Chapter 695, Part 2: Chess Pieces and the Player Who Moves Them

Zhao Zhi’s eyes lit up. “What kind of magnificent moves does father have?”

King Qi snorted. When he stood up again, there was a mysterious grandeur to his presence. “I will teach you one more lesson today. Many times, it is better to not rashly charge forward. Even the strongest and sharpest person will be nothing more than a chess piece. You need to leap out of the chessboard and become the chess player.”

“Chess player?” Zhao Zhi was stunned. He began to think to himself.

King Qi laughed and said, “Why do you need to act yourself if you want to take care of Zu An? There are others who want him dead more than you do. As long as you play that chess piece well, won’t it be far better than doing the deed yourself?”

Zhao Zhi’s eyes lit up. “Are you talking about the Shi clan?”

He reached the eighth rank before the age of forty. Even though this was because of King Qi Manor’s wealth of resources, this was also a reflection of his own talent and intelligence. He wasn’t stupid.

King Qi nodded. “Shi Kun died a few days ago in the Eastern Palace. It is rumored that the crown princess accidentally wounded him, so those Shi clan people could only hold back their rage. Forget about unintentional, even if it was intentional, they wouldn’t dare to get revenge. But even though they cannot get revenge on the crown princess, that doesn’t mean that they cannot take their anger out on other people. In the end, the reason why something happened to Shi Kun in the first place is because of Zu An. The reason why the Shi clan hasn’t made a move yet is either because they haven’t realized this yet, or that they still have some misgivings. All you need to do is give them a push.”

Zhao Zhi’s expression changed. “Father is brilliant as expected! Not only will this force the Shi clan to target Zu An, we can even drag the neutral Shi clan into our camp. After all, Shi Kun was the son the Minister of War doted on the most. He died under the crown princess’ hands. If the crown prince rises to the throne, then he will never be able to get his revenge. Only by cooperating with us will he have a chance of getting revenge.”

King Qi finally smiled. “Indeed. You didn’t let me down.”

Zhao Zhi expressed his humility to his father, but his expression was vicious. “Zu An, let’s see what you’ll do now!”

At the same time, he thought to himself that in order to get revenge on a man, nothing was better than beating him up, and then seizing his women and making him hear their weeping.

Hmph, I need to find a chance to get my hands on Chu Chuyan, and then I’ll toy with her in front of his face! I want to see what kind of expression that fella will have then!

“Achoo!” Zu An sneezed inside the carriage. He subconsciously rubbed his nose. “Hm? There are quite a few people thinking about me.”

Yu Yanluo covered her mouth and said with a smile, “I reckon they probably want you dead. You’re quite good at making enemies.”

Zu An shrugged his shoulders. “What can I say? I’m too outstanding. The tallest tree in the forest is the one that gets blown down, right?”

Yu Yanluo: “......”

How can this guy make shamelessness seem so refined and justified?

Zu An put away his smile. “Now, I know that it was because of madam that his majesty let me live. Thank you, madam.”

He still felt lingering fears. He thought that it was all because of the Hat of Forgiveness, but it was actually because of her help.

No wonder the emperor said that someone spoke out for him. Back then, he thought that it might’ve been Qin Wanru.

“You saved my life back then outside Brightmoon City. I am only repaying a debt.” Yu Yanluo said with an ambiguous smile. “I hope that no one will misunderstand me as someone who doesn’t repay favors anymore.”

Zu An laughed in embarrassment. He was criticizing her a moment ago. Now, when he remembered it, he became a bit embarrassed. He quickly changed the topic and said, “By the way, you had such a formidable bodyguard with you this time. Why were you almost done in by the Blackwind Stockade back then?”

Yu Yanluo sighed. Great distress flashed past her eyes. “Too many things happened back then…”

Zu An was anticipating a long and complex story, but she didn’t say anything more than that.

Yu Yanluo snapped out of her daze a while later. “Sorry, I’ve made you see a poor side of myself.”

Zu An said with a chuckle, “Who knows how many men in this world want to see this side of madam, but will never be able to. Any smile on my face will be one of happiness, why would I ever mock madam?”

“Your mouth is formidable after all.” Yu Yanluo couldn’t help but laugh.

