Chapter 146: Ice Blast Pearl

Nie Tian held his hands in front of his chest, palms facing each other, as he condensed his psychic power, spiritual power, and flesh power to start expanding the chaotic, twisting magnetic field outwards with himself as the center.

An abnormal surge was gradually born in between his palms.

Once that surge was created, it rapidly spread out towards its surroundings like water ripples.

“What?!” Zheng Bin, who was now standing several meters from him, widened his eyes in the instant that he sensed the strange energy surge.

“One meter, two meters…” Nie Tian quietly counted in his heart as he acutely sensed the range that the magnetic field had covered.

At that moment, he realized that even though Zheng Bin kept a distance from him, he was still within a five meters radius.

Nie Tian slightly frowned and gave him a meaningful look to indicate for him to move away a bit further.

After receiving his indication, Zheng Bin stepped back without the slightest hesitation.

A trace of seriousness appeared on Zheng Bin’s face.

Actually, he didn’t need Nie Tian’s indication. He had already prepared to move further away the moment he sensed that something wasn’t right.

Following the gradual extension of the twisting magnetic field, he... was already trembling with fear even before the magnetic field had enveloped him, as his instincts had already told him that something was brooding in the area.

When the magnetic field was generated, Zheng Bin unleashed a strand of his psychic power in an attempt to probe into the mysteries within the magnetic field.

However, the second his psychic power entered that magnetic field, Zheng Bin experienced a sudden twinge of pain in his head and momentary dizziness.

It felt as if his soul was being wrung by an unknown force.

That feeling scared him into stepping backwards in the instant that Nie Tian indicated that he should.

After he distanced himself ten meters away from Nie Tian, his eyes flickered with a strange light as he fixed his gaze on Nie Tian.

However, he no longer dared to release his psychic power to pry into the secrets of that magnetic field.

“Five meters!”

Soon, the magnetic field that Nie Tian had formed with his psychic power, spiritual power, and flesh power reached a five meters range coverage.

However, it still wasn’t Nie Tian’s limit.

If he wanted to, he could continue to fuel it with his psychic power and further extend the range of the magnetic field to ten meters!

However, by doing that, he would be exhausted of almost all his psychic power, and wouldn’t have enough psychic power to use the items that his master had bestowed upon him, when Jia Peng arrived.

Therefore, he maintained the five meter range.

However, just as he was about to stop expanding the magnetic field, he suddenly felt a change in his spiritual sea.

Gradually, strand after strand of flame power flowed out of the small vortex of flame power in his spiritual sea.

The flame power quietly entered his meridians, flowed to his palms, and infused into the magnetic field.

After receiving the strands of flame power, the originally disordered magnetic field immediately became even more violent and chaotic!

It was only a small amount of flame power. However, after it was added to the magnetic field, it seemed to have greatly enhanced the power of the magnetic field!

“What is this?” Surprised, Nie Tian probed into the magnetic field with his soul, and started pondering.

“The reason why the magnetic field has been disordered is that it is formed by my psychic power, flesh power and spiritual power. Three different types of power merging and interweaving with each other is what made the magnetic field violent.

“However, although the spiritual power and flame power share the similar origin, they have their unique features and attributes.

“Strictly speaking, the flame power should be considered as a fourth type of power.

“Only a small amount of flame power managed to massively increase the might of the magnetic field. Does this mean that...the power of the magnetic field will continue to increase if I add in more different types of power?”

He soon grasped the secrets of the magnetic field.

“Since I don’t have an attribute myself, I can cultivate many more spiritual incantations with a variety of attributes.

“Every spiritual incantation of a different attribute can be considered as a different type of power at my disposal. If I infuse the many different types of power into the magnetic field, wouldn’t it increase the might of the magnetic field to an even greater extent?”

His eyes lit up as he found a method to continuously increase the might of the magnetic field.

At that moment, Jia Peng from the Realm of Earth Sieve once again launched his corpulent body into the air.

As Jia Peng moved even closer to them, Zheng Bin finally had a clear view of the man’s face. “It’s him indeed!"

There were a number of scattered stones around Nie Tian and Zheng Bin. The two deliberately crouched down, so that Jia Peng wouldn’t be able to see them from the air.

