Chapter 116: Soul Attack

The Fire Dragon that had been condensed by the scarlet, fiery strings retained its form after knocking Yu Tong’s Blood Edge Shield out of her hand.

Meanwhile, even more fiery light strings fell from the sky and converged on the blurry Fire Dragon, lengthening it to twenty meters.

At the same time, Nie Tian held Yu Tong tightly from behind.

Pressing the curved saber up against her neck, he raised his voice and shouted, “Feng Luo! Release them!”

Everything happened so fast that even Feng Luo was caught off guard. By the time he sensed something was about to go wrong, it was already too late, and Yu Tong had already been captured by Nie Tian.


The blood imps that had been besieging and attacking An Shiyi, suddenly fell and melted into the blood pool under her feet.

Feng Luo stopped attacking An Shiyi.

He glared grimly at Nie Tian and said, “Let go of Little Tong!”

“Let her go?” Grinning, Nie Tian pushed the saber up against her neck and began to slowly draw it to the side.

As he did, a long but shallow wound was cut open on Yu Tong’s slender, white neck. Almost immediately, blood began to flow out.

Standing with the back of her head towards Nie Tian, Yu Tong’s face was filled with humiliation and hate. Yet to recover from her puzzlement, she couldn’t remove her gaze from the Fire Dragon that was still in the middle of forming.

She couldn’t imagine how on earth Nie Tian had managed to summon a Fire Dragon out of nowhere during their battle.

The impact of the Fire Dragon was far mightier than the fist strike that Nie Tian had used in the Green Illusion dimension.

The Blood Edge Shield that she had specially formed to defend the fist strike had completely failed to hold off even one collision from the Fire Dragon, and had immediately fallen apart.

“Still don’t want to let them go?” Ruthlessness filled Nie Tian’s eyes, gripping the saber tightly to make another cut.

However this time, the curved saber didn’t aim for Yu Tong’s neck, but rather, the smooth, fair skin of her face.

When Yu Tong saw the curved saber moving towards her face, she finally looked scared.

From her point of view, Feng Luo not only had An Shiyi under control, but had also trapped Pan Tao and the others. Therefore, Nie Tian would never dare to kill her. At the most, he would use her to threaten Feng Luo.

As for the cut on her neck, she was confident that she could use the secret magics of the Blood sect to heal the wound without leaving any scars.

That was why fear couldn’t be seen on her face until now.

However, the face was the hardest part for spiritual power to extend to. Once her face was cut, she wasn’t confident that she could heal it completely.

Her delicate face had always been the part of her that she was most proud of. To every woman who cared about her looks, having a scar on her face was almost impossible to accept.

Nie Tian didn’t see her fear-stricken face, but Feng Luo, Pan Tao, and the others all had clear views of it.

“Don’t!” Feng Luo hurriedly stopped him.

Nie Tian held his hand still. He didn’t say anything, but only stared coldly into Feng Luo’s eyes.

Feng Luo glared back at him. Time passed silently... Finally, Feng Luo nodded and said, “Alright!  I’ll release them!”

With these words, he formed an unusual seal with both of his hands, and used a secret spell of the Blood sect to change the fluctuations of the blood under their feet.

As soon as he cast the spell, Nie Tian saw the blood that had wrapped up Jiang Lingzhu, An Ying, and the others slowly retreat from their bodies, and once again merge with the blood pool under their feet.

Originally, Jiang Lingzhu and the others were unable to move a muscle. When the blood retreated, they suddenly felt a sense of relief.

Then, they realized that not only had they regained their mobility, but they were also free to speak.

Elated, Pan Tao exclaimed, “Good job, Nie Tian!”

After they were freed from the constraint, every one of them gazed at him with mixed expressions of disbelief and delight.


The Fire Dragon formed by scarlet fiery strings floated ten meters high in the air above Nie Tian’s head, where it remained, gathering flame power.

