Chapter 692: The Madam’s Invitation

King Qi’s heir was waiting for his Uncle Han to take down his opponent, so that he could take his revenge.

Unexpectedly, even after such a long time, Han Fengqiu was still unable to subdue his opponent.

He felt an odd sense of relief. Look, not even someone at the peak of the ninth rank can subdue him. Of course an eighth-ranked cultivator like me would be defeated.

Murong Qinghe stared at the battle playing out before her, her fierce brows knit together tightly. “Your brother-in-law is really strange… He was fighting toe-to-toe against King Qi’s heir earlier, and he’s now doing the same thing with a cultivator at the peak of the ninth rank. Does he even have a limit?”

“My brother-in-law is really strong, isn’t he?” Chu Youzhao said proudly.

She felt slightly regretful that her eldest sister wasn’t here to witness this.

Han Fengqiu heard the discussions going on around him and stopped, his face burning up with embarrassment.

He felt completely humiliated that he had yet to take down the brat in front of him, despite his cultivation.

He knew that he would not be able to catch Zu An if he continued on in this manner, so he stopped. “You little bastard, you’ve really angered this old one this time.”

Zu An couldn’t help but smile. “Oh? So you weren’t actually that angry when your pants dropped in full view of everyone here.”

He’d danced on the line between life and death while battling more powerful opponents before. No matter how formidable Han Fengqiu was, it wasn’t enough to truly scare him.

Han Fengqiu’s face twitched, then he sighed. Without another word, he drew his sword and held it in front of him.

With an audible hum, the sword began to vibrate.

With his right hand, he drew a large circle in front of him.

The sword in front of him suddenly multiplied, its copies spreading outwards like a peacock’s tail, then blossoming like a chrysanthemum.

Zu An lost his smile as well. Even from a distance away, he could sense the viciousness of this sword ki.

Han Fengqiu flung the ring of swords into the sky. The swords continued to spin and vibrate, filling the air with their humming.

One became two, two became four, four became eight…

Endless sword ki filled the sky.

Han Fengqiu sneered. “Brat, where will you run to now?!”

He and King Qi’s heir both had the same idea. Since he couldn’t deal with his movement technique, he would use an area of effect skill, leaving Zu An no way to escape.

The woman in the carriage spoke up. “Save him!”

In her eyes, there was no way Zu An could avoid this attack.

“Fine!” The driver with the missing tooth cracked a grin and took a single step, appearing right in the middle of the battlefield.

All the sword ki descended in an instant, in an impressive rain of swords. Everything within a range of several dozen li was completely covered. There was nowhere for Zu An to dodge even if he wanted to.

Zu An’s expression grew strange. You’re using a sword? I just happen to have a similar skill.

He was just about to make his move when someone appeared in front of him.

“Hm? The carriage driver?” Zu An recognized who it was right away. This old fellow’s teeth were crooked, and he was even missing one. It was difficult for him to forget such a level of ugliness even if he tried.

The driver with the missing tooth reached upwards with his hand and clenched his fist. It wrapped perfectly around Han Fengqiu’s sword.

When the sword was caught, all the sword energy seemed to evaporate into thin air, immediately dissipating into nothingness.

Han Fengqiu’s smile froze instantly. He was waiting to see Zu An scream in agony from the sword ki. How could he have anticipated such a development?

Despite this, he reacted quickly, immediately offering a respectful greeting to the driver with the missing tooth. “Esteemed senior, Han Fengqiu of King Qi’s Estate offers you his greetings!”

Even though the other party looked slightly younger than himself, in the world of cultivation, seniority resided with the stronger.

Since this man had easily seen through his sword formation and grabbed his sword, he had to be at least a rank above himself. This implied that he was at least a master rank cultivator. Only those who could cultivate their soul would be able to see through the formations that easily, and instantly find its core.

This greeting also helped to re-establish his identity. No matter how powerful this opponent was, he couldn’t possibly be stronger than King Qi, so this also served as a warning.

The driver with the missing tooth huffed angrily. “Don’t try to use King Qi’s name to scare me. Although I could never defeat King Qi, giving you a good beating isn’t that difficult.”

Han Fengqiu could not formulate a reply.

“Oh, right. I was the one who was laughing earlier on. Didn’t you want to beat me up?” The driver smiled ambiguously at Han Fengqiu. He wasn’t planning to let this matter drop. 

