Chapter 49 – Unable to Find the Golden Scales

Chapter 49 – Unable to Find the Golden Scales

Xie Xie was full of grief and indignation!

If this were the first time he had lost, then he would think that he had lost due to his carelessness. However, this was the second time he had lost. Moreover, he had lost in such a manner that he wasn’t able to make heads or tails of what had happened. He touched Tang Wulin’s shoulder, feeling for the area where he had stabbed him, yet, he couldn’t find it at all.

‘He has a secret! This guy definitely has a secret!’

“What was that golden light?” Xie Xie calmed himself and clearly asked.

“Goldlight? Goldlight is my spirit soul!” Tang Wulin’s hand flashed with a brilliant light. Then the yellow Grass Snake, Goldlight, appeared in his palm.

“I’m talking about the golden light that came from your body!” Xie Xie angrily said. Not only had this guy insulted him, he had also insulted his intelligence. This could not be tolerated!

Tang Wulin forced out a bitter laugh. “Even if I wanted to tell you, I don’t know what that was. Do you understand?”

Xie Xie gave a cold snort, expressing his attitude towards Tang Wulin.

Yun Xiao and Zhou Zhangxi were dumbstruck when they saw Tang Wulin carry Xie Xie in and lay him on the bed.

Zhou Zhangxi directly asked, “You wanted to beat him up, yet you actually ended up getting carried back?”

Xie Xie’s swollen cheeks already made the outcome of the duel abundantly clear.

When he had introduced himself this morning, didn’t he say that his soul power was at rank 18?

“He’s already spent his money!” Tang Wulin answered thoughtlessly. Afterwards, he excitedly turned towards Yun Xiao and asked, “Dinner time hasn’t ended yet, right?”

Yun Xiao looked him over for a moment. “Not yet. But it’ll be closing soon.”

In the next moment, he saw a Tang Wulin run like the wind, disappearing in a flash and not leaving a trace.

“Hey, you lost again?” Zhou Zhangxi asked Xie Xie.

Xie Xie fiercely glared at him. “I was just careless, that’s all. I’ll definitely win next time!” He said this as he struggled to sit up on his bed. With his face like this, how could he not get treatment?

‘I don’t want to have a scar, I don’t want to have a scar, I don’t want to have a scar.’ He repeated this line three times to himself.

When Tang Wulin arrived at the third window and ordered his sixteenth bowl of noodles, a dining hall worker couldn’t help but ask, “Little student, could it be that you don’t want others to see you eat so much, so you came so late tonight? We’re just about to finish working.”

Tang Wulin bashfully lowered his head. “Sorry uncle cook. I arrived too late today. I won’t be so late in the future. I’ll just eat this last bowl of noodles and I’ll be finished.”

The cook laughed. “It’s fine if you eat as much as you want. The academy’s third window is free and unlimited. It’s just a question of how much more can you eat.”

Tang Wulin rubbed his stomach. He hadn’t eaten lunch, so he was especially hungry this night. “I should still be able to eat a lot more.”

The cook said, “It’s good that you came so late then. The second window still has some leftovers. Nobody is going to buy it, so I’ll just give it to you then. Otherwise, the food would go to waste.”

Half a pot of stewed meat was added to a pot of noodles, then given to Tang Wulin.

Tang Wulin couldn’t wait to eat it. He quickly thanked the cook and began gorging himself. The unknown meat in the stew from the second window was exceptionally chewy, with an ordinary flavor, but his stomach felt nice and warm after he finished eating. He had used up a lot of strength today, but with this meal, some of his strength had been restored.

So the second window is actually so good. I wonder how the first window is?’

Tang Wulin swallowed his saliva as he shot a glance at the first window. However, he quickly regained himself and shook his head. The first window’s food wasn’t something he could eat.

After he acquired some work from the Blacksmith’s Association in the future, he’d see if he could earn some more money. It was just that, he had to save some money in order to buy another spirit soul in the future too.

One million federal coins could buy a yellow hundred year spirit soul. That was his goal. After earning ten thousand coins at the Blacksmith’s Association, Tang Wulin had set his sights on a hundred year spirit soul.

Xie Xie wasn’t there when he returned to his dorm room, but Tang Wulin didn’t care too much about him. Although that guy was arrogant and unbridled, he wasn’t excessively so. Xie Xie’s final attack on him that day was made with the dagger’s handle, clearly showing his restraint.

Although Yun Xiao was already meditating, Zhou Zhangxi hadn’t begun yet. When he saw Tang Wulin return, he immediately raised his head from his bed and asked, “Tang Wulin, is Xie Xie really a rank 18 Soul Master? How did you beat him?” Zhou Zhangxi was getting more and more curious about Tang Wulin, who was even more powerful than him.

Tang Wulin had an expression of helplessness. “Actually, I don’t know either.”

He really didn’t know. How could he possibly say that golden scales appeared on his arm? After fainting and waking up, his body had already returned to normal and no matter what he did, he couldn’t get those scales to reappear. He only vaguely remembered that there was a surge of heat within his body before the scales appeared on his arm, filling it with berserk power. His consciousness had been somewhat fuzzy at the time, and he hadn’t been able to contain the feeling in his body. A tyrannical mood had even come over him at that time.

If his willpower hadn’t been so resolute, he was afraid that he’d have put others in danger.

But in the end, what were those golden scales? Could they actually be due to his variant martial soul? Or could it be his little Grass Snake, Goldlight, wasn’t actually a trash spirit soul, but was actually an impossible existence?

However, no matter how he looked at it, he couldn’t see Goldlight being so valiant!

The bottom of the matter was this: what caused those golden scales to appear? Would they only appear when he was harmed?

Tang Wulin took out a sewing needle from his personal items and pricked himself.

How painful!’ A drop of blood flowed out, accompanied by an intense stinging feeling.

But still nothing…

The golden scales didn’t appear.

He was a bit afraid of pain, so could it be that this prick was too little? He tried it again.

But still nothing…

It still was to no avail.

I’ll try meditating then!’

Completely focused on meditating, Tang Wulin began circulating his soul power while in search of the bizarre heat. He had only learned the most basic of meditation techniques, so the path of his soul power was exceedingly simple. Soon after, he’d finished circulating his soul power, but still wasn’t able to find anything at all.

Everything was the same as always. There were absolutely no deviations in his cultivation.

This was truly strange! Tang Wulin summoned Goldlight and inspected it. However, no matter how much he looked it over, the undulating energy coming from this guy wouldn’t be able to give him such such tyrannical strength.

Early morning.

When Tang Wulin finished his meditation, he looked across the room and saw that Xie Xie was also meditating. He had returned at an unknown time and the swelling of his face had gone down by a lot. Only his complexion was just as bad as before. Tang Wulin didn’t know whether it was because Xie Xie had been beaten again, or because he was angry.

No one would be happy after paying for a beating.

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