Chapter 630: Loli Transformation

Cheng Xiong’s subordinates were already wrapping up their search. One after another, they informed him that they hadn’t located anyone.

Cheng Xiong weighed his remaining options. The only place that hadn’t been searched yet was this bed.

He clasped his fist and said, “We still need to search the bottom of the bed. I’m sure Lord Eleven won’t mind.”

Zu An frowned. “What are you implying, General Cheng? Won’t I know immediately if there’s someone under my bed?”

He was a golden-token envoy, after all. If such a simple task eluded him, he would be an absolute joke. Furthermore, the other party had made the request despite knowing the abilities of golden-token envoys. It was really too much.

Cheng Xiong chuckled. “I’m not implying anything. However, Lord Eleven has been injured, so your perception might not be as sharp as usual. Let us search underneath, so that Lord Eleven can rest easy.”

He did not wait for Zu An’s reply, but gestured for his subordinates to begin the search.

Several imperial guards lay down on the ground. Lifting the fabric covering the bottom of the bed, they thrust their swords under it.

Despite their energetic efforts, they found nothing.

Zu An sighed. It would be all the more strange if you all did actually find something under the bed. Just then, Yun Jianyue sent him a ki transmission. “You need to show some anger. Things would look strange otherwise.”

Zu An was shocked, but he quickly realized the truth of her statement. If a glorious golden-token envoy allowed these men to ransack his house without reacting, it would only be a sign of a guilty conscience.

With a wave of his hand, he activated the Heaven-Devouring Sutra. The guards, who had just found their feet again, felt a sudden wave of pressure strike them, and they lost their grip on their blades. Their swords flew towards the bed.

With a flick of his wrist, the long, deadly blades crumpled into lumps of metal. Zu An’s voice was cold. “Hasn’t General Cheng taught you any rules? How dare you use your weapons in my home?”

The guards all broke out in cold sweat. They fell to their knees immediately in apology.

Even Cheng Xiong’s eyes narrowed. He eyed the lumps of metal on the ground and quickly clasped his fist. “Lord Eleven, my subordinates have been too zealous in their eagerness to capture the assassins, and have offended you. Please forgive them.”

His mind was awash with alarm and confusion. It wasn’t that he feared the other party’s cultivation—after all, the ki fluctuations that had appeared just now were not more powerful than his own. Despite that, though, he couldn’t identify how the technique worked, and he had no way of replicating its power.

In fact, he couldn’t even tell what element the other party had used.

“Since you’re all in a rush to capture these assassins, then go out and catch them. Why are you still wasting time here?” said Zu An, his voice carrying an edge.

Cheng Xiong’s expression flickered, but he quickly recovered his composure and gestured for his subordinates to leave. “Apologies for the disturbance, Lord Eleven. Please do not take offence.”

Zu An gave him a frigid look, but did not reply.

Cheng Xiong turned to leave, having lost interest in the place. When he reached the doorway, he turned back to look at Zu An. “Lord Eleven, your abilities are bold and impressive. It didn’t look as though you were injured at all.” His voice dripped with hidden meaning.

“So what if we’re injured? Defeating a few small fry is no trouble at all for a golden-token envoy,” replied Zu An indifferently.

Cheng Xiong’s face grew dark, since the other party had dragged him into it as well. He wasn’t perfectly certain of the situation, though, since the golden-token envoys were all mysterious and powerful people. He wasn’t sure if he could defeat the other party.

He reluctantly eyed the covers one last time. If the other party had been much weaker, he might have just pulled them aside. Given the golden-token envoy’s earlier performance, though, it was too much of a risk.

He consoled himself with the thought that there was no way a grown person could be hiding under the covers. From the look of it, they could be hiding a small child, at most. Why would there be a small child among the assailants?

Besides, he had already spread his senses across the entire room, and hadn’t detected anyone else aside from Zu An. There was no need to harp on the issue.

Could I have truly made a mistake?  He had offended a golden-token envoy, with nothing to show in return. With a gloomy expression Cheng Xiong departed with his subordinates.

Zu An pressed the key to the residence, and the gate closed on its own.

