Chapter 147: Chaotic Force!

The whirling ice shards and ice blades turned into an enormous ice storm, filling the entire sky.

In the center of the storm, Jia Peng’s body was dripping with blood as pieces of torn flesh flew out from his body.

“Ice Blast Pearl!”

Nie Tian’s expression flickered as he became somewhat fearful towards the power that was released by the seemingly insignificant, cold pearl.

It was only the size of a fist. However, it had shot out tens of thousands of bright, glittering ice shards and ice blades after exploding.

Not only were they incomparably sharp, but they also contained an formidable frost power!

Furthermore, it seemed that since the starry river was cold and desolate, the Ice Blast Pearl was able to display its power to the fullest.

Even though Jia Peng, who was in the middle Greater Heaven stage and cultivated earth-attributed spiritual incantations, was still a hundred meters away from Nie Tian, his whole body had already been badly mangled.

A faint smile appeared at the corner of Nie Tian’s mouth. "The things that master has prepared for me are indeed awesome!"

Looking at Jia Peng, who was screaming miserably within the ice blast, he was secretly elated.

Zheng Bin, who was standing off to the side, was also astonished after seeing the damage that the Ice Blast Pearl had dealt.

He had heard of the terrifying might of Ice Blast Pearls, but never had he seen one in person.

This time, the ice storm that was caused by the Ice Blast Pearl made him truly understand why it had such a terrifying reputation.


Just as Nie Tian secretly smiled, an ash-yellow aura suddenly wreathed Jia Peng, who was in the middle of the ice storm.

The aura consisted of Jia Peng’s earth-attributed spiritual power, which was strong and intense.


The frost power of the ice storm interwove with the ash-yellow aura, causing an ear-piercing noise to echo out.

Although Jia Peng was wailing like a ghost, and had sustained quite some damage, he gradually stabilized himself.

It seemed that the rock-solid power he unleashed forcefully changed the gravitational field around him.

By the time the gravitational force suddenly doubled, the ice storm that was hovering in midair abruptly dropped down.

The strange feeling of space caving in suddenly appeared in Nie Tian’s mind, making him realize something was going to happen.

It was also at this moment when the small eyes of Jia Peng suddenly glared at Nie Tian as he temporarily broke free due to the ice storm sinking.


In the next moment, his fat body became completely unaffected by the bindings and effects of the ice storm.

His blood uncontrollably dripped to the ground. All of a sudden, he dashed towards Nie Tian, with those drops of blood resembling a drizzle of bloody rain.

“Die!” Jia Peng roared. He was like a caged beast that was on the verge of dying as he madly charged over.

At that moment, the ice storm behind him gradually dissipated, as if it had already worn out all of its power during the extremely short period of time.

Standing quite a distance away, Zheng Bin’s expression suddenly flickered as he couldn’t help but cry out to warn Nie Tian, “Be careful, Nie Tian!”

“Okay,” Nie Tian answered. He had already been secretly making preparations. His palms were already facing each other and the air in between his hands was already changing due to the hand seal.

He knew perfectly well that he had just recently learned the Flame Spirit Incantation, and it was almost impossible for him to hurt Jia Peng with it.

Out of all the techniques at his disposal, the chaotic, twisting magnetic field might be the only one that could affect Jia Peng. After using the Ice Blast Pearl, the next thing to do was to further wear out Jia Peng.

Besides that, there was still the most explosive technique that he could use: the rage fist strike!

He was already secretly gathering his power. He was just waiting for Jia Peng to charge into the chaotic, twisting magnetic field, and then strike him with it when he was affected.


Nie Tian was enveloped in a magnetic field that was formed by the mixture of psychic power, spiritual power, flesh power, and flame power. It was growing increasingly violent and disorderly.

Meanwhile, the magnetic field seemed to be adjusting itself according to Nie Tian’s mental state.


Jia Peng’s fat body finally streaked across the sky and plummeted to the ground with a loud crash.

“Earth’s Core Fission!”

As he let out a loud cry, numerous beams of ash-yellow light that resembled drifting ribbons flew out from his ten fingertips.

Those light beams seemed to carry a strange energy that could change gravity and evoke enormous changes within the earth’s core.

However, as soon as they entered the endlessly twisting magnetic field surrounding Nie Tian, all of the light beams disappeared!

Not only that, but an additional type of power was added to Nie Tian’s chaotic, twisting magnetic field.

Apparently, that power came from the ash-yellow light, which was none other than Jia Peng’s earth-attributed spiritual power.

Strands of ash-yellow light aura started to interweave with all the different types of power within the twisting magnetic field.

Not only did the newly entered energy not calm the magnetic field, it even fueled its frenzy!

