Chapter 148: Killing After A Struggle

“Get the hell away from me!” Jia Peng’s expression was sinister as his face was covered in blood. Blood unceasingly flowed out from his mouth, nose, and ears.

By this point, he was truly terrified of the chaotic magnetic field.

He discovered that he couldn’t resist it at all. No matter how hard he tried to control himself, he couldn’t counter the influence of the magnetic field.

Thus, he had no choice but to escape as quickly as possible.

However, when he tried to run away, Nie Tian, the youngster he originally attached little importance to, unexpectedly had the audacity to stand in his way.

His bloodshot eyes were brimming with frenzy and wrath.

“Hmm?!" Nie Tian softly hummed as a light of excitement appeared within his eyes. Then, he started to laugh.

He just made another discovery.

As time passed, the chaotic magnetic field that was originally five meters in diameter had already shrunk to a range of three meters.

The three meter range was already slightly unsafe, since Jia Peng, who found it hard to move away from Nie Tian, was only barely enveloped by it.

However, he surprisingly discovered that the three-meter magnetic field could move along with him as he walked to block Jia Peng’s way out.

Meanwhile, the three meter radius didn’t change as he moved about.

When Nie Tian approached Jia Peng, the chaotic magnetic field that surrounded him followed his steps.

Due to the shift in Nie Tian’s position, Jia Peng, who was about to leave the magnetic field, was once again in the center of it!

The magnetic field would always be centered around Nie Tian. As long as he moved, the magnetic field...would also shift with him.

Such a discovery made him seethe with excitement. This meant that once he created the magnetic field, he wouldn’t have to remain in his original location.

He would be able to move around freely and fight his opponent, since the magnetic field would always follow him.

Nie Tian couldn’t stop grinning. “This is awesome!”

All of a sudden, he reached out toward Jia Peng’s neck, which was already within arm’s reach.

Bright spirit auras flowed out from his five fingers, and his arm was gradually filled with surging flesh power as veins bulged from it.

His whole arm was full of terrifying power.

“Screw off!” Jia Peng roared madly. At the same time, a layer of ash-yellow spiritual aura suddenly floated out to envelop him.

“Earth Shield!” The ash-yellow spiritual power carried strong and rich earth power as it formed a protective shield around him.

Considering his Greater Heaven cultivation base, Jia Peng believed that the protective shield was tough enough to withstand any attack from a Lesser Heaven stage cultivator.

Let alone Nie Tian who was only in the early Lesser Heaven stage!


However, as soon as the shield was formed, it was distorted by the chaotic magnetic field.

The power within the shield was instantly torn into pieces and turned into ash-yellow motes of light that soon dissipated within the magnetic field.

The protective screen that Jia Peng spent great amounts of energy to create disappeared in the blink of an eye.

At that moment, Nie Tian’s hand irresistibly and firmly grabbed onto Jia Peng’s neck.

He tightened his fingers forcefully.

He had hoped to hear the sound of bones shattering, but didn’t. Instead, it felt as if he were gripping a metal pillar.

“What?!” He was secretly astonished.

However, it was just a second before he realized what was happening.

Jia Peng’s neck suddenly unleashed a surge of ash-yellow spiritual power, which forcefully entered Nie Tian’s hand and travelled upward into his arm.

In seconds, his arm became as heavy as a huge rock that weighed a thousand tons, making it powerless.

His joints even made faint creaking noises, seemingly unable to withstand the enormous weight.

“Hey!” A savage smile appeared on Jia Peng’s blood-covered face. “Do you really think that you can kill me with your early Lesser Heaven cultivation base? If not for this strange magnetic field, then considering your puny strength, I could have killed you with a single strike!”


An even heavier surge of power forced it way into the hand that Nie Tian had used to grip Jia Peng’s neck, as unstoppable as a hot knife cutting through butter.

Nie Tian’s hand instantly drooped downwards, and he became unable to raise it.

The earth power that Jia Peng sent into Nie Tian’s arm went berserk inside of him, madly ravaging his flesh and meridians.

Nie Tian let out a muffled groan as he suffered a great blow. Therefore, he started to use all his strength to rid himself of Jia Peng’s earth power.

He also realized that Jia Peng...had just tricked him.

Jia Peng always knew that the shield he created wouldn’t be able to persist within the magnetic field.

It was only a pretense to throw Nie Tian off guard.

He didn’t use much earth power to create the shield. His true power was all gathered on his neck.

