Chapter 676: Confiscating the Tools of Crime

Zu An’s expression suddenly grew strange. “Big sis sect master, are you lusting after my body?”

Yun Jianyue exploded. “What did you say?!”

You have successfully trolled Yun Jianyue for 444… 444… 444…

“Why else would you make me take off my pants as well?” mumbled Zu An. “Those are a man’s most private areas, you know?”

Yun Jianyue took a deep breath and resisted the urge to beat him up. “Didn’t I just explain it to you? The emperor’s cultivation is incredibly powerful, and it’s not that easy to remove a seal that he placed on you. I have to put all my effort into it. During this process, the two types of ki will clash, causing a huge surge in your own ki. If the heat is not dissipated immediately, your meridians will suffer irreversible burns. Your body might even explode, and you might die!”

If anyone else in the world had dared to make such a joke, they would have been executed on the spot, yet this fellow had provoked her several times in succession. Despite her fury, though, she did not make a move, which surprised even herself. In the end, she put it down to the fact that the Holy Sect owed him a lot.

“Oh,” Zu An replied. “It’s that ‘Sex and Zen’ stuff, right? Got it.”

Yun Jianyue’s brows furrowed. “Sex and Zen?”

Even though she was knowledgeable, she had never heard of such a technique before.

“It’s nothing.” Zu An brushed it off, then began to take off his clothes, exposing his sculpted chest.

Yun Jianyue’s eyebrows climbed upwards. “Huh. I didn’t expect a kid like you to be that fit. I couldn’t tell with your clothes on.”

After being refined by the Primordial Origin Sutra, Zu An’s body was far stronger than an ordinary person’s, and was much tougher than those of even high-level cultivators.

More remarkable was that such refinement had been done using the primordial ki of heaven and earth, and all the essence was stored within. His muscles weren’t bulky and vicious-looking, like those of vulgar and brutish martial artists, but were lean and supple, and still seemed to harness an explosive power. His skin glowed healthily, which paired well with this aesthetic. 

Even Yun Jianyue couldn’t help but let her eyes linger. Humans were always attracted to what seemed beautiful.

“Did you say that on purpose to lessen your own embarrassment?” mocked Zu An. “If you keep staring, I’m going to start charging you.”

“Me, staring at you?” Yun Jianyue immediately bristled, like a cat who’d had its tail stepped on. “I was just observing the seal in your body!”

It’s a bloody miracle that this kid has been able to survive this long with that filthy mouth of his!

You have successfully trolled Yun Jianyue for 567… 567… 567…

You don’t have x-ray vision. How can you see inside my body? Of course, he wasn’t about to expose her. “Fine, fine, I got it wrong. But I’m about to take off my pants now. Could you turn around?”

He didn’t really mind, but he was worried that the other party might be so embarrassed that she would chop it off with her sword. That would be a true shame.

Yun Jianyue huffed angrily, as though she could finally let off some steam. “Brat, why are you still acting so bashfully? Few people in this world can stand on the same level as me. What haven’t I not seen before?” Despite her bravado, she still turned around.

Zu An secretly berated her. Stupid old spinster, it would be stranger if you’d actually seen it before.

Yun Jianyue’s chest continued to heave as she turned around. She was definitely not as calm as she made herself sound.

She could hear the rustling of clothing behind her. A moment later, Zu An said, “I’m done.”

Yun Jianyue took a deep breath and reminded herself to not be alarmed as she turned back around. I am the Sect Master of the Holy Sect, and have been through all manner of trials and tribulations. How can I show cowardice in front of a kid like this?

“Hmph! It’s not like I haven’t seen it before!”

Zu An had actually underestimated her this time. In her earlier years, she’d come across some filthy men who lusted after innocent wives. She would step in to confront them, and as punishment, she would often remove the tool with which they’d committed the crime. She wasn’t some naive and innocent young maiden.

Even though she had already mentally prepared herself, though, she was still left somewhat dazed as she turned back around.

Is… is there something wrong with this world?

She’d removed the criminals’ tools in the past, and so she had some understanding of their usual length.  However, this guy in front of her seemed different from those people.

After a slight hesitation, she couldn’t help but ask, “Did… did you end up getting poisoned? Is that why it’s so swollen?”

