Chapter 629: Shrinking Technique

“Go lie down on the bed,” ordered Yun Jianyue.

“Huh?” Zu An replied in confusion. He did not understand why she would say that now.

Yun Jianyue looked at him in annoyance. “Didn’t you tell everyone that you were injured? You should be resting.”

“Oh, you’re right.” Zu An got into bed and pulled the covers on him.

This was his house, yet this was the first time he had slept in this bed.

Yun Jianyue glared at him again. “Clothes!”

Zu An was extremely confused. Yun Jianyue frowned. “You’re usually pretty sharp. Are you going to sleep with your clothes on?”

“Oh,” Zu An replied, then stripped. He kept his mask on, though, since he wasn’t supposed to reveal his true identity to anyone.

After he did all this, he slowly regained his composure. “What’s the point of all of this? You’re the biggest issue, big sis! I don’t care about being seen.”

After a slight hesitation, Yun Jianyue moved aside the covers and wiggled her way into bed as well.

Zu An’s bewilderment continued to grow.

Her long hair brushed against his body, as soft as silk.

As he smelled her delicate fragrance and felt her supple body against his, Zu An couldn’t resist blurting out, “I feel as though you’re lusting after my body!”

“Shut up!” It was the first time that he’d seen Yun Jianyue blush so furiously. However, the redness disappeared in an instant.

He could sense that she seemed to be using some type of flexibility technique. She twisted about in the covers, her body growing softer. Oddly enough, she seemed to be shrinking as well, unti. it didn’t seem as though there was anyone else hiding under the covers.

Zu An was stupefied. He’d seen yoga girls contort themselves into all sorts of weird postures before, yet compared to Yun Jianyue, they looked like amateurs!

Whoever married this woman would surely be extremely blessed!

“Do you want to die?” Yun Jianyue said through gritted teeth, still under the covers.

You have successfully trolled Yun Jianyue for 999 Rage points!

Zu An’s face heated up. His legs twitched unnaturally. “It’s a natural reaction! I can’t control this. Come on.”

Yun Jianyue refused to answer him.

She twisted her head the other way. If I knew that you were doing it on purpose, I would have snapped that thing right off!

There was no way she would ever submit herself to something like this if she had any other choice.

She knew that, if someone came in to search this place, hiding behind the curtains like the last time probably wouldn’t work.

Zhuxie Chixin did not do a thorough search because he hadn’t suspected Zu An in the first place. The people outside, however, were clearly different. Every corner of the room was sure to be searched, so hiding behind the curtains was pointless. Zu An had also mentioned that a group of guards had surrounded this place. She would be immediately exposed if she tried to jump out through the window.

Because of all this, though, she ended up letting this brat take advantage of her!

You have successfully trolled Yun Jianyue for 233… 233… 233… 

Is this kid a member of the beast race? Or is he half-beastman? He looks just like a regular human on the outside, though.

As a sect master, though, Yun Jianyue was able to keep her emotions in check, and she quickly calmed herself.

Cheng Xiong’s impatient voice came from outside. “Lord  Eleven, if you still refuse to open the door, I will have reason to suspect that you are hiding a criminal inside, and we will be forced to break in!”

Even though there was a protective formation surrounding this place, the protection it provided was limited. There was no way it could withstand the attacks of an eight rank general backed up by a group of experts.

Zu An pressed the room key, and the doors opened on their own. “Go ahead and search, then. I’ve only moved in today, so there’s nothing here. The search shouldn’t take that long.”

Cheng Xiong was slightly surprised that the fellow had let them in. Had they wronged him somehow?

It would take more than that to convince him, though. He waved his hands, directing his subordinates to begin their search. They were specially trained for such tasks, and not even hidden rooms and cellars could escape their detection.

He himself headed towards the main bedroom. “Lord Eleven, please pardon my rudeness. I must carry out my official duty.”

Even though he remained suspicious, he put on a show of politeness. After all, they would surely cross paths in the palace often in the future. He still had to show him some courtesy.

