Chapter 149: Gains

“What!?” Zheng Bin also grew intrigued. Without even thinking about it, he stood up and walked towards Nie Tian.

At this moment, dots of light flew out of the Heaven Gate pattern on Jia Peng’s hand.

Like fireflies, they quietly flew towards Zheng Bin.

Within a flash, each and every light dot disappeared into the Heaven Gate pattern on Zheng Bin’s hand.

At the same time, the Heaven Gate pattern on Jia Peng’s hand gradually turned dark and fuzzy, before it completely vanished.

The sudden change caused Nie Tian’s expression to flicker. He curiously looked at Zheng Bin.

Zheng Bin looked down at the light dots on the back of his hand and quietly counted them. After that, he said, his voice sounding a bit confused, “There are seven more light dots…”

He waved his arm and carefully examined it. He discovered that it seemed nothing had changed after those light dots had entered his Heaven Gate pattern.

Face filled with confusion, he contemplated over what had happened.

“Those light dots ought to have come from those who died.” Nie Tian said, eyes glittering with a profound light. “Six of them belonged to the people who Jia Peng killed, and the other dot belonged to Jia Peng himself.”

When he fought Jia Peng earlier, he noticed that there were six small dots of light in the Heaven Gate pattern on Jia Peng’s hand.

However, he didn’t have to time to read into it back then.

Zheng Bin killed Jia Peng by piercing through his body with the outsider’s tail bone. This must have caused all the light dots that Jia Peng had collected, and the one that belonged to Jia Peng himself, to fly into Zheng Bin’s hand.

“By killing another trial taker, one can collect their victim’s Heaven Gate key? What does this mean?”  Zheng Bin was deeply puzzled.

Nie Tian shook his head and said, “I’m not quite sure either. However, I don’t think that’s a bad thing.”

With an intense look on his face, he continued, “From the look of it, those bastards from the outer realms must have already learned about the secrets of the Heaven Gate trial. Not long after they arrived, they already started hunting down other trial takers.

“They might not be after the treasures that their opponents carried. These light dots...could be what they truly want!

“Clearly the mechanism of the Heaven Gate trial encourages trial takers to kill each other!”

Nie Tian’s expression turned grim.

Zheng Bin’s heart shivered. “If that’s the case, anyone we meet in the future will very likely attack us, won’t they? It won’t matter whether we have enmities with each other or we know each other, right?”

“I’m afraid so.” Nie Tian sighed.

Zheng Bin hesitated for a while before saying, “You contributed the most to killing Jia Peng.  At least four of these seven light dots should be yours. It’s just that I don’t know how to give them to you.”

After listening to Nie Tian’s explanation, Zheng Bin had a feeling that people who obtained more light dots would gain greater benefits in the future.

In order to kill Jia Peng, Nie Tian had used a Ice Blast Pearl and cast the strange magnetic field. He even suffered injuries during the fight.

He had only dealt the last strike when Jia Peng was about to use up his strength. He never thought that he would take all the benefits which should have been shared by the two of them.

He felt that it was somewhat unfair for Nie Tian.

Nie Tian smiled and said, “It doesn’t matter, you deserve them. Without your final strike, not only would I have been unable to obtain those light dots, I could’ve even been killed by Jia Peng.

“You saved my life. Don’t blame yourself for it.”

Then he chuckled and said, “Come on, I’ll show you Jia Peng’s possessions!”

After Nie Tian finished speaking, one item after another flew out from Jia Peng’s bracelet of holding.

About ten seconds later, the icy ground between him and Zheng Bin was filled with treasures of all kinds.

There were spiritual materials, spirit stones, medicinal pills, as well as six spiritual tools of rather high ranks within the pile of treasures.

Zheng Bin’s expression flickered as he said with a sullen tone, “There is so much stuff here. This Pure Gold Blade belonged to a elder martial brother of mine.  Some of these spiritual materials also came from the Mystic Mist sect…”

Clearly, many of the items in Jia Peng’s bracelet of holding didn’t belong to him.

He had looted all the treasures and spiritual tools that his victims had owned.

After Nie Tian classified the pile of treasures, he turned to Zheng Bin and said, “I’ve totalled everything up. There are are thirty-two spirit materials of different grades, eight thousand spirit stones, five bottles of medicinal pills, and six spiritual tools. How about we each take half?”