Her voice softened subconsciously as she said this.

Zu An was stunned for a moment, then realized that she’d gotten it all wrong. He had no choice but to explain it to her. “There’s no poison. This is just how it usually is. Perhaps I’m… just too blessed?”

For some reason, it felt odd for him to say this.

Yun Jianyue was a long-lived and experienced woman, and she quickly realized her error. Her charming face immediately became entirely red. She was so embarrassed that she prayed for a hole to hide herself in.

She coughed to cover it up. “Go sit on the bed. I need to help you undo your seal… Um, also, remember to have your back towards me.”

Zu An sighed in relief. To be honest, being examined like this was a lot of pressure for him too.

When he sensed her sitting behind him to treat him, Zu An froze. “You’re not taking off your clothes?”

“Why would I take off my clothes?” Yun Jianyue stiffened at first, then utterly lost her temper. “What the heck is going on in your mind, brat?!”

You have successfully trolled Yun Jianyue for 996… 996… 996…

“Nothing! I was just worried that your ki will surge as well. If it doesn't dissipate quickly, it might be dangerous!” explained Zu An quickly. Inside, though, he was full of regret. Didn’t Xiaolongnu and Yang Guo both strip when they cultivated together?[1]

Yun Jianyue’s voice was frigid. “Stop thinking random stupid thoughts! Move your ki through your dantian and relax your body. Do not reject my ki.”

“Okay…” Zu An chuckled in embarrassment, then sat properly on the bed.

Yun Jianyue reached out her fair hand and pressed it against his back, her expression serious. She did her best to filter out all unnecessary thoughts. She couldn’t afford the slightest distraction while undoing the seal of the most powerful cultivator in the world.

Zu An’s suspicions weren’t entirely off the mark. Once the heat was released, she would be in some danger as well. However, there was no way she would remove her clothes in the presence of a man. She figured she could rely on her grandmaster-level cultivation to keep her safe. Without further ado, she sent her ki into his body.

Zu An felt a powerful wave of ki enter his body. It felt different from the scorching heat of the emperor’s ki. This ki was like cool moonlight, and made him relax subconsciously.

Unfortunately, this peace was short-lived. The seal that the emperor had left in his body roared like a dragon when it sensed that this aura was trying to undo it. It retaliated viciously.

Yun Jianyue did her best to resist this power with a firm, gentle force. The two forces tangled about one another. One moment, Zu An felt like he was being boiled alive, and the next, he felt as if he was covered in ice.

Waves of white steam rose from his body. He felt as though he was in a steamer basket. He finally knew why she said that he had to take off his clothes.

Even Zu An’s robust body suffered bitterly as the two forces clashed. However, he’d already been on the brink of death several times. Compared to those moments, this wasn’t much at all.

A hint of surprise appeared in Yun Jianyue’s eyes. She knew just how much pain it would cause, using brute force to undo the emperor’s seal. She purposely hadn’t mentioned it earlier because of his constant teasing. She’d hoped to teach him a lesson, but he was actually enduring it without a single groan.

She was rather impressed. Even though this man acted rather frivolously, deep down, he was a man of steel.

Her voice grew gentler. “Hold on a little longer. The emperor’s seal is already starting to loosen.”

She reached out her hand and struck his shoulder, causing him to spin around. She seized the moment to strike his front and back acupoints with the cosmic force that she’d cultivated.

The most powerful cultivator in the world was a truly formidable being, and another grandmaster might not have been able to neutralize his power.

However, this cosmic force that she’d cultivated touched upon the laws of time and space. With it, it was possible for her to slow down and even temporarily suspend time.

She used this cosmic force to temporarily sever the connection between the emperor’s seal and Zu An’s body. With that done, she could slowly destroy the seal.

Of course, if the emperor had been personally present, her cosmic force would be helpless against him. However, she was confident that she could deal with some of his residual power.

It took some time, but Yun Jianyue finally destroyed most of the terrifying seal. She sighed in relief. Suddenly, she noticed that something was pressing against her. She looked downwards, and was momentarily stunned. Then, her cheeks flushed red with rage. “You little bastard, you’re courting death!”

1. These are Characters from Jin Yong’s novel The Return of the Condor Heroes.

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