Chapter 592: Questioning Life

“Who is it?” Zu An was alarmed. He had just arrived at the capital, and did not know many people. Who would come seeking him at this hour?

“I…” A timid yet lovely voice came from outside. Zu An was overjoyed. He was just about to undo the restrictions when he suddenly heard someone climbing over the walls.

He cursed inwardly. These restrictions were terribly shoddy! They were nothing like the ones around his Embroidered Envoy residence in the palace. At best, they could stop some petty thieves, but were useless against those with higher cultivation.

He quickly stowed Daji away to prevent this intruder from seeing her.

Soon, he caught sight of a black-robed figure. Zu An waved his hand towards her. “I’m over here!”

This unknown visitor was wrapped entirely in a black cloak. She was stunned to see Zu An in a bathtub. “You… you’re taking a bath.”

She had a lovely voice, which marked her as a beautiful woman.

Zu An patted the water. “Wanna come in?”

“Hmph, no way.” The woman took off her cloak. Her clothes inside were pure white. It was none other than Zheng Dan, whom he had just met with. He had given= her his address earlier on, and this place wasn’t too difficult to find.

“Why are you still wearing that?” Zu An asked curiously.

Zheng Dan’s lips curved upwards slightly. “I couldn’t help it, so I sneaked out of the house. I still have to go back later on, and it was too troublesome to change. If you don’t like it, I can always change here.”

“Nope, this is perfect.” Zu An pulled her towards him.

“Ah…” Zheng Dan staggered a little, and it took her a moment to understand what he meant. Her pretty face became red. “Pervert.”

Zu An laughed. He raised his hand and helped her into the bathtub. Her clothes were completely soaked through, sticking to her skin.

Before Zheng Dan could exclaim at his sudden increase in strength, she was overwhelmed by shame and embarrassment. “How am I supposed to go back later?”

A flame appeared on Zu An’s hand. “I’ll dry your clothes for you after.”

This was the good thing about the world of cultivation. Many things could be done without the need for other devices.

“You awakened the fire element?” Zheng Dan was shocked. Even though she was happy to see her lover grow stronger, she was alarmed that it was the fire element.

Sang Qian had also been a fire element cultivator, and she believed that their relationship had gone the way it had because they were incompatible, like fire and water. Now, it seemed her true lover was also a fire element cultivator! She couldn’t shake the feeling that it was an ominous sign.

Zu An knew what she was thinking. He said with a chuckle, “Don’t worry, it’s not just the fire element that I awakened. I can control water as well.” He twirled his finger, drawing some water out of the bathtub.

Blue Mallard allowed him to control the water element to a certain degree when liquid water was present. However, he wasn’t able to harness the water element in the air for battle, and his control over this element was slightly inferior to those who specialized in cultivating it.

The greatest ability it offered was allowing him to grow intimately familiar with water, allowing him to breathe freely underwater like a fish. Furthermore, it made it much easier for him to learn water element movement techniques and combat skills in the future, as long as he could somehow awaken the water element within himself. It seemed his only hope was to summon a water element valkyrie.

Zheng Dan’s worry immediately turned into happiness. “Ah Zu, you’re so awesome!”

Zu An leaned over and whispered into her ear. “You know, there’s something else about me that’s awesome.”

“You’re so annoying…” Zheng Dan said, but her eyes were gleaming.

Her snow-white mourning gown, soaked to transparency, awakened something unexplainable within Zu An. How could he hold himself back any longer? He threw himself at her with a growl.

Elsewhere, Qiu Honglei finally managed to convince the capital city division to follow her lead, and she raced towards Zu An’s residence in the dead of night.

She was extremely excited by the thought of their reunion.

She already had a good impression of him from their time in Brightmoon City, and they had fought side-by-side on the way to the capital. He had risked his life to protect her, and she had used her mouth to extract venom from his wounds… 

Ahhh was I too brazen back then? His wife Chu Chuyan is an icy beauty. Does he prefer her type more?

