Chapter 137: Twisted Magnetic Field

As the spiritual energy within the swirling ball was gradually channeled into the vortex of spiritual power, it began to rotate several times faster than before.

And he hadn’t even used any spirit stones to speed up the process!

After all the energy was absorbed by his spiritual power and went through a round of refining, Nie Tian examined himself with his soul and immediately found that the outermost ringed area of his spiritual sea had been filled with pure and condensed spiritual power.

The result of this round of cultivation was equivalent to that of several days of bitter cultivation with spirit stones.

If he could remain in this mysterious land and continue to gather and condense the spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth into spheres like this, and then refine it into his spiritual sea, he was fairly certain that the speed of his breakthroughs in the Lesser Heaven stage would increase by seven or eight times!

However, that was assuming he could stay here.

Once he returned to the Cloudsoaring sect, it would be impossible for him to have such great improvement in his cultivation if he practiced with the spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth over there.

The spiritual energy here was simply too dense and strong.

“Could it be that...this is a type of technique that can only be used in here? And not a explosive technique like the rage fist strike?” Nie Tian took his time to ponder the situation.

At the same time, he repeatedly used the technique to refine his spiritual sea.

Via this kind of method, he could temper his spiritual sea at an astonishing speed.

He sensed that he managed to finish one round of refinement of his spiritual sea within only approximately five days.

The originally faint and scattered spiritual energy within his white and foggy spiritual sea had become a lot denser and richer after a round of refinement.

However, he didn’t feel that he had reached the breakthrough point in which he could no longer expand his spiritual sea and would urgently need to improve his cultivation base to become stronger; the way he had felt when he was at the peak of the ninth level of Qi Refining.

Thus, he realized that he would need to continue repeating the refining process of his spiritual sea.

Perhaps, he might have to go through another one or two rounds of refinement of his spiritual sea before he could reach the bottleneck. Only then would he be able to draw from his new enlightenment and understandings of spiritual power to break through into the middle Lesser Heaven stage.

Having come to such a realization, he stopped refining his spiritual sea, as well as contemplating the mysterious technique of condensing spiritual energy balls.

After all, after repeatedly condensing spiritual energy balls to cultivate for some time, he believed that he had already grasped the essence of this technique.

Next, he looked towards two other enormous arms that pointed towards the sky.

From the look of it, those two arms likely belonged to the same titan buried deep under the ground. The palms of the two hands faced each other, while the fingers were curved into a mysterious seal.

In between the two hands was a strange magnetic field which seemed to have disrupted the natural flow of the spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth in the area.

After observing for some time, he tried to form an identical hand seal by gradually reaching out with his hands, making his palms face each other, and slightly curving his fingers.

After the gesture was complete, he gathered all his attention, and looked towards the two giant hands.

Suddenly, enlightenment of a certain seal entered his mind. He didn’t waste a second before putting all his heart into learning that enlightenment.

In the next moment, his spiritual power, his flesh power, as well as his psychic power started to surge inside of him before immediately merging together and fusing into his hands.

A twisted magnetic field was gradually born within the space between his palms.

“My psychic power...” He could acutely sense the rapid consumption of his psychic power, which was much faster and more significant than the consumption of his spiritual power and flesh power.

One after another, countless strands of his psychic power floated out of his fingers and seeped into the twisted magnetic field between his palms.

Very quickly, he sensed that even the magnetic field around him had become twisted and chaotic!

All the spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth in the vicinity began to surge in a chaotic fashion. Even the space around him seemed to fluctuate in an abnormal way, as if it had collapsed.

As the spell caster, he wasn’t affected by the chaotic magnetic field at all, but he had a feeling that other living creatures who had stepped into it would immediately fall victims to the bizarre magnetic field.

However, since there wasn’t a second person present, he couldn’t test out how mighty its effect was.

The only thing he knew for sure was that the magnetic field had been continuously and rapidly consuming his psychic power, together with a small portion of his spiritual power and flesh power.

He also felt that as his psychic power ran low, the magnetic field gradually expanded outwards, with him as the center.

“Three meters, four meters, five meters...” He found that as soon as he stopped infusing his psychic power, the magnetic field would immediately stop expanding.

And as long as he continuously fed it with his psychic power, the magnetic field would keep stretching outward in every direction.

“Ten meters!” When the magnetic field reached a ten meter range, he started to experience dizziness, and thus knew that he was on the verge of overdrawing his psychic power.

He stopped immediately.

The moment he stopped fueling it with his psychic power, the chaotic and disruptive magnetic field that already covered a ten meter range stopped growing.

However at that time, he sensed that his spiritual power and flesh power was still being drained from him, seemingly providing power to sustain the magnetic field.

