Chapter 126

“There must be something for you to call first.”

- What, you don’t like it?

“No. I like it.”

- You always say you like it no matter what I do.

“It’s better than not liking it. So, what’s going on? I’m sure it’s not calling to see me at this late hour.”

- I’m going to have to miss practice tomorrow. It’s the anniversary of my father passing away, so I’m going to spend the day with my mom.

“Oh, right. Should I come visit and bring you something?”

- Yeah right. I know you don’t want to come.

She was right. Maru wanted to be by her side, but he had no plans to visit her house and concern himself into her family matters. It was too early for that. Plus, it would be better for each family member to fill the hole that their past father left in their hearts. Maru decided to just pray for her from afar.

- You’re not misunderstanding what I said, right? I didn’t mean that you didn’t care.

“I understood you, don’t worry. Spend a good day with your mother.”

-… Okay.

“Don’t cry too much.”

- Who’s crying? I’m used to it now. It just feels hollow.

“Sure, it’s good to hear that you’re not going to cry.”

Maru could picture her gently biting down on her lower lip on the other end. Even as an adult, she always cried on the anniversary day of her father’s passing. Even when so much time had passed, she’d cry like a broken fountain. He understood that all this came from her inner tenderness and love, she’s truly a warm person at heart. Her tears would roll down like a little child’s, proving the pureness of her emotions.

Being a confident woman, she never wanted to show this side of her to others. Maru always loved that she could be such a responsible, mature woman on the outside but possess a sense of tenderness and innocence on the inside.

Immediately after hanging up the phone…

“Who is it? Who is it, huh?”

Maru didn’t know how to respond. He said a few words to placate Dojin and misdirect, but Dojin was still glancing at Maru with doubt.

“It was a girl, right? Right?”

Dojin sure had an active sixth sense.

Maru just shrugged.

* * *

“Come in.”

Geunseok gulped down hard as soon as he heard the door opening. He saw Suyeon wearing skin-tight orange leggings and a loose tank top that showed off her midriff. He could see a yoga mat on the floor and a Yoga instructor giving instructions on TV.

- Stretch out your legs, Now take a deep breath and…

He followed her into the living room while listening to the instructions softly coming out of the TV. Suyeon pointed toward the sofa with her chin and told him to sit.

“Let me just finish this part.”


He felt that Suyeon’s smile was mysteriously sexy, the sexiness of her smile was amplified by her clothes. On top of the smooth mat, Suyeon sat with her legs stretched forward and bent her upper body downwards. Her body was like a flip phone, completely folding down. Her chest was touching her legs and her hipbone was showing its oddly attractive contours. In this position, her butt looked as tight as fully expanded water balloons. All of this was accentuated from the skin-tight leggings, he can even catch a glimpse of her underwear. Geunseok couldn’t take his eyes off of her. Utter fascination. Yurim’s skinny body couldn’t compare to this developed female body.


The ridges on her back smoothed out as she slowly exhaled. He could see her toned and developed muscles come alive with each small action. She unraveled and started sitting on top of the backs of her feet. On TV, the words ‘Downward Dog’ rang out from the instructor. Suyeon bent down again and stretched her upper body with the palm of her hands far in front of her on the ground. With her back bent in this position, he could see her top open up and see the black lining of her bra. Geunseok balled his fists on top of his knees and squeezed. He found that just looking at this developed woman excited him. He started staring at her feet when she arched her back and lifted her chin towards the ceiling. As he moved his gaze upward, he couldn’t see a single wrinkle or imperfection on her beautiful face.

His throat started burning, he wanted to drink some water but was unwilling to get up. He wasn’t stupid enough to miss this sight for a drink of water. He wished that his eyes could record so that he could store this sight forever.

Suyeon continued with her yoga exercise for a further 30 minutes. Looking at her flex her body this way and that, he didn’t realize time flying by.

“Phew. Geunseok.”


His voice came out weak and cracked, as he suddenly spoke after being enraptured.

“Are you sleepy?”

“O-Oh, no. Did you need something?”

“Can you help out?”


“Press down here.”

Suyeon laid down on her stomach and gestured at her ankles. Geunseok nodded his head, slowly came up to her, and gently pushed down. He felt her lively vigor from his fingertips, her skin felt firm yet supple. He could tell that her toned, developed legs came from rigorous training.


She smiled briefly and then started to curve her back and lift her upper body. He couldn’t help but appreciate her flexibility and upper body strength. Her back arched like a bow as that had its string pulled. He marveled at the beauty of her curved back and the firmness of the two mounds right below.

“Can you press down a little above my calves?”


“Come up a little more.”

He nodded his head and slowly brought his hands upward. He could have lifted his hands and placed them on top of her calves, but he slowly slid his hands up her knees as if he was giving her a massage instead.

“Hahat~ That tickles.”

Luckily, Suyeon didn’t seem like she minded. His lips were parched and dry, a sense of nervousness and anticipation arose. She started raising her upper body once more. She didn’t lift herself as high this time, but he was still able to see the muscles showing right underneath her shirt rippling.

“This time, push down here.”

Geunseok hesitated. The place she was pointing to was just above her butt. It was where her orange leggings and open skin met, this was pretty much the upper part of her butt.

“Here?” he asked at a loss.

“What? Are you being self-conscious? Because you’re a guy?” she quipped.

Suyeon gave a quick smirk. Hearing her playful tone of voice, Geunseok felt a little slighted. “No problem,” he said and quickly placed his hands where she instructed. He could feel the softness underneath his fingers. A feeling of wanting to touch everywhere arose in him.

She refocused on her yoga and carried out the instructions on TV, her face didn’t show any noticeable emotion. As she was going through the motions, he started lowering the position of his hands. This wasn’t overconfidence. He felt that the mood was leaning in this direction, as if there was some mutual understanding that he could go lower.

