Chapter 686: You Asked for It

You have successfully trolled Yu Yanluo for 222… 222… 222…

All women cared about their age. She had been enjoying the show from the sidelines, but she had now been dragged into the unfolding drama as well.

Uncle Fu’s expression also grew extremely strange. All these years, this was the first time a man ever showed disdain towards the Madam because of her age.

Did age even matter when the Madam was that pretty?

And besides, she wasn’t even that old! She looked just like any other young lady! Is this kid blind?

Murong Qinghe tugged at Chu Youzhao’s sleeves. “Hehe, your brother-in-law really is brave. He actually dared to say something like that.”

As someone who had grown up in the capital, she obviously knew who Yu Yanluo was. Back then, her stunning looks were renowned amongst all the noble circles. Countless men from their father’s generation were bewitched by her looks.

Chu Youzhao’s eyelids twitched violently. “What brother-in-law? I don’t know who he is.”

This is too embarrassing! Why did you have to pull that out of your ass? Did you really have to go this far?

You’re even bragging about your close relationship with another woman right in front of me. How is my eldest sister supposed to feel?

King Qi’s heir was momentarily stunned, then he roared with laughter. “You and Yu Yanluo are close? Hahaha, are you trying to make me die of laughter? Do you know even know who Yu Yanluo is? She’s the number one beauty in this world! Back in the day, both His Majesty and my father pursued… ahem…”

He realized that he had misspoken, and quickly stopped himself. “If a goddess like her ended up falling for an idiot like you, I’ll do a handstand and eat shit right now!”

Zu An curled his lips in a sneer. “You asked for it.”

He fished out a brilliant pendant of white jade from his inner pocket. It was covered in meticulous flower and animal carvings, with a ‘Yu’ character in the very center. “Do you recognize this pendant? This was the keepsake of love bestowed on me by Yu Yanluo. She normally keeps it with her all the time, but she can’t always be with me, so she gave me this, to accompany me in her stead.”

He once rescued Yu Yanluo from the clutches of the Blackwind Stockade. She’d said that she would return the favor once she returned to Brightmoon City, but when he went looking for her later on, he couldn’t find her at all. Not only that, she never returned to the city.

Didn’t that mean that she’d scammed him?

You can’t blame me for this, then. I’ll just use her to make myself look good.

This time, it was King Qi’s heir, Chu Youzhao, and the others who were shocked. Even though they didn’t recognize it as Yu Yanluo’s personal keepsake, the ‘Yu’ character on the pendant was clear enough. The engravings it bore were also of the Yu clan’s crest, which could not be counterfeited by those outside the clan.

“Wait, does brother-in-law really have a relationship with Yu Yanluo?” Both Chu Youzhao and Murong Qinghe looked at Zu An in shock, their little mouths wide open.

“How is this possible?!” Zhao Zhi also couldn’t believe his eyes. In that instant, even he felt a twinge of jealousy.

After all, it might have been a while since she was the star of the capital, but Yu Yanluo had surely been the undisputed number one beauty in the past.

Even his father pursued her and failed. He himself had seen her a few years ago as well. It had just been a single glance, but he could never forget her stunning features. She’d appeared in his dreams countless times afterwards.

Of course, he knew full well that nothing would ever happen between someone like him and Yu Yanluo. That was why he only admired her in his mind.

If this goddess, that even he only dared to silently admire, ended up falling for a man he himself looked down upon, his anger would burn hot enough to make his insides explode.

How is this possible?!

You have successfully trolled Zhao Zhi for 999… 999… 999…

King Qi’s heir quickly snapped out of his daze. There was no way a goddess like her would fall for a drafted son-in-law. He took a deep breath, and felt his rational mind returning to him. He sneered and said, “You’re probably just claiming that a random Yu clan pendant is Yu Yanluo’s. Do you think I’d believe you? That Yu Yanluo would fall for you? Why don’t you look in the mirror once in a while!”

Murong Qinghe and Chu Youzhao nodded in agreement. It was a perfectly reasonable explanation.

Only the driver with the missing tooth knew that this pendant wasn’t something any other ordinary Yu clan member would possess. It was indeed something that the Madam kept with her.

