Chapter 138: Deep Love!

In the unknown mysterious land.

The sky was dusky all year long; there were no suns, stars, or moons, nor any such thing as daytime or nighttime.

Nie Tian repeated the cycle of condensing the chaotic magnetic field, gaining enlightenment from the two giant arms, and recuperating by sleeping after his psychic power was drained.

He had completely forgotten about time.

But then, one day he was suddenly awakened from his dreams by a jolt of pain.

Having yet to recover his psychic power, he felt somewhat bewildered. Once again a throbbing pain appeared, and he found that it came from the gate-shaped pattern on the back of his hand.

The tattoo-like pattern was now emanating faint light, which felt like countless fine needles piercing into his flesh.

Before now, that tattoo-like pattern had never acted oddly.

“The Heaven Gate key...” Nie Tian’s mind shuddered as he suddenly realized something.

He suspected that the reason for the sudden change of the Heaven Gate key was very likely due to the fact that the Heaven Gate was about to open.

“It seems that it’s time I left.” He rose to his feet, walked to the Flame Dragon Armor, reached out his hand, and placed his index finger on the Blood Core, which was embedded in the center chest area of the Flame Dragon Armor.

He expressed his thoughts with his soul and passed it onto the Blood Core.

The Flame Dragon Armor, which had become dull and colorless ever since entering the mysterious land, suddenly began to flicker with sparks of fire.

Those sparks of fire were like roaming stars that flowed within the armor.


In the next moment, the Flame Dragon Armor gave off terrifying heat and was soon immersed in a ball of surging flames.

At the heart of the flames was a grain-sized dot of blinding light, which expanded at a rapid speed as time passed.

A gravitational force was suddenly generated!

All of a sudden, Nie Tian turned into a stream of light and flew into the bright dot.

Meanwhile, on the back mountain of Cloudsoaring Mountain...

Having been expecting Nie Tian for quite some time, Wu Ji suddenly felt something. He narrowed his eyes, and the spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth surrounding the mountaintop morphed into an invisible shield.

Not even a single bit of the abnormal sounds on the mountaintop could penetrate such a barrier.


One after another, numerous spacial rifts suddenly appeared in the sky. A tiny spark of fire flickered and flew out of the rifts before turning into a tunnel of flame in the next moment.

With a loud sound, Nie Tian’s figure shot out of the newly formed tunnel of flame.


The Flame Dragon Armor, which was still radiating raging fire and a strange aura, followed Nie Tian out of the tunnel and landed on the ground with a loud crash.

A light flashed across Wu Ji’s eyes as his gaze fell on the Flame Dragon Armor.

The Flame Dragon Armor that had fallen to the ground seemed to have noticed Wu Ji’s gaze, and rapidly shrunk into a small dot of fire, quickly hiding in the bracelet of holding on Nie Tian’s wrist.

“It’s spirituality is uncanny ...” Wu Ji seemed quite surprised.

At the same time, the spacial rifts that had suddenly appeared out of nowhere rapidly shrunk and disappeared one by one.

Traveling back from another dimension caused Nie Tian to experience a slight dizziness. After his mind cleared, he saw Wu Ji at first glance. With a brilliant smile, he said, “Master.”

Wu Ji nodded gently and asked in a plain voice, “Any gains?”

Joy filled Nie Tian’s face as he answered, “I’ve picked up two mysterious hand seals.”

Wu Ji’s eyes lit up. He didn’t ask about the details of them, but said, “How come you came back so late?”

“There was no day or night in that dimension, so I lost track of time. Also, I didn’t know when the Heaven Gate would open.” Nie Tian reached out with his left hand, pointed to the gate-shaped pattern on the back of it, and continued, “Thankfully, it reminded me. That was how I came to realize that the Heaven Gate was going to open soon and thus rushed back.”

Last time, the Blood Core took the initiative to send him back because too much of the flame power within the Blood Core had been consumed.

However, this time, the Flame Dragon Armor and the Blood Core had stored copious amounts of flame power after taking in a large amount of Earthflame Crystal Strings from the Scarlet Flame Mountain Range, which had allowed him to spend as much time as he wanted inside the mysterious world.

Wu Ji was taken aback. “You could receive a call from the Heaven Gate while you were in there?!”