“Won’t it be unfair to you?” Zheng Bin seemed overwhelmed by such an unexpected favor. He waved his hand and continued, “You played the most important role in killing Jia Peng, and plus I’ve already gotten the seven light dots. I’d feel ashamed if we split Jia Peng’s possessions.”

“Be quick about it.” Nie Tian looked somewhat displeased.

Zheng Bin hesitated for a moment, since he secretly desired those treasures. Then he said, “If that’s the case, I’ll take the items that belonged to the Mystic Mist sect, as well as a few items that suit me. How does that sound?”

He knew that he couldn’t compare himself to Nie Tian. Nie Tian had Wu Ji from the Cloudsoaring sect to back him, which allowed Nie Tian to enter the Heaven Gate trial with a considerable amount of spiritual materials and medicinal pills in his possession.

Although he was one of the core disciples of the Mystic Mist sect, almost everyone trial taker from the Mystic Mist sect had a cultivation base that was higher than his, and their status also wasn’t something that he could match.

Because of that, he had far fewer spiritual materials than Nie Tian. Having discovered that there was no usable spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth within the icy river of stars where he had to remain in for a long time, the problem of how to get hold of more resources had already become a headache to him.

When Jia Peng’s enormous wealth was suddenly placed in front of him like that, it would be impossible for him to not be moved at all.

Nie Tian magnanimously took a step back. “No problem, you choose first.”

“Thanks. As a matter of fact, I do need a few things.” A hint of happiness appeared on Zheng Bin’s face as he finally abandoned the pretense of courtesy. He went ahead and took the few treasures that originally belonged to the Mystic Mist sect, and a few spiritual materials that were suitable for his cultivation. After that, he took a few spirit stones and medicinal pills before he stopped.

The items that he took were roughly a fifth of all the treasures that they had looted.

He wasn’t greedy at all.

Nie Tian nodded inwardly. After Zheng Bin finished his selection of items, Nie Tian quickly stored the remaining treasures into his bracelet of holding.

After killing Jia Peng together, the tension between the two of them eased to a great extent.

Especially for Zheng Bin.

After fighting together with Nie Tian this time, he had discovered that he actually didn’t know Nie Tian at all when they were in the Green Illusion dimension.

At this moment, he couldn’t help but think of the various details of their adventure within the Green Illusion dimension. His expression suddenly flickered as an idea hit him. “Was it you who first discovered Yu Tong’s Earth Web back when we were in the Green Illusion dimension? Also, was it because of you that Yu Tong suddenly fell unconscious and had to withdraw?”

Although he didn’t know Nie Tian back then, he was quite familiar with Pan Tao. Therefore, when Pan Tao said that he had sensed abnormalities from underground, Zheng Bin found it strange.

As he recalled it now, Pan Tao had left together with Nie Tian at that time.

“Hahaha, the past is the past. No need to overthink things.” Nie Tian laughed and didn’t give a clear answer.

However, Zheng Bin saw through his words.

With a slight nod, Zheng Bin said, “I feel like I’ve just come to know you. If I had known what kind of power you possessed and what you were capable of when we were in the Green Illusion dimension, I would’ve done everything in my power to help you and save you."

Nie Tian gave a broad smile, not saying anything. Then he sat down on the ground, took out some spirit beast meat from his bracelet of holding, and started eating in order to recover the injuries to his meridians and internal organs.

“Thanks for everything.” With these words, Zheng Bin walked towards Jia Peng’s corpse and retrieved the tail bone that was stuck inside.


A pile of sparkling and translucent Flame Crystals that contained rich flame power were piled by Nie Tian’s feet.

There were about several dozens of them, most of which came from Jia Peng.

He believed that there had been disciples of the Ghost sect and Blood sect among Jia Peng’s victims, who also obtained a few Flame Crystals when they were in the Scarlet Flame Mountain Range.

Now, Nie Tian could make full use of all these Flame Crystals to continue cultivating the Flame Spirit Incantation.

“It seems that the spiritual materials and spirit stones that I’ve obtained from killing a Greater Heaven stage cultivator can sustain me for quite some time. I’ve struck gold this time…” Muttering to himself, Nie Tian gripped a Flame Crystal in his hand as he started to cultivate attentively.

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