He was waiting for Nie Tian to grab his neck so that he would be able to channel his devastating power into Nie Tian’s hand via contact!

He didn’t move at all. However, he managed to successfully harm Nie Tian within his chaotic magnetic field.

Jia Peng madly laughed with a cunning expression in his eyes. “Little bastard! You’re still too green!”  

Looking at Nie Tian, who was painfully resisting the earth power that had entered his body, Jia Peng once again started to move away with great difficulty, with no regard to the blood that was still dripping down his face.

He was only one more step from escaping from the chaotic magnetic field.

“Almost there!” Jia Peng rejoiced in his heart.

He was sure that once he escaped from the effects of the strange magnetic field, he would be able to instantly kill Nie Tian from a safe distance!

However, just as he was about to succeed, Zheng Bin from the Mystic Mist sect waved his sword as he pierced towards him.


The tip of the sword directly struck the middle of Jia Peng’s back, causing ash-yellow dots of light to splash out from his back.

However, the sword failed to pierce into Jia Peng’s back. Instead, it was sent flying by a strong counter force.

Eyes brimming with a murderous aura, Jia Peng turned around. “Brat, you’re courting death!”

He now planned to finish off Zheng Bin first after getting out of the magnetic field.

On the other hand, when Nie Tian sensed that something wasn’t right, he had already taken out the spiritual talisman that his master had given him from his bracelet of holding. He was prepared to receive Jia Peng’s revenge at any time now.

At that moment, Nie Tian suddenly went blank watched Zheng Bin dashing toward Jia Peng with an ash-gray skeletal tail. Apparently, he hoped that the sharpness of the tail would be enough to pierce Jia Peng’s defenses.


Zheng Bin, who had somehow severed the tail of the mysterious outsider creature, stabbed it into Jia Peng’s back with all his strength.

The ash-gray bone completely ignored the defenses condensed by Jia Peng’s earth power as it completely entered Jia Peng’s body.

The vigor in Jia Peng’s enraged eyes instantly faded.

He looked into Zheng Bin’s eyes with a blank expression on his face. Then he turned his head back and blankly looked down at the bone that was jutting out from his chest, before collapsing to the ground with a loud crash.

The middle Greater Heaven stage Jia Peng, from the Realm of Earth Sieve, was first injured by the Ice Blast Pearl, then bound down by the chaotic magnetic field, and finally killed after being penetrated by the outsider’s tail.

Zheng Bin sat on the ground as he gasped for air, still yet to recover from the shock.

Off to the side, Nie Tian was unceasingly gathering his spiritual power and flesh power to resist the earth power that Jia Peng had sent into him.

After a long time, he finally stopped the ravaging earth power inside of him, and his chaotic magnetic field also dissipated into the air.

He raised his head and saw Zheng Bin, who was standing not far from him, looking back at him.

“I can’t believe a Greater Heaven stage expert possesses such formidable power!” Nie Tian sighed.

In order to kill Jia Peng, he had used an Ice Blast Pearl and condensed the chaotic magnetic field. Despite that, his efforts almost went to waste if not for Zheng Bin’s attack at the crucial moment.

Furthermore, Jia Peng wasn’t the strongest among all the experts from the other realms. He was only in the middle Greater Heaven stage.

More importantly, the reason why Jia Peng got himself killed was that he had never expected that Nie Tian would possess powerful weapons like the Ice Blast Pearl, and thus fallen into the chaotic magnetic field unprepared.

Otherwise, considering his strength, Jia Peng could have killed them as easily as if he were slaughtering livestock.

There were also late Greater Heaven stage experts from the outside realms waiting for them. If they didn’t meet Jia Peng, but a late Greater Heaven stage expert instead, would they still win?

Nie Tian’s expression turned grim.

Zheng Bin smiled bitterly and said, “The inferiority in our cultivation base is too great. I don’t understand why this Heaven Gate would mix Lesser Heaven, Heaven, and Greater Heaven stage cultivators together. We should only have Lesser Heaven stage cultivators as our opponents. It’s too unfair for us to fight against Heaven and Greater Heaven stage cultivators!”

Nie Tian slowly walked towards Jia Peng’s corpse. “We’re fortunate to still be breathing.”

He took the bracelet of holding off of Jia Peng’s wrist and released a strand of his psychic awareness to search through the items within.

His expression flickered as he cried out at the first glance of the items within, “We’ve struck gold!!”

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