There were advantages to this world. Even though science and technology wasn’t as developed as the modern world, many of its conveniences could be replicated using cultivation.

As he closed the door, the blanket covering him was pushed aside, and a petite figure made its way out from inside.

When he saw the loli-like Yun Jianyue, Zu An couldn’t resist the urge to pinch her cheeks. She was just too cute.

Yun Jianyue smacked his hands away. “Are you seeking death?!” With a few twists, she gradually returned to her normal appearance, morphing from a little loli to a grown and mature big sister.

Zu An sighed. “Has anyone ever told you that you look extra cute when you shrink like that?”

A burst of color reddened Yun Jianyue’s cheeks for a moment.. “You’re not allowed to tell anyone about what just happened, not even Honglei! Otherwise, I will kill you!”

Zu An had a strange look on his face. “So no one else has seen that form before?”

“That’s not true.” Yun Jianyue seemed lost in her memories. “Back in the sect, sometimes when I’m really bored, I’ll change into this form and go walking around the nearby towns and cities.”

Zu An had to shake his head in disbelief.

Sis, you’re a bloody sect master, and of the glorious Devil Sect, no less! Isn’t that a little weird?

Yun Jianyue immediately snapped out of her daze. She wasn’t sure what had made her tell him this incredible secret. Her expression instantly grew dangerous. “Were you taking advantage of me by touching me earlier on?”

Zu An waved his hands rapidly. “Of course not! I was just worried that you were about to act out when Cheng Xiong said those things. It would have led to a whole lot of trouble if you had.”

“So, in your eyes, I’m just a dumb girl with big breasts?” said Yun Jianyue with an angry huff.

Zu An’s expression grew strange. He couldn’t resist looking at her ample breasts. You’re probably not a fool, but your boobs really are the real deal.

“What are you looking at?!” Yun Jianyue demanded. She followed it with a laugh, but her smile was extremely sinister.

“Nothing.” Zu An said with a slight snicker, and quickly took out the Five Aggregate Root. “Here, this will speed your recovery.”

He had already hugged her and touched her. It would be rather insincere of him not to give this to her now.

Yun Jianyue frowned, but did not reject the offer. She took the jade case from him, but didn’t immediately open it. “That Cheng Xiong seems rather hostile towards you. Be on your guard. I don’t think he will let the matter rest.”

“I have no idea how I offended him, though,” said Zu An with a sigh. This was giving him quite the headache as well. Having a shrewd guy like the Left General scheming against him was rather upsetting.

“Rather than sitting around waiting for trouble to appear, it’s better to strike first. All you need to do is find a chance to get rid of him,” said Yun Jianyue coldly.

Zu An froze. In that instant, he finally understood that this beautiful woman wasn’t the kind sort, but rather the terror-inspiring Devil Sect Sect Master!

This warning was the final time Yun Jianyue brought up Cheng Xiong. “Keep watch for me. I’m going to treat my injuries.”

She sat on the bed in a meditative stance, then opened the case and placed it between her legs, revealing the Five Aggregate Root within.

An energetic wave of spiritual ki washed over him, refreshing his mind. He got on his tiptoes and peered in her direction. A root-like medicinal herb rested within the jade case, a vortex of swirling energy visible just above it. A single look was enough to tell him that it was something extraordinary.

Yun Jianyue didn’t consume it, but circulated her energies while sitting in a meditative posture. In moments, a thick strand of energy slowly rose from the Five Aggregate Root, entering her body through her nose. A faint rosiness returned to her pallid cheeks.

Zu An’s eyes widened. She looked just like a goddess, shrouded in smoke. Even treating her injuries was such a beautiful sight! How long would it take for him to be like this as well?

After an hour or so, Yun Jianyue opened her eyes and closed the case.

By then, Zu An was already bored to death. This unexpected action took him by surprise. “Your injuries were healed that quickly?”

Yun Jianyue shook her head. “Of course not. Wounds of the soul need to be nursed slowly. The process cannot be rushed. Treating it with the Five Aggregate Root for an hour each day is already the limit. Any longer would be a waste.”

Zu An’s mood instantly improved. “Haha, then take your time to recover! You can stay here for as long as you want. By the way, can you move over a little? I need to sleep.”

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