Han Fengqiu immediately apologized. “This junior doesn’t dare!”

Fine beads of sweat were already starting to form on his forehead. What the hell is going on? He was running into one freak after another today!

He wanted to completely dominate this situation, and then use this chance to show off a bit. Yet before he even regained some of his honor, he was humiliated again!

“I didn’t think you would.” The driver with the missing tooth said with a snort. He turned to Zu An. “Kid, you’re all right. Your tongue is a little too rough, but you don’t look that bad, and you have a decent cultivation.”

Zu An was speechless. Why are you looking at me like I’m your son-in-law or something?

He quickly clasped his fist and said, “I wouldn't have made such a fool of myself if I had known that senior possessed such powerful cultivation.”

No wonder this man hadn’t thanked him at all when he stopped that horse. The horse never had a chance of harming them in the first place.

“It’s rare to see someone with such chivalry.” The driver with the missing tooth found him more and more pleasing.

Chu Youzhao was overjoyed. Just a moment ago, Zu An had been in danger of being engulfed by endless amounts of sword ki, and she’d been so anxious that her heart had almost leaped out of her chest. Yet, in the next instant, this mysterious expert had stepped in to help her brother-in-law! Judging from his tone, it looked like her brother-in-law was definitely going to be just fine.

She couldn’t help but turn to Murong Qinghe and asked in a hushed tone, “You know the most about cultivators. Do you know who this senior is?”

Murong Qinghe was similarly baffled. “I don’t.”

She knew almost all of the master rank cultivators in the capital, but not a single one of their descriptions matched this mysterious man’s appearance.

The carriage had no clan emblems, and it looked no different from a common carriage. 

A few feet away, King Qi’s heir was sulking.

Han Fengqiu may have been uncertain about facing down this man, but he did not share this uncertainty.

Aside from the emperor himself, there were few in the capital that he needed to fear. “Who are you, distinguished sir? Do you know that shielding a criminal who has murdered military officers is a serious crime? You are stopping the imperial court from dispensing the law!”

The driver with the missing tooth chuckled, revealing two rows of crooked yellow teeth. “You shouldn’t try to scare me with that. I’m sure the imperial court is fully capable of determining truth from falsehood.”

Zu An spoke up as well. “Hey, tomato face, you can stuff anything you want into your mouth, but you can’t just say anything you want. When did I murder any court officials? These fellows were only frozen.”

Zu An retracted the cold energy, and the previously-frozen individuals all regained their consciousness, although many of them were missing arms and legs.

King Qi’s heir was shocked. What kind of move is this? How is such a thing possible? He did not pursue this, though, and continued, “Even if they’re not dead, they’ve lost their limbs because of you. Attacking a military officer is a terrible crime!”

Zu An laughed. “There are so many witnesses here. Clearly, in your desperation to show off, you whipped up such a ruckus, breaking off the large chunks of ice which were their arms and legs. You are obviously the main culprit! Elder whose pants dropped earlier on, please capture this man!”

“You!” King Qi’s heir was shaking all over in anger. He was accustomed to using his identity to deliberately flip the truth around, yet now, he suddenly felt like their identities were flipped.

You have successfully trolled Zhao Zhi for 888… 888… 888…

Han Fengqiu’s eyelids twitched when he heard the words ‘pants dropped’. Was this kid born to piss people off?

You have successfully trolled Han Fengqiu for 999… 999… 999…

He took a deep breath and forced himself to resist the urge to attack. He looked at the driver with the missing tooth. “May I ask your name, honored senior?”

He knew that this mysterious expert was the key to this entire situation. If this man wasn’t here, Zu An would merely be livestock waiting to be slaughtered.

The driver casually waved a hand. “I’ve forgotten my name. I am merely an ordinary carriage driver now.” 

Everyone else was baffled, but Han Fengqiu’s expression flickered. “Could you be…”

However, King Qi’s heir had grown annoyed. “Who the hell cares who he is? Today…”

Han Fengqiu quickly stopped him and whispered in his ear, “My Lord Heir, he is…”

King Qi’s heir immediately began to breathe heavily. He quickly looked towards the ordinary carriage, his eyes full of expectation and desire.

Zu An frowned. What was going on with this fellow? Why did he look like a pig in heat? Wasn’t he afraid that his little one would break off if he got too excited?

The driver with the missing tooth smiled and said to Zu An, “Kid, my Madam invites you for a meeting.”

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