Chapter 17 – Spiritual Power Test

Chapter 17 – Spiritual Power Test

The Spirit Master shot him a glance. “Thirty thousand is for a random spirit soul. You can get a ten year spirit soul, or a hundred year spirit soul, but what you get is random. There’s a very high chance that the spirit soul you get won’t be suitable for your martial soul. Some people who want to save money and bet on luck would choose this type. However, I suggest that you get a suitable ten year spirit soul instead, it’ll be much more helpful.

From their tone of voice, it was clear to the Spirit Master that this father and son pair weren’t people who were able to purchase a hundred year spirit soul.

Tang Wulin looked over at his father. His original excitement had already been obliterated completely.

Tang Ziran crouched down to face Tang Wulin. At that moment, he had all sorts of feelings swell up in his heart, but he didn’t know what he should say in this situation.

“Son, let’s choose a random spirit soul then. Your martial soul’s adaptability should be very high and it should be able to fuse with most spirit souls.”

If Tang Wulin didn’t have the trash martial soul of Bluesilver Grass, Tang Ziran might not have opted to take this risk…

However, Bluesilver Grass truly didn’t have too much room for improvement. So being able to cultivate it to the 10th rank was already a surprise.

“I must warn you.” The Spirit Master’s voice caught the attention of the father and son pair.

He indifferently continued, “It’s possible to obtain a hundred year spirit soul from the random spirit soul selection, but it’s also possible to obtain a defective spirit soul.”

Tang Ziran asked in bewilderment, “Defective spirit soul? How could they be defective?”

The Spirit Master said, “When a spirit soul is being manufactured, it won’t necessarily succeed every single time. Sometimes, defective ones may appear. The defectives ones are also very expensive to manufacture and they can also be fused with too. So we include it in the random selection. If we didn’t and just left it as all white and yellow spirit souls, wouldn’t the losses outweigh the profits? It would seem that thirty thousand federal coins is quite a bit for you two, so you must think about this thoroughly.”

Tang Ziran looked at Tang Wulin and saw the lifeless look in his eyes. He had never thought that after all the effort he had put in these last three years, he would still be faced with this kind of situation.

“Son, how about we first go home. Dad will help you think of an idea. If there’s no other way, we can borrow some to try to gather up seventy thousand…” Tang Ziran saw his son’s appearance and couldn’t help feeling his heart ache.

Tang Wulin shook his head. “Dad, you and mom already tire yourselves out for me everyday. And anyways, my martial soul is only Bluesilver Grass. I’ll just try my luck and see if the Heavens care about me then. Maybe I’ll get a decent spirit soul.”

His eating capacity had increased by a lot ever since his martial soul had awakened. What’s more, Na’er also had a large appetite despite her petite frame. For a household living on a salary, it was already quite difficult for Tang Ziran and Lang Yue. All the good things were already given to the children to eat; the husband and wife weren’t even willing to eat meat.

The children of the poor had to take on household responsibilities at a young age. To Tang Wulin’s eyes, his household was already struggling hard enough as it is. How could he possibly let them strain themselves further to borrow money for him? His mom and dad worked very hard, so he wanted a strong spirit soul to become a renowned and powerful Soul Master.  Although becoming a powerful Soul Master was important to him, his mother, father, and Na’er were much more important.

“He really is a thoughtful child.” When the somewhat impatient Spirit Master heard what Tang Wulin said, his expression couldn’t help but soften a bit.

Sigh…” Tang Ziran’s sigh was full of bitterness. “It’s all because dad is useless.”

Tang Wulin held his father’s hand, then looked towards the Spirit Master and asked, “Lord Spirit Master, could I trouble you to take me to select a random spirit soul?” Saying this, he took out the thirty thousand federal coins he had saved up.

The Spirit Master nodded and said, “You really are a sensible child. Much better than my family’s stinky kid. Originally, you would have had to pay a fee for the spiritual power examination, but I’ll help you out and exempt you from the fee.”

Tang Wulin stared blankly at him before hastening to say, “Thank you. I really am thankful to you.”

The Spirit Master laughed as he rubbed his head. “Follow me. Your father will wait here. Ordinary people can’t look into the world of Soul Masters.”

The room he brought Tang Wulin into was different on the inside compared to its simple and unadorned outer appearance. It was brimming with modern technological apparatuses that were arranged about the room.

The Spirit Master gestured for Tang Wulin to sit down on a metal chair before he began speaking. “Do you know why we why test spiritual power?”

Tang Wulin blankly shook his head.

The Spirit Master explained, “This is your first time coming to choose a spirit soul. After fusing with a spirit soul, you’ll become a true Soul Master and the Spirit Pagoda will make a record of your spiritual power’s strength, the level and type of spirit soul you fused with, and other things. You’ll most likely attend an intermediate Soul Master academy later on.”

Tang Wulin responded in amazement. “Lord Spirit Master, spiritual power also has ranks? Like soul power? Is spiritual power very important?”

The Spirit Master answered, “For normal Soul Masters, spiritual power isn’t too important. It’s also divided into ranks, but it isn’t divided the same way soul power is. However, when it comes to high level Soul Masters, the strength of their spiritual powers becomes much more significant. A strong spirit soul requires spiritual power equally as strong to fuse with.”

“Before the existence of spirit souls, there weren’t any ranks for spiritual power at all. But when spirit souls first appeared, the previous generations gradually realized that fusing with a spirit soul required much more spiritual power than fusing with a spirit ring. After extensive research, they created the rankings for spiritual power. It was only in the last two thousand years or so that the rankings were completed.”

Tang Wulin inquisitively asked, “Then how many levels is spiritual power divided into?”

The Spirit Master responded, “From low to high, spiritual power is divided into: Spirit Origin, Spirit Connection, Spirit Sea, Spirit Abyss, Spirit Domain, and the fabled Divine Origin. These six realms are quite simple. Everyone is in the Spirit Origin realm when they are born. As for the meaning behind Spirit Origin, it means that it’s the single origin everyone starts from. Afterwards, nature takes on a new look. This is the most basic of soul levels. You should be at this level. As for the rest, you’ll learn it in school so I won’t speak of it. Alright then. I’ll start testing what degree of Spirit Origin you’ve reached.”

A metal helmet fell onto his head. Then, metal arms linked together and strapped his head in.

“Don’t be so tense. Relax your body. You might feel a bit of vertigo in a bit; that’s normal. You just need to stay relaxed.” The Spirit Master repeatedly warned.

“Yes.” Tang Wulin hastily promised.

A slight humming noise arose as the helmet began to emit a soft white glow. The Spirit Master watched the soul transmitter screen on the side as the screen began to display data.

When the numbers first appeared, they jumped up extremely quickly. After a moment, the numbers gradually stabilized. When the Spirit Master saw the number, his expression changed to one of astonishment.

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