“What?!” After landing heavily on the ground, Jia Peng suddenly felt that he had lost connection with the spiritual power that he had unleashed.

When he found that he could no longer fight the gravity and uncontrollably descended toward the ground, a slight fear rose in Jia Peng’s heart.

Jia Peng’s expression flickered as he sensed the danger. “What is that!?”

He tried his best to remain the air, but failed.

He wasn’t a rash person. When he sensed the unfavorable situation, he instinctively wanted to withdraw.

Unfortunately, when he approached the area above Nie Tian, he lost control of the gravitational field, which had never happened in the past!

The earth-attributed spiritual incantation he had cast was unable to alter gravity, not even in the least bit!


His fat body followed its previous trajectory as he fell into Nie Tian’s twisting magnetic field.


In the moment he entered, Jia Peng’s expression turned pale as he coughed up a mouthful of blood.

Even though he was in the middle Greater Heaven stage, as soon as he entered the magnetic field, he realized that his abundant and strong psychic power seemed to have been completely manipulated by the twisting magnetic field!

Affected by the the turmoil of the magnetic field, the psychic power within his mind seemed to have also become frenzied and disordered.

He had a feeling that the numerous strands of his psychic power were being forced to intertwine together, and become tighter and tighter as time passed!

Possessing a Greater Heaven cultivation base, his psychic power far surpassed Nie Tian’s. This was originally one of the sharp weapons that he could use to completely overtake Nie Tian.

However, now his significant advantage in psychic power had become his burden!

His head felt like it was about to split and his mind was twisted into an muddle. Even blood gradually seeped out of his mouth, eyes, nose, and ears.


Jia Peng madly roared out as he unleashed ash-yellow spiritual power blasts that resembled arrows in every direction.

However, once those sharp arrows of spiritual power left him, they were affected by the chaotic, twisting magnetic field.

All of the spiritual power blasts were pulled by an unknown force to fly disorderly within the magnetic field, causing the berserk magnetic field to become increasingly terrifying!

Jia Peng discovered that he had thoroughly lost control of himself.

Not only his psychic power, but even his spiritual sea had become frantic and chaotic, as if he had completely fallen prey to the magnetic field.

When he discovered that the Earth Spears that he had released were unable to even reach Nie Tian, he chose to focus all his energy on controlling his spiritual sea, no longer daring to make any rash moves.

He attempted to gradually adapt himself to the strange magnetic field.

“Hmm?” Nie Tian, who was prepared to blast out the rage punch at any moment, saw that Jia Peng was bleeding from his seven apertures. Unexpectedly, he didn’t strike at the first possible moment.

He thought to himself that even though Jia Peng had a cultivation base of the middle Greater Heaven stage, he started bleeding from his seven apertures in the instant that he fell into the magnetic field.

Furthermore, the ash-yellow spirit force blasts that Jia Peng unleashed were also affected by the magnetic field and started to fly about disorderly.

Jia Peng’s attack didn’t affect him at all, while Jia Peng himself...seemed to have gradually lost control of himself.

He wasn’t in a hurry to make a move because he knew that he would be left powerless once he cast the terrifying fist strike with all his strength.

Since he was in a starry river far away from the Realm of Flame Heaven, danger could be lurking anywhere, and Zheng Bin hadn’t fully obtained his trust.

He intended to preserve his strength as long as he could. Before Jia Peng could post a threat to him, he wasn’t anxious to make a move.


Standing within the chaotic, twisting magnetic field, Jia Peng glared at Nie Tain. He had already attempted many methods to adapt to that magnetic field.

However, the various methods that he had thought of had all been proven unable to resist or adapt to the magnetic field.

Finally, he gave up.

The anguish in his head gradually grew beyond his tolerance. Even more blood flowed out of his mouth, nose, and ears.

He suddenly bit on the tip of his tongue in an attempt to use the piercing pain to keep himself sober. He used all his strength to trudge backwards as he tried to leave that strange magnetic field.

Seeing through Jia Peng’s intentions, Nie Tian finally approached him with a cunning grin. “Do you want to leave now?”

Yet he still didn’t plan to strike him. Instead, he wanted to test the might of the magnetic field via Jia Peng and dig into the true mysteries that lay within.

Since Jia Peng wasn’t able to attack him, he could continue to watch and sense the chaos within the magnetic field more closely.

At that moment, he became increasingly eager to learn the profound truths of the magnetic field.

“Don’t leave so soon. Now that you are here, we should spend some time and talk,” Nie Tian teased as he slowly approached Jia Peng, before stopping in front of him and blocking the way he had attempted to escape in.

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