Chapter 541: Blind Confidence

Zu An was stupefied when he felt something soft against his back. This girl was really going for broke here!

“Xiao Tuo, what are you doing?” He could clearly feel the smoothness of her bare skin on his own.

Xiao Tuo bit her red lip, her cheeks burning up. Why did this stupid king have to pretend as though he didn’t know? But she couldn’t just stay silent, so she forced herself to say, “I… I am massaging my king.”

Zu An had a strange look on his face. “Go on then.”

This king is worthless! Xiao Tuo cursed inwardly. She was already being extremely proactive, and she had fully expected that this perverted ruler would not be able to hold himself back. She was expecting him to immediately violate her.

Once that happened, she wouldn’t have to worry about the rest. She would just treat it as though she was being bitten by a dog.

But who could have expected that he would remain as steady as a mountain? He sounded perfectly calm, and she had absolutely no idea how she was supposed to follow this up.

She had already gone so far. If she still failed to achieve her objective, she would be too ashamed to keep on living.

A shudder ran through Xiao Tuo’s entire body. She wasn’t afraid of sacrificing herself, but she was worried that her sacrifice would be in vain. Even though they hadn’t yet taken the final step, this alone was almost equivalent to losing her purity. If she couldn’t make him take her as his woman, then all of her future plans would fall through, and even big brother Lian would find it more difficult to realize his dream.

She felt a wave of sadness when she thought of her big brother Lian. As matters stood, however, she was truly left with no other choice. Her only objective was to figure out just how she was going to seduce the man in front of her.

Unfortunately, she was inexperienced. Her hands groped around Zu An’s body awkwardly, but she was so unsure about herself that she did not even dare to touch any of his key areas.

Zu An chuckled secretly. This girl really was charmingly innocent. Even though she was trained as a female spy, she was so uncomfortable with the role.

Of course, if she really had been proficient in this field, he might not have been in the mood to play around with her.

Zu An figured that letting this awkwardness continue was pointless, so he said, “Help me wash my back.”

“Oh… okay…” Xiao Tuo sighed in relief. She was already on the verge of panic, unsure as to how to proceed.

She was just about to bring her hands back behind him when Zu An reached out his own hands to grab them. “Keep your hands in front of me.”

Xiao Tuo’s confusion was evident. “Then how am I supposed to wash your back, my king?”

Zu An smiled and said, “You don’t need to use your hands to wash my back.”

Xiao Tuo blinked, then stared blankly for a while. Her imagination regarding this was rather limited, and she couldn’t figure out what he meant.

Zu An sighed. It looked like he was going to have to do some hand-holding.

He pulled her arms forward so that her body was pressed up against his back. “Like this…” he said, demonstrating what he expected from her.

Damn this perverted king!

You have successfully trolled Xiao Tuo for 567 Rage points!

Xiao Tuo was ashamed, angry, and shocked. How in the world was she supposed to know that such a thing existed?

She cursed him to death in her heart, but there was nothing she could do about it now. She could only wash his back in this manner, trembling all the while.

Her entire body shuddered as soon as she’d made contact with him, as though electricity had coursed through her body. For a pure young lady like her, such a shock was just too much for her body to handle.

Zu An closed his eyes, reveling in the comfort. Being an emperor really was great! No wonder people risked their lives to achieve such a position.

Meanwhile, in the High Priest’s residence, Lian was gazing towards the palace with an extremely unpleasant expression.

His trusted aide, who was beside him, felt the urge to speak up. “High Priest, lady Xiao Tuo shares a deep affection with you. Isn’t sending her to the palace a little too cruel?”

“Are you trying to tell me what to do?” Lian turned around, shooting him a ferocious look.

The trusted aide immediately lowered his head. “This humble one doesn’t dare.”

Lian snorted dismissively. “Those who wish to achieve greatness do not bother about the small details. I will remember her achievements, and I definitely won’t mistreat her in the future. She will have her place in the chamber of imperial concubines.”

The trusted aide scoffed secretly. Didn’t you tell her to her face that she was going to become the empress? Now, though, it seems she’s only going to become a concubine.

He considered his thoughts silently for a moment, but felt compelled to speak again. “That girl is kind-hearted by nature. Lady Xiao Tuo has remained pure all this while, ever since she was young. What if she ends up being confused by that good-for-nothing king…?”