They looked over towards the Fire Dragon, and then looked back at Nie Tian, guessing that it might be a powerful spiritual tool of Nie Tian’s...

“I’ve released them, so it’s your turn now,” Feng Luo said calmly.

Nie Tian still had firm hold on Yu Tong and had absolutely had no intention of letting her go. “Sister An, you take them and leave. I’ll catch up to you later.”

Having practically drained her own spiritual energy, An Shiyi frowned slightly and said, “Let’s take that girl and leave this place. We can release her when we’re no longer in danger.”

Feng Luo’s face suddenly sank. “Don’t even think about it!” He glowered at Nie Tian. “I’ve already delivered my part. You remember the deal, don’t you? If you leave with Little Tong, what’s to prevent you from going back on your word and killing her? Do you take me as a fool? They can leave, but you… have to stay!”

“Sister An, you guys go first,” Nie Tian urged them anxiously. “Don’t worry about me, I’ll be fine.”

He knew that Feng Luo would definitely not allow them to take Yu Tong and leave as An Shiyi had suggested.

Feng Luo would never allow Yu Tong to disappear from his sight.

The reason why Nie Tian had the audacity to stay behind was because he could detect the aura of the drop of blood from within the Fire Dragon.

At the moment, the flame power that the Fire Dragon had gathered was already so formidable that even Feng Luo wouldn’t have the confidence to defeat it.

An Shiyi couldn’t decide.


Suddenly, a world-shaking explosion rose up from the direction of the short mountain. Apparently, it had completely exploded and was experiencing a catastrophic transformation.

“I’ll be fine!” said Nie Tian, giving An Shiyi a meaningful look to remind her that the Fire Dragon was still there.

After hearing the distant, heaven-shaking explosion, An Shiyi took a look at the expanding Fire Dragon, and finally nodded. She said with clenched teeth, “Take care of yourself!”

With these words, she urged Pan Tao and the others to follow her quickly and leave that place as soon as possible.

Knowing that the Scarlet Flame Mountain Range was about to undergo a world-shaking change, everyone was worried about Nie Tian’s safety. However, with a look at the Fire Dragon hovering over his head, they were almost certain that Nie Tian would be fine.

Eventually, under An Shiyi’s urgings, they chose to leave.

One after another, they all warned Nie Tian to be careful and reminded him of the huge changes that were about to take place in the Scarlet Flame Mountain Range.

“Be careful, Nie Tian!”

“We’ll be waiting for you up ahead. Come as soon as possible!”

“You know what’s about to happen. Don’t waste time!”

Nie Tian nodded vigorously. With a wide smile, he said, “Rest assured, I’ll be fine!”

Soon, An Shiyi led the crowd and sped away from Feng Luo’s and Nie Tian’s sight.

Nie Tian’s held his ground. He once again pressed the curved saber against Yu Tong’s neck and said calmly, “We will wait for half an hour. Only then will I let her go.”

“Alright!” Feng Luo agreed.

He knew that Nie Tian was trying to buy enough time for An Shiyi and the others, but he believed that with his strength, even if they were given a bit more time, he would still be able to catch up to them before they could leave the Scarlet Flame Mountain Range.

The final result wouldn’t change just because Nie Tian had captured Yu Tong.

He was just curious about why this Nie Tian, a kid whose name he had never heard of a year ago, was able to defeat Yu Tong over and over again, overshadowing the pride of their sect.

“How did a kid from the insignificant Nie clan from Black Cloud City manage to cause such huge waves?” Brows knitted together, Feng Luo contemplated. He felt the need to conduct a serious investigation regarding Nie Tian and his growing path.

By this point, he had already begun to consider Nie Tian as the most outstanding junior from the Cloudsoaring sect. He believed that if Nie Tian could continue to make himself stronger, he would definitely be the biggest opponent for Yu Tong, Mo Xi, and the other disciples.

