Chapter 107: A Small Chance to Survive

The bracelet of holding was still flickering with flames when it landed on the ground.

It seemed that even Lai Yi, a cultivator at the Worldly Realm, had been unable to endure the heat of the flames released by the bracelet, and had no other choice but to temporarily throw it away in order to concentrate on his fight with the Blood sect expert.

However, when Nie Tian reached out to grab it, the flames that had wreathed it suddenly went out.

Without spending any effort, he picked up the bracelet and put it back on his wrist.

Then he sent a strand of his consciousness into the bracelet and saw that everything was still inside the storage space, where he also found that traces of fire were being absorbed by the Flame Dragon Armor...

Nie Tian immediately realized that the sudden changes that had occurred to the bracelet, which had caused it to unleash blazing flames, had actually been triggered by the Flame Dragon Armor.

As for the reason why the Flame Dragon Armor had done such a thing, it was because he had been constantly calling its name in his heart, and that the dragon bone in his hand grew unbearably hot.

“The Flame Dragon Armor, the Blood Core…” Nie Tian pondered for a while and suddenly exclaimed, “The Blood Core is the key!”


A heaven-shaking, earth-shattering sound echoed out from the sky. Everyone had been caught up in fierce battles and didn’t pay attention to the changes, but rather continued fighting their respective opponents.

Only Nie Tian raised his head to look at the sky after putting the bracelet of holding on his wrist.

There, he saw an enormous gray figure, which seemed to have been formed by a swarm of countless evil ghosts, rising from the main gate of the Spiritual Treasure sect and charging towards the sky.

It shot high up into the sky and immediately joined the woman who was sitting on the blood-colored lotus in attacking Fang Hui from the Treasure school.

Standing on a giant bronze cauldron, Fang Hui’s expression flicked upon seeing the enormous gray figure rise into the sky. Without any hesitation, he shouted out with a voice that everyone could hear, “All disciples of the Spiritual school and Treasure school are no longer required to guard the valley! Do all you can to escape and return only when the sect regroups!”

Upon hearing these words, Nie Tian’s expression slightly flickered.

He immediately realized that the enormous gray figure was definitely the Profound Realm expert from the Ghost sect!

If it was only the woman from the Blood sect, Fang Hui felt that with his strength, the Spiritual Treasure sect would still have a hope to make it through the battle.

However, the enormous gray figure soaring up into the sky made him realize that the strongest expert from the Ghost sect had also arrived.

He knew very clearly that he had no chance of winning a fight against two Profound Realm experts. At the most, he could keep the two of them busy and prevent them from immediately starting a massacre.

With the strongest experts from the Blood sect and the Ghost sect having arrived, it meant that the Ghost sect and the Blood sect had already played their trump cards.

There was no longer any possibility that the Spiritual Treasure sect could persist.

In order to preserve the strength of the sect, he ordered all of the disciples from the Spiritual school and Treasure school to stop defending the valley and find an opportunity to escape instead.

After hearing Fang Hui’s order, many Qi warriors from the Spiritual school and Treasure school were secretly grateful and immediately changed their plans, no longer determined to die with the sect.

“Let’s go! “

“The grand elder has spoken; no need to keep defending the sect! Let’s get out first!”

“Retreat to the Cloudsoaring sect, Grayvale sect, and Mystic Mist sect. They will definitely come to our aid once they receive the news.”

“As long as we can team up with the experts from the other three sects, we’ll still have a chance to reclaim the valley!”



Soon after Fang Hui gave the order, the numerous pillars of flame that had been blocking the area between the stone peaks suddenly shot up into the sky, converging into the enormous bronze cauldron.

Everyone, including the disciples of the Spiritual school and Treasure school and visiting guests, had noticed the changes that had occurred in the valley and let out loud shouts.

“The valley has lost its protection! The Heaven Burning Earth Flame formation has completely stopped working!”

“The grand elder has opened the gates for us!”

“Let’s get out of here!”

Nie Tian scanned his surroundings before his eyes suddenly lit up.

There were three stone peaks surrounding the valley that the Spiritual Treasure sect was located in, and between them there were three enormous gaps.

One of the gaps was the main gate to the valley, which was the only way to enter or leave the valley.

The other two enormous gaps had previously been completely blocked by two blazing walls formed by numerous flame pillars. They served as gates of fire, separating the valley from the outside world.

The advantage to having them in place was that experts from the Ghost sect and the Blood sect wouldn’t be able to enter the valley from those two gaps.

The disadvantage would be that disciples of the Spiritual school and Treasure school within the valley also wouldn’t be able to evacuate via those two gaps.

It was exactly because the blazing gates had sealed up the nearest gaps that Nie Tian had to follow Pan Tao and try to reach the outside world through the tunnel in the stone peak.

However, by this point, the flame pillars that had formed the blazing walls had been lifted up to the sky by Fang Hui’s enormous bronze cauldron, making those two gaps thoroughfares that led out of the valley.

Nie Tian noticed that after Fang Hui gave the permission to leave, many disciples from the Spiritual school and Treasure school rushed towards those two new exits.

Now, they were very close to one of them.

Liu Yan roared, “Nie Tian! Lingzhu, Ye Gumo! Don’t mind us! Just go!”

