Chapter 114: A Fight That Has to Be Fought

“Nie Tian! Sister! Don’t worry about us, just leave!”

An Ying realized what was happening and immediately started screaming loudly. She wanted Nie Tian and An Shiyi to leave as soon as possible.

She was perfectly aware that the strength of the Greater Heaven stage Feng Luo far exceeded her sister’s.

Since she had never witnessed a battle between Nie Tian and Yu Tong, she didn’t trust that Nie Tian would win. Even if by some chance Nie Tian managed to defeat Yu Tong, there was no way he would have the strength to contend with Feng Luo.

Instead of having everyone killed, they might as well get at least one or two people out alive.

“Shut up!” Feng Luo gave a cold harrumph.


In the next moment, the blood that had previously emerged from the ground rapidly climbed up their legs and covered their bodies.

The blood was like a bunch of madly growing weeds. Only moments passed before they were all wrapped in a layer of sticky blood, making them look like big, bloody cocoons.

An Ying and several others were covered in so much blood that only their heads were left out in the open. The stinky, pungent smell of the blood took advantage of the opportunity and rushed into their noses.

Soon, An Ying was reduced to only being able to make muffled noises, and was no longer able to speak.

After being completely constrained by the blood, they could only observe with wide eyes, without being able to move or converse at all.

With a merciless and cold-blooded smile, Feng Luo asked, “Nie Tian, is it? Don’t even dream of escaping. If you dare to leave my sight, I kill them instantly. So be a good boy, and go fight Little Tong. Won’t it be fun to have your friends watch how you die?


At that moment, An Shiyi, who had not spoken a word since confirming Feng Luo’s cultivation base, suddenly morphed into a blazing fireball and smashed towards him.

At the same time, a flock of raging flames flooded towards Feng Luo like rolling flaming lanterns.


The numerous fireballs burst into smaller fireballs, but turned into an even larger swarm of flames, converging onto Feng Luo from every direction.

However, Feng Luo, despite being besieged by flames, showed a sinister smile. He shook his head, and said, “Miss An, it seems that your cultivation base is still a bit weak. I’m afraid this kind of attack can’t do any damage to me.”

With these words, Feng Luo’s eyes gradually filled with veins of blood. He suddenly shook his robust body, causing a bloody aura to emerge from his body; like a shield of blood-colored light, it isolated him from the surging flames.

Shielded the raging flames, Feng Luo walked out from the spot where the fireballs had burst, holding an unusual-looking magical ball in his giant right hand.

Inside the transparent magical ball hovered and flashed thick clusters of bloody mist that resembled numerous bloody figures.

“Blood Solidifying Technique!”

Following Feng Luo’s gentle shout, blinding bloody light suddenly shot out of the magical ball, and at the same time, streams of blood flew out from the rivers of blood behind him, as if they were responding to his summoning.

The blood turned into balls before twisting and gradually morphing into five blood imps. The blood imps didn’t have faces, yet carried an overwhelming blood aura. All of a sudden, they swooped towards An Shiyi.

An Shiyi’s expression flickered as a surge of spiritual power fluctuations rippled out from within the bracelet of holding on her jade arm.


Six burning fire pearls flew right out of her bracelet. Five of them flew towards the blood imps, while the remaining one went straight towards Feng Luo.

“Spiritual Flame Pearls…” With a low-pitched chuckle, Feng Luo’s robust frame abruptly sank into the blood under his feet.

In a flash, he seemed to have shed his human form and merged with the blood that had oozed out of the ground, without leaving any trace of him, not even his aura.

As soon as he vanished, huge waves rose on the surface of the blood that covered the ground, like seawater that had been blasted by strong winds.

Waves upon waves of raging blood rolled and swept towards Yu Tong.

“Little Tong!” Feng Luo’s voice sounded extremely distant, as if it came from deep under the ground.

Upon hearing his voice, Yu Tong, who had been glaring at Nie Tian the entire time, seemed to have finally lost control of the anger burning in her heart.

“You deserve to die!”

Yu Tong crossed her milky, slender hands like a butterfly in front of her ample chest, forming various types of mystical seals and incantations.

Countless beams of bloody aura as thick as her arm suddenly shot out from the land under Nie Tian’s feet. They took the shape of beautiful girls’ arms, which gestured seductively while reaching towards him.

Not only were they tender and resilient, but they also carried a mysterious aura that could bewitch one’s soul.

Nie Tian felt somewhat dazzled looking at them, and he began to see illusions in his mind.

In his deluded eyes, the bloody aura appeared to have actually turned into the arms of beautiful women. To him, they didn’t stink of blood, but instead smelled pleasant like perfume.

Numerous illusions constantly appeared in his mind, and he could no longer differentiate between fantasy and reality. He no longer tell if his opponent was Yu Tong or the numerous illusionary, bloody hands.

“She’s using psychic domination!”

He bit hard on his own tongue in an attempt to use the pain to bring him back to his senses.

He tried his best to guard his soul and ignore all of the bewitching, bloody, hands that were swaying around him. The only thing that he focused on was Yu Tong.

He saw Yu Tong’s jade hands pulling in the air, which seemed like they were dragging and controlling something. At the same time, strong waves of psychic power rippled out from her.

