Chapter 145: Crisis Approaches

On an enormous meteor within the icy river of stars, a fat man from the Realm of Earth Sieve had a cunning grin on his face as he let out a vicious laugh.

There were three bracelets of holding in his chubby, short-fingered left hand. He was transferring each and every item inside of them into his own bracelet of holding.

Lying right next to him were three gray-garbed people, who, from the way they were dressed, were clearly Qi warriors from the Grayvale sect.

Two of them were in the late Heaven stage and one was in the early Greater Heaven stage.

All three of them had their heads separated from their bodies and their severed parts were scattered on the brown surface of the meteor. From the look of it, they had died not long ago.

The fat man from the Realm of Earth Sieve was named Jia Peng. After he transferred all the items into his own bracelet of holding, he shook his head, and his small, round eyes flickered with a disdainful, cold look. “Killed another three.

“It’s hard to believe that the Grayvale sect is one of the seven major sects of the Realm of Flame Heaven. They’re so surprisingly weak.

“I’m afraid a sect this weak can only survive in the Realm of Flame Heaven. If such a weak sect were in the Realm of Earth Sieve, it would have long since been annihilated.

“That Hell sect clearly has the power to wipe out the other six sects and take over the entire Realm of Flame Heaven, but they chose not to. It seems that they’re merely using the other six sects as playmates for their juniors.

“Apparently, only trial takers from the Hell sect will be strong enough to interest me.


He muttered to himself while releasing a wisp of his psychic awareness to scan his surroundings for signs of life.

“Okay, it’s done. I’ve already finished off everyone on this meteor. It’s time to move to another one.”

With these words, his ball-like, fat body suddenly shot up into the air and headed towards a nearby meteor.

It seemed that he had absolute confidence in his own strength. It was as if he was not scared of exposing himself by jumping so high into the air.

In his eyes, only those foreign cultivators who he knew quite well would be considered as worthy opponents for him.

The few of them had already reached a mutual understanding before they traveled to the Realm of Flame Heaven.

The elders of the sects that they belonged to had already spoken privately with each other. They viewed the Realm of Flame Heaven as their target, and prepared to gradually carve up the Realm of Flame Heaven after the demons’ invasion.

Their sect elders had even come up with a detailed plan regarding how to divide their territories in the Realm of Flame Heaven in the future.

This was also why they dared to behave so recklessly and even bring out their future intentions with the Realm of Flame Heaven before they stepped into the Heaven Gate.

In their eyes, the opening of the Heaven Gate had actually heralded the doom of the seven major sects of the Realm of Flame Heaven.


On the prismatic meteor.

After hearing Zheng Bin’s words, Nie Tian had a serious expression on his face as he cautiously examined the enormous meteors in the distance.

A distant, hexagon-shaped meteor that was much bigger than the one they were standing on was the limit of his sight.

A vague figure that he couldn’t catch a clear glimpse of, suddenly shot into the sky.

That figure was Jia Peng!

Nie Tian’s expression slightly flickered. “Over there! Someone just jumped into the air. By acting so recklessly, he clearly isn’t afraid of being noticed by those who are lurking in the dark. He must be very confident about himself. If I’m not mistaken, that man... is a cultivator from another realm.”

Confusion is written all over Zheng Bin’s face. “Where? I don’t see anything.”

Nie Tian carefully pointed toward the meteor and explained to Zheng Bin, “There. That hexagonal meteor. How can you not see it?”

“I can only vaguely see the outline of that meteor, but I don’t see anyone leaping into the air.”  Zheng Bin shook his head before suddenly coming to a realization. “Your eyesight must reach farther than mine.”

Nie Tian was taken aback by his words.

Since he had always been different from the children he grew up with, adding on that he had been tempered by Hua Mu, it was only natural that his vision, hearing, and probing ability surpassed Zheng Bin’s.

What he could hear, see, and sense, might not be achievable to Zheng Bin.

“That man is wandering around. I bet he is searching for people like us.” Nie Tian’s face turned grim while his eyes were still fixed on the fat man. He continued, “Sooner or later, he’ll come to our meteor to search after finishing searching the other ones.

“Every foreign trial takers has a cultivation base of the Greater Heaven stage. As long as they release their psychic awareness to search for us, we won’t be able to hide, no matter what we do.

“The moment he comes, we’ll be exposed, and have nowhere to retreat to.” Nie Tian replied in a deep voice.

