Chapter 699: Brother-In-Law’s Ultimate Move

Zu An flinched as he turned to look at Chu Chuyan, but he didn’t see the explosive rage he imagined, but instead a huge smile. “I didn’t expect you to obtain the lover’s gift of the capital city’s number one beauty! Why didn’t you tell me earlier? When are you going to introduce her to us?”

You have successfully trolled Chu Chuyan for +574 +574 +574…

Zu An’s eyelids jumped. I really would’ve believed you if I didn’t see all these Rage points.

He quickly said with a firm expression, “Chuyan, you misunderstood! I was just speaking on the cusp earlier to trick King Qi’s heir! You know that there was a huge difference in strength between us as well, so I had to use every advantage I had!”

“But didn’t she really give her personal item to you?” Chu Chuyan was still smiling.

However, she was at a loss inside. Everyone thought that she had ruined herself by choosing Zu An as her husband. Even she herself never treated him as her real husband. Only later on after experiencing various things together, did she end up gradually liking him.

But now, even the number one beauty liked this man. Who was the one who was out of whose league now?

If her dad were to find out that his crush liked his own son-in-law, what kind of expression would he have?

This Yu Yanluo really is the natural enemy of both me and my mother! She first tried to take my mother’s man, and now she’s after mine.

Countless thoughts flew past her mind in this instant. Zu An quickly explained, “It’s all a misunderstanding, a misunderstanding! I don’t have anything like that on me!”

“Really?” Chu Chuyan didn’t believe him.

Chu Youzhao jumped in excitedly. “Big sis, he’s lying. I saw that jade pendant myself.”

For some reason, she felt absolutely fantastic when she saw her brother-in-law in such a sorry state. It was as if electricity was running through her entire body!

Zu An almost grabbed her and started spanking her viciously again. This little kid really wanted to see the entire world in chaos! “I really don’t! If you don’t believe me, you can search my body.”

He was glad that Yu Yanluo took that pendant back, or else it really would be quite troublesome right now.

Chu Chuyan smiled ambiguously at Zu An. She obviously wouldn’t lower herself to do something like that, but Chu Youzhao was still young and didn’t have such misgivings.

Chu Youzhao immediately read her expression. She rolled up her sleeves and ran over. “I’ll look for it!”

Then, her two little hands began to rub his body all over.

Zu An: “......”

Sis, you can’t just touch another man like this… There should be some boundaries between men and women, you know?

But when he saw their vicious expressions, he sensibly chose to remain silent.

“Hm?” Even after searching for a while, Chu Youzhao still didn’t find that jade pendant.

She was still unconvinced. Was it hiding in his pants?

Chu Chuyan finally couldn’t sit still anymore when she saw her reach her hands into his pants. She pulled her back. “Enough, enough. Since your brother-in-law said that he doesn’t have it, then let’s just say that he doesn’t have it.”

“But he clearly…” Chu Youzhao suddenly realized something halfway through her sentence. Her pretty face swiftly turned entirely red.

She could no longer sit still. She covered her face and ran out.

Zu An was gloomy. “I’m clearly the one who was taken advantage of here, so why is she the one running away?”

Chu Chuyan tugged on his sleeves in annoyance. “She’s still young and shy. Don’t provoke her so much.”

Zu An used this chance to take her into his arms. “She’s still young, but what about this mature girl here?”

Chu Chuyan was just about to say something, but her neck suddenly went entirely red. The two of them were pressed up against each other, and she could already sense that powerful pressure again. “Why are you always…”

Zu An couldn’t just admit that he became this way from Chu Youzhao’s groping, right? “Ahem, it’s because I missed you so much, so I can’t hold myself back when I see you again…”

Another rule of playboy cultivation: It should always be sweet words whenever you open your mouth.

How could Chu Chuyan understand anything about this? Her lovestruck self was quickly thrown for a loop.

She finally reacted when she felt him carrying her to the bed. She reached out her hand and pressed it against his chest. “Stop… Youzhao is still outside.”

