Chapter 18 – Random Draw

Chapter 18 – Random Draw

The numbers stopped increasing after a moment and settled within a range.

The Spirit Master turned off the apparatus and took off the helmet.

“It’s done.”

Tang Wulin really did feel dizzy, even though he had previously only felt a slight irritation in his head. He had once seen the indistinct sight of the golden world of fused spirit souls, and now, during the test, he had once again managed to see it. He had to put in a lot of effort in order to see it clearly, and when he almost succeeded to clearly glimpse it, the test had already ended.

“It’s a pretty good number.” The Spirit Master nodded and smiled at Tang Wulin. “You have the best spiritual power out of all the Soul Scholars I’ve had these past few years. Your spiritual power is 38. Remember this number. I’m going to have the machine make a record for you, so you can hand it over once you attend an intermediate Soul Master academy.

As he was unclear about the boundaries of the spiritual power system, Tang Wulin also wasn’t clear about the significance of having a spiritual power level of 38.

Seeing Tang Wulin’s perplexed expression, the Spirit Master kindly explained, “Spirit Origin realm can be ranged between level 1 to 50 spiritual power.  Levels 15 and below are elementary ranked. Levels 15 to 30 are intermediate ranked. Levels 30 to 45 are advanced rank. Levels 45 to 50 is the peak of Spirit Origin. You’ve already entered Spirit Origin realm intermediate rank at such a young age; that isn’t easy at all. I’m a 28th rank Soul Grandmaster, yet my spiritual power is only at level 87. With spiritual power in the advanced rank of Spirit Origin realm, you’ll be able to fuse with a hundred year yellow spirit soul.”

This good news caused Tang Wulin to immediately brighten up a bit. What’s more, the Spirit Master’s explanation of spiritual power had enabled him to see another magnificent side to the world of Soul Masters.

“If you accept, then we’ll see just how good your luck is.” The Spirit Master brought Tang Wulin directly into an adjacent room afterwards.

Inside of this much larger room, there was a three meter tall, six meter wide gigantic machine. Numerous glowing spheres with a diameter of about one third of a meter could be seen within it. Each and every one of these balls of light were exactly the same.

The Spirit Master pointed at two buttons on the machine and said, “The green button is to start, the red button is to stop. After stopping, the spirit soul at that location will roll out. You may begin whenever you’re ready.”

Tang Wulin’s heartbeat couldn’t help but quicken in front of this odd machine. Teacher Lin Ximeng had said before that the quality of a spirit soul played a significant role in a Soul Master’s strength. Fusing with a strong spirit soul would help a Soul Master upgrade their own power. On the other hand, if they fused with a weak spirit soul, the spirit skill bestowed upon them would be equally weak. A Soul Master could have a maximum of nine spirit skills. Although it was exceedingly rare for someone to reach nine spirit rings, this just made the lower level spirit skills that much more important.

What is to be, will be.

Tang Wulin clenched his teeth, then bravely pressed the green button.

A succession of lights within the machine immediately began to shine, until every single ball was illuminated.

The hundred or so spirit souls within the machine slowly began to circulate. Not too long after, it reached a shockingly fast speed, giving off the feeling of being too much for one’s eyes to take in.

The spirit souls were all concealed from the outside world by the spirit soul ball. Nothing of the inner contents could be discerned by the eye. The result could only be left up to the will of the Heavens.

Tang Wulin’s hand rested upon the red button. Although he could normally hold a forty kilogram thousand refined tungsten hammer with steady hands, at this moment his hand had a slight tremble to it. He knew that as soon as he pressed the button, his fate as a Soul Master would be sealed!

After breathing in forcefully, he shut his eyes and finally pressed the button.

Bang!” The machine stopped circulating and a pure white spirit soul ball fell out of the machine, tumbling into the metal case beside Tang Wulin.

Tang Wulin subconsciously opened his eyes and turned to look. At that moment, his heartbeat was beating like a drum.

The Spirit Master walked over, took out the spirit soul ball, and handed it to Tang Wulin.

“Come on. Take a look.”

Tang Wulin gasped for breath as he held the ball close to his chest. He looked at it as if it was the most precious treasure in the world.

‘I finally have it! This is my first spirit soul!’

After Tang Wulin tensely returned to his father, the Spirit Master handed him an oval shaped device.

“When you press this button and shine the device’s light upon the spirit soul ball, your spirit soul will break out of its shell. After releasing the spirit soul, its power will belong to you.Not even speaking of Tang Wulin’s nervousness, Tang Ziran couldn’t possibly clench his fists any tighter from the anticipation of that moment. What would the result be?

Tang Wulin looked at his father. In return, Tang Ziran gave him a nod brimming with encouragement.

At the push of the button, a gentle yellow light was released from the device and fell upon the spirit soul ball. The spirit soul ball reacted by emitting a faint radiance, then slowly turned transparent. The contents within could already be vaguely seen.

Tang Wulin could clearly sense the breath of the being within the spirit soul ball when it made a slight movement.

‘What is it?’

The radiance emitted by the spirit soul ball turned white at that moment, and in its center, the brilliance of a shining ring was seen. The spirit soul ball slowly unfurled from the center outwards.

When he saw the white light, the Spirit Master explained from the side. “It’s a ten year spirit soul.”

Tang Ziran’s expression darkened. In the end, the Heavens didn’t care for his son. A hundred year spirit soul worth over a million coins simply wasn’t that easy to obtain.

Tang Wulin’s gaze was fixed on the spirit soul ball that slowly opened up. His first spirit soul would be a ten year spirit soul, but what kind would it be?

The white light began to dissipate as the spirit soul ball opened up completely. The spirit soul inside had appeared at last.

As soon as he saw it, the Spirit Master’s expression changed a bit. Tang Ziran and Tang Wulin were both dumbfounded.

The spirit soul was actually…

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