He was amazed by the violently surging spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth, as well as the fact that even space seemed to be compressing, which formed a caving magnetic field around him.

“This technique also requires time to cast. Furthermore, the drain on my psychic power is extremely high. However, it seems that once it’s formed, it only needs a small portion of my spiritual power and flesh power to sustain it.

“Only, since I’m the only one here, and I’m completely unaffected by it, there’s no way for me to know how strong its true power is.

“It seems that I’ll have to learn that when I use it outside in the future. However, I must properly comprehend the essence of this technique before I leave, in order to make sure that I’ll still be able to cast it when I’m out of here.”

After thinking for a while, he felt somewhat exhausted, therefore stopped the hand seal.

As soon as he gave up the hand seal, the spiritual power and flesh power that had been continuously pouring out also stopped flowing outwards.

However, the mysterious, twisted magnetic field didn’t disappear accordingly. On the contrary, it persisted.

Only, since there was no more energy supply, the field slowly shrank, and it seemed that it would eventually disappear as the time passed.

“One, two...” He silently counted in his head, and noticed that the twisted magnetic field completely dissipated into the air after roughly three minutes.

After the magnetic field disappeared, everything returned to normal. However, the psychic power, spiritual power, and flesh power that he had consumed didn’t come back.

The significant consumption of psychic power made Nie Tian lie on the ground with his eyes somewhat listless.

Looking at the dusky sky, he suddenly was suddenly hit by an incomparably strong sense of exhaustion, making him want nothing but to sleep.

The drain on his spiritual power could be recovered via cultivation with spirit stones. Moreover, the intense spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth in this area would also greatly help with the replenishment of his spiritual power.

The flesh power he had lost could be quickly restored via eating spirit beast meat, but the drain on his psychic power seemed hard to recover within a short time.

The only way he knew of was to sleep, therefore he simply gave in to the exhaustion and slipped into a deep slumber.

After sleeping for an unknown period of time, he opened his eyes and, as expected, found himself full of energy and in great spirits.

After that, he went on to repeatedly imitate and comprehend the mysterious hand seal made by the two enormous hands within the mysterious land. By coordinating the psychic power, spiritual power, and flesh power in his body, he created the strange chaotic twisting magnetic field over and over again, attempting to thoroughly grasp it before leaving.


In the Realm of Flame Heaven...

Nie Tian had been gone for half a month, during which the fighting between the seven great sects had already calmed down.

After ravaging the Spiritual Treasure sect, the Earth Flame Beast that had broken free from the Scarlet Flame Mountain Range forcefully charged into the heavens and disappeared, despite the interception of the Blood sect and the Ghost sect’s Profound realm experts and Fang Hui.

Because of the havoc caused by the Earth Flame Beast, as well as the magma that had spewed out of the earth’s core, the Blood sect, the Ghost sect, and the Spiritual Treasure sect, who were originally in a fierce fight, had no choice but stop fighting.

After that, flaming meteors had descended from the sky, respectively landing in the territories and surrounding areas of the seven major sects.

The lure of the Heaven Gate keys, as well as the urging from the Hell sect, made the Blood sect and Ghost sect give up on fighting with the Spiritual Treasure sect to the death.

With that, the bloody battle in the Scarlet Flame Mountain Range came to an end. The Ghost sect and the Blood sect raced back to their own turfs to fight for the keys to the Heaven Gate.

The Spiritual Treasure sect had suffered disastrous losses, but it wasn’t serious enough to reach the point of sect extermination. Therefore, as they rebuilt the sect, they also started to collect the keys to the Heaven Gate that had been branded on the meteors.

The Mystic Mist sect and Grayvale sect gained the upper hand when they first invaded the Hell sect, but were decimated when Chang Sen’s wife, Kong Yun, returned to the sect.

If not for Chang Sen’s interference, over half of the experts from the Mystic Mist sect and Grayvale sect might have been killed by his wife.

Not long after the Qi warriors of the Mystic Mist sect and Grayvale sect had returned to their sects with dejected faces, the Hell sect spread the word to all the other sects that the Heaven Gate… would open up in seven days.

Those who had obtained the Heaven Gate keys would be allowed to participate in the trial, no matter how they had obtained the keys or which sect they came from.

Everyone from the seven sects who had obtained the keys to the Heaven Gate seethed with excitement, and cracked their knuckles as they prepared for the trial.

The experts of their respective sects also spared no effort to prepare them and help them accumulate strength, hoping that they could make great gains within the Heaven Gate.

At this time, Wu Ji, who had also disappeared after Nie Tian entered the mysterious land, returned to the back mountain.

“There are only seven days left before the gate opens. Why hasn’t the child come out yet?”

After returning and finding no trace of Nie Tian, Wu Ji frowned.

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