“Isn’t it natural for lovers to be like newlyweds when they meet again after a long period of separation? Furthermore, it’s not like she didn’t see us before. So what if she finds out?” Zu An replied while kissing her.

Chu Chuyan was like a startled deer. She felt like there was something wrong with what he said, yet she couldn’t find any argument to retort against him.

Her entire body suddenly went rigid when she was kissed. There was a bit of charm in her usually cold eyes. “You…”

Zu An lowered his head and kissed her beautiful ear. “Everyone else claims that you are as cold as ice. Only I alone know just how warm you are inside.”

Chu Chuyan was a pure and innocent young lady. How could she possibly resist this type of teasing? She was soon utterly defeated.

She bit down gently on his shoulder as a sign of resistance. However, she was quickly battered by a powerful storm in retaliation.

Chu Youzhao went out into the courtyard to calm herself down a bit. Her red cheeks slowly returned to normal under the cold night winds.

“Hmph, I was defending big sis, so why am I running away all embarrassed like this? I saw him bring out that jade pendant today. Did he hide it in some storage device?”

As someone from a big clan, Chu Youzhao obviously knew about things like spatial storages. Even though these things were expensive, that didn’t mean that her brother-in-law definitely didn’t have one.

She rushed back when she thought of this. She thought to herself, let’s see where you’ll keep hiding it now!

Yet when she came back, she discovered that the door was closed. She found this strange. She was just about to open the door when she heard her brother-in-law’s voice. “I have a powerful staff technique that was bestowed upon me from the heavens. I will now show you the first form: Knees against shoulders.”

Chu Youzhao was stunned. What is this staff technique from the heavens? And what is knees against shoulders?

But when she thought about how her brother-in-law had just defeated the eighth ranked King Qi’s heir, and then fought against an expert at the peak of the ninth rank for so long, she realized he definitely knew a lot of powerful arts. Even her big sis probably had to study humbly from this guy!

She knew that her big sister was always proud and arrogant. She might be willing to ask her husband for advice in private, but she might fly into rage from embarrassment. She still remembered being beaten up by her when she was little…

As such, she quietly approached. She looked through the door’s gap to see what kind of technique her brother-in-law was teaching her sister. However, after just a single glance, she flew backwards as if she touched boiling water.

Her fair face was once again covered in a layer of captivating red.

“Brother-in-law really is a bad guy!”

“I’m also disappointed in you, big sister!”

She clenched her teeth. Her expression changed again and again.

A while later, a conflicted look appeared on her face. She muttered to herself, “I’ll look one more time. Just one last time…”

Everyone has a natural curiosity towards things they had never come into contact with before.

For example, when you live in a hotel, if you never did it before but suddenly heard passionate pounding next door, you wouldn’t be able to help but want to press up against the wall and listen. But once you’re used to it, you will instead find it annoying and disturbing your sleep…

She watched for a while. Her breathing quickly became rushed. In the end, her shyness as a young lady finally won against her curiosity, and she ran away with a red face.

Her entire body felt clammy and uncomfortable. She wanted to go home and take a shower, but Qin Manor was still pretty far away. She was a bit scared of going home alone.

She cursed Zu An a few times inside. Her eyes shifted over to a well to the side. She drew a bucket of water. There was no one else in this courtyard anyway, and there were more than enough guest rooms.

On the other side, Chu Chuyan covered her eyes with her hands. “Ah!... I’ll really be too embarrassed to ever show myself to anyone again.”

Both of them were cultivators. How could they not notice Chu Youzhao’s heavy breathing earlier?

Zu An said with a smile, “For this type of thing, I won’t be awkward as long as you’re not awkward about it. She’s the only one who’ll be embarrassed. It’s not even the first time she’s seen it, so it’ll be fine as long as she gets used to it.”

Chu Chuyan: “......”

Is this something you can get used to?

But she wasn’t in the mood to think about these things right now…

A while later, Chu Chuyan was leaning into his embrace. Her voice was extremely soft and gentle. “Ah Zu, you offended King Qi now. Why don’t you just return with me to Brightmoon City? That place is far away. Even if King Qi wants to target you, the Chu clan will be able to protect you.”

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