Hmph, isn’t she just pretending to be decent, though? Do you think I can’t do the same?

With a thought, her flirtatious smile immediately disappeared, and her demeanor became extremely dignified. She could pass off as a daughter of a prestigious house.

Despite deliberately putting on such a dignified appearance, her features were just too stunning, and she still gave off an alluring feminine charm. 

Outside Zu An’s manor, she took out a small mirror and admired her own reflection. 

Not bad. I’m glad I washed my hair before I left, and put on some light makeup. 

She knew from past experience that Zu An didn’t care for heavy makeup.

Her bearing seemed spot on as well. She wasn’t as flirtatious as usual. Perfect. He’ll surely fall for me as long as I keep this up.

She put away her small mirror, smiling contentedly. She walked up to the gate quietly.

What, did you think I’d jump over the wall? Even though these restrictions are nothing to me, jumping over the wall is something only a crude woman would do. As a wise and virtuous woman, I make my way in through the front door.

She was about to knock on the door with her slender fingers when she suddenly picked up several faint sounds coming from within, and her smile instantly froze.

She was so angry that she kicked a rock lying by the side of the road. If she had known things would turn out this way, she would have let those capital city division members burn this place to the ground!

Bloody hell!

You have successfully trolled Qiu Honglei for 999… 999… 999…

Unfortunately, Zu An was too preoccupied to notice the flood of Rage points.

Qiu Honglei wanted to leave, but leaving just like that was rather frustrating to her.

Hmph! Is that Chu Chuyan inside? She always puts on the appearance of an ice queen, but look at her now! She’s even wilder than those girls from Immortal Abode!

She wanted to take a look at her ‘disgraceful appearance’ for herself. That way, she wouldn’t feel inferior when she met her face to face in the future.

This thought drove her forward. She scaled the walls and leapt in.

She knew that both of them were experts, so she had to be careful. She moved about silently, a cat stalking her prey.

The excited moans grew louder and louder. She crept closer.

They’re doing it in the bathtub? Qiu Honglei cursed silently. Is Chu Chuyan that bold? Is her image as an ice queen just a front? 

She peeped inside, and her eyes immediately went wide.

She didn’t take off her clothes? Because of her position, she couldn’t make out the woman’s face too clearly. However, she was dressed in the same white attire that Chu Chuyan preferred.

She suddenly began questioning life. What the hell is wrong with this world? Why would you take a bath with your clothes on? Aren’t you guys in too much of a hurry?

Huh? Wait a minute… the mouth can be used for more than just eating?

Who’s the one that belongs to the Devil Sect…?

She finally snapped out of her daze when the two of them exited the bathtub, and Zu An helped to dry the woman’s clothes by conjuring a flame within his hand.

Zu An awakened the fire element? The flames seemed of rather high quality as well. They didn’t seem to be ordinary.

Hold on, this girl isn’t Chu Chuyan!

She had met Chu Chuyan on the way to the capital, so she knew that she was not Chu Chuyan, but the Sang clan’s daughter-in-law, Zheng Dan. She wasn’t wearing a dress, but mourning clothes.

She snorted. What a vixen! Her husband had just passed away, yet she was already with another man.

Even though she had guessed the true relationship between these two, it had only been speculation. Seeing it for herself was something else. What she had witnessed was just too shocking.

When her clothes had dried, Zheng Dan quickly put on a cloak and left. She was clearly in a hurry.

Her legs almost gave out after just a few steps. Qiu Honglei’s eyebrows quivered when she saw this. Serves you right! It’s your fault for going at it like a lunatic!

As she mocked Zheng Dan, her concentration slipped, and a gap appeared in her concealment.

“Show yourself!” Zu An knew that whoever this person was had probably seen everything, so he wasn’t planning to show them any mercy.

He did not expect that the other party would make no move to flee. She continued to stare at him coldly from the tree she was hiding in.

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