Chapter 588: Your Persona is Falling Apart!

“Yes ma’am! We will take care of all who dare offend our Holy Sect! Blood for blood!” Her subordinates rushed out excitedly to organize this attack.

This charming woman was none other than Qiu Honglei. She was reclining on a soft couch, her seductive figure on full display. However, none of the surrounding sect members dared to sneak any disrespectful looks. As the Lady Saint of the sect, she was not to be offended. Furthermore, despite her beauty, she was also vicious and decisive.

Qiu Honglei yawned lazily. “Who is the new official staying in Ding Manor?” she asked casually. “It’s not every day we see the Embroidered Envoy personally cleaning out a manor for an official.”

The capital city division replied, “I believe it is some fellow called ‘Phoenix Man’. He offered something to His Majesty and was granted great favor. I think his name was Zu An or something?”

The capital city division hadn’t participated in the attack on Zu An, so they didn’t know about their relationship.

Qiu Honglei’s expression froze. She sat up. “Tell them to cancel the attack immediately!” she ordered.

The members of the capital city division couldn’t believe their ears.

One of them spoke up immediately. “Why are we cancelling the attack?” he questioned. “Aren’t we going to retaliate against those who challenge us? If we don’t, our Holy Sect will become the laughingstock of the entire world!”

“Because… because…” Qiu Honglei’s head began to ache terribly. How could she have expected that this random manor would be connected to Zu An? There was no way she could explain their relationship. The gears within her mind began to spin rapidly, and she quickly thought of a solution. “Because I plan to personally make a move.”

“Lady Saint, there is no need for you to take care of such a small matter personally. We can deal with it quickly and cleanly. We will chop that fellow into pieces and make him regret being born!” One after the other, the members of the capital division were quick to express their loyalty. How could they give up such a good opportunity to show off in front of their lady saint?

“I am glad that everyone is so brave and loyal…'' Qiu Honglei was all smiles, but she was secretly cursing them to death. She was in no mood to shower them with praises.

All the members of the capital city division reveled in this moment. They would surely reap great benefits from obtaining the lady saint’s favor this time.

After a moment of consideration, Qiu Honglei said, “The sect master will arrive in the capital soon to take care of that crucial matter. I’m afraid that this might be a trap set by the Embroidered Envoy. If we send out our subordinates now, we might tip our enemies off. It’s better if I go. I can adapt to the situation as necessary.”

“Our Lady Saint is wise and farsighted after all, far greater than what we could ever hope to achieve…” The others flattered her madly. “Lady Saint, let us arrange for some experts to accompany you. They’ll be able to protect you.”

“No!” Qiu Honglei cried immediately. When she saw her subordinates’ alarmed expressions, she coughed lightly and continued in her usual, charming tone, “I’ll go alone. That will be enough. More people will only cause a greater disturbance.”

Her thoughts were all over the place right now. The last time she left Zu An, she hadn’t expected him to really make it out of his predicament. She definitely had to hear just how he managed to get out of his sticky situation.

Zu An had nothing else on his mind. He was solely focused on what he was going to do to this icy beauty in his arms.

At first, Chu Chuyan only allowed him to hug her tightly, but that quickly developed into groping, which she quietly accepted, despite her face going red. However, this fellow was going further and further, insisting on taking it to the next step. How could she accept that? “No, stop! There are still people waiting outside!”

“It’ll be all right as long as I finish quickly.” The more she behaved like this, the more evil thoughts appeared in Zu An’s head.

Chu Chuyan bit her lip. “When have you ever finished quickly…?” Whenever she recalled how she had been tormented by him in the middle of the night, her body would go weak no matter how cold she was.

How could Zu An still hold back when he saw her slightly flirtatious expression? He pounced on her.

Chu Chuyan moaned, and tightly embraced the man in front of her. She had always been a well-behaved daughter of a wealthy clan, but ever since she met this fellow, she had developed a bunch of bad habits. She had learned how to lie, and then there was all of this stuff… it was almost as if she had become shameless.

