Chapter 558, Part I: The Mysteries of Life

This stunning woman’s fair and glowing skin had a slight pinkish hue, as if a small amount of blush had been applied across flawless white jade, enhancing her exceptional appearance.

Wisps of otherworldly mist swirled about her white dress, which was adorned with pieces of jade and golden silk. Together with her elegant bearing, she seemed like a perfect and unattainable goddess who had descended from the heavens to grace the mortal world.

Although her dress didn’t reveal much, it was fashioned in a way to increase the air of mystery about her, which only served to further drive the minds and hearts of men wild.

It enhanced her graceful and curvaceous figure, her slim and elegant neck, her thin waist and full bottom and her pure white skin—every single part of her wonderful body seemed exceptionally lovely.

Her beautiful eyes were as deep and breathtaking as the starry sky, vast and peaceful. Although they betrayed no emotions, her very being still exuded elegance and seduction.

Zu An felt his heart beating faster from just a single glance, and his breathing became slightly ragged. This woman really was devastatingly beautiful! Although she was standing still, and not even her eyes were moving, she somehow stirred some primal urge within him.

Without a doubt, this ridiculously gorgeous woman had to be Daji.

“How can Daji be considered a valkyrie?”

Zu An was rather bewildered. He had really never associated history’s most famous fox spirit with any sort of martial prowess.

Unless, of course, it was combat strength in bed. If so, she’d be SS tier for sure.

When he examined her description further, though, he discovered that his initial impressions were wrong. This Daji really could fight.

Following the System’s instructions, he looked more closely at Daji, and a menu popped up, displaying her various skills. It did not display her strength, defensive stats, health, or things like that. Instead, it described some of her abilities.

Daji excelled at using musical artifacts. She could play something called ‘Voice of the Devil’, which would make those of lower cultivation or willpower enter a state of confusion or lose consciousness.

Besides this, she also had the ‘Fox Charm’ skill, which let her control a target of the opposite sex with lower cultivation than her for a short time. It would even have an effect on someone of higher cultivation, stunning them with her beauty and making them more reluctant to hurt her.

She could also summon a nine-tailed fox to fight for her. As her cultivation rose, the nine-tailed fox would slowly develop flaming tails. At its pinnacle, it would have nine tails of fire.

After reading through the entire tooltip, Zu An felt an intense amount of shock. Which world did this Daji come from? Why was she so OP?

He shuffled his way over to her. “Excuse me… great heroine. How are you? My name is Zu An. You can just call me Ah Zu in the future. Of course, I wouldn’t mind at all if you wanted to call me master.”

Despite his introduction, the woman showed no response. This exceptional beauty only stared at him calmly, with eyes devoid of emotion.

Zu An was stunned. Her eyes were indeed beautiful, but he felt as though something was missing from them. It was as if he was staring at a doll.

He moved to the side, and saw that her eyes did not track his movements.

He suddenly remembered the explanation that the Valkyrie System had provided him. The valkyries that were summoned would have lost their memories and souls, and only their combat instincts would remain.

“So it’s just a human shaped doll?” Zu An thought to himself. They probably can’t even talk, then.

He’d watched his fair share of shows in his past world, so it wasn’t like he had never seen such things before. These valkyries seemed similar to battle puppets and machines.

Of course, these valkyries looked much prettier.

“Is it some kind of a robot?” Zu An couldn’t hold himself back and poked Daji’s arm. What he felt left him incredibly shocked. Is she actually a real person?

He was sure that her skin was no different from an ordinary person’s, although it looked much smoother and softer.

“I wonder if the rest of her also resembles an ordinary person…” Zu An had a weird look on his face. He knew that people from his past world spent vast sums of money on replica dolls that imitated real people, yet no matter how real they looked, it was easy enough to tell that they weren’t actual people. However, even though this doll in front of him didn’t have a soul, she wasn’t that much different from an actual person.

He cursed. Wouldn’t these valkyries become sex dolls if this system fell into the hands of a bad person?

Wait, there’s no way that would be allowed.

After pondering it over for a while, he decided to give it a try. He slowly reached his hand towards Daji’s chest.

