Chapter 651: The Chicken has Flown the Coop, and All the Eggs are Broken

Zu An was disappointed. “I saved you and your sect master, and yet you want me to agree to something else? Isn’t that going a bit too far?”

Qiu Honglei was extremely apologetic. “I don’t want this either, but I don’t dare tell anyone that you saved the sect master. If anyone else found out, there’s a high chance that information will leak out. I’m worried about your safety in the palace.”

Zu An knew that he had misunderstood her intentions. “You’ve thought things out in more detail than I have.”

The less people who knew about a secret, the better. Besides, the Devil Sect also had its own factions, and these factions may decide to sell him out. The best decision would be to keep this under wraps.

Qiu Honglei continued, “I don’t know if my master told you about this yet, but she rose to her position by purging many factions from the sect. Now that she is seriously injured and missing, many of the sect members have begun to stir restlessly. They might not even heed her orders anymore.”

Zu An snorted. “Your sect members sure are a loyal bunch.”

Qiu Honglei sighed when she heard the sarcasm in his voice. “Loyalty isn’t part of our creed. In the end, the law of the jungle reigns supreme. Whoever has more strength has the last say. There is some truth behind the name ‘Devil Sect’ after all.”

“So what assurance does your sect need from me in order to work with me?” asked Zu An.

Qiu Honglei laid it out for him. “Many members of the sect were captured, all from different factions. If you can find a way to rescue them, they will definitely agree to help.”

Zu An frowned. Why aren’t those guys dead yet?

Any assassination attempt against the empress or the crown prince was an offense punishable by the eradication of a clan, up to the ninth generation, and these prisoners were under intense scrutiny. How could he possibly save them?

Qiu Honglei continued, “I know that this is extremely difficult as well, so if you really cannot save them, it’s enough that you end their suffering by granting them a quick death.”

Even though no one could see what was happening, it was easy to imagine the sort of suffering that must go on within the imperial prison.

“Fine. I can try to do that, at least,” agreed Zu An. Yun Jianyue had made a similar request previously. He’d be able to gain two favors with the same act.

“Okay. I’ll discuss things with the rest of the sect. You can rest here for a bit.” Qiu Honglei left quickly.

Since the Devil Sect’s base of operations was in this government brothel, many of the higher-level figures in the sect were here.

Zu An nodded. It wasn’t appropriate for him to accompany her, so he stayed in the room, staring out the window in boredom, when he noticed something odd going on below.

Chu Youzhao’s cheeks were completely red, and her gaze was unfocused. She was already drunk.

Look at this silly girl. Don’t you know your own limits? Why did you come to a brothel and let yourself get so drunk?

Qin Guangyuan frowned. “Youzhao is a small person. No wonder he can’t hold his liquor.”

Cheng Gang laughed. “Lady Shuangyue, young master Chu is drunk! Please bring him inside and let him get some rest. You’d better take good care of him!”

Lady Shuangyue blushed. “I’m fortunate to be able to serve young master Chu,” she said timidly.

Her gaze floated towards Chu Youzhao from time to time, a perfect display of feminine charm.

“Don’t… don’t touch me.” Chu Youzhao subconsciously tried to push her away, but her body possessed no strength in her drunken state.

“Young master, let me carry you inside. You need to rest,” Shuangyue said gently.

“Mm... mm…” Chu Youzhao replied hazily.

Cheng Gang stared at the two of them next to each other, transfixed by their beauty. It even seemed to him that the delicate and soft-featured Chu Youzhao was more attractive than Shuangyue. He felt a wave of heat surge within him. Should I sneak into the room later on and join in on the action?

He was already a regular of Shuangyue’s, so she probably wouldn’t turn him away. But this young master Chu has a rather special standing… It would spell trouble if news of it got out.

What the hell? Why am I going after a man?!

It’s all this kid’s fault for being too good-looking!

Qin Yongde, who was busy playing with the girl in his lap, snapped out of his daze. He said with a smile, “Shuangyue, this little brother of mine is still quite immature. You have to be more gentle with him later.”

