped attacking Feng Luo, turned around, and whizzed towards Nie Tian.

Nie Tian, who was still being carried forward by the momentum, turned to look back, and found that hundreds of scarlet ice shards were flying in his direction like bloodthirsty snakes.


Manipulated by Zhao Mo, one ice shard after another shot into Nie Tian’s chaotic magnetic field.

Each and every one of them exploded, sending out fine, fragmented ice into the area around Nie Tian. The blood strings that had been hidden inside also shattered one after another.


Sitting on the ground, Yu Tong couldn’t stop from coughing up blood. However, she could only summon all her strength to resist the frenzied Qi and blood inside of her. Looking extremely frail, she didn’t say a word.

“Nie Tian! Those blood strings are connected to Little Tong’s life essence. Don’t let them enter the magnetic field around you. Otherwise, she might die!” Feng Luo almost screeched to warn Nie Tian.


Only after hearing Feng Luo’s reminder, did Nie Tian look back and realize that the explosion of the blood strings had dealt great damage to Yu Tong.

He looked Yu Tong in the eyes and said, “Sorry, my bad. I’ll be more careful.”

Face as white as sheet, Yu Tong seemed quite fragile and delicate. Hearing Nie Tian’s words, she cast him a cold glare and said, “Go to hell!”

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