Chapter 673: No Meaning Left

“That’s all for now.” The crown princess dismissed him with a wave of her hand. Her mind was all over the place right now, and she needed to be alone.

Zu An clasped his fist and left. Outside, the crown prince was having the time of his life defeating the two lesser eunuchs.

Zu An was rather impressed by how enthusiastically the two newbies were going at it. Although the eastern palace was small, there were two Oscar-worthy actors right here.

It was already getting dark, so he went looking for Piao Duandiao and Jiao Sigun. “Are you guys off shift yet? If you’re done, then let’s go!”

“Off shift?” The two looked at him strangely, but they could guess what this meant. Excitement lit up their eyes. “Let’s go!”

Even though none of them had mentioned where they were going, any man could guess their destination from the way their eyebrows were twitching.

Of course, Zu An wasn’t as excited about going to the government brothel. The girls at his side were prettier even than the courtesan queens there, so he had no need to fool around in that sort of place.

His main objective was to look for Yun Jianyue and Qiu Honglei. He wanted to find out if they had made it out safely. He also wanted to ask Yun Jianyue about the person who had been tailing them earlier on.

The Devil Sect’s base of operations was located in the government brothel. It had been set up very deliberately, and the matter with Cheng Gang was not enough to disrupt their operations there. The Devil Sect had prepared contingencies beforehand, and had only needed to give up a portion of their resources in order to fool the investigators. The imperial court’s interference hadn’t threatened their real operations.

Since Piao Duandiao and Jiao Sigun had saved him from King Qi by altering the crown princess, he had to repay them somehow. He could use this visit to conceal his real objective.

 After his initial excitement passed, something occurred to Piao Duandiao. “Big brother Zu, a night in the government brothel would cost us half a month’s pay. You haven’t been in the capital long, and you probably haven’t been paid yet. How about we come back next month?” he asked, out of consideration for Zu An.

Zu An smiled in reply. “It’s no big deal. I can at least pay for a single night in the government brothel.”

This fellow was already calling him big brother! He was truly easy to get along with.

Piao Duandiao’s eyes immediately lit up, emphasizing the dark circles around them. “You’re awfully generous, big brother Zu! I’ve heard that there were a few new courtesan queens in the government brothel. Let’s check one of them out today.”

Jiao Sigun sneered. “Who was the one complaining about back pain and looking everywhere for energy-boosting medication? Will you be able to get it up even if there was a courtesan queen right in front of you?”

Piao Duandiao was furious, but his expression betrayed his uncertainty. “Nonsense! When did I suffer any of that? I was just looking for some sleeping medication, okay? Hmph, forget about a courtesan queen. I’m sure I’d get it up even if it was you lying on the bed. Would you believe me?”

“Tsk, with your little toothpick, who knows who will be the one screwing who,” Jiao Sigun fired back.

“What little toothpick? If you have guts, then let’s compare!” Piao Duandiao bristled like a cat whose tail had been stepped on.

“Sure, why not? I was about to take a piss anyway,” said Jiao Sigun with a chuckle. He walked over to a large tree, then whistled while doing a number one.

The cities in this world weren’t clean and orderly metropolises like those of the modern world. There were no public restrooms available, and such acts were commonplace.

Piao Duandiao’s expression flickered several times. Finally, he gritted his teeth and walked over. He did his best to stay a distance away from Jiao Sigun.

Jiao Sigun took a peek, then almost burst out laughing. “That’s it?”

Piao Duandiao snorted. “Yours looks about the same.”

The sound of water running gave Zu An the urge to go as well.

He walked over, and Piao Duandiao and Jiao Sigun quietly glanced over. Jiao Sigun was full of confidence, while Piao Duandiao was hoping to find some.

However, both of them shuddered the moment they took a glance, and their smiles instantly froze.

What the hell? Does that really belong to a human being?

The two of them stepped sideways, putting more distance between him and themselves.

They shook their legs a few times before pulling up their pants in dejection.

Piao Duandiao felt like everything was meaningless, while Jiao Sigun was questioning life itself.

The two no longer argued with each other the rest of the way, but remained subdued.

Zu An smirked, and asked a rhetorical question. “Why aren’t the two of you saying anything?”

Piao Duandiao and Jiao Sigun turned around to look at him. Their expressions were incredibly conflicted.