“Yeah, I did,” Nie Tian answered.

Now that it was only two days away from the opening of the Heaven Gate, all those who had obtained Heaven Gate keys had felt the piercing pain from the gate-shaped pattern.

All of them would have known that the Heaven Gate was about to open up, even without reminders from the Hell sect.

It didn’t surprise Wu Ji that the Heaven Gate keys could remind the eligible ones that the Heaven Gate was going to open in the Realm of Flame Heaven.

What was amazing was that Nie Tian wasn’t in the Realm of Flame Heaven, but rather in a mysterious dimension, which was separated from the Realm of Flame Heaven by an unknown distance, and yet he still received the reminder from the Heaven Gate key...

Wu Ji marveled at the endless secrets that lay within the Heaven Gates which appeared every so often in the Domain of the Falling Stars.

From what he could tell, every Heaven Gate key that had come from outside the realm carried mysterious spacial fluctuations so strong that they even ignored the boundless distance between dimensions!

“No wonder the Heaven Gate is considered one of the unsolved mysteries of the Domain of the Falling Stars,” Wu Ji muttered. “It’s almost time. All of the thirteen disciples of our sect who obtained Heaven Gate keys have already set off to the Hell sect, and the Hell sect promised that they won’t set up any obstructions, and will let anyone with a Heaven Gate key step inside.

“Originally, if you had come out of there earlier, I would have explained many things to you. However, we don’t have the time to do that now.

“You need to set off as soon as possible.”

With these words, he let out a cold harrumph while glancing to the side. “What are you waiting for? Get over here.”

The low cry of the Thunder Beast, which sounded as if it felt wronged, came through from the distant sky, and soon Nie Tian could see it closing in.

“Show me the command medallion I gave you,”  Wu Ji said.

Nie Tian quickly reached into his bracelet of holding and fished out the command medallion that Wu Ji had bestowed upon him to enable him to choose three items from the Spiritual Treasure sect. Then he handed it over to Wu Ji with both hands.

As soon as Wu Ji grabbed the command medallion, strong fluctuations started to ripple out from within him, as numerous dark, ghostly shadows rapidly flew out of Wu Ji’s body and merged into the command medallion.

“I just imprinted issues that require your attention into it, together with three spiritual incantations. You can make the decision yourself as to whether you want to practice them together or prioritize one of them. You can examine them with your psychic power on your way to the Hell sect.”

After that, Wu Ji passed the command medallion back to Nie Tian and emphasized, “Besides this command medallion, here are two spiritual talismans that I made. They can protect you from two attacks from most of the cultivators at the three Heaven stages. The method to use them is also within the medallion. You’ll understand when you see it.”

With these words, he handed the two triangle-shaped talismans that were made out of some kind of precious jade over to Nie Tian.

Nie Tian immediately extended his hand to receive it and said, “Thank you, master!”

Having two spiritual talismans that could protect him from two attacks from experts at the three Heaven stages would greatly increase his chance of survival within the mysterious dimension within the Heaven Gate.

“One thing to remember: I can’t say that those two spiritual talismans will keep you unscathed without fail. Because, once you step into the Heaven Gate, the opponents you’ll face won’t be limited to cultivators from the Realm of Flame Heaven.

“You’ll also face talented youngsters from the other eight realms, who are stronger and have people like me to back them.

“I’m afraid that they’ll also have special treasures at their disposal, some more, some less. If you are unlucky enough to encounter them in there, then I can’t guarantee that those two talismans will keep you safe.”

Nie Tian immediately said, “I understand.”

“Here are three Ice Blast Pearls. Take them with you. They are one time usage items, and when they explode, they will instantly send out hundreds of small ice shards. You should be careful while using them. If you don’t use them right, you could very easily hurt yourself or your friends.

“Here are some spirit stones, as well as some medicinal pills. They’re for emergencies, and not for the purpose of cultivating or to forcefully stimulate your potential.

“Here are...”

One after another, Wu Ji took out the items that he had prepared for Nie Tian, and handed them to him while giving his advice.

Eyes wide, Nie Tian received and put away the precious items, one after another. For the first time, he felt how lucky he was to have a powerful and loving master like Wu Ji.

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