Chapter 680: Meticulous and Careful

This was already Yun Jianyue’s second time saying something like this to Zu An. This kid was always testing her patience!

It really was odd, though. If anyone else had said something like that, they’d have died many times over by now. However, she just couldn’t seem to do anything to this guy.

Zu An immediately smiled in apology. “I was only saying ‘if’, haha, just ‘if’. If you have no such plans, big sis sect master, then we obviously don’t need to talk about it.”

Yun Jianyue yawned. Her red lips looked especially soft and enchanting. “Is there anything else? If not, get lost!”

This stupid eruption of heat had tormented her all night, and she was exhausted. Even though, in her current state, she didn’t at all mind chatting with a strong and handsome young man, her rational mind won out in the end. She really shouldn’t be near him in her current state.

“I have one last question!” Zu An said quickly. “Who is your inside man in the palace? You can tell me this now, right? That way, we can help each other out. If I don’t know who they are, then I might end up inadvertently causing trouble for you, or they might end up harming me.”

Yun Jianyue shook her head. “You will know when it is time.”

Zu An frowned. “You still don’t trust me?”

“This isn’t a matter of trust,” explained Yun Jianyue. “Rather, this person’s identity is special. I promised this person that I will not reveal their identity to anyone else, so I hope you can understand. As for what you’re worried about, it would never happen. That person won’t harm you, and might even help you.”

“What a mystery.” Zu An sighed. He could see that she wasn’t planning on saying anything. “I hope things are as you say.”

He pushed the matter out of his mind and said instead, “Then where is Honglei? I’m going to tell her goodbye.”

Yun Jianyue snorted. “Be patient. I’ll let you two meet when the sun rises.”

Are you kidding me? It’s practically still dark outside. What if you lose your inhibitions because you’re about to separate?

Zu An was rather miffed.

Who the hell are you being so wary about? Am I someone like that?

Zu An was quickly chased out of Yun Jianyue’s room, and he had no choice but to return to his room and go back to sleep. However, his mind was filled with Yun Jianyue’s seductive figure. He almost gave in to temptation several times, but he somehow managed to hold himself back. To think that he had just enjoyed Honglei’s soft, little hands as well. He was beginning to look down on himself a little.

After an entire night of toil, and despite his cluttered mind, he still gradually fell asleep.

The next morning, Piao Duandiao and Jiao Sigun coincidentally emerged from their rooms at the same time. Seeing each other, they exchanged smiles.

“How was last night?” A refreshed Jiao Sigun asked quietly, his brow much smoother than usual.

“It was a great battle of course. That girl of mine continually begged for forgiveness,” Piao Duandiao said, puffing out his chest. However, he secretly rubbed his lower back. I’m so sore… Isn’t that kinda bad?

“Really?” Jiao Sigun was suspicious.

Piao Duandiao coughed guiltily. He’d been the one begging for forgiveness the night before, but there was no way he was going to say that. He immediately changed the topic to avoid embarrassment. “What about you?”

Jiao Sigun grunted then said, “I asked that girl how much they normally charge.”

“Oh?” Piao Duandiao was curious. Under normal circumstances, he would never have had a chance to be with such a girl, so he wasn’t clear on the prices either.

Jiao Sigun said, “The girl told me it cost twenty taels to do it on the ground, and a hundred taels in bed. Do you know which one I chose?”

“The bed?” guessed Piao Duandiao. Zu An was paying anyway, so they might as well enjoy themselves, right?

Jiao Sigun shook his head. “The floor, of course.”

Piao Duandiao couldn’t understand what he’d just heard.

Jiao Sigun continued matter-of-factly, “Even though Lord Zu is the one paying, we should try to help him save as much money as we can. With the same amount of money, I managed to go at it five times on the ground instead of just once on the bed. Isn’t that value for money?”

Piao Duandiao was completely stupefied. He was first stunned by how this man’s mind worked, then was shocked by his endurance.

Five times… five times…

This number continued to ring in his head as his soul was consumed by jealousy.

A maid quickly came out to speak with them. “My Lords, there is no need for you two to wait. Young master Zu is resting inside.”