Zu An struggled to a half-seated posture on the bed, as though he had just been roused awake. “It’s no problem. Please, do what you need to after completing your search. I am preparing to rest and nurse my wounds.” 

“I didn’t know you were sleeping, Lord Eleven. Weren’t you just at the hospital earlier?” Cheng Xiong stared at the other party. He wanted to discern something from his expression, but he was wearing a mask, so he wasn’t able to pick anything up.

Zu An laughed. “It seems General Cheng came prepared,” he said. “Your investigation has been rather thorough.”

Cheng Xiong did not take exception to his comment. “It can’t be helped,” replied the general. “His Majesty assigned this case to me, so I have to put in my best effort. I cannot let any leads slip.”

“Have you found anything, General Cheng?” Zu An frowned inwardly. He didn’t know why this fellow was targeting him. The two of them had no bad blood between them, and on top of that, he was a golden-token envoy. There was no reason for this man to be this aggressive.

“Those assassins were extremely cunning. We haven’t found anything of value yet. However, I believe that some assassins still linger, hiding within the palace, although we just do not know where they are hiding. However, I believe all of them will be found soon.” Cheng Xiong said.

“I wish you success, General Cheng.” Zu An had to admit that this fellow was sharp enough that he had actually managed to deduce the truth.

Cheng Xiong let out another laugh, then suddenly asked, “By the way, I heard from the hospital staff that Lord Eleven was injured, but from what I saw in the imperial study, Lord Eleven didn’t look as though you had been injured. Did you encounter an assassin after leaving the imperial study?”

Zu An’s heart began to pound. Had this guy already found out about him?

Of course, he wasn’t about to betray himself. “I was wounded by the female assassin’s flying sword in the eastern palace, but I know the importance of proper bearing in front of His Majesty, so I forcefully suppressed it. When I finally got the chance to, I went to the hospital to get some medicine.”

“I heard that the hospital did not provide you with the medicine you needed, and that they gave it to the crown princess instead.” Cheng Xiong moved closer to him. “Can I offer my help, Lord Eleven? Even though I am only at the eighth rank, I still have the ability to treat injuries.”

“There’s no need for that, General. The crown princess has already given me the medicine, and my condition has improved considerably. All I need is a few more days’ rest.” Zu An deliberately brought up the crown princess, hoping that it would make him back off.

Sure enough, when Cheng Xiong heard about it, his expression immediately changed. He hadn’t expected the two of them to be such close friends.

However, he had a naturally fierce and vicious personality. Since he had already offended the other party, he was not going to wait around for him to take his revenge, with the backing of the Embroidered Envoy and the crown princess. He would crush him flat right here and now.

“To be honest,  I’m still a little afraid when I think about that female assassin. She’s a glorious grandmaster, yet she stoops to assassination, something totally unbecoming of her status. It truly is shameless,” said Cheng Xiong.

Zu An could feel Yun Jianyue’s body go taut. These words had clearly angered her.

Worried that she wouldn’t be able to suppress her anger, he patted her gently, asking her to calm down.

Yun Jianyue almost slapped him.

Should I feed this brat to the dogs after I recover?

Zu An followed Cheng Xiong’s lead. “That female assassin was quite beautiful,” he replied.”It’s a pity that she’s so vicious. Her flying sword almost killed me.”

“The fact that Lord Eleven managed to evade a grandmaster’s attack is already incredibly praiseworthy,” commended Cheng Xiong. “What technique do you cultivate, Lord Eleven? Is the ‘Phoenix Nirvana Sutra’ a flame element technique?”

Zu An was taken aback. He finally understood why the other party had grown suspicious. He was trying to link the flame blade that rescued Qiu Honglei to him.

“The Phoenix Nirvana Sutra is desired by His Majesty,” Zu An replied darkly. “It doesn’t seem appropriate for General Cheng to be asking about it, don’t you agree?”

Cheng Xiong’s expression flickered. “I was in such admiration over Lord Eleven’s methods that my tongue slipped. Pardon me for that.”

As he spoke, his eyes slowly fell on the blanket covering Zu An.

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