Her upbringing taught her that all these things they got up to were rather lewd, and yet, when they were about to happen, she always felt a strange sense of excitement. She became much more sensitive than usual.

Several moments later, the sound of soft, quick footsteps could be heard. “Big sis, brother-in-law, are you guys done yet…? Huh?”

The two of them were already extremely nervous. When they suddenly heard this sound, both of them were startled.

Chu Chuyan cried out, and her body rippled as she trembled uncontrollably.

Zu An sucked in a deep breath. Which one of us cultivated the Heaven Devouring Sutra? The powerful suction force was too much for him to bear, and he released everything.

Chu Youzhao was standing by the doorway, a dazed look on her face.

She was completely stupefied. To her, her eldest sister had always been an ice queen, standing on the peak of a frozen mountain, cold and proud. She was like a goddess who had accidentally stumbled into this fallen world.

She was not the only one with this image—all the other young masters in the capital shared it.

Whenever Chu Chuyan entered the capital, just a single glimpse of her graceful figure would be enough to drive any of those young masters crazy. All of them pursued her relentlessly, but her eldest sister never paid them any attention.

These suitors had no choice but to direct their enquiries about her eldest sister to her, since they were ‘brother and sister’. They all shared the idea that they could slide in through this side door, treating this ‘younger brother’ extremely well while asking ‘him’ about some of ‘his’ eldest sister’s hobbies and interests.

Chu Youzhao suddenly pitied all those men. If they knew that their heavenly queen was being ravaged underneath another man, as though she would give birth to his child as long as he demanded, and would die for him if he said so… She wondered just how many of those men would decide to hang themselves instead.

Your persona is falling apart, big sis!

Chu Chuyan was already so embarrassed, she was desperately wishing for a hole to hide in. Zu An, however, was shameless enough for the two of them. He helped her smoothen out her clothes as he got up. “We were busy discussing our opinions and suggestions on this matter. We didn’t expect time to pass by so quickly! Haha…”

Chu Youzhao was at a loss for words.

How could such a shameless person exist?

This guy is a tremendous scoundrel after all!

It’s good that you’re helping my big sis with her clothes, but why aren’t you putting on your own pants?!

Chu Youzhao immediately covered her face with her hands. However, she secretly peeped through the gaps between her fingers. “Um… Grandfather is getting a little impatient. He told me to come and check on you.”

Chu Chuyan finally recovered some of her composure. “All right. We’ll head back soon.”

At the same time, she pinched Zu An’s waist. This fella really was a wicked scoundrel!

Her eldest sister’s clear, cold voice made Chu Youzhao look at her weirdly. Your cover is already blown, big sis! The only thing in my head is the two of you…

“I’ll… let grandfather know, so that they don’t send anyone else.” Chu Youzhao was still a young lady after all. Even though she had been slightly curious, her embarrassment still won out in the end. She turned and fled.

“It’s all your fault!” Chu Chuyan was on the verge of tears.

Zu An chuckled. “It’s fine. We’re all from the same family anyway. Youzhao won’t tell anyone else. Honestly though, to watch the whole thing… that kid is something special.”

Chu Chuyan bit her soft red lip and said quietly, “It’s not that big of a deal if Youzhao saw us, because she isn’t my little brother, but… my little sister.”

Even though this was the Chu clan’s greatest secret, there was no need to hide this from him. She was worried that he would be disturbed that Chu Youzhao had seen them, which would lead to some unnecessary misunderstanding. It was best if she explained this matter up front.

“Yeah, I know,” replied Zu An subconsciously.

“Huh? Why do you know that?” It was now Chu Chuyan’s turn to be surprised.

“Uh… I saved her when we were attacked during the assassination. That’s when I found out,” Zu An said ambiguously. There was no way he would admit to accidentally touching her chest.

“I didn’t expect you to have already saved Youzhao as well,” Chu Chuyan said with a sigh. “Our Chu clan really owes you too much. I have no idea how we are going to repay you.”

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