“Psychic attack!”

He let out a violent scream in his mind and solidified his extraordinary psychic power into a giant, invisible pillar, before ruthlessly plunging it towards Yu Tong.

Yu Tong let out a muffled snort. Her devilishly beautiful pupils flashed with a strange light.

“I didn’t expect your psychic power to be so pure and vigorous!” Glaring at Nie Tian, she swung both hands downwards. “Thousand Hands Entanglement!”

One after another, the countless bloody hands suddenly sped up, and before Nie Tian could react, they had already entangled his waist like numerous madly growing vines.

As of this moment, Nie Tian could no longer smell even the slightest bit of perfume, and could only feel himself being partly submerged in a pool of thick blood.

Little by little, he was being dragged by the bloody hands towards Yu Tong.

Yu Tong didn’t get ahead of herself just because of that. On the contrary, she observed him with even more caution, as if she was prepared for Nie Tian’s counterattack.

She had suffered losses against Nie Tian before, and was aware that Nie Tian possessed a terrifying fist strike. She believed that once Nie Tian used that fist strike, the bloody hands that were currently entangling Nie Tian would no longer be able to bind him down.

She quietly took out a dark-red blood shield and got ready for Nie Tian’s counterattack.

The shield was different from the one she had used in the Green Illusion dimension. Unlike the illusionary shield that had been condensed by her blood-attributed spiritual power, this was an actual spiritual tool from the Blood sect.

There were unique, fine-looking, blood-colored patterns carved on the face of the shield, which were there to strengthen the shield.

Actually, Yu Tong had someone customize it, with the sole purpose of defending against the terrifying fist strike of Nie Tian.

She had made many preparations just to kill Nie Tian. The blood shield was to ensure her safety.

Although not able to speak nor move, An Ying, Jiang Lingzhu, and the others who were cocooned by the blood were observing what had been happening.

They watched as Nie Tian was entangled by the bloody hands and slowly pulled closer and closer toward Yu Tong.

Their eyes were filled with worry and anxiety.

On the other hand, Nie Tian twisted his shoulders in an attempt to break free from the bloody hands, but was met with an even stronger counterforce.

Even with his robust frame, he was unable to break free, and could only let himself be dragged closer and closer towards Yu Tong.

He also noticed Yu Tong taking out a delicate blood shield as he drew closer, as if she was facing a formidable enemy.

He quickly came to realize how long and hard Yu Tong had been preparing for this battle.

He secretly took a quick glance at An Shiyi and noticed that the Spiritual Flame Pearls that An Shiyi had released a while ago hadn’t killed off the five blood imps.

Feng Luo’s drifting, distant voice, on the other hand, could be heard from time to time.

It suddenly became clear to him that the Greater Heaven stage Feng Luo was far from giving his best as he battled An Shiyi.

He was only trying to trap An Shiyi temporarily, while his main focus was actually on the battle between him and Yu Tong.

With his life on a thread, Nie Tian didn’t lose his lucidity. On the contrary, he calmly read into the battlefield.

“I can’t win by being so passive. The only way to turn the situation around is to capture Yu Tong alive! Only if I can use Yu Tong’s life to threaten Feng Luo and force him to release the others, will we have a chance to survive!”

Not only had he reached the conclusion that Yu Tong must hold a special status in the Blood sect, but he had also understood Feng Luo’s intentions. This whole scheme was clearly to aid Yu Tong in annihilating the devil in her heart. Moreover, Yu Tong’s master was Feng Luo’s elder martial sister, so surely he wouldn’t watch Yu Tong die and do nothing.

“Flesh power!” He roared in his mind, attempting to bring forth the mysterious power that had been hidden within him, which alway followed excessive beating of his heart. He wished to forcibly turn the situation around with that savage power.

However this time, he noticed that there was already power surging forth from within his flesh and bones before his heart even began to beat violently.

He had spent the past half a year at the back of Cloudsoaring Mountain, feasting on the meat of second grade spirit beasts every day.

The energy within the meat that he had eaten hadn’t been channeled into his spiritual sea after it was digested by his stomach. Instead, he had let it naturally disperse into every part of his body.

Most of the time, he wasn’t able to sense the power. Yet it erupted at that very moment.

Furthermore, it erupted in a way that was extremely violent and fierce!


Once again, he twisted his shoulders and tried to struggle free with the new force. One after another, the countless bloody hands that had been entangling him burst into drops of blood before splashing outwards and falling into the pool of blood.

“Here it comes!” Yu Tong was in a state of total concentration.

“What?!” Feng Luo’s distant exclaim could be heard. It was exactly as Nie Tian had expected; he had been keeping an eye on the battle between him and Yu Tong.

An Ying, Jiang Lingzhu, and the rest of the party, who had been trapped by blood, also opened their eyes wide, staring at him with rapt attention.

They all noticed that Nie Tian was thrumming with an immense aura of flesh, as astonishing fluctuations of life burst forth from within his body.


Each and every one of the bloody hands instantly burst into drops of blood as Nie Tian wriggled free.

Nie Tian, on the other hand, jumped in front of Yu Tong, his eyes full of savageness. He stared at Yu Tong and declared, “Today, I will defeat you for the fourth time!”

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