Chapter 48 – Golden Scales

Chapter 48 – Golden Scales

The Light Dragon Dagger pierced into his shoulder. Xie Xie restrained himself in this attack as he thought that Tang Wulin’s whole arm would have been severed if he’d used his entire strength. Neither of them had a deep hatred for the other, so giving him a small lesson would be enough.

However, what shocked him was that Tang Wulin’s shoulder flesh was extremely tough; even his Light Dragon Dagger was only able to cut about an inch. Even if he had restrained his strength, this result was simply too shocking!

Bright red blood appeared, accompanied by pain. This caused Tang Wulin to lose control of the withdrawing Bluesilver Grass, leaving the grass limp on the ground.

As the Light Dragon Dagger pushed down, Tang Wulin was forced to his knees. After stumbling a bit, he was able to stand back up. He wanted to punch Xie Xie, but Xie Xie suddenly spun and was already at his rear. The Light Dragon Dagger in his shoulder twisted, causing a burst of pain to shoot throughout his body. In particular, the spot where the Light Dragon Dagger had stabbed him had an energy which oppressed his soul power.

“Admit defeat!” Xie Xie’s voice was proud after having avenged his defeat against Tang Wulin’s fist the previous day.

Tang Wulin clenched his teeth. His stubborn heart couldn’t possibly allow him to concede at this point.

Right at that moment, the pain in his shoulder seemed to ignite through his whole body. A scorching wave of heat rushed forth, spreading rapidly throughout his being. He wanted to speak out, but found that he wasn’t able to speak at all.

“I ask you, do you admit defeat!?” Xie Xie pressed down on the dagger in his hand as he fiercely said this.

“No!” Tang Wulin snarled with a hint a rebellion.

Xie Xie was stunned for a moment. He wondered why Tang Wulin’s voice was so hoarse, even when the wound was so shallow. Subconsciously, even he wanted to pull out the Light Dragon Dagger.

At that moment however, an unexpected situation occurred.

The Light Dragon Dagger that was stabbed into his shoulder issued out an ear-piercing dragon’s roar that filled Xie Xie’s entire being with palpitation. He felt as if he had suddenly encountered something dreadful.

The blood suddenly stopped flowing from the location where the Light Dragon Dagger was embedded and a golden light began to spill out of the wound. Bathed in that golden light, the Light Dragon Dagger slid a bit out of the wound.

Faced with this unknown situation, Xie Xie’s first thought was to retreat. However, he was aghast to discovered that the Light Dragon Dagger was practically clinging onto Tang Wulin, and he couldn’t retrieve the Light Dragon Dagger at all.

“Ahhhhhh!” Tang Wulin let out a shocking roar as a golden light poured out of his wound, dislodging the Light Dragon Dagger.

As Xie Xie watched, a golden mass of light suddenly rushed towards him, then he felt as if he was flying; as though he had been hit by a high-speed soul train. He immediately blacked out, completely unaware of what happened.

Bang! Xie Xie crashed into a large tree off in the distance and slowly slid down its trunk.

Tang Wulin half knelt on the ground. His eyes were just as red as before, while his whole body violently trembled. Right at this moment, he felt as though he were metal being calcined in a furnace. The blazing heat within his body made him shake unceasingly.

However, he was still completely conscious. When he had punched Xie Xie moments ago, he had restrained his strength at the very last moment, otherwise he feared that Xie Xie would have died.

He lowered his head and was shocked to see his right hand covered in scales.

These were golden scales shaped like rhombuses. Each scale protruded outwards a bit, giving it a sharp look. His fingernails had a sharp scale that narrowed  to a point, similar to sharp talons.

The little Grass Snake, Goldlight, who’d been twisting around his arm had also releasing a faint golden light. Moreover, its whole body had actually lengthened by a whole circle while its two small eyes had turned red, similar to a pair of twinkling rubies.

‘Was it the reason? Was it not a trash spirit soul? What was the cause of all this?’

Tang Wulin quickly took off his shirt and was dumbstruck when he saw that the change wasn’t only around his palms. Rather, the scales covered his entire right arm. Starting from where the Light Dragon Dagger had stabbed him, the golden scales spread all the way to his palms.

His arm had an indescribable feeling of power within it.

Subconsciously, he suddenly punched out with his right arm.


When he punched the air with his right arm, a golden ball of light rushed forth and gave an indistinct shape of a dragon’s head as it travelled a meter out in front of him. The powerful aura from his all out punch confirmed his suspicions as to the effect it would have had on a human body.

“Goldlight, is this power because of you?” Tang Wulin asked the little Grass Snake wrapped around his wrist, pleasantly surprised.

Right at that moment however, the inflated body of the little Grass Snake began to gradually shrink back to its original size, while the golden scales on his arm also began to rapidly vanish. Several breaths of time later, everything was back to normal. The only thing that remained was a feeling of exhaustion. Tang Wulin’s vision faded to darkness, then he lost consciousness.

He hadn’t put on his clothes yet, so when the golden veins appeared on his body once again, they were visible for anyone to see. In particular, the shining lines on his vertebra were especially bright.

Xie Xie woke up with a jolt. He was still dazed, but noticed a vague change in scenery. When he raised his head to look around, he saw a familiar scene.

The moment he looked up, he saw the gates of Eastsea Academy.

The sky had already turned dark, so the lit words of ‘Eastsea Academy’ were exceptionally clear.

“Wuluwulu…” Xie Xie wanted to speak out, but he discovered that all the sounds he made were completely incomprehensible.

Tang Wulin’s brows wrinkled and asked Xie Xie, who he carried on his back, “What did you say?”

“Wu what?” Xie Xie’s words were still as unclear as before.

As he gradually became more clear-headed, Xie Xie discovered that he was being carried on Tang Wulin’s back. He subconsciously raised his hand to touch his face, finding it swollen up like bread. His whole face was already thick with numbness.

Like a surging tide, he gradually recalled the events from before. Xie Xie’s mind echoed with the words he had said before he and Tang Wulin had left Eastsea Academy.

“We’re going to Eastsea Park. There aren’t many people there, so you can be at ease; I’ll find someone to treat your injuries.”

But now…

He had spent twenty four thousand coins just for a beating…

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