Chapter 565, Part 1: The Most Badass Little Miss Perfect in the Zhou Dynasty

Chu Chuyan saw Pei Mianman’s expression grow downcast and assumed that she was embarrassed. She sighed and said, “Manman, I didn’t have many friends growing up. You are my best friend.”

Pei Mianman’s face heated up. “Sorry.”

She told herself that the two of them were already divorced, and that there was nothing left between Zu An and Chuyan, but she knew that she couldn’t deceive herself. After all, the divorce had been forced upon them due to the situation, and she had already gotten involved even before the divorce happened.

Chu Chuyan couldn’t help but laugh when she noticed Pei Mianman blushing like a young newlywed. “Do you think I’m angry at you?”

“Wait, you don’t mind?” Pei Mianman was stunned by Chuyan's tone.

“If things were normal, then of course I would mind,” said Chu Chuyan with a sigh. “But who knows what will happen to Ah Zu now? We’re in the middle of a crisis, yet you were still willing to stick with him. This shows that you really do love him. How can I blame you for what happened?”

Pei Mianman fell silent, her initial happiness replaced with worry. Zu An had provoked someone much too strong this time. There didn’t seem to be any hope. “He always insisted on going to the capital. He said that he can settle this issue once he gets there. Do you have any solutions?”

“He really said that?” Chu Chuyan was shocked. “What kind of solution could I have? To be honest, I was hoping that the two of you would just go into hiding after leaving the dungeon. Unfortunately, Zhuxie Chixin still found you.”

Pei Mianman bit her lip. She’d obviously thought about this before. “I suggested this to him, but he didn’t want to leave you behind.”

Chu Chuyan was stunned. Her eyes wandered over to Zu An, and she seemed lost in her own thoughts.

“If there really is no other choice, you could try asking your grandfather for help,” said Pei Mianman. “Given your grandfather’s status, the situation might not be completely hopeless.”

Chu Chuyan looked worried. “You know of my clan’s relationship with my grandfather’s clan. My grandfather did not approve of my mother’s decision back then, and he has already cut off all overt contact…” she sighed. “I’ll try asking him again. We can’t pass up any little crumb of hope.”

Pei Mianman voiced her agreement. “I will return to my clan and see what I can do, but I don’t have much confidence. You know about my awkward position in the clan.”

Chu Chuyan held her hand. From a certain point of view, they were fellow sufferers, which was why they had become close friends. Even though their personalities were entirely different, they were kindred spirits in many ways. However, she never expected the two of them to end up liking the same man.

The soldiers nearby continued to sneak looks at them. The fight that they had envisioned did not materialize. Instead, the two women seemed to get along perfectly. What the hell is this?

Even two ordinary married women should not be behaving like this in such a situation, let alone two stunning beauties. What kind of black magic did that Zu An fellow possess?

Zu An couldn’t help but turn around when he noticed the continuous inflow of Rage points. He too was stunned when he saw the two women holding hands.

Are those two super open-minded, or do they actually not like me that much? How can they get along that well after finding out the truth…?


Wrapped up in their own worries, the group of them quickly returned to the nearby inn. It wasn’t actually that far away.

Chu Chuyan saw him looking around and said, “The father and daughter of the Sang Clan, have already been escorted back to the capital, along with young miss Zheng.”

Zu An only grunted in acknowledgement.

Chu Chuyan wanted to ask about his relationship with Zheng Dan, but when she considered the uncertain fate that he was facing, she lost the urge to confront him.

King Liang and Liu Yao returned as well. They had been out looking for Zu An. Zhuxie Chixin gave them an update as soon as he found them.

King Liang and Liu Yao both sighed with relief when they saw that Zu An had been detained again. Too many things had happened on this trip. Now, they could leave the rest to Zhuxie Chixin. Whatever happened from here on out would not be their concern.

King Liang stroked his beard when he saw Pei Mianman. He walked over and said, “Miss Pei, we received a letter from the Pei Clan two days ago. Here it is.”

Pei Mianman was confused. She opened the letter. When she saw the keepsake inside, her expression instantly changed.

“What happened?” Zu An and Chu Chuyan both noticed that something was wrong, and quickly showed their concern.

Pei Mianman bit her lip, conflicting expressions flickering across her face. After a while, she said in a dejected voice, “Ah Zu, I might not be able to accompany you to the capital. There’s something I need to do. I need to return to my clan.”

“What happened?” Zu An was really worried. This girl always had a half-smile on her face. He almost never saw her like this.

“My mother sent me a note, but she didn’t include any details. I’m not sure what’s happened either.” Pei Mianman looked around her. She took out the keepsake inside and said in a quiet voice, “I made an arrangement with her that we would never use this signal unless the situation was absolutely urgent. That’s why I have to go back and find out what’s happened.”

