Chapter 674: An Embarrassing Encounter

Zu An was fully enjoying the massage that the girls were giving him. Every single cell in his body was crying out with joy.

Sigh, the girls of this world are much better than those in my previous world. They’re all so soft spoken and nice, and they’re talented in so many ways. Those girls from my previous world would curse at the slightest thing and are always starting shit.

While he was enjoying himself, he suddenly felt as though there were fewer and fewer girls pampering him, and the room seemed to have grown a lot colder.

“Huh? Why did you guys stop massaging me?” Zu An couldn’t help but look up. He saw a stunning young lady standing by the entrance, her pink dress hugging her curves perfectly. Her chest filled up the front of her dress, and her slim waist looked like it was begging to be held. More stunning than that were her long, straight legs, which could just barely be seen through the material of her dress. The dress was like a smooth layer of shimmering jade, enhancing the soft, perfect look of her skin.

Even though this wasn’t the first time he laid eyes on her, Zu An still felt breathless. This age was far more liberal than ancient China, but dressing like this was still considered daring. Despite this, she didn’t seem low-class at all. Rather this seductiveness seemed part of her, and the way she dressed was a perfect embodiment of that.

A sincere smile spread across Zu An’s face. “Honglei, you came.”

Qiu Honglei chuckled. “If I hadn’t, I might have missed out on the sight of young master Zu enjoying himself.”

Her voice was soft and lovely, but the Rage points that continually flooded him gave her true feelings away.

You have successfully trolled Qiu Honglei for 223… 223… 223…

Zu An was speechless. Didn’t you live in the Immortal Abode before? You should know how pitiful these girls are! I’m just helping them with their business, to help make their lives a little easier. Why are you getting so upset?

Of course, he wasn’t stupid enough to blurt that out. Instead, he said, “This is all a misunderstanding! I wanted to meet with you as soon as possible!”

“You wanted to meet me, but you somehow ended up being surrounded by all these girls?” Qiu Honglei was still smiling, but it had a dangerous edge to it.

Zu An was full of indignation. “You’re only judging me by what you see. You don’t know how much thought I put into this! I’ve already been here for quite a while, but you still didn’t come out to meet me. I had no other way of contacting you, so I had to make you jealous to force you to come out sooner!”

“Hmph, who will get jealous over you…?” Qiu Honglei said with a huff. Her face flushed red.

Zu An used this chance to stretch out his arm. Employing the Heaven-Devouring Sutra, he pulled her right into his embrace. If the Shang Dynasty emperors knew that he was using their most powerful art in this manner, they might have been so angered that they’d jump right out of their coffins.

“What are you doing? Let go of me!” Qiu Honglei struggled instinctively.

Zu An had no intention of doing that. He kissed her fully on her soft red lips. “Mmm…!” Qiu Honglei’s entire body stiffened, but she gradually relaxed.

A moment later, a thought struck her, and she quickly pushed him away. “Just now… did you kiss those girls?”

“No way, I only told them to give me a massage.” Zu An stared into her eyes, his voice drenched in great affection. “You’re the only one I will ever kiss in this type of place.”

“You only know how to say good things.” Qiu Honglei said with a snort of annoyance. However, the joy in her expression was clear.

Zu An sighed. This girl was clearly trying to act like a devilish enchantress, but her innocence and naivety was plain to see. 

Compared to her, Jiao Sigun—who had picked that delicate and innocent-looking green tea bitch—seemed much less naive.

He held this ravishing beauty gently in his arms. “Honglei, I’m truly blessed to be able to meet with you again.”

Qiu Honglei felt her heart tremble. She loved hearing such things. She pressed her face gently against his chest and said, “I am too.”

The two of them snuggled against each other, enjoying a rare moment of peace.

After a while, Qiu Honglei’s face suddenly turned red. Her lovely eyes grew misty. “You horrible man…”

Your charming beauty and seductive voice is enough to make a monk lose control, let alone me!

The pressure that Qiu Honglei felt grew greater and greater, and her face reddened even further.

Zu An’s throat went dry. He sighed and said, “Honglei, anyone who holds you like this and remains unmoved cannot be considered a real man.”

“You smooth talker…” Qiu Honglei was completely flustered. She got to her feet. “You should call those girls back to help you out. I won’t get angry.”

She was just about to leave, but Zu An pulled her back. “All of them together can’t even add up to a fraction of you!”

Qiu Honglei felt extremely pleased. This guy is just so good with words. However, she quickly came to her senses. “No way! You know that I practice a special method of cultivation, so I can’t…”

Zu An cut her off before she could finish. “No, you can do this.”

As he spoke, he guided her small, soft hand downwards.

Qiu Honglei immediately recalled how she’d helped him out the last time she was at his place, and her ears began to burn.

However, she was starting to get into the mood as well. She was naturally curious about such matters, and she also wanted to please the man she loved. Despite some initial resistance, she bent over.

“It’s really amazing… How does it get so much bigger so quickly?”

“Does it hurt you?”

“You won’t mess my face up like the last time, will you?”

Qiu Honglei was full of questions, and from time to time, let out bursts of exclamation.

Zu An answered her questions and guided her through the process. He had to admit that she had a talent for this. She was slightly rough at first, but she was a quick study. Her delicate hands grew softer and gentler. He felt as though he was enjoying a light spring breeze, or a warm sun in winter.

After a while, Qiu Honglei finally couldn’t stand it anymore. “How much longer do you need me to do this for? My wrist is starting to get sore.”

She was already bent over him, her head lowered slightly. As she said this, her breath caressed him, bearing the gentle fragrance of orchids. Zu An became more and more sensitive.

A thought occurred to him, and he gently pressed his hand down on her head.

Qiu Honglei was a seductress of the Devil Sect, and she’d spent some time in the Immortal Abode. She immediately knew what he wanted.

She gave him a resentful look, but did not end up refusing him. She smoothed out the messy strands of hair around her temples, then pressed her soft red lips down.

Zu An inhaled sharply.

A moment later, the door slammed open, and there was a fierce shout. “What are you two doing?!” Clearly, someone was furious over what they were witnessing.

Qiu Honglei jolted up like a startled rabbit, covering her mouth as she stared at the long-haired beauty standing at the doorway. “Mas… master,” she stammered in embarrassment.

It was none other than Yun Jianyue who had barged in. When news reached her that Zu An had paid the brothel a visit, she’d rushed over excitedly, but all her excitement vanished instantly when she opened the door.

She was annoyed that the disciple that she’d carefully raised and passed everything on to was actually such a disappointment.

Not only that, this Zu An really was a hateful person! He’d actually defiled her disciple!

You have successfully trolled Yun Jianyue for 888… 888… 888…

Yun Jianyue glared daggers at Qiu Honglei. “Do you really have the nerve to call me Master right now? I don’t have any disciples like you.” 

Even though Qiu Honglei was a seductress within the Devil Sect, her purity was still intact. Being caught in the middle of such a performance left her so embarrassed that she wanted to die. After being criticized by her master in such a manner, she no longer had the strength to stay. She ran out, her hands covering her reddened face.

Only Zu An and Yun Jianyue were left.

Zu An pulled up his pants in embarrassment. “Big sis sect master, couldn’t you have at least knocked first?” he blurted out.

Yun Jianyue’s expression could freeze molten rock. “Am I supposed to just wait around while you defile my disciple?”

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