“Come on, let’s go!” Pan Tao also shouted and took the initiative to charge towards the closest gap, noticing that currently none of the experts from the Ghost sect or the Blood sect had showed up near the gap.

An Shiyi, An Ying, as well as Zheng Bin and Han Xin, also saw the opportunity to live, and after dodging the attacks of the scarlet blood strings, they made a run towards the opened gate of life.

Nie Tian was never targeted by the scarlet blood strings, therefore, after hearing Liu Yan’s urging, he only hesitated for a second before saying to Liu Yan, “Take care of yourself, Uncle Liu!”

With these words, he quickly followed An Shiyi, An Ying, and the others in dashing towards the gap.

The experts from the Blood sect were bent on killing Lai Yi, Liu Yan, Shi Yi, and the other worthy enemies. Even though they were fully aware that Nie Tian and the others were trying to escape, they didn’t care in the least bit.

The way they saw it, the scarlet blood strings that had emerged from the ground would lock onto Nie Tian and his peers and keep launching relentless attacks on them wherever they went.

They believed that considering the cultivation bases of Nie Tian and the others, even if they managed to temporarily leave the valley, the blood strings would still be able to catch up and kill them one after another.

Moreover, they didn’t have enough men in this region. Thus, they chose to ignore Nie Tian and his peers, and instead focused on their fight with Lai Yi, Liu Yan, and the other powerful ones.


Earlier, when Lai Yi saw Nie Tian pick up the bracelet of holding that he had cast away, he was already fuming with rage. Now that he saw Nie Tian leaving, he immediately flew into a towering outrage. However, the expert from the Blood sect who had been fighting with him didn’t have the slightest intention of letting him go.


Even more scarlet blood strings emerged from the ground, madly chasing after them.

Unable to break free from the double attack of the annoying scarlet blood strings and the Blood sect expert, Lai Yi couldn’t chase after Nie Tian. He could only curse him while madly drawing on his spiritual power.

Even as he cursed, Nie Tian got further and further away.

Pan Tao and An Shiyi, who had been running at the front, unceasingly urged An Ying, Jiang Lingzhu, and Nie Tian to keep up.

“This way!”

“Be quick!”

Before long, they were the first ones to escape from the valley after Fang Hui had lifted the barrier.

“Follow me!” Pan Tao led the way for them.

The group of people followed Pan Tao and sped away from the valley as fast as possible.

Nie Tian occasionally turned around to look back, and found that a number of red-garbed figures had gradually arrived around the gap that they had left from. Moments later, a few black-garbed experts from the Ghost sect, wreathed in thick, ghost-like auras, also showed up as well.

His heart sank, knowing that Liu Yan, Luo Xin, as well as the others who were still in the valley wouldn’t have such an easy time passing through the gap like they did.

While moving further and further away from the gap, Nie Tian could still hear the continuous sounds of conversation from behind.

“How many have escaped?”

An ear-piercing voice echoed out from the gap behind them.

“A few juniors. Do we chase after them?”

“Juniors? No need for now. Block this path, and make sure those old guys won’t leave the valley for all eternity!”

He realized that those who hadn’t been able to leave at the first possible moment would have to go through a bloody baptism if they wished to pass through.

It would be impossible to know how many of them would manage to flee the valley and how many would die in there.

All he could do was to follow Pan Tao and advance forward at full speed through the forest of uneven mountain peaks of the Scarlet Flame Mountain Range.

There was a forest of mountain peaks in the vast Scarlet Flame Mountain Range, with the Spiritual Treasure sect situated in between the three biggest ones. The moment they reached a relatively safe distance from the valley, Nie Tian unleashed his psychic awareness to scan the vicinity for experts from the Ghost sect or the Blood sect.

A vigorous life force suddenly appeared in his mind, which… didn’t seem to belong to a person from either the Ghost sect or the Blood sect.

It seemed that the person was also madly running away from the land of the Spiritual Treasure sect, just like them.

“There’s someone nearby.” Nie Tian suddenly said.

Hearing his words, An Shiyi, who was in the forefront, also probed around with her psychic power.

An Shiyi furrowed her delicate eyebrows. A loathing expression appeared on her charming face as she said, “That’s Fei Li.”

“Fei Li?” Puzzled, Nie Tian asked, “Sister An, how do you know that it’s him?

“I can distinctly remember his disgusting aura!” An Shiyi clenched her teeth, suddenly remembering something. “Nie Tian, I heard that Fei Li refused to sell the Spiritfount Pill to you because of me?”

“That’s right,” said Nie Tian.

An Shiyi called out with a soft voice, “Let’s go take it back!”

Nie Tian was stunned. “Snatch it from Fei Li?”

An Shiyi snorted and said, “Since his master, Gan Kang, decided to leave the Spiritual Treasure sect, whatever happens to the Spiritual Treasure sect in the future, his disciple Fei Li will definitely be implicated, unless he follows Gan Kang out of the Realm of Flame Heaven. But even if he wants to flee the realm, I’ll make him cough up the Spiritfount Pill before he goes!”

With these words, An Shiyi, who was advancing forward, suddenly changed her direction and charged towards that person.

“Before, Fei Li only dared to threaten me over and over again because he was backed by his lofty master Gan Kang. Without his master’s protection, he wouldn’t even stand a chance against me. Just watch, I’ll definitely get the Spiritfount Pill for you!” An Shiyi sounded full of confidence.

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