Chapter 173

The following chapter you are about to read contains mature content. We chose not to censor it as we didn't want to interfere with the author's intended flow for the readers. Read at your own discretion.

“Don’t start anything unruly, don’t sleep during lectures. Let’s start today off well as always. Class pres, come over here. I have something for you.”

Taesik’s brief morning announcement concluded. Despite what the homeroom teacher just said, the students all collapsed onto their desks as soon as he left.

“Quite a few students came yesterday, I heard?” Dojin asked, tossing Maru a piece of candy.

It was a grape flavored one today. Maru popped it into his mouth before responding.


“That’s a lot. Three’s no problem then, right?”

“We’ll have to see, but yeah, I think so.”

Fifteen students came on the first day. They looked pretty impressed with the club, so Maru did have some expectations.

“I’ll help you guys out if you need props. Hit me up any time.”

“Was planning on it already.”

Everyone may have left the club, but their passions were still here. Taejoon and Soyeon also volunteered to help at any time.

“Hope we get someone talented.”


It’d be nice if they got someone who was very deeply interested in acting. Maybe about ten of them? With that that expectation in mind, Maru pulled out his textbook for first class.

* * *


The three members were speechless when they gathered at the club. It was 5:30pm, the first years were probably long gone from school already.

“No one came.”

Geunseok stepped outside to check one more time before coming back in, he had a frown on his face.

“What the heck? Why’d no one come?”

“How would I know?”

“You sure you didn’t say unnecessary stuff to them yesterday?”

“They needed to know that the club’s going to be hard. We don’t just play around all day, you know.”

“But what if no one comes because of that?”

“We don’t want people who are just looking to play, either.”

“Hey, don’t talk back to me like that. I’m the club president. What are you going to do if no one comes?”

Geunseok angrily picked up his bag from the floor, Daemyung hurriedly called out to the boy.

“Where are you going?!”

“They aren’t going to come anyway. I have a lesson today. You guys can take care of everything else.”

“But you’re the president like you said… If you aren’t here...”

“But there’s no one coming. What am I supposed to do?”

“Maybe we should think of the reason together?”

Geunseok put a hand over his head angrily as he opened the clubroom door.

“I’m busy, unlike you guys. You can think a bit yourselves. You know it’s your fault if no one comes, right? Han Maru?”

Geunseok left with just that. Daemyung sighed and turned to look at Maru.

“What do we do?”

“We’ll have to do something starting tomorrow, obviously.”


“You should go back yourself today. You’re supposed to be working on that scene with Mintae anyways.”

Mintae and Daemyung were working together on making a script recently. Daemyung was in charge of the main story, while Mintae and Maru were in charge of the refinement.

“What about you?”

“I’ll stay here for a bit longer as I clean up. Who knows, maybe someone will come.”

Daemyung stood up with a nod. With his time divided between practice with his coach, scriptwriting with Mintae, and working for the club… the boy had pitiful little time every day. Maru wanted to help the boy out a little bit.

“I’ll take it from here, so you go work hard on that script.”

“Got it. You should go back early as well. Let’s figure things out tomorrow.”

With that, Daemyung left as well. Maru took a look around the empty clubroom. In the past, there was so much stuff inside that only five people could squeeze in. Nowadays, fifteen people could easily sit in it. It was still a bit small in retrospect, but it felt quite spacious now that he was all alone. They worked hard with the mindset that they would make new memories in the coming year. But at this rate… memories be damned, the club might be disbanded altogether.

“I guess there’s no choice.”

He’ll have to find a few lazy kids and enlist them in the club. That should at least let them keep their clubroom, but they wouldn’t be able to participate in the nationals. With three people taking care of props, acting, and everything else… running a play was entirely impossible. They could manage at the cost of their spare time and their schoolwork would also suffer, it wasn’t a good method in the slightest.

‘Can’t advertise even more...’

Teachers only allowed clubs to advertise once in their classes. Doing it again would mean that they’d have to approach the first years’ while they were on break, taking time away from them during their rest break wouldn’t be a good thing at all.

‘Guess we’ll have to throw out posters one more time.’

If he didn’t want to waste their time, posters were the way to go. He’ll probably have to hand them out using the student board with some chocolates attached. As Maru thought about a way to draw interest to the club, he turned to look at the window. He could see a little shadow on it, someone was trying to look inside.

‘Who is it?’

Maru opened the clubroom door with a creak.


The male student in front of the door stepped back in surprise. He was a very short individual, no taller than 155cm, the boy only stood up to Maru’s chest. He had a poster on his hand, the one for the acting club.

“Did you come to take a look at the club, by any chance?”

“What? Ah, yes! Hello! I’m Ahn Bangjoo, first year in mech engineering!”

The junior greeted Maru with a 90 degree bow, he was so loud that even Maru had to take a step back. The third years who were still in the school looked towards their clubroom in surprise as well.

“You’re a bit loud.”