He looked towards the carriage in disbelief. “Madam, did you really end up falling for that young man?”

The woman inside snorted. “Hmph, I can’t believe even you are falling for his bluff.”

The driver with the missing tooth chuckled awkwardly. He should have been the first to reject this notion. After all, this Madam of his hadn’t let herself get close to any man in recent years. She didn’t even give the man she called her husband much attention…

Today, though, she seemed strangely interested in this kid named Zu An. It was only natural that he would have his suspicions.

“Since you don’t have anything to do with him, Madam, let me tear his mouth up so that he doesn’t ruin your reputation.” The driver with the missing tooth said with righteous indignation.

“Forget it.” The woman in the carriage quickly said. “Let’s observe a little longer first.”

The driver’s eyebrows rose. It seemed like this Madam of his really did have a different relationship with this brat!

Zu An put away the pendant. “You really are jealous,” he said with disdain. “If you don’t believe me, go ask around in the Yu clan. However, I’m pretty sure that you’ll refuse to believe it even if Yu Yanluo came out herself to explain it to you, just so you don’t have to do a handstand and eat shit.”

The young noble’s face immediately turned purple. “Hmph! I’m not going to waste words on you. Now that you’ve made this claim behind Yu Yanluo’s back, I’ll let the Yu clan have their own revenge on you. Why don’t we talk about what’s going on between us.”

“What’s going on between us? Honestly, I’m only interested in women. I have no interest in you, no matter how pretty you are.” Zu An said contemptuously.

King Qi’s heir was so angry that he was left speechless.

You have successfully trolled Zhao Zhi for 444… 444… 444…

He took a deep breath to calm himself down, then snorted and said, “You have a sharp tongue, kid, but this is a world of cultivators, where strength is everything. I will make you understand how big the world really is!”

Chu Youzhao’s heart began to pound nervously again. Everyone knew that King Qi’s heir had eight ranks of cultivation. Now that her brother-in-law completely offended him, would he really hold back?

“Hold on!” When he saw that Zhao Zhi was about to charge over, Zu An quickly raised his hands to stop him.

“What, are you scared?” sneered King Qi’s heir. He was in no rush to make a move.  “If you’re scared, I’ll give you one chance. If you kneel and pound your head against the ground, I just might consider letting you go.”

He only said that he would consider it, not that he agreed to let him go. Once Zu An kowtowed to him in front of everyone, he would teach him how cruel this world really was.

Zu An sighed. “I just don’t want too much trouble. What if I beat you up so badly that you run crying to your mom and dad later? Then this matter will never end.”

King Qi’s heir laughed contemptuously. “Why would I need to cry for help against trash like you?”

Even though Zu An’s cultivation was already quite impressive, in the eyes of an eighth rank cultivator, he could indeed only be considered trash.

“That’s hard to say, man. How about this? Let’s make an oath to have a fair fight. Neither one of us can take revenge on the other afterwards. What do you say?” Zu An wasn’t scared of this fellow in front of him, but he had to consider the variable that was King Qi.

King Qi’s heir frowned. He was actually rather tempted by this suggestion. Zu An was a subordinate of the eastern palace, after all. According to the reports from his spies, the crown prince and crown princess seemed to trust him a lot. It would be troublesome for him if the eastern palace chose to question him afterwards.

If such an oath was taken, he wouldn’t have to worry about these consequences.

Why is this fellow suggesting this, though? Something feels off about it…

Seeing the other party fall strangely silent, Zu An began to spur him on. “What, is the glorious heir of King Qi scared of me? Fine then, you can just call your pops over, and I’ll just have to deal with him.”

King Qi’s heir erupted with rage. “Me? Scared of you?!”

You have successfully trolled Zhao Zhi for 888 Rage points!

Even though his extraordinary background was endlessly beneficial for him, it had its downsides as well. More often than not, others believed that he only got where he was because of his father.

However, he himself felt like he’d achieved his accomplishments on his own, without abusing the resources given to him. He hated it when others thought that he was completely reliant on his father.

“If you want an oath, then an oath it'll be! You better not regret it afterwards.” King Qi’s heir knew that the other party was goading him, but he didn’t care. This was a good opportunity to lessen his worries.

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