Chapter 106: Returning to the Rightful Owner

An expert from the Blood sect who was wearing a long, tattered, blood-red robe suddenly arrived. With a malicious grin, he said, “Hey everyone! It actually is Gan Kang from the Treasure school! We’ve caught a big fish!”

A bloody, suffocating light flashed across his narrowed eyes. He didn’t hesitate at all before waving a dark-red magic staff and releasing one of the most deadly forbidden techniques of the Blood sect.

“Reverse Blood Flow!”

In an instant, a bloody light that could cover the heavens appeared in midair, which seemed like rivers of viscous blood flowing towards the crowd.

Several more Blood sect experts arrived after him, and also started to cast their spells.

Layers after layers of bloody light rapidly spread out, along with a strange magnetic field that could cause one’s blood flow to reverse.

A few nearby corpses of some guests who had been recently killed suddenly exploded.

Streams of blood spurted out of them and swirled up into the air, before condensing and morphing into a group of blurry blood shades.

Nie Tian, who was attempting to run further away from Lai Yi, suddenly felt that he had lost control of his own blood.

However, he wasn’t the only one to be affected by the forbidden technique, Reverse Blood Flow.

The faces of Lai Yi and his friend, who was about to make a move against An Shiyi, also flushed. From the look of it, they were trying their best to restrain the abnormal movements of their blood.

“Dammit!” Cursing in a low voice and casting a vicious glance at Nie Tian, Lai Yi was seized by the regret that he hadn’t killed Nie Tian and snatched his bracelet of holding at the first possible moment.

His original plan had been to slaughter everyone present as soon as he had obtained the bracelet of holding and confirmed that the Flame Dragon Armor and the Blood Core were inside.

The reason he didn’t attack the moment they met was that he feared that the Blood Core wasn’t in Nie Tian’s bracelet of holding, and that he had hid it somewhere else.

“Kill Gan Kang first!”

As soon as the Blood sect experts successfully activated the forbidden technique, Reverse Blood Flow, all of them blurred into streams of bloody light, directly shooting towards Gan Kang.

Standing at the mouth of the stone cave, which still had residual flames sputtering out of it, Gan Kang’s face was as gloomy as lake water. He looked over towards Lai Yi and said, “I’ll leave it for you to handle things here!”

With these words, he didn’t spare anyone else a glance before bolting into the stone cave.

The arrival of the handful of experts from the Blood sect had turned the situation around, since they all knew who he was and viewed him as their primary target.

Gan Kang knew perfectly well that if he wasted too much time there, he would only sink deeper and deeper into danger.

Therefore, he had even stopped caring about capturing An Shiyi alive. All he wanted now was to get out of there as soon as possible.

An expert from the Blood sect laughed as he was about to overtake Lai Yi and chase after Gan Kang into the stone cave. “Wait, Elder Gan, have you an appointment or something?”

The other two Blood sect experts quietly scanned the area and then targeted the other two foreign Qi warriors, as well as Liu Yan, Shi Yi, Luo Xin, and others who had higher cultivation bases.

In their eyes, Nie Tian, Jiang Lingzhu, Ye Gumo, Zheng Bin, and An Ying were so weak that they didn’t attach any importance to them.

“Don’t you move!”

With a cold harrumph, a long, thin animal bone covered in short dense fur suddenly appeared in Lai Yi’s hand. The animal bone was over one meter long and seemed to be the leg bone of a spirit beast.

The moment it appeared, a strong, rotten smell immediately filled the air.

The expression of the Blood sect expert, who was just about to run past him, suddenly flickered as he said, “You’re from the Realm of Dark Underworld?”

Lai Yi let out a low-pitched laugh and said, “Gan Kang is one of us now. You’d better stay out of our business.”

The expert from the Blood sect snorted. “So what if you’re from the Realm of Dark Underworld? This is the Realm of Flame Heaven. I doubt that you can do whatever you want here with just the three of you!”


Rays of bloody light shot out from the Blood Sect expert. They interweaved before suddenly condensing into a vicious, man-eating beast that reeked of blood. Without a moment’s pause, it lunged towards Lai Yi.

Lai Yi brandished the animal bone, and the fur on the animal bone stood up.

A rotten aura started to build up on Lai Yi’s palm, which seemed to be resonating with the animal bone in his hand.

The intense, bloody odor from the bloody beast that was charging towards Lai Yi seemed to be affected by some kind of unknown rotting power. It was actually withering away.

When it reached Lai Yi, its intense blood aura had already decayed by about eighty percent.

Lai Yi swept the animal bone towards it, and the vicious beast turned into a cluster of blood mist that dissipated into the wind.

At the same time, the other experts from the Blood sect began to fight with the two foreign Qi warriors as well as Liu Yan, Shi Yi, and the others.

Not involved in the battle, Nie Tian observed and realized that everyone who had been affected by the disrupted magnetic field created by the Reverse Blood Flow was experiencing great difficulty as they battled.