Nie Tian took a deep breath and immediately cleared his mind. “He’s almost here.” Without any hesitation, he took out two items from his bracelet of holding.

The first was a talisman that could be used as a life-saving item, and the second was a translucent, sparkling Ice Blast Pearl that unceasingly released a frosty aura.

According to Wu Ji, the talisman could neutralize one all-out attack of a late Greater Heaven expert, and thus save his life.

He only had a total of three talismans and similar to the Ice Blast Pearl, they were all single-use items. He should not use it unless it was a crucial moment.

After all, Jia Peng was a middle Greater Heaven stage expert. Nie Tian didn’t have the confidence to survive his attacks if he didn’t use a talisman.

Moreover, it would be the first time that he used the chaotic, twisting magnetic field on someone. He wasn’t sure how powerful it would be and whether he would be able to block Jia Peng’s attack with it.

He also wasn’t sure what kind of damage the Ice Blast Pearl would inflict on the enemy. Hence, he decided to cast it out the moment Jia Peng entered the attacking range of the Ice Blast Pearl.


The rotund Jia Peng once again landed and bounced forward.

Meanwhile, Jia Peng’s psychic awareness was like a densely-knit net, stretching outward into his surroundings.

With his middle Greater Heaven cultivation base, the range of his psychic awareness far surpassed Nie Tian’s.

“Well, finally, some life auras.” Jia Peng grinned, as a merciless excitement shot out of his small eyes.

Looking coldly at the prismatic meteor that Nie Tian and Zheng Bin were on, he disdainfully said, “Do you really think hiding behind rocks will work? Entering the Heaven Gate with only Lesser Heaven cultivation bases, you must have a death wish.”

Muttering, Jia Peng’s wobbling body directly charged towards the area that Nie Tian and Zheng Bin were at.

“He’s coming at us,” Zheng Bin reminded Nie Tian in a low voice.

“Yeah,” Nie Tian nodded and said, “Zheng Bin, move slightly further away and maintain a fifty meter distance from me! I haven’t tested the power of the Ice Blast Pearl that my master gave me, so I fear that I might hurt you.”

Zheng Bin was astounded and hurriedly moved backwards, as if he had heard how powerful the Ice Blast Pearl was before.

Seeing that Jia Peng was charging directly at them, Nie Tian realized that they had already been exposed.

He stopped being secretive, he confidently walked out from behind the big rock, directly facing Jia Peng.

Seconds later, Jia Peng’s sinister, cunning laugh echoed out.

The fat on his face trembled with excitement. “No matter where you came from, by stepping into the Heaven Gate with Lesser Heaven cultivation bases, you’ll be at the bottom of the food chain. There is only one road open to you two: the road to extinction.”


The fat Jia Peng suddenly accelerated, and whistled over like a human cannonball.

One after another, threads of yellow light splashed out from within him from time to time, which seemed to allow him to counter the gravity to greatly stall the descending of his soaring body .

“Earth attribute, earth power!” With a single glance, Nie Tian could tell that Jia Peng’s cultivation attribute was earth, one of the five fundamental elements.

People who cultivated earth-attributed spiritual power could alter gravity for themselves.

Furthermore, the gravity in such an icy starry sky far away from the Realm of Flame Heaven was much weaker to start with. All these factors allowed Jia Peng to remain in the air for a long time!

When Jia Peng was only a hundred meters away from him, Nie Tian suddenly hurled out his tightly gripped Ice Blast Pearl.


The Ice Blast Pearl turned into a beam of cold light that seemed to trail with a white, icy tail as it shot towards Jia Peng.

Nie Tian had already imprinted a wisp of his psychic awareness inside the Ice Blast Pearl. When the Ice Blast Pearl was about to reach Jia Peng, a fierce fighting spirit rose in his heart as he cried out, “Explode!”

In the next moment, the Ice Blast Pearl that was glistening with an icy light instantly shot out tens of thousands of icy light beams.

Countless icy shards and icy blades also shot out from that small Ice Blast Pearl, completely filling the area that Jia Peng was in.


Immediately after, the bright icy shards and icy blades seemed to form a tornado, which soon escalated into an ice storm that engulfed Jia Peng.


Within the icy storm, Jia Peng screamed like a dying pig as the skin on his fat body was instantly split open.

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