“Little Tong, you only failed this time because he has a powerful spiritual weapon.” Feng Luo was quite careful with his choice of words. Seeing that Yu Tong’s eyes were filled with frustration, he said, “His spiritual weapon is really weird. Even I can’t tell what it is and its exact grade, but I’m sure that it must have been bestowed upon him by Eccentric Wu.

“Being defeated by such a formidable spiritual weapon is not your fault. You shouldn’t beat yourself up.

“If it wasn’t for that unusual spiritual weapon, this brat would have been long since killed by your blades.”

He feared that Yu Tong would drown in despair after this defeat. Therefore, he tried to console her by trashing Nie Tian.

Nie Tian moved closer to Yu Tong’s ears and whispered, “Hey, don’t listen to his nonsense. If I won because of my spiritual tool, well you… used yours too, didn’t you?

“Even if neither of us had spiritual tools, I still would have defeated you with nothing but my bare fist.

“I bet you can still remember me beating you twice with my fist strike when I was only at the eighth level of Qi Refining.

“During our third fight, you were so reckless that you used the forbidden technique Earth Web. Yet you still failed to kill me. Quite on the contrary, you suffered greatly from the backlash yourself, am I right?

“You will never beat me, so accept your fate already.

“No matter how many time we fight, you will lose, now and always. “

While Feng Luo was attempting to console Yu Tong, Nie Tian was also continuously attacking her with a low voice, leisurely and carefreely. He wanted to manifest a traumatic experience of defeat in her heart that would haunt her and make her feel humiliated and powerless every time she thought of him.

His goal was to plant a seed in Yu Tong’s heart that would constantly remind her that she would never beat him.

He knew that perhaps the conflict between himself and Yu Tong would last for years. For such a powerful opponent, so long as he had a chance, he would attack her in every possible way.

Repeatedly humiliated, Yu Tong’s face was as cold as frost. She wished that she could turn around and kill him.

However, whenever she wanted to make a move, Nie Tian would move the saber closer towards her delicate face to remind her that she was his captive, and also what would happen to her if she dared to make a move.

Yu Tong’s breath became rapid. Her ample, elegantly curved breasts slightly trembled.

Nie Tian was so close to her that he was able to smell the tempting, sweet fragrance from behind her ears. When Nie Tian once again opened his mouth to speak, his eyes were caught by her rapidly rising and falling chest.

For some unknown reason, Nie Tian seemed to be possessed by something. Dizzy and confused, he stuck out his tongue and licked Yu Tong’s earlobe.

Yu Tong’s body suddenly tensed up.

She seemed muddle-headed at first and didn’t understand what had just happened.

But merely in a flash, she came to realize what Nie Tian had just done to her.

“Nie Tian!”

With no regard of the curved saber that was held close to her face, Yu Tong seemed to have lost her mind. She forcefully turned around and tried to kill him at all cost.

Yu Tong’s beautiful pupils were burning with a raging flame. She was like an enraged female lion, wishing to tear Nie Tian apart and swallow him alive.

Feng Luo saw Nie Tian’s action and was also instantly enraged. “You pervy little bastard!”

Nie Tian had the audacity to take advantage of Yu Tong!

Fuming with rage, he summoned countless blood shadows, together with beams of fierce blood-colored light from the blood pool under his feet, and shot them towards Nie Tian.

Finding himself in the wrong, Nie Tian didn’t cut Yu Tong when she forcefully struggled free. As Yu Tong madly turned around to attack him, a cowardly thought rose in his heart for the first time.

After reclaiming his sober mind, he felt a bit embarrassed and realized what he had done to Yu Tong.

“Ahem. Umm… I don’t know what happened to me just now.”

Looking very awkward, he immediately stepped back while attempting to communicate with the Fire Dragon.

In the next moment, the Fire Dragon twisted its flaming body, that was now almost forty meters long, and suddenly charged towards Feng Luo.

Nie Tian, on the other hand, turned around and, without sparing the furious Feng Luo and Yu Tong another glance, sped off in the direction of Pan Tao and the others.

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