Chapter 151: Obtaining Recognition

Walking towards Feng Luo, Nie Tian had his eyes fixed on Yu Tong. Hatred was written all over her face, and she looked like she wanted to eat him alive.


After letting out a soft, embarrassed laugh, Nie Tian chose to ignore her. Slowly, he and Zheng Bin walked over to the area of scattered stones.

Just as he was about to enter the area within the Earth Web’s coverage, Nie Tian seemed slightly hesitant, as he was a bit worried that this was a trap set up by Feng Luo.

However, he took the step forward and nothing happened.

Feng Luo had a grim face as he stood beside a shattered meteorite. Glaring at Zheng Bin, he said, “Your explanation!”

Facing Feng Luo so closely, the previously loud Zheng Bin suddenly became somewhat timorous.

He gave an embarrassed laugh as he shot a glance towards the calm Nie Tian next to him, while saying, “Ask him.”

Then Feng Luo and Yu Tong’s gazes instantly shifted to Nie Tian.

“We exerted all our means to deal with a middle Greater Heaven cultivator from the other realms!” Feng Luo snorted as he said, “Even still, we suffered a terrible defeat and almost died fighting him. Therefore, we had no choice but to retreat to this area and refrain from making any rash actions, so as to gather enough strength to fight that person again! Jia Peng was also at the middle Greater Heaven, and by no means weaker than our opponent. What did you use to kill him?”

Although he saw the seven extra light dots on the back of Zheng Bin’s hand, Feng Luo still didn’t believe what Zheng Bin said.

“If you can’t give a rational answer, I won’t let you off!” Yu Tong coldly said.

An intense, bloody aura quietly emerged from her curvaceous body and suffused into the air around her.

Deep under the ground, countless strands of Earth Web blood strings that she had condensed were quietly slithering around like snakes.

It seemed as though she would immediately make a move if Nie Tian’s answer sounded wrong in the slightest, despite what Feng Luo had said.

She couldn’t help but grit her teeth when she remembered how Nie Tian had humiliated her in the Green Illusion dimension, and his unspeakable actions in the Scarlet Flame Mountain Range.


Nie Tian hesitated for a moment. Then he told himself that only by uniting against their common enemy within the Heaven Gate trial, would trial takers from the Realm of Flame Heaven maintain their power to return to their homeland in the future.

He decided to reveal some of his strength.

“Firstly, I used a Ice Blast Pearl. That was how I injured Jia Peng when he first approached me.

“After that, skin cut open and flesh torn, Jia Peng fell into special magnetic field that I created.”

While speaking, he reached out his hands and held them in front of his chest, palms facing each other. He quietly unleashed his psychic power, flesh power, spiritual power, as well as flame power, forming a chaotic magnetic field that covered a range of three meters.

In the instant that the chaotic magnetic field appeared, the expressions of Feng Luo and Yu Tong suddenly flickered.

It was especially true for Yu Tong!

The Earth Web, which she had formed using the Blood sect’s secret technique and a high ranked spirit equipment, suddenly escaped her control in the moment that the chaotic magnetic field formed!

The energy within the area Nie Tian was in turned incomparably disorderly and violent. The chaotic magnetic field that only covered a three meter radius seemed to have twisted the Earth Web, which was lying under the ground!

Neither the blood strings nor her psychic power were able to penetrate into the chaotic magnetic field.

A great ripple occurred in the Earth Web when the magnetic field spread out!

The fear of losing control of the Earth Web rose in Yu Tong’s heart.

It was also at this moment that Feng Luo sensed that something was going on, and suddenly took a step forward.

With that step, he entered Nie Tian’s magnetic field. Immediately after, he let out a muffled groan as his face turned even more pale.

All of a sudden, Feng Luo was completely drowned by the bizarre sensations that Jia Peng had previously experienced.

He felt a sudden dizziness and nearly passed out.

Nie Tian hastily stepped backwards, freeing Feng Luo of the influence of the magnetic field without the need for his own efforts.

As he moved backward, the magnetic field moved with him. Feng Luo, who was on the verge of fainting, suddenly became clear-headed.

He stared at Nie Tian, eyes filled with shock and disbelief. Gasping for air, he asked, “Did your master teach you how to wield this strange, chaotic power?”