As if she sensed his hand approaching, a trace of… something… seemed to appear within Daji’s initially-vacant eyes. She dodged backwards, and the sound of a sharp crack rang out.

Zu An counted his blessings. If he hadn’t moved backwards quickly enough, he would have been slapped in the face instead of just on his hand.

Only now did he notice a value on Daji’s menu: Goodwill: 0

That was perfectly understandable. This was their first meeting, after all. Why would she have a favorable opinion of him?

Then again, how was he supposed to raise this?

If this value reaches its maximum in the future, does that mean that…

Ahem, ahem!

His face turned completely red. Pah! I only did that to study the system, I don’t have any perverted thoughts… 

Now that he knew that he couldn’t do anything unethical towards these valkyries, his heart began to calm down.

He then issued an order to Daji. “Attack me!”

Daji, who had been expressionless a moment ago, raised her head to look at him. A strange radiance appeared in her eyes, and then she charged at him.

After exchanging several blows, Zu An ordered her to stop, and Daji stopped, becoming motionless again. The radiance in her eyes also gradually faded, and she returned to her original, emotionless state.

Judging from their previous exchange, Zu An judged Daji’s fighting techniques as rather outstanding. Even he had been left rather flustered several times.

Unfortunately, she didn’t possess exceptional strength or speed. In fact, in these areas, she was practically no different from an ordinary person. She didn’t even seem like a cultivator. This was quite different from his expectations of her as a legendary war goddess. Even if he did summon her, she wouldn’t be able to help him at all.

He examined the tooltip describing her skills again, and noticed that many of the skills referenced her level of cultivation, which surprised him.

Her cultivation level right now was the same as an ordinary person’s. But what if this could be raised somehow?

He noticed that there were several formation diagrams on Daji’s body, which were quite similar to the formations inside of him.

Does that mean that her cultivation can be increased using Ki Fruits?

Given Zu An’s current level of cultivation, raising it by even a single step required a crazy amount of Ki Fruits, and he had already given up on using these Ki Fruits to raise his own cultivation.

However, he still received large amounts of Ki Fruits whenever he entered the Rage point lottery system. Not using them would be too much of a waste. Ths Valkyrie System seemed to be the perfect place to dump all of these fruits.

Zu An prayed that this valkyrie didn’t need that many Ki Fruits to fill up her formations. If her formations required the same astronomical amount of Ki Fruits as his own, he would be at his wit’s end.

Inspired by this new thought, he decided to put it to the test.

It has already been a long time since he’d drawn the lottery. He looked at his Rage points balance, and saw that he’d accumulated a total of 350,862 Rage points. He spent it all in one go.

This gave him a total of 3,508 draws. Thankfully, the system now had a multi-draw function. It would have been an absolute pain if he’d had to perform each draw one by one.

When the results of his draws rolled in, he couldn’t help but curse.

After all, he had stored up more points than ever before! He was hoping for at least one useful skill to appear.

In the end, however, he didn’t get a single skill!

Strictly speaking, though, he wasn’t burned too badly. Even though he didn’t get any skills, the drop rate for Ki Fruits seemed higher than usual. He expected to only receive between 350 to 400 Ki Fruits, but he ended up with 700 this time.

He also received another five Tiger Talismans. His heart was pounding when he saw the light marker hover over the ‘Shift’ key during the lottery, because this key had never been lit up before, and he was hoping to get something incredible.

In the end, he was only rewarded with five Tiger Talismans.

Zu An was just about to use these five talismans to see if he could snag a new valkyrie, but after some thought, he reconsidered. He had already used up all of his luck drawing this Daji. He probably wouldn’t get anything even if he used up the rest of the talismans.

Besides, even if he did draw another valkyrie, they were no different from ordinary people in their initial state, and would require resources in order to be upgraded. He didn’t have a lot of resources right now, so it would be a waste even if he did manage to attract one of them.

With these thoughts in mind, he stored the five talismans away for later use.

He turned his attention to the Ki Fruits, and hesitated. Should he use these on himself, or Daji?

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