Zu An’s tone grew serious. “In that case, you should hurry. Also, be careful. Who knows what could be going on.”

Pei Mianman wanted to say something, but she hesitated. “Ah Zu, if I leave now, I’m afraid that we’ll never meet again.” She knew that, after making this trip, she might not be able to get to the capital in time. By the time she arrived, it could already be too late.

Zu An stroked her head with a smile. “What are you thinking? How could vermin like me die so easily? I’ll be waiting for you at the capital. I’m more worried about you. You must take care of yourself. I don’t want anything to happen to you after I sort out my own situation.”

“Hmph! Can’t you say anything nicer?” Pei Mianman said with a snort. She looked over at Chu Chuyan. “Chuyan, please take care of Ah Zu.”

Chu Chuyan had a strange look on her face. “Manman, have you forgotten that Ah Zu is my husband? I would take care of him even if you hadn’t said anything.”

“But you’re already divorced,” Pei Miaman retorted with a snort. She leapt into Zu An’s arm and got on her tiptoes, giving him a big kiss.

Even though Zu An made it sound simple, she didn’t have that much confidence in him. If the emperor wanted him dead, who in the world could prevent it?

She knew that this separation might really be eternal, which was why she poured everything into this kiss. If not for all the eyes around them, she would even have offered all of herself to him right now.

Within the dungeon, only their souls had been entwined together. In the real world, she was still a virgin. She was sure she would feel endless regret if this separation turned out to be eternal.

The eyes of the surrounding guards and embroidered envoys went wide. What the hell is this? Why does a criminal on death row have such crazy luck with the ladies?

Miss Chu, why aren’t you doing anything about this?!

You have successfully trolled the Soldiers for 1024… 1024 … 1024…

Chu Chuyan sighed. She actually sympathized with Pei Mianman. However, she noticed everyone around them looking at her with strange expressions, and felt extremely uncomfortable. She felt as though she should be doing something right now, yet she didn’t know what it was. The uncertainty within her was truly hard to express.

In the end, she could only turn her head to the side. Out of sight, out of mind.

What a beautiful green meadow. Those trees in the distance have tender green branches, and even the birds seem like dark green parrots…

This is such a beautiful scene, full of life.

But why do I feel so strange?

When their lips finally separated, Pei Mianman's gorgeous face seemed even more beautiful. She looked wistfully at her lover, and said through voice transmission, “Ah Zu, if something ends up happening in the capital, then I will follow in your steps.”

Zu An jumped in fright. “Don’t say such foolish things!” he said hurriedly. “You cannot believe that I am dead unless you see my corpse! Wait, no. Even if you see my corpse, I might be alive through some other secret method! I don’t want anything tragic to happen, for example, you killing yourself when I'm not even dead! If that happens, no tears will come out even if I feel like crying! Even if you insist on doing something like that, please wait at least a decade after you’re sure that I’m gone…”

Pei Mianman knew that he was saying this on purpose, to ease her anxiety. As such, she didn’t argue with him. Instead, she replied, “All right. I will only make my decision after I am certain. But I still hope that both of us can meet again in this world. I… my body is waiting for you.”

These words immediately made Zu An’s blood boil. He also knew that what had happened in the trial was merely a mingling of their souls.

Pei Mianman smiled when she noticed the changes in his body. She quickly walked away, her face red. “I hope everything goes smoothly.”

Zhuxie Chixin was surprised. “Miss Pei’s cultivation seems to have increased quite a bit.”

King Liang nodded. “She looks to have already reached the pinnacle of the sixth rank, perhaps already touching the gates of the seventh rank! She is still so young!” His voice mirrored the other man’s shock.

Liu Yao seemed rather wistful. “Truly, the world of cultivators will always have capable people. Each generation will replace the last.”

He had only barely reached the ninth rank despite cultivating his entire life. He wasn’t even sure if he had reached the fifth rank when he was her age.

Zhuxie Chixin and King Liang gave him a look of disdain. This fella really was ignorant. Should you really be saying this right now?

Inside their hearts, however, they shared similar sentiments. Pei Mianman was at the peak of the sixth rank, while Chu Chuyan was already at the seventh rank. Both of them were only young adults. The speed at which they cultivated really was frightening.

But then, why did both of these stunning girls end up falling for Zu An?

Because Zu An was using his Mirror Mirage to hide his aura, he only appeared to be at the fifth rank, which made him seem like a pile of shit beside a dazzling flower.

Wait, no. He’s a pile of shit beside two beautiful flowers.

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You have successfully trolled Liu Yao for 999 Rage points!

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