Nie Tian nodded. “Yes, he did.”

Feng Luo’s eyes lit up as he spoke in a low voice, “No wonder they all say that Senior Wu Ji is an unusual character in the Realm of Flame Heaven. I guess it’s possible that you two killed Jia Peng.”

“Be quick and stop your magnetic field!” Yu Tong couldn’t help but shriek.

At this moment, she discovered that the Earth Web she had gone to great lengths to condense was about to be ripped apart by Nie Tian’s chaotic magnetic field.

She was very clear about what would happen if it did. She knew what kind of injuries she’d suffer once it was fractured and thrown into a state of chaos!

“I, I don’t know how to stop it.”  Nie Tian suddenly realized that he had been damaging Yu Tong’s Earth Web and hastily jumped away from his original location.

Fortunately, the effect of gravity in the ice-cold river of stars was extremely small.

With little effort, he managed to spring into midair, and the magnetic field surrounding him followed him into the sky.

After the magnetic field rose into the air as a result of Nie Tian leaving the ground, Yu Tong immediately looked relieved.

Apparently, the Earth Web wouldn’t be affected by the magnetic field, as long as the magnetic field wasn’t in contact with the blood strings that ran under the ground.

Nie Tian soon landed outside of the range of Yu Tong’s Earth Web.

There, he waited for the magnetic field to wear out its energy and disperse by itself.

Off to the side, Feng Luo and Yu Tong spent a moment to calm themselves before rushing over to Nie Tian.

They stopped at the edge of the reach of the Earth Web. Standing about ten meters away from Nie Tian, they used an extremely strange gaze to examine him.

Nie Tian looked back at them.

After a while, a faint smile floated on Feng Luo’s face as he turned to Yu Tong and said, “Little Tong, set aside your grudges with him for the time being.  This kid learned this strange technique from his master Wu Ji, and maybe more... We might benefit from his existence. The foreign cultivator who attacked us earlier probably has already recovered his strength. It won’t be long before he comes back to try and kill us.

“Both of us spent a lot of energy during that previous fight.

“It’s highly unlikely for the two of us to beat him.

“Unless we have Nie Tian to help us. With his strange magnetic field and Wu Ji’s Ice Blast Pearls, we might be able to defeat that man.

“What do you say?”

Feng Luo spent great effort to try to persuade Yu Tong to temporarily put aside the enmity between her and Nie Tian, for the sake of working together to fight that foreigner.

Clenching her jaw, Yu Tong cast another fierce look toward Nie Tian and finally gave a sigh of grievance. “As you wish, Uncle Feng.”

Their previous fight against the foreign cultivator was such a close call for them, that both she and Feng Luo had spared no effort. Even still, they only managed to narrowly escape.

However, Feng Luo had sustained injuries and it was impossible for him to recover within a short period of time.

If that man came back for them and caught Feng Luo in this situation, she could only watch Feng Luo die. And then it would be her turn.

The mere thought of the merciless and vulgar look within that man’s eyes, she couldn’t help but tremble with fear, while goosebumps appeared on her skin.

Thus, she agreed to Feng Luo’s proposal.

“Fine. Let him come with us.”

Unwilling to spare Nie Tian another glance, Yu Tong turned around and walked off. She returned to the area with shattered stones alone and randomly chose a location to sit down, starting to calm the rattled auras inside of her.

A while passed and the effect of the magnetic field on the Earth Web had finally been lifted.

“The man we fought earlier came from the Realm of Dark Underworld. Just like Jia Peng, he’s also in the middle Greater Heaven stage...”

As Feng Luo walked back to the area filled with shattered rocks, his attitude towards Nie Tian was clearly different from before.

He explained the situation of the expert from the Realm of Dark Underworld in detail to Nie Tian.

Nie Tian took all the information that Feng Luo told him to heart as they returned to the area with the shattered rocks. He realized that Yu Tong was deliberately avoiding him, but he didn’t take it to heart. Instead, he sat beside Zheng Bin and closed his eyes to adjust his breathing and aura.

He attempted to completely restore the energy he had consumed to create the chaotic magnetic field before the foreign cultivator returned.

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