They seemed as if they had to spend a major part of their energy resisting the strange movement of the blood inside of them.

The faces of Pan Tao, Ye Gumo, and the others, who hadn’t been attacked, also slightly flushed. They seemed to be nailed on the ground, and using all their strength to try to get rid of the anomaly in their blood.

Nie Tian, on the other hand, had long since regained his normal blood flow after experiencing a brief influence.

Actually, he was already free to move about!

He whispered to himself, “Strange…”

As he recalled, he felt that his blood had also changed when the Reverse Blood Flow spell was activated.

However, it had only lasted a moment before he went back to normal and was no longer affected.


While he stood there in confusion, scarlet blood strings suddenly emerged from the stone ground around him.

They came out of the earth like madly growing weeds, slowly reaching into the air at a speed that was visible to the naked eye.

“The Earth Web!” Nie Tian exclaimed.

The Blood sect witch Yu Tong had once activated this very same forbidden technique in the Green Illusion dimension and had instantly killed a few people from the Mystic Mist sect with the scarlet blood strings.

The scarlet blood strings that were now emerging from the earth, seemed to be far denser than the ones that Yu Tong had used in the Green Illusion dimension, and the intensity of the Qi and blood within them was also far more astonishing!

They swayed in midair for a second before suddenly flashing and piercing towards everyone who wasn’t from the Blood sect.

Everyone except Nie Tian!

He remained where he stood and didn’t move a bit. However, those scarlet blood strings seemed to have either failed to detect him or intentionally ignored him.

“How is this happening?” After a moment of confusion, he started to use his psychic awareness to examine himself, and found that there seemed to be a weak aura of the Blood sect inside of him.

He had an epiphany.

When he was in the Green Illusion dimension, he had been trapped and pierced by Yu Tong’s countless scarlet blood strings, and almost had his blood drained by them.

However, he had managed to live through their attack. Even more miraculously, he had taken advantage of his uniqueness and refined those numerous blood strings.

It was also because of that a weak aura of the Blood sect had been left inside of him.

Those scarlet blood strings that emerged out of the ground seemed to be able to distinguish between the disciples of the Blood sect and others, as those who possessed the aura of the Blood sect wouldn’t become their target of attack.

In this way, he once again remained unscathed while everyone else was being attacked by the sky-filling scarlet blood strings.


The foreign Qi warrior, who had previously planned to capture An Shiyi, didn’t pay attention to the changes to the ground below him while he was fighting with an expert from the Blood sect, causing his left leg to be penetrated by a bundle of scarlet blood strings.

He immediately let out a piercing screech.

After he was entangled, even more scarlet blood strings converged onto him from every direction.

Only seconds later, being unable to move, he was pierced through all over by the countless scarlet blood strings.


Nie Tian clearly saw that after those blood strings pierced into that man’s body, they began to relentlessly drink his blood like bloodsucking leeches.

His mighty body rapidly shriveled while the blood strings grew to be as thick as a finger.

Meanwhile, Pan Tao, Jiang Lingzhu, and the others, who hadn’t been attacked by the Blood sect experts, were being attacked by the scarlet blood strings. Squeaky cries escaped from their throats as they frantically slashed at the blood strings with their spiritual tools.

After a long time of resistance, they finally broke free from the strange movement of their blood, and could move freely again.

Nie Tian had originally been standing quite far from Lai Yi, but now was calmly walking within the net of scarlet blood strings as he quietly approached him.

His eyes were fixed on his bracelet of holding which was now on Lai Yi’s arm.

The Flame Dragon Armor and the dragon bone in his hand were clearly a set. If he hadn’t learned about the existence of the Flame Dragon Armor, he would have walked away. But, now that he knew that the Flame Dragon Armor was absolutely much more than an ordinary item, he couldn’t suppress his desire to take it back.

“Flame Dragon Armor…”

Staring at the bracelet of holding, he racked his brains to think of a method to regain the Flame Dragon Armor.

“Flame Dragon Armor, Flame Dragon Armor, Flame Dragon Armor…”

When he whispered its name in his heart while contemplating, a faint aura of flesh and blood rippled out from within his body, due to some unknown reason.

He was still dozens of meters away from Lai Yi, while the Flame Dragon Armor was still in the bracelet of holding. However, he suddenly had a feeling that he had established a mysterious connection with the Flame Dragon Armor.

In the next moment, he noticed that the dragon bone that he had been gripping in his hand had suddenly grown incomparably hot.


Lai Yi, who was fighting with a Blood sect expert, suddenly let out a maddened howl and started to violently shake his arm. The bracelet of holding on his wrist was now releasing terrifying flames.

Terrified, he quickly tossed away the bracelet of holding that he had snatched from Nie Tian.

Nie Tian’s eyes lit up. Surprised by what had just happened, he passed through the net of scarlet blood strings and picked up the bracelet of holding from the ground.

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