Chapter 115: Captured Alive!

“The fourth time!”

Even though An Ying and the others weren’t able to speak, the looks in their eyes flickered. They were clearly shocked by Nie Tian’s words.

Did it mean that… Nie Tian had already defeated Yu Tong three times in the Green Illusion dimension?

They simply couldn’t believe it.

Meanwhile, to everyone’s surprise, Yu Tong didn’t refute. She appeared to have acknowledged Nie Tian’s words, admitting that she had lost to him three times in the Green Illusion dimension.

Yu Tong’s silence made everyone feel increasingly shocked, but at the same time, gave them some confidence in Nie Tian.

Feng Luo’s profound, distant voice came through from deep underground. “Three times?”

He only knew that the fact that Yu Tong’s failure to complete the Blood sect and Ghost sect’s trial task had a great deal to do with a kid named Nie Tian.

However, he absolutely never expected that Yu Tong, who the Blood sect had placed high hopes on, would have actually suffered defeat three times against this Nie Tian kid.

He finally understood why Nie Tian had become Yu Tong’s mental demon, why she would always talk about Nie Tian, and why she almost left the Blood sect without permission to go to Black Cloud City and kill him.

Yu Tong’s ego would never allow Nie Tian, whose cultivation base was lower than hers and yet managed to beat her three times in a row, to live.

Only Nie Tian’s death would wash away the devil in her heart, and allow her to reclaim her confidence.

Provoked by Nie Tian’s words, Yu Tong remained silent for a while and slowly raised her hand.

“There won’t be a next time!”


One after another, numerous crescent moon-shaped sabers suddenly chopped towards Nie Tian, each of which was half an arm long with a scarlet blood aura flowing on its surface.

The curved sabers were like a shoal of bloodthirsty fish. Almost in a flash, they had already interweaved into a bloody net of blades and submerged Nie Tian while giving off terrifying glares.


Thread after thread, a network of slender wounds suddenly appeared on Nie Tian’s body. In the next moment, blood flowed out of the wounds that had just been cut open by the countless curved sabers.

Nie Tian hurriedly flashed here and there to dodge the attacks. However, the curved sabers followed him like shadows; they continuously tailed after him and attacked him.

Even though Nie Tian tried his best to avoid the sabers, the wounds on his body still increased. However, he managed to shift closer to Yu Tong as he dodged non-stop.

Unfortunately, Yu Tong had long since been prepared for him. As soon as she saw him getting closer, she immediately raised the blood shield in her hand.

The thick blood aura filling the air suddenly rushed into the blood shield. The delicate patterns on the face of the blood shield started to wiggle like earthworms. It seemed as if the blood aura had activated the spell formation on the shield.

Yu Tong’s expression was especially fierce. “I had this Blood Edge Shield customized just for you.” She glared at him, getting ready to face his terrifying fist strike.


Nie Tian’s back was once again cut by one of the crescent-moon-shaped sabers, leaving a long and narrow wound.

He felt scorching, stabbing pain all over.

He had already noticed that even though the crescent-moon-shaped sabers that had continuously pursued him were incomparably sharp, they required Yu Tong to use her spiritual power and psychic power to exquisitely control the whole bunch of them.

Since she needed to spare a large proportion of her mind and strength to manipulate the numerous sabers accurately, the power in each of the individual saber turned out to be quite limited.

It was also because of that when they pierced and cut open his flesh one after another, they didn’t actually carry excessive power.

Otherwise, it wouldn’t have just been his flesh that was cut open, but rather he would have been dismembered and died instantly.

While he was moving and dodging, he was still pondering over whether he should go all out and use the rage fist strike. “Rage punch...”

Clearly, he was aware that the rage fist strike was the most formidable skill at his disposal.

However, its aftermath was also terrifying.

Once the anger fist was unleashed, regardless of whether he was able to kill Yu Tong with it or not, he would end up completely powerless afterward.

If he managed to kill Yu Tong with it, he was sure that Feng Luo would slaughter Pan Tao, An Ying, and the others without even blinking.

An Shiyi might not even be able to escape from his murderous hands.

Once Yu Tong died, the enraged Feng Luo would undoubtedly kill all of them at all costs, including himself!

And that was still thinking on the bright side.

Right now, Yu Tong was holding a Blood Edge Shield in her hand, which was customized for her needs, and thus might be able to withstand the explosive attack of his rage fist strike.

If it indeed managed to resist his fist strike, he would have exhaust all his flesh power, leaving him victim to Yu Tong’s insult and torment, like a sheep waiting to be slaughtered.

“No, I can’t...” After a brief pondering, he decided to give up on the rage fist strike. He shifted his thoughts to looking for other options.

He continuously flashed, dodging around Yu Tong. Like a school of ferocious fish, the sabers continued to increase the number of wounds on his body, while he still couldn’t think of a method to instantly defeat Yu Tong, despite racking his brains.

At that time, he very much regretted not learning exquisite spiritual skills when he was at the back of Cloudsoaring Mountain. There weren’t any methods he could use at that crucial moment.

His one and only spiritual weapon, the dragon bone, was also not with him at the moment.

As his wounds gradually piled up, and he lost more and more blood, he had a clear feeling that the power contained in his flesh was also dissipating.