“Even though I do not know why madam is worried, all things will pass, and there will be people who understand. I hope madam can feel a bit more at ease.” Zu An’s eyes looked towards her.

“All things will pass…” Yu Yanluo muttered to herself. Her eyes lit up. “I thought that you only knew how to tease others, but you’re pretty good at consoling as well. The so-called people who understand, are you talking about yourself?”

Zu An shook his head. “At the very least, I know myself. I fear that I do not have the right to discuss these things with madam now. As for the future, that is hard to say.”

“Didn’t you feel like I was too old for you?” Yu Yanluo grinned. There was an ambiguous smile in her expression.

Zu An’s face heated up. “I said that to trick that brat Zhao Zhi, so please don’t take that to heart, madam. Madam is so beautiful that it’s not too absurd for you to be my little sister.”

Yu Yanluo’s face became red. Everyone else behaved properly when they met her out of fear that they would leave her with a bad impression, yet this fella was always so natural with his jokes, she didn’t find them that offensive.

She harrumphed. “You’re only good at joking around. Return that pendant please. I don’t want to hear any bad rumors flying around anymore.”

Zu An took out the jade pendant and handed it to her. Compared to the pendant, her hand looked a bit prettier.

Yu Yanluo was surprised. She thought that he wouldn’t return it to her, but he actually gave up on it so quickly.

More admiration appeared in her expression. “You’ve offended King Qi’s heir. What are you going to do now?”

Zu An smiled. “Don’t worry. They won’t be able to do anything to me for quite some time.”

Ever since the moment King Qi’s faction sent assassins after him on his way to the capital, there was already no chance of the two being on the same side. Later on, after the emperor assigned him some tasks, and then the friendships he made in the eastern palace, all of this made it so that there was no way he would get along with King Qi. To put it simply, it wouldn’t be easy for King Qi to do anything to him with these powers backing him.

Yu Yanluo said, “If anyone else told me these words, I might think that they are arrogant, but you’re different. Ever since I met you, you seem to be creating miracles one after the next. I believe that you will turn misfortunes into blessings. If there is anything that you really cannot deal with, you can seek me out. Even though I might not be able to protect you, I can still offer you some help.”

“Thank you, madam!” Zu An was overjoyed upon hearing this. Her status, as well as the resources at her disposal, made her a great ally. Receiving this promise was the same as having more get out of jail free cards.

After chatting a while longer, Yu Yanluo bid him farewell. This trip back to the capital was made in secret, so she didn’t wish to stay here for too long.

When Zu An left the carriage, the driver with the missing tooth sized him up with a strange expression, and then he sniffed him. He relaxed when he didn’t smell anything strange. “Kid, you’re pretty good. I have high expectations for you, hahaha…”

He lashed out with the horsewhip after saying this and drove the carriage away.

“What the heck is up with that driver? Why is his smile so wretched?” Chu Youzhao ran over. She was clearly unhappy that she wasn’t allowed to get closer earlier. “Brother-in-law, are you okay? Did that vixen… ahem, did anything happen between the two of you?”

“What could’ve possibly happened to me?” Zu An was a bit confused at what she was asking.

Chu Youzhao’s face turned red. She quickly said, “Who is the woman in the carriage?”

“A beautiful woman.” Zu An was still amazed at Yu Yanluo’s beauty. Why would the heavens bless a single woman with so much? It was almost as if it did everything to make her the most perfect beauty possible.

Hm, this woman is a perfect match for me.

Chu Youzhao became worried when she saw that he didn’t say anything else. “Come on, who was she?”

Murong Qinghe’s eyes widened as well. She was also extremely curious. Just what kind of woman could make such a powerful expert willingly serve as her driver?

Zu An was getting annoyed. “What are kids asking about all of this for? Her identity is special, so I can’t just blab about it.”

“You can’t even tell me?” Chu Youzhao grinded her teeth.

Zu An rolled his eyes. “You’re not even my wife.”

“You!” Chu Youzhao wanted to bite him.

Murong Qinghe was confused. Does this guy like men? My big brother Chu is so pretty, I need to protect him!

A rumbling noise sounded at this time. The three of them turned around and saw a large troop of horses rushing in their direction.

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