As if to prove this fact, Suyeon continued like nothing happened. She actually started tightening her butt even more, as if saying ‘how about this’.

Geunseok had been putting a lot of downward force. What he felt was not the flexing of the hips but a part that had its own bouncy quality, it was soft and somewhat nonconforming. A bunch of erotic thoughts crossed his mind, he had to take a few meditative breaths to calm his racing heart. This was probably the finish line. She probably only wanted to go this far as a coquettish tease. If he took a further step from this point, it would just make him a pervert. He told himself that he should enjoy this moment, within the boundaries.

He couldn’t stop his deepening infatuation for her. He never knew that women were such attractive beings. He couldn’t even remember all the girls he dated in middle school. No, wait, could those relationships even be called dating?

His relationship with Yurim… was definitely different since there was some emotional support and dependence involved. Yet, he couldn’t get away from the childish feel and nature of the relationship. Yurim was the type of girl that he got tired of soon. It was comfortable and nice having her around, but he wouldn’t miss her if she wasn’t around. She was that type of existence for him.

“Thanks,” she said with a smile. He felt something dash through his stomach as he watched her gently lift away her slightly damp hair.

“One moment. Let me quickly wash up.”

“You can take your time.”

“It’s so late already. Won’t your folks be worried? It’s already 11pm.”

“It’s okay. My parents trust me.”

“Oh? Okay then.”

She playfully squinted one eye and walked to the bathroom. A little later, he could hear the sound of water flowing out. He started imagining Suyeon washing her sweaty body. While in the middle of his daydream, he took out his phone and flipped it open. Of course, it was Yurim.


- I got home. You?

“I’m home too. I’m actually getting ready to sleep.”

- Already?

“What do you mean already? It's 11pm. It’s time to sleep.”

- Oh, okay. I guess you can’t talk right now then.

“Sorry. I’m a little tired today. I’ll make up for it tomorrow and listen to whatever you want to say.”

- Don’t say sorry. It’s fine. Go to bed then. Dream of me.

“Yeah. I hope I dream of you too.”

As soon as he hung up, he took out the battery. She couldn’t even read between the lines. He realized that girls who put guys on a pedestal were the most boring ones. There needs to be some tension, some give and go. Yurim didn’t have any of this. It was kind of a waste to just let her go, so he decided to keep her around for now.

After waiting a while longer, Suyeon stepped out of the bathroom wearing a gown. She was drying her hair with a towel when she sat down on the sofa with her legs showing between the split in her gown. There were a variety of cosmetic products on the coffee table in front of the sofa.

A wonderful fragrance wafted from her body. He could see the drops of water on her chest, where the gown opened up in a V-shape. He felt a sudden urge to touch her.

"Our instruction time is tomorrow, but why did you want to see me today?”

"I had a few things to ask you.”

"Hmm, few things? Okay. Ah! Geunseok, can you hand me that?”

Geunseok, quickly grabbed the purple glass bottle of skin lotion and handed it to her. She started dabbing skin lotion on her face with a cotton pad.

"How’s the acting club?”

"We edited the script a little.”

"This late? With just a week left?”


“Wow, instructor Miso must really have a lot of faith in you guys. You can’t do that with people you don’t fully trust.”

Suyeon twisted her torso and put her silky white legs on top of Geunseok’s lap, his body slightly shook.

“You see that body cream there?”

“… yeah.”

“Can you apply that on my legs? It’s gotten so cold recently that my legs have been drying up. I’m not sure if my stockings will survive.”

She had on a wide smile.

* * *

“I’ll take off now.”

“Next time call earlier. Come by when you specifically need something. It’s not good to waste time like this when you’re so busy.”

"Okay, I’ll do that.”

She smiled and waved goodbye. Geunseok bowed and left the apartment. As soon as the door closed, Suyeon started laughing and said aloud,

“A little child trying to act like a man.”

When he had slightly lowered his hands onto her butt, she had to hold in her laughter. He must have felt that he was going with the flow, but for her, it was like dealing with a curious little child. This is why she disliked young kids. If you spend a little time with them, they suddenly think whatever they want.

“Still, he’s not half bad look-wise, so I’ll let it pass.”

He had wide shoulders and was over 180cm tall. Outwardly, he had some handsome features, but he was a little kid inside. She thought it was at least fun to play around with him, but not enough fun to do it for nothing. She received money from Junmin to help out and guide him, but this wasn’t reason enough.

“How can I benefit from this?”

She walked toward the sofa, sat down, and started putting cotton balls between her toes. She decided that pink would be good today. After giving herself a pedicure, she opened her laptop on her lap. She went onto the actor information exchange website and clicked around until she arrived at the independent film page.

“Now this is a man.”

A picture popped up from her screen. It was a picture of a guy with the director and staff members all happily smiling at the camera. Suyeon tilted her head and focused on the guy.

“I want him.”

Hong Geunsoo.

She accepted Geunseok’s childish ways for one reason, to meet Geunsoo. If she were to be introduced by Junmin, there would be too much of a business vibe. There were probably other women who tried that way. But what if she approached him through his brother?

“Let’s think about this more later.”

Geunseok’s feelings and self-confidence may take a hit, but she didn’t care. It was nearing the end of her promise with Junmin anyway. It was until the end of the year, so her obligation to spend time with him was essentially finished.

“Goodnight, my darling~”

Puckering her lip, she blew a kiss at the screen. Suyeon was a woman who knew what she wanted and what she had to do to get it, not to mention men. Geunsoo would be able to fulfill her in bed and also in business. Of course, she wanted him.

“That came out well,” she said as she looked at the sparkling nail polish on her toes.

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