Chapter 103: Chaos

Within the Spiritual Treasure sect, seven deadly spirits were flying about hunting down disciples from the Spiritual school and Treasure school.

Under the blood moon, the terrifying woman from the Blood sect was using secret spells to command the immense blood shade to repeatedly ram into the grand Heaven Burning Earth Flame formation.

All the guests who had come to the Treasure Convention were cursing as they secretly moved closer towards the edge of the Spiritual Treasure sect, just like Wu Xing and the others from the Cloudsoaring sect.

They all bore the same thought: once the Heaven Burning Earth Flame formation broke, they would exert all means to leave at the first possible moment, since none of them would choose to stay and fight for the Spiritual Treasure sect.

“Everybody, follow me, and by all means do not get separated!”

Wu Xing charged straight forward on the wide street, with Liu Yan, Shi Yi, and Luo Xin tightly following behind him. People from the Mystic Mist sect also stayed close to them.

Nie Tian, Jiang Lingzhu, and Ye Gumo looked on grim as they secretly drew from their spiritual power, getting ready to meet enemies that could appear at any moment.

At this moment, Pan Tao’s cry came through from behind them. “Nie Tian!”

The moment he looked back, he saw Pan Tao dashing towards them with bloodshot eyes.

Wu Xing also turned around, and when he realized that it was Pan Bai’s son, Pan Tao, he was somewhat surprised.

Pan Tao raised his voice and said, “Greetings, Senior Wu, Senior Weng! I’m know every corner of the Spiritual Treasure sect like the back of my hand. I can lead you out of here.”

Wu Xing’s expression flickered as he said, “Your father… didn’t want you to stay?”

Pan Tao’s eyes were full of sorrow as he nodded and said, “He wants me to get out of here alive with you.”

“Good! You lead the way!”  Wu Xing said firmly.

He was aware of Pan Bai’s status, and that Pan Tao’s grandfather was the grand elder of the Spiritual school and also one of the main participants in the construction of the grand Heaven Burning Earth Flame spell formation.

Having Pan Tao lead the way, not only would it save them trouble while escaping from the Spiritual Treasure sect valley, but also they perhaps could find safer routes, so as to steer clear of the Ghost sect and the Blood sect once they were out of the valley.

Upon hearing Wu Xing’s words, Pan Tao quickly made it to the forefront of the group, and pointed out the directions to Wu Xing from time to time.

Wu Xing nodded as the group followed Pan Tao’s directions, moving further and further away from the broad streets in the central area of the valley. They didn’t choose to go to the main gate to the Spiritual Treasure sect, but rather marched towards one of the three stone mountain peaks.

As they marched along, Pan Tao said, “The moment the Heaven Burning Earth Fire formation is breached, the stone peaks that draw flames from the earth’s core might lose their function. The three stone peaks are hollow and hold tunnels that can lead us out of the valley. Of course, there might also be people from the Ghost sect and the Blood sect lurking out there. But, I believe that there won’t be a lot of powerful experts waiting over there.

“We trust your judgment!” said Dowager Weng.

They all believed that since Pan Tao wanted to get out alive, he wouldn’t possibly lie to them.

Pan Tao had grown up in the Spiritual Treasure sect. Therefore, he had a far better understanding of the surroundings. He knew everything about the valley, even the grass and trees, like the back of his hand.

Hence, under Pan Tao’s guidance, the group had moved further away from other guests, who were clueless fleeing in random directions, as they gradually approached one of the stone peaks.


A huge cracking noise suddenly echoed out above their heads. Nie Tian, who was rushing forward, looked up.

He found that a thin opening had been cracked open in the bright flaming shield that enveloped the vast sky. The immense blood shadow, which had been condensed by the bloody moonlight and spiritual power of the Blood sect female expert, had shoved its burly hands into the blood-colored crack and was continuously pulling to the sides.

In the sky, the female expert from the Blood sect, who was still sitting upright on top of her glittering, bloody lotus, suddenly snorted. “OPEN!”


Following her snort, the bloody shadow forcibly ripped open a large crack.

In the next moment, numerous red-garbed Blood sect experts came down from the sky and made their way through the crack, one after the other.

Guests were running about in the streets, shouting in extreme fear, and dashing out of the valley through the main gate at the fastest speed possible.

“Dammit! The grand Heaven Burning Earth Flame formation has been breached!”

“Let’s get out of here!”

“Death awaits whoever chooses to stay!”

At that moment however, a host of dark figures suddenly appeared at the entrance of the valley, one after another. Numerous Ghost sect experts had been waiting at the valley entrance for a long time.


Also at that moment, numerous bloody figures descended from the sky, before immediately spreading out and starting to pursue and kill the fleeing people.

A few extremely powerful experts, on the other hand, threw themselves at the area where the Spiritual school and Treasure school was gathered, and instantly started to fight at close quarters.