“I’m sorry! I am a bit loud, yes!! I apologize!!!”

The boy’s voice rang across the hallway one more time, the third years that were studying inside the college prep classrooms stepped outside with a frown. Maru quickly pulled the first year into the clubroom before apologizing to the third years.

“Let’s be quiet. I know this is the acting club and it’s our jobs and all, but you know what I mean, right?”

The third year pointed at his class sign. ‘College prep’. Maru apologized once again. Right then, the first year popped out of the clubroom and bowed towards the third years.

“I’m sorry! I won’t be loud again!!”

He was still as loud as ever, the third years could only laugh it off as they waved the two of them away. Maru pulled the first year back with his hand before closing the door.


The junior seemed to have realized what he just did.

“Nice voice.”

“What? Ah, yes! I’ve heard that my voice is quite loud from a young age! My granny… no! Grandmother said I’d be a great...!!”

Maru quickly put his hand over the junior’s mouth. Their clubroom wasn’t soundproofed, being loud here wouldn’t be very good.

“Quietly. Got it?”

The junior bowed when Maru took his hand off. Was this kid just energetic, or stupid?

“I’m sorry. I get loud when I’m nervous!”

“Better than trembling, I guess. Ah, sorry, I might’ve been overly casual with you. I hope that’s fine?”

“Of course!”

The boy was starting to get loud again, Maru quickly stuffed a bottle of yakult into the boy’s mouth.

“Thank you.”

Energetic. Maru smiled and motioned the boy to take a seat.

“Sorry, we don’t have any chairs.”

“It’s alright. Grandmother used to always say that ‘good men always needed to keep their privies cold.’”


Maru sat down in front of the first year. Ahn Bangjoo, was it?

“You came to take a look at the club, right?”


“I see.”

At least they got one person.

“So, let me tell you about our clu...”


Bangjoo widened his eyes as he looked over at Maru, Maru ended up closing his mouth in shock.

“I want to be like Jackie Chan!”


“My dream is to be like an actor like Jackie Chan!”


“Jackie Chan!”

Bangjoo had fires burning in his eyes, the boy was serious. Ah. Maru felt his head start hurting. A total weirdo came.

* * *

Her long hair slid down her white shoulder, Suyeon slid her hands over the chest of the man below her as she pumped her hips. The man moaned pleasurably with the loud sound accompanying it. He raised his hand, Suyeon knew that the man liked her chest. As she rubbed her hips sideways, she leaned forward. The man started massaging her breast with his hand.

“Very firm.”

“You only realized that now?”

“I can’t get enough of a toned woman’s body.”

“Oh my, how perverted.”

Just like how children tend to hang onto the toys that they like, the man couldn’t get enough of Suyeon’s breast as well. Suyeon thought it was about time to end this, Men seem to think of women’s breasts as playthings at times. They just had no idea of just how sensitive breasts were, and how much pain they’d suffer. Suyeon sped up the movement of her hips, she could see the man try his best to endure with gritted teeth to no avail.


“Don’t want to.”

Suyeon was a fan of this position, the cowgirl. She liked being above men, thinking that she had this man under her control fueled her libido. Besides, she could end this whenever she wanted. She bounced her hips as hard as she could, the man tightened his grip on her chest. Suyeon moaned loudly before dropping down onto the man, she could feel the strength sap away from his hips through her flesh.

“Was it good?”

“Hah, the best.”

Suyeon got up from the bed first, she flicked the man’s floppy thing once before heading into the shower. When she finished cleaning herself up and stepped out, there was food in the room, courtesy of room service.

“I’ll be going first, so enjoy your meal.”

“You should eat.”

“Excuse you, producer, but I’m not about to bring my private life into this.”

“Ah, that’s right. Sorry.”

“Besides that, when’s that next drama happening?”

“Probably the next quarter. Besides that, you’re already looking for work? Don’t you need to rest?”

Suyeon shook her head. Her miniseries ended last week, it was a big payout, 30% viewership. Even so, Suyeon wasn’t satisfied.

‘That woman.’

The main actor, Ahn Joohyun, took all the spotlight. Worse, Suyeon had to admit that this woman was better than her. She felt humiliated when Joohyun was next to her.

The woman, who didn’t care much for money and whose work spanned many different genres. She was a bonafide professional, her skills had the media following her every move. Suyeon initially planned to be a side character that could eclipse the main character, but she was completely buried. She couldn’t even get an advertising contract signed from this.

“I don’t need rest. Thinking about that Ahn Joohyun just makes me so pissed.”

“Why don’t you rest though? Just come with me to Guam and...”

“Producer? I already told you to leave my private life out of this.”

“Ugh, you’re so cold.”

“That’s my charm.”

“Fine. You can go now.”

“I’ll see you next time.”

Suyeon stepped out with her clothes. She came down to the lobby through the elevator and checked out with a different room key. Just as she was about to step outside, her phone rang with a call from Junmin.

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