Jiao Sigun was dejected. There will always be people better than you… I won’t act cocky about this ever again. Dammit, I shouldn’t have tried to show off when I didn’t even have anything special. Now that I’ve seen what Lord Zu is packing, what’s the point of anything anymore?

I need to ask Lord Zu just how he got that big. Even if I only learn a little, it’ll be enough to destroy that bastard Jiao Sigun! I can’t let him brag in front of me all the time. That was Piao Duandiao’s main concern.

Am I being mean? Sigh, but not showing off is just like wearing your best clothes at night in total darkness. This was a rare chance to show off a little. That’s okay, isn’t it? That was Zu An.

With each of them preoccupied with their own thoughts, they soon arrived at the government brothel.

Zu An contacted the female brothel keeper via the secret signal he’d agreed upon with Qiu Honglei. She quickly returned with a bunch of girls.

“Young master, these are our most popular girls. You may choose whichever one you like,” said the female brothel keeper with a big smile. As she spoke, she leaned towards Zu An, her ample chest almost touching him. A strong, fragrant perfume filled his nostrils.

Zu An scooted aside without batting an eyelid. He wasn’t so hardcore as to pick a brothel keeper.

The girls she’d brought out weren’t bad at all, though. All of them were cute and lovely. They would easily number amongst the prettiest girls in school in his previous world.

Sigh, this scheme really does bring back memories… He was already beginning to miss the glory days of his past…

Pah! I’m an upright and outstanding person! How could I have possibly gone to those types of places?

He cleared his throat and pointed at Piao Duandiao and Jiao Sigun. “They’re the main characters today. I’ll be satisfied as long as you take good care of them.”

Isn’t prostitution illegal in many countries…? But I’m not paying them anything, right? So it should count.

There’s no way the Devil Sect will charge me, given my relationship with them.

Zu An immediately felt much better.

The brothel keeper was all smiles. “No problem! Girls, take good care of them.”

Alarmed, Piao Duandiao and Jiao Sigun began to whisper to each other.

“You really can’t judge a person by appearances! Big brother Zu looks upright and honest, but he’s actually got so much experience navigating this sort of place!” Jiao Sigun said with a sigh. Zu An looked as though he was right at home here.

Piao Duandiao was completely convinced as well “And here I thought that I was already quite an old hand when it came to this place. Compared to big brother Zu, I’m nothing.”

Whenever they came, they would only fool around with some of the ordinary girls. Now though, they were in the company of the most popular girls that they’d never dared to dream about before!

These girls were far superior in terms of looks and figure, when compared to their usual fare.

“If we keep following big brother Zu, we’ll surely enjoy a good life!” Piao Duandiao said, his voice full of sincerity.

Surprisingly, Jiao Sigun didn’t argue. Instead, he nodded in deep agreement.

The two of them quickly chose a girl that suited their personal tastes. Piao Duandiao chose an older and more voluptuous woman.

Jiao Sigun chose a petite girl who looked slightly pitiful.

Zu An stared at them. He finally knew why Piao Duandiao always looked so spent.

As for Jiao Sigun, it seemed that, despite his cold and aloof appearance, he actually preferred the green tea bitch sort. He reminded himself to warn the brothel keeper about this, before this innocent fellow lost everything to this girl.

The brothel keeper smiled at him. “The other two gentlemen have already made their choices. Which girl do you want, Lord Zu?”

Zu An waved his hand and said, “Only a kid needs to choose. A grown-up will take all of them.”

Piao Duandiao and Jiao Sigun were both horrified. This big brother of theirs really was a big brother. They could never hope to emulate his charismatic style.

The brothel keeper was shocked. “You… want all of them?”

Zu An narrowed his eyes. “Is that a problem?”

“Not at all!” said the brothel keeper with a laugh. “I’m just worried about your body, young master. Not even iron could last that long!”

Piao Duandiao and Jiao Sigun both looked glum. “Brothel keeper, I think you should worry about your girls.”

Both of them recalled the same scene…

Damn it! We can’t keep remembering that! We’ll just end up depressed!

The two of them quickly took their girls to their own rooms. They did not want to look at Zu An anymore, nor be reminded of that sight.

Zu An was surrounded by a sea of women. He leaned back in comfort and enjoyed himself as the lovely girls served him. It was like heaven on earth!

Meanwhile, a beautiful young lady, who was watching from inside a nearby room, stomped her feet in anger. “This scoundrel! He’s pissing me off!”

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