“It’s already morning, why does he still need rest? Could it be that big brother Zu is the one with some trouble down there?” Piao Duandiao exclaimed with a cry of delight. He finally felt some confidence return.

Jiao Sigun quickly corrected him. “Did you see how many girls he had with him last night? Forget about five times, he might have gone at it fifteen times. Lord Zu really is amazing. I’m left with nothing but admiration for him.”

“Fifteen times…” Piao Duandiao’s smile immediately froze.

“Lord Zu has worked hard for an entire night, so he should sleep a little longer,” said Jiao Sigun. “Let’s head out first and not disturb him.”

“Oh…” Piao Duandiao shuffled his feet numbly. He really needed to get some proper rest soon, so that he could get back some respect from the others next time.

When the two of them had left, the government brothel grew quiet again.

 A while later, Yun Jianyue was roused awake by the sound of knocking on her door. “Master, Master!”

Yun Jianyue jerked awake, then subconsciously rubbed her legs. Her face was extremely red. Why did I dream about him? Ah!!! I shouldn’t have treated that scoundrel.

The knocking on the door grew more insistent. It sounded more like a pounding. 

Yun Jianyue put on some clothes, concealing her stunning figure, then undid the seal on the door. “What’s making you all nervous? You’re not acting like a Lady Saint at all.”

Qiu Honglei walked inside unhappily. “Master, why are we leaving so urgently?”

“Something happened back at the sect, so we need to return as soon as possible.” Yun Jianyue replied coldly. It was better to explain it to her only when they were back in the sect, so that she didn’t make a scene here.

She twisted her hips unnaturally as she spoke. The clamminess she felt down there wasn’t very comfortable.

Qiu Honglei’s expression changed when she heard that something had happened back at the sect. She wasn’t stubborn or insistent, and was ready to head back as well. “I only have one request. Let me meet with Ah Zu once before we head out.”

For some reason, Yun Jianyue felt really annoyed by this. She snorted angrily. “Being obsessed with a man will only hinder your cultivation.”

Qiu Honglei wasn’t about to back down. “Master, that’s only because you don’t know anything about love…”

As she watched her master’s brows begin to climb, she changed her tone. “Ahem, I mean, you aren’t someone any man in this world could ever be worthy of, Master. This disciple of yours hasn’t reached that level yet. Once I return to the sect, I will focus on my cultivation.”

The knots in Yun Jianyue’s brow finally loosened. “Hmph. Have Leng Shuangyue accompany you, so that you don’t disappoint the values of our sect.”

Qiu Honglei’s face turned red. Everyone else calls us the Devil Sect! What kind of values do others see us upholding?

Of course, she did not dare give voice to these thoughts, and left quickly. When she reached the entrance, she suddenly turned around and looked at Yun Jianyue. “Master, are you okay? Is everything all right?”

“What could have possibly happened to me?” replied Yun Jianyue with a snort. She dragged the comforter over her legs awkwardly. I really need to take a bath after this.

Qiu Honglei was puzzled. For some reason, her master did not seem like her usual self. She was usually cold and distant, like the moon, and naturally felt aloof. Today, though, she seemed rather passionate, and even she, another woman, was starting to feel something stir within her… 

She quickly shook her head. I’m definitely imagining things. How can anything happen to someone like my master?

She hurried to Zu An’s room. Her maid, Leng Shuangyue, watched the two of them from the doorway. “The sect master has given me orders. Please, Lady Saint, do not force me to step in.”

“You’re both so annoying.” With an impatient wave of her hand, Qiu Honglei entered.

Meanwhile, in another extravagant guest room on the only road between the imperial palace and the government brothel, a noble young master stood in front of a second-floor window that was slightly ajar. He frowned at the street outside. “It’s been ages. Why hasn’t Zu An come out yet? It’s been forever since those two imperial guards from the eastern palace left.”

Beside him, his subordinate replied, “We’ve already sent someone to investigate. It’s rumored that Zu An ordered a dozen courtesan queens last night, and is currently still asleep.”

“Hmph, that kid has some talent, I guess,” the noble young master said with a huff. “Unfortunately for him, this might be the last time he gets to act in such a carefree manner.”

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