If things continued, even if Yu Tong didn’t make her move, he would also die from blood loss.

He grew increasingly anxious.


Right at that moment, the loud, frightening sound of an earthquake came from deep below the short mountain they had run away from.

He immediately realized that the Flame Dragon Armor that he had left behind deep within the earth core should have launched its attack, along with the Earth Flame Beast, towards the restrictive net of crystal-like ribbons.

Actually, they were already quite distant from the short mountain by that point.

However, in the instant that the Flame Dragon Armor launched its attack, an unusual image suddenly became visible in his mind.

He seemingly saw an enormous Fire Dragon, with raging flames burning all over its body, releasing the profound power of it bloodline inside the mysterious place that his soul had previously traveled to. It breathed out the most fearsome flames like it wanted to burn the heavens and destroy the earth.

By this point, the originally vague link between him and the Flame Dragon Armor had suddenly became incomparably clear.

The most bizarre thing was that, as he carefully sensed the strange image within his mind, relying on his mysterious psychic link with the Flame Dragon Armor, he suddenly came to an illusion of himself turning into a Fire Dragon.

The spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth that contained rich flame power seemed to have stopped moving towards the short mountain, as if it was no longer attracted by the Earth Flame Beast after the violent earthquake.

The flame power that had stopped flowing had lost its vent and scattered in mid-air in form of scarlet, fiery threads.

Just at that time, the unusual image in his mind grew even clearer, and the connection between him and the Flame Dragon Armor seemed to have become inseparably close. Then, the fiery threads of power that were lingering in mid-air seemed to have found a new target.

Numerous scarlet, fiery threads suddenly dove from the heavens like a pouring rain.

At first glance, it looked as if there were numerous, unnamed, mysterious experts deep within the clouds, throwing down threads after threads of fishing lines, attempting to fish up all the living creatures in the Realm of Flame Heaven.

The strange thing was that those lines shared the same destination: the area where Nie Tian was in.


The numerous crescent moon-shaped sabers, that had been pursuing Nie Tian unrelentingly, were instantly pierced by the scarlet, fiery lines.

The bloody aura covering the curved sabers quickly turned dim, as if they had been melted forcibly by the flame power.


A shaft of a curved saber instantly lost its vigor and became completely powerless before abruptly falling onto the ground.

Even more curved swords that had pursued and attacked Nie Tian, one after another, dropped onto the ground and became completely depleted of spiritual energy.

The crisis that had been hovering over Nie Tian was suddenly lifted via such an unfathomable and mysterious way.

“Something is going on underground!”

Feng Luo, who had been lurking in the dark for a long time, slowly rose up from a pool of blood and returned to his original form.

Face grim and eyes filled with questions, he frowned as he looked off into the direction of the short mountain, where the loud noise had come from, trying to figure out what had happened.

On the other hand, Pan Tao and the others, who had been trapped by the blood, had fear written across their faces, as they had all guessed what had just happened.

Even An Shiyi, who was controlling the Spiritual Flame Pearls, was seized by terror. With a pale face, she couldn’t help but uttered, “Oh, damn!”

Feng Luo held his attack. He stared at An Shiyi with his wide, tiger-like eyes and said, “You know what just happened?”

An Shiyi snapped back from her reverie, and said in a calm tone, “Let us go if you want to know.  Or… we die here together in the Scarlet Flame Mountain Range.”

“You’re only bluffing!” Feng Luo snorted. He didn’t pay any more attention to her, but rather urged Yu Tong, “Little Tong, make it quick. Something doesn’t feel right.”

“Alright!” Yu Tong took out a Blood Bead that looked like an eyeball and prepared to use the Blood sect’s secret magic, in an attempt to murder Nie Tian, who was already covered in wounds.


Suddenly, she found that the numerous, scarlet lines that had fallen from the sky seemed to have assembled together, condensing into the blurry shape of a dragon.

A ten-meter-long dragon, covered in blinding flames, gradually took shape right in front of Nie Tian.

A violent and cruel aura gradually spread out from within the condensing dragon.

Yu Tong glanced at it and immediately realized that the gigantic dragon seemed to be only partly formed. It was still far from its complete shape.

However, even though it wasn’t completely formed, the aura that came from the dragon already made her feel extremely terrified.

Yu Tong’s expression flickered.


Before she could do anything, the Fire Dragon that was condensed from the scarlet, fiery lines abruptly swooped towards her.

Face pale, she hurriedly raised the Blood Edge Shield in her hands, continuously channeling the blood-attributed spiritual power that had been spread in the vicinity by Feng Luo, and forming an enormous blood-colored light curtain in front of the actual shield.


With a loud clash, the ten-meter-long Fire Dragon rammed into the curtain, shattering it savagely.

After the head of the dragon had shattered the blood-colored light curtain, it ruthlessly crashed into the surface of the Blood Edge Shield.

Fresh blood came pouring out from Yu Tong’s mouth, as if she had just been crushed by a mountain. Meanwhile, the Blood Edge Shield flew out of her hands due to the impact.

Also at that moment, Nie Tian suddenly swooped in. While Yu Tong was still feeling muddled from the attack, he took the opportunity and grabbed her from behind. Then he picked up a curved saber from the ground and pressed it against her slender neck.

“Feng Luo! Let them go! NOW!”

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