“That won’t happen,” Lian cut him off confidently. “I am the one whom she loves. I know how she feels about me better than anyone else does.”

Right now, though, the girl whom he said was fully devoted to him was sitting in Zu An’s embrace, her body weak.

Xiao Tuo truly was a pure and innocent girl, and the unorthodox massage had left her entire body limp after just a short amount of time. She did not have the strength to continue on with it.

Zu An had decided to move her in front of him instead, so that he could examine this young lady up close. Either because of the heat from the hot springs, or because of her extreme embarrassment, her skin was a rosy pink. There was a special charm to her innocence, and she was truly a sight to behold.

He chuckled when he sensed something odd about her. “Xiao Tuo, you really look like you were just fished out of water.”

Xiao Tuo was stunned. Wasn’t I just inside a hot spring earlier? Of course I look like I just got out of water! However, she soon realized what he meant, and she somehow grew even redder.

The powerful aura of a man being this close to her was too much. She sighed inwardly, and then acknowledged her fate. “My king, please have pity on me.”

He knew that she was a spy, so there was no way he would show her any sympathy. He pressed down on her right away.

Xiao Tuo cried out, wrapping herself tightly around the man on top of her.

When he saw how frightened she was, Zu An couldn’t find it within himself to be forceful. He became much gentler…


After what seemed like an eternity, Xiao Tuo gradually woke up, to see that she was already lying on a bed. There was even a thin blanket covering her.

She tried to remember what had happened, and her face quickly turned red.

When she had planned out what to do earlier, she had decided that it would be better to pretend to moan a few times just to please him, and satisfy the man’s desire to conquer a woman.

She never would have guessed that there would be no need for her to pretend at all! Moans had emerged from deep within her uncontrollably, and she had lost consciousness soon afterwards.

As she recalled her disappointing performance—she didn’t even know when or how she was brought to this bed!—a thought suddenly flashed into her mind. Fu Hao is a really strong woman! She managed to withstand this man’s pounding for so long…

A million expressions flickered across her face as she looked at that sturdy figure sitting at the desk nearby.This man was the one who had stolen her first time.

He was still looking through documents, even this late into the night. Calling him an incompetent king really did seem rather unfair, but ‘pervert’ fit his description perfectly!

Just as she was clenching her fists in annoyance, he spoke. “Are you awake?”

Even though she hated his guts, Xiao Tuo didn’t dare let any of it show on the surface. “Greetings, my king. Xiao Tuo is truly a good-for-nothing. I actually needed my king to take care of me earlier…”

She struggled off the bed and was about to kneel, but her entire body seemed strangely stiff, which made her frown subconsciously.

Zu An sighed. Although his soul was the only thing that had entered this trial, everything about it seemed as lifelike as the real world. It really was kind of crazy.

He slowly supported her back up. “There’s no need for such formality. Your body has yet to recover. It’s better if you get some rest first.”

He helped her back into bed, then covered her up again.

Xiao Tuo was a little flustered by how caring he was. His current mannerisms were way too different from the mental image she had of this incapable king!

No, this won’t do! I can’t be deceived by his false kindness! I can’t let down big brother Lian!

But she immediately recalled that she had given away her virgin experience to this man, and a dark shadow overwhelmed her heart. Pursing her lips, she turned her head to the side. Two sets of tears left streaks across her cheeks.

Zu An shook his head. This girl really thought that he wouldn’t be able to see her crying just because she’d turned her head away? She was truly innocent and naïve, to a worrying degree.

For some reason, he suddenly thought of the movie ‘Lust, Caution’, and sighed. Honey traps weren’t something to be carelessly laid! A strictly-trained female spy who specialized in such a lifestyle might be able to use her body as a weapon without any emotional repercussions, but many female spies who didn’t have as much experience or resolve often ended up destroying themselves because of this.

However, if the high priest was hell bent on using her as his chess piece, then he would just have to beat him at his own game.

Several days later, the sound of something shattering echoed within the High Priest’s room, followed by a man’s furious roar.

“You incapable king! You tyrannical and incapable king!”

The red-eyed man storming about the room was none other than Lian. He had his men constantly watching for activity within the palace. The reports he received were always the same: the king, carrying Xiao Tuo in his arms, making music with her every single night.

Even though this was all part of his plans, the knowledge that his own childhood sweetheart was pressed up against his mortal enemy day and night still drove him mad with anger.

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