“No... don’t…” Chu Youzhao mumbled, subconsciously refusing. However, no one paid attention to her weak cries.

Shuangyue responded with a lovely smile. “I’m always gentle. Why don’t I give young master Chu a little bonus later?”

Such speech was more than expected in a government brothel.

Sure enough, the others were amused, roaring in laughter. Shuangyue carried Chu Youzhao inside.

Cheng Gang looked around at the others, then picked up the girl next to him and walked towards the entrance as well. “Young masters, please carry on. I’m going to have some fun first. Hahaha!”

“How vulgar!” Qin Guangyuan and Qin Yongde both said at the same time. However, the girls beside them seemed more enchanting than before.

Qin Yongde couldn’t resist either. He stood up, his hands around the two girls’ waists. “Bro, I’m heading inside too,” he said with a laugh.

Qin Guangyuan’s face darkened. This fellow has no willpower at all! We’ve seen all sorts of beautiful women before. Why is he in such a rush? 

“Young master Qin truly is a strong, steady gentleman…” said the girl next to him, tracing her finger across his chest.

Qin Guangyuan’s entire body stiffened up. Ahem… these girls from the government brothel are quite different. I suppose loosening up once in a while isn’t so bad either.

The girl led him to a secluded room, and it wasn’t long before the violent creaking of the bed could be heard.

Zu An, who was watching all of this quietly, was stunned. These Devil Sect women were truly talented. Even these experienced young masters had unknowingly fallen into their trap.

There came the sound of soft, gentle footsteps, and Shuangyue appeared behind him. “Young master, I’ve already put young master Chu to sleep. Should I arrange for someone to… take care of him?”

Chu Youzhao was Zu An’s younger brother-in-law, so she wanted to ask him first, just to make sure. Of course, there was no way she would do it herself. She had more than enough girls under her.

“There’s no need. I’ll go look in on him myself.” Have another girl take care of her? Her crossdressing secret would be utterly exposed. “Did you notice anything… peculiar about his body?” he had to ask.

He wondered if anything had happened when Shuangyue carried her inside. After all, he had only noticed something was off when he accidentally touched her.

“Peculiar?” Shuangyue seemed confused. “What do you mean, young master?”

Zu An sighed in relief. “It’s nothing. Go attend to your duties. I’ll take care of him.”

“Okay.” Shuangyu looked at him strangely. This man had come all the way to a brothel, yet he paid no attention to any of the beauties around him, choosing instead to visit his little brother-in-law. Don’t tell me that he likes men?

Then again, young master Chu was indeed rather good-looking. I might have been attracted as well, even if I were a man.

She brought Zu An downstairs. Suddenly, he noticed a dark silhouette rush into Chu Youzhao’s room. Zu An’s expression flickered, and he quickly rushed in as well.

Cheng Gang had just snuck into the room. Huh? Why isn’t Shuangyue here?

His attention immediately shifted to Chu Youzhao. His face seemed even prettier than the courtesan queens of this brothel. His small mouth was slightly open, and the redness of his lips was making his heart pound.

Screw it, I’ll just have a taste of what another man feels like then! Cheng Gang had a feeling that something wasn’t quite right. He seemed to be much more stimulated than usual. Ordinarily, the other party’s status would have given him pause, but in his intoxicated state, he seemed to have lost all inhibitions.

Young master Chu is drunk anyway. He’ll just feel a bit of pain in the bottom tomorrow. He won’t suspect me at all.

He swallowed, then took off his clothes and pounced onto the bed.

He suddenly froze. He felt a strong hand grip the back of his neck, and a bitingly cold voice spoke into his ear. “You’re courting death!”

Cheng Gang was horrified. He swung his arm backwards, but half-way through his strike, he felt a sharp pain in the back of his neck, and he knew nothing else.

Zu An tossed the limp Cheng Gang onto the ground. He was utterly disgusted by the tent of fabric around his crotch, and mercilessly stomped his foot down onto it.

“Ugh…” Even though he was unconscious, Cheng Gang still curled up in pain like a cooked shrimp.

Shuangyue gulped. This man was truly ruthless. How were they going to deal with the consequences of this?

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