All of a sudden, a gigantic bronze cauldron shot up into the sky from a crowd of Treasure school equipment forgers.

In the air, it pulsed with a multicolored, precious light.

The moment the precious light shone on the blood shadow that had cracked open the Heaven Burning Earth Flame formation, it surprisingly melted like a heated snowflake!

As soon as the Qi warriors from the Spiritual Treasure sect caught sight of the large bronze cauldron, they knew right away that their strongest expert had truly been angered.

“It’s senior Fang Hui!”

“Senior Fang Hui has made his move!”

“A powerful expert in the Profound Realm!”

On top of the mouth of the large cauldron stood the slight figure of an old man. Face grave and stern, he stared at the Blood sect female expert under the bloody moon.

“Earthflame Gathering!”

Fang Hui performed an incantation gesture with his hand, and the broken bright flame shield suddenly morphed into countless blazing meteors, rushing into the large cauldron.

A moment later, even more beams of colorful lights flew out from within the large cauldron.

It seemed as if they had turned into numerous thick greatswords, which chopped towards the woman under the bloody moon with world-shaking momentum.


It was also at this point that numerous blood-colored light threads gathered from all directions, and densely interweaved in front of the woman.

Very quickly, thousands of bloody tentacles appeared in front of the woman, forming a heaven-blocking wall which constantly defended against the attacks from the gigantic swords.

With that, the two Profound Realm experts began to fight fiercely in midair.

Nie Tian only took a glance at their fight before continuing to dash along after Pan Tao and Wu Xing toward one of the mountain peaks.

Along the way, Nie Tian suddenly called out, as he spotted a secluded courtyard from afar.


An Ying had taken him there the first day he had arrived in Spiritual Treasure sect.

That was An Shiyi and An Ying’s residence!

“Big Sister An! Are you in there?” Nie Tian shouted out loudly, as he quickly moved closer towards the courtyard.

Inside, An Shiyi and An Ying were staring blankly at the battle in the sky with ash-pale faces when Nie Tian’s words took them by surprise.

“Nie Tian! It’s Nie Tian’s voice!” An Ying rushed out of the courtyard, and instantly saw the distant Nie Tian, as the latter was following Wu Xing and the others towards one of the stone peaks. “Sister! It’s Nie Tian and elder Wu Xing, they’re rushing in our direction. Oh! And Pan Tao too, he’s also with them!”

“Pan Tao…” An Shiyi went blank for a moment, as she seemed to have understood the reason why Pan Tao was there with Wu Xing and the others. “Just come back, they want to escape through the tunnels under the stone peak. Pan Tao has his father and grandfather to protect him, even if he runs at such a crucial moment. But, we have no one.”

Her expression turned grim, “Don’t let Nie Tian see you. I don’t want to burden him…”

“But, he’s already seen me,” An Ying said.

Nie Tian shouted from afar, “Where is your sister? Why are you still standing there? Be quick and come with us!”  

An Ying shook her head helplessly, while standing at the doorway. “No, we can’t.”

It was at that time that three red-garbed Blood sect experts descended from the sky, and headed towards the courtyard where they were.

“Over there!"

Wu Xing, who was at the front of the group, stopped and briefly frowned when he realized that Nie Tian had stopped to urge An Shiyi and her sister to leave with them.

He only waited a moment before saying, “You can leave with us. I can’t guarantee that we’ll be able to get out of here alive. But, I can guarantee that after this incident, the Spiritual Treasure sect won’t hold you responsible for leaving!”

Upon hearing Wu Xing’s guarantee, An Shiyi, who was originally ready to die with the sect, suddenly had her eyes light up.

She immediately made a new decision and said to An Ying, “Let’s go! Now that Senior Wu has given us his word, we can leave together with them!”

An expert from the Blood Sect sneered before blurring into a bloody light and appearing directly in front of them. “None shall leave!”

“Looking to die?!” Wu Xing snorted coldly as an enormous, bright, green lightning bolt suddenly shot out from his left cuff.


The lightning bolt continuously fluctuated in the air while releasing terrifying thunder claps and electric power, taking form of a lightning dragon in one moment and a thundering snake in the next.

Terrified, the man from the Blood sect tried to escape. “He’s Wu Xing from the Cloudsoaring sect!”

However, the lightning bolt was still hot on his tail. Only a few seconds later, it caught up to him and struck him on his back.

The man instantly fell from midair, with green smoke emitting from his black, burnt body.

The two other disciples from the Blood sect howled madly, informing nearby Blood sect experts to come to their aide.

“Wu Xing! Wu Xing is here!”

“Someone, quickly come help us kill Wu Xing from the Cloudsoaring sect!”

Wu Xing glared at Nie Tian again and said, “Be quick! We need to leave!”

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