Scared, Zheng Bin turned around to look at a few meteors that were floating in the starry sky behind him. “How about we go that way? However, you should know that when I went to check those meteors earlier, there were also quite a few dead bodies on them.”

Nie Tian shook his head and said, “There isn’t a place where we can remain safe forever. Once those Greater Heaven stage experts kill off all the weak ones near them, they’ll gradually reach out into their surroundings in search of more to kill.

“If we escape in that direction, it will be very likely that we run into other Greater Heaven experts.

“Moreover, the man coming our way is moving at a speed that is much faster than ours, so even if we don’t encounter anyone else on our way, that man will eventually catch up to us.

“We might as well stay here, and when he gets here we fight him to the death!” Nie Tian said with a decisive expression.

“But...” Zheng Bin said with a painful look on his face. “You and I only have the cultivation bases of the early Lesser Heaven. With our strength, there’s absolutely no chance of us escaping from the hands of a Greater Heaven stage expert.

“Only by joining hands with the other Greater Heaven stage experts from the other sects of the Realm of Flame Heaven, will we have a narrow chance of surviving.

“However, the thing is we don’t know where they are...”

Nie Tian frowned and said with great determination, “Whatever your decision is, I’m going to stay and fight. Standing your ground is better than running off and trying to find other ways to win.”

With these words, he turned away from Zheng Bin, and focused on the gradually approaching man, making plans in his heart.

Fifteen minutes later.

That previously vague figure became clearer, due to the shortening of the distance .

Eyes narrowed, Nie Tian took a deep breath and said, “It’s that fat man, the one from the Realm of Earth Sieve. He claimed that every single trial taker from the Realm of Flame Heaven would die in here, right before he stepped into the Heaven Gate.”

Since the distance between them had shortened, Zheng Bin was now able to see a figure continuously shooting into the air like a cannonball.

However, he could only see the frame of the person and was unable to see his face and tell that person’s identity.

When he realized that the person was none other than the fat man who had made those harsh remarks in front of the Heaven Gate, Zheng Bin was astonished. “That guy appears to be at the middle Greater Heaven stage!”

Nie Tian looked over at Zheng Bin with a confused expression.

“Since we arrived at the Hell sect early, I secretly poked around and gathered some information,” Zheng Bin hastily explained. “That fat man’s name is Jia Peng. He’s from the Realm of Earth Sieve, and has a cultivation base of the middle Greater Heaven. Plus, he has a powerful background.”

“Middle Greater Heaven stage...” Nie Tian muttered to himself and nodded as he said, “You don’t need to mind me. Leave if you want, I won’t blame you.”

After saying these words, he fell back into silence, calculating the time that Jia Peng would take to arrive. He was already preparing himself for the upcoming battle.

The first thing that came to mind was the chaotic magnetic field technique he had learned from the mysterious land.

Since it didn’t affect him, he had yet to know what kind of effect that magnetic field would have on people.

However, he had a faint feeling that the chaotic magnetic field, which required an enormous amount of psychic power, spiritual power, and flesh power to condense, would definitely have a special use.

Looking at Nie Tian, who was prepared to stand his ground, Zheng Bin looked extremely hesitant, as if he was fighting an inner war in his heart.

He had abandoned Nie Tian twice; once in the Green Illusion dimension and once in the Scarlet Flame Mountain Range.

Both times, he had deemed that Nie Tian would be killed beyond the shadow of a doubt.

However, both times, Nie Tian had managed to survive at the end, and he even came out almost unscathed.

Now he was faced with a choice again. Leave Nie Tian be? Or fight side by side with him?

He looked deeply at Nie Tian.

On his face, he didn’t see the slightest bit of panic. Graveness and toughness was all there was.

Nie Tian slowly adjusted his breathing. Within his eyes, there seemed to be...a trace of excitement and expectancy.

Not only did Jia Peng’s arrival not destroy Nie Tian’s confidence, it seemed to have actually aroused his fighting spirit!

A stern look could be seen on Zheng Bin’s face as he suddenly said, “I’ll fight with you!”

He finally made a different decision when he was faced with the same choice again.

“Okay, good.” Nie Tian replied without much thinking. “Move slightly away from me. I need to make some preparations.” After that, he held his hands in front of him, palms facing each other, and started to mobilize his psychic power, spiritual power, and flesh power.